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  • Aiden McCarthy
    Aiden McCarthy Hour ago

    Omfg I love ur tattoo 😂

  • Lucy The Talking Dog

    Would like to see more of the kitten. Name her after the gone to the snow dogs dog that passed away Shelby. She should get her own channel

  • SheIsAleiah
    SheIsAleiah 2 hours ago

    I saw that same trash can at big lots for $14.00

  • panicatthediscoMCRFOBTØPgreenday fan


  • nick martin
    nick martin 3 hours ago

    Is there such a thing as using too LESS of A&D or other products? Cause I heard if you use too much it draws the ink out but what happens if you’re using too less? And how would you know?

  • Anxiety pills
    Anxiety pills 3 hours ago

    I just realized in the background on 4:23 she’s using “I’m not okay” for background music-

  • Phantom Belle
    Phantom Belle 5 hours ago

    Enjoyed your video! My daughter follows your channel ;) Now I'm hooked ;) Check out my 1st every video! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Genny A.
    Genny A. 6 hours ago

    Story time: I put the needle in but the actual earring didn’t go in so I gave up

  • robin hahn
    robin hahn 13 hours ago

    i have the same room furniture you do hahaha

  • Yami X
    Yami X 14 hours ago

    You have videos on all of my interests. From piercings last year to aquarium keeping this year. Even the tattooing videos you have were an interest of mine.

  • molly kate
    molly kate 14 hours ago

    i just stretched to 6 and holy shit!! thats shit burned. not excruciating but it’s definitely been the worst one so far

  • maria tzoulaki
    maria tzoulaki 14 hours ago

    Omg green day😍

  • Troupe Member 14
    Troupe Member 14 18 hours ago

    Guys I've just come from her instagram there is blACK HAIR SHE LOOKS LIKE A FRICKING GOTH GODDESS I LOVE IT

  • Mel Para
    Mel Para 20 hours ago

    Fall and Halloween are my favorite time of year. Really enjoyed watching! I can’t wait to see more! Stay spooky!

  • Abigail Rane
    Abigail Rane 21 hour ago

    New cats will hide under bed usually , it’s the safe place and should be allowed to stay until they’re comfortable to come out it usually a week!

  • CorgiArtsi
    CorgiArtsi 22 hours ago

    I totally agree with being into God, Jesus, etc. But not being down for Church. I have only gone to church a handful of times and honestly don't like it.

  • Lauren Whitson

    I still can't get over how adorable your cat is!! Also glad to know theres another person who loves halloween as much as I do lol!!

  • Zotic Blue20
    Zotic Blue20 Day ago

    Did it hurt???

  • kinata kofa
    kinata kofa Day ago

    im lager than 00g lol

  • Drawing Beans
    Drawing Beans Day ago

    Lol I’m super mad at my family and I had a mental breakdown and now I’m piercing my helix!✌️🥳

  • Karli Carter
    Karli Carter Day ago

    I’m 11 went to tattoo shop and they couldn’t do my tragus kinda mad

  • Twilightwolves 2006

    Please never put stickers on your Mac Ever I would never do that it just ruins it

  • Keira Kapilla
    Keira Kapilla Day ago

    Of your'e not a fucking professional then how the hell do you "know what your doing"

  • laurel rood
    laurel rood Day ago

    oh wow stretching, that's really cool. wait is that the ending to a mcr song? aweso- *g note* where's my eyeliner

  • Becca BTS
    Becca BTS Day ago

    Omg am i The only one notising dope by BTS playing in The end?!

  • Nikki Thomson
    Nikki Thomson Day ago

    I like your video ht s good to watching your USclip video ht s good to watching your USclip video ht s good to watching your USclip video I like your cats 🐈 too and I like your sister too from Nikki Thomson xxx 🎃🎃✨✨

  • Jessica Morse
    Jessica Morse Day ago

    Hey Alyssa have you tried orange buttercream wax from Walmart? It smells really good like fruity pebbles. Rock candy is a good one too!

  • Dayna Walker
    Dayna Walker Day ago

    You should get some friends or your sister to talk about Halloween movies/costumes/etc and carve pumpkins and put them on your front porch

  • Hadiyah Robinson

    Plug collection PLEASE 😍😍

  • Wadoom Albloushi


  • Katee Rose
    Katee Rose Day ago

    I saw that tarot deck, i love Wild Unknown. Samhain is my favorite holiday!

  • Zaza Geronimo
    Zaza Geronimo Day ago

    im still wondering why you still keep empty boxes in your cabinet...

  • the litlejoker-my gameplays are kinda hilarious

    It looks awesome , I also decorated for Halloween ....I don't think that I will take the decorations off 😂 ...happy Halloween!!!👻👻🎃🎃 Ps: I love ur new tattoo it looks awesome !!! :)

  • Anna Artimova
    Anna Artimova Day ago

    Wau, this is absolutely amazing decor, very beautiful, thank for tips on halloween❤

  • Claudia Bueno
    Claudia Bueno Day ago

    Just be careful with the sticky things on the windows, we had some Christmas ones and it got so hot outside that they melted and stained the whole window😓

    • Claudia Bueno
      Claudia Bueno 23 hours ago

      Abigail Rane I live in Like Deep South Texas 😪 I bought mine from dollar tree so idk maybe mine just sucked lol

    • Abigail Rane
      Abigail Rane 23 hours ago

      Claudia Bueno i love in Florida and it’s hot hot and mine never melted hm ?

  • Kylie Bamberger

    Hobby lobby has cute Halloween stuff 😊

  • Patricia Carragon
    Patricia Carragon 2 days ago

    get some spider webs to drape around. I do this in my apt. I like to add fake spiders to hang from the webs.

  • lmn boi
    lmn boi 2 days ago

    You should put lights in your bedroom window, it will accent the cute stickies

  • Patricia Carragon
    Patricia Carragon 2 days ago

    awesome start! you have enough time to finish. love the purple lights.

  • Rebecca Hanning
    Rebecca Hanning 2 days ago

    Right, let’s do this 😉 stay tuned 15 mins later, I have a needle in my ear 😁 It bled too much 🙄 I used a needle that was too small

  • Foo The Selcouth
    Foo The Selcouth 2 days ago

    You should put contact paper on the cabinets If you want, of course

  • Kirsten Taylor
    Kirsten Taylor 2 days ago

    Love it and those lights on your book shelves are so pretty 💜🎃👻🎃👻

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 2 days ago

    where did you get your sofa?! so cozy 😭🖤

    • Alyssa Nicole
      Alyssa Nicole 2 days ago

      My grandmas husband actually made it for me :)

  • Cassandra Mosley
    Cassandra Mosley 2 days ago

    Who is ready for Halloween 💀🎃🎃

  • Muffinlovethreadbanger Thereadbangerfan

    My mom doesn't care what I do 🤣

  • prettyglitter599
    prettyglitter599 2 days ago

    I have LOOKED everywhere for that pumpkin melter. They don’t sell it online or at Walmart near me. I need it omg

    • prettyglitter599
      prettyglitter599 2 days ago

      Alyssa Nicole so disappointed! I know I found them on the website but they don’t ship me. And they don’t have them anywhere else. But yours looks adorable! 💕

    • Alyssa Nicole
      Alyssa Nicole 2 days ago

      They had so many at my Walmart 🥺 it’s my new favorite thing

  • Athena
    Athena 2 days ago

    Can I just use regular pen ink

  • Kelli Napier
    Kelli Napier 2 days ago

    Cant wait for the next video hun..😊😊

  • tameka39
    tameka39 2 days ago

    How often is your sister at your house

    • tameka39
      tameka39 2 days ago

      @Alyssa Nicole I love it nothing greater than sisterly love

    • Alyssa Nicole
      Alyssa Nicole 2 days ago

      At least once a week

  • marceline tedeschi
    marceline tedeschi 2 days ago

    you make me wish i had my own apartment but i love living with my mom so i can take care of her. Her health has been going downhill

    • Alyssa Nicole
      Alyssa Nicole 2 days ago

      I’m sorry to hear that :/ she’s lucky to have you 💜


    So cute

  • Stephanie Pike
    Stephanie Pike 2 days ago

    Hey, just a cute video of your Halloween decor

  • GoodVibes
    GoodVibes 2 days ago

    Forever loving your channel, the best ever 🥺🖤

  • Rocker Babe
    Rocker Babe 2 days ago

    Hi ty for this video I love it and I love how you set up your place and most of your kitty 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐈😍🕸🕷🦂🍁🌾🍁🍂🌚🔥🎃🎃🎃

  • Kelsey Harrison
    Kelsey Harrison 2 days ago

    spooky queen!

  • Aliss_SC17 Seals
    Aliss_SC17 Seals 2 days ago

    Hey girl😍see new videos uploaded yay! and love the new apartment Decore🍁👻😈

  • Nillari
    Nillari 2 days ago

    your tattoo looks like its healing well! i can't imagine what one of that size would feel like during the itchy stage lol

  • Jamie Carter
    Jamie Carter 2 days ago

    go to dollar tree

  • Jennifer Stanton
    Jennifer Stanton 2 days ago


  • Kelby Franklin
    Kelby Franklin 2 days ago

    This is the earliest I have ever been for a video. I love your channel so much.

  • Gaonha
    Gaonha 2 days ago

    I just got my 2nd love done today and I’m so happy!!!!

  • Reid Reads
    Reid Reads 2 days ago

    Great video as always! Also, whoever disliked can literally fight me 🙃

  • The GlossyViolinist

    Hi, hope you are having a good day. like if you are

  • Tinycute Cat7
    Tinycute Cat7 2 days ago

    That’s so cool

  • backwoodsloner
    backwoodsloner 2 days ago

    It's Christmas time not stupid Halloween.

    • Selena Smith
      Selena Smith 2 days ago

      Halloween absolutely the best ever 👹👺👿

  • Jessica Shelton
    Jessica Shelton 2 days ago

    Excited for another video!!

  • Admir Barucija
    Admir Barucija 2 days ago

    Looking forward to watching!! 💗

  • Theprorobloxgamer Xx

    I’m piercing my cartalidge in like 10 mins I am doing it myself . I am 13. My parents don’t know. I’m using a sewing needle. I’m using sterile solution and putting a normal earring in wow I listen well :

  • Tosie Mali
    Tosie Mali 2 days ago

    Does it hurt if you have numbing

    • Skylar Blaisdell
      Skylar Blaisdell 2 days ago

      Imma test it for You lol. If I dont give an update I chickened out lol.

  • ronald villalobos
    ronald villalobos 2 days ago


  • ronald villalobos
    ronald villalobos 2 days ago

    I wish I have that much books--

  • Gkman Kowal
    Gkman Kowal 2 days ago

    Thank you your vid was so helpful Bc I get a ruff estimate of the size compared to looking at the size on google

  • Rebecca Hanning
    Rebecca Hanning 2 days ago

    You could find all the stuff you need to pierce your cartilage in a cowshed 😂😂 16 gage needle ☑️ Disinfecting wipes ☑️ Dunno bout an earring

  • Jeonjeon KoOkie
    Jeonjeon KoOkie 2 days ago

    BTS-fire is playing in the backround💜🔥🔥

  • Bria W
    Bria W 2 days ago

    5:21 tigers eye & gold "stone" (it's really a glass).

  • Potato 1
    Potato 1 2 days ago

    5:50 she touched the camera

  • Kinza Anwar
    Kinza Anwar 3 days ago


  • BangtanBerry
    BangtanBerry 3 days ago

    are you by any chance an ARMY?

  • Lhe Ann Villa
    Lhe Ann Villa 3 days ago


  • Cloudii_Skxys
    Cloudii_Skxys 3 days ago

    Other people on Christmas: **Yawn** Morning. Me: YAYZyYyayayayyayyYy **looks in brothers stocking** AYYyyayyayayayyayaya

    • Coolguy88 100
      Coolguy88 100 15 hours ago

      Cloudii_Skxys lol on christmas morning me and my siblings all looked through our stockings and put them back before our parents woke up Christmas morning is always so exciting but when u wake up before your parents at like 5:00 AM its sooooo long i was like watching santa tracker youtube videos but the next day after christmas its kinda sad because another year to wait until christmas and no more tree or decorations or songs

  • Yuuzu • Kiyomi
    Yuuzu • Kiyomi 3 days ago

    Alyssa: *Talking about 00g* Me: *Staring at the Link drawing the whole time*


    Love fall/halloweeen decor

  • Army 2013
    Army 2013 3 days ago

    Sees books and kpop in the title Me : clicked Sees one direction in the video Me :subscribed and liked

  • The Muggle Struggle is Real

    Watching this cuz my dad won't let me get my cartilage pierced but I really want a cartilage piercing

  • CherishLife
    CherishLife 4 days ago

    I rarely ever clean my room and when I do, it only stays clean for like 3 days and that's it, but that's also because I'm also super picky with how I want my room to look in order for it to be clean. I can't tell you how many papers that I have (old or not) that's going to take me a good few months to go through, but I've also gotten rid of a whole bunch of papers as well. I admit I'm one of those weird people that keeps old school papers/assignments. And for some, I like keeping the stuff I get good grades on. And I also have a ton of creative organizational ideas. I like being organized where my room's pretty messy at the moment, but somewhat organized. I started working on my closet like about a week or 2 ago and haven't been able to continue working on it because of my lifestyle where I'm juggling school/homework and my work life too. Another thing that hinders me in keeping my room clean is that I'll get super distracted esp. when I'm fumbling through old papers so I end up spending over 2+ hours just trying to clean my room and figure out which papers I want to keep and others I want to recycle.

  • CentralTime
    CentralTime 4 days ago

    i also had a bit of pussing 12-10 but not at all after it, might be a common thing?

  • Emily
    Emily 4 days ago

    I need to stop watching piercing videos before I start putting more holes in my ear

  • Jazzyxgurl Xo
    Jazzyxgurl Xo 4 days ago

    Yasss Halloween is the best day of the year 😂❤️!

  • Sandy
    Sandy 4 days ago

    Love that you are keeping your Betta in the 5g tanks vs little bowl. They will do so much better. Glad that you clerified that you used some of the old filter media. So many think the old tank water has the beneficial bacteria. Instead, it lives on surfaces like filter media, gravel etc. Nice job on the review. Looking for a cheap solution for a quarantine tank.

  • Stephanie Pike
    Stephanie Pike 4 days ago

    So ready to size up again but gotta wait til November. Want to get to 00

  • Stephanie Pike
    Stephanie Pike 4 days ago

    6G was big for me and hard to get in at first. Took 6 tries

  • ShaistaTally 1608
    ShaistaTally 1608 4 days ago

    We are family of 5 still i have lesser stuff than her...decluttering is important part of cleaning..

  • Fathima Ali
    Fathima Ali 4 days ago

    OMG you have Soo much stuff.. kindly donate what you don't need..

  • Claudia Parker
    Claudia Parker 5 days ago

    Alyssa, Twyla is looking so healthy and beautiful now. You are such a good fur MaMa. Thank you for showing us your Halloween haul🍊🍊🍊🐱🐱🐱🍊🍊🍊😸😸😸😸😸😸❤❤❤

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 5 days ago

    When do I STOP using my aquaphor

    • Major
      Major Day ago

      Like 2 week your tat should be fully healed

  • Lady_ Grey
    Lady_ Grey 5 days ago

    Is she like only bothered with the.. stickers and packaging

  • Alexis Rojas
    Alexis Rojas 5 days ago

    I started to stretch my ears right after watching a few videos and I remember binge watching your videos 😂 my goal is a 00g ! I’m currently at a 1g cause my ears weren’t ready for the 0g jump! But I’m hoping to get to my goal soon!

  • Yami X
    Yami X 5 days ago

    At least you’re fucking trying. And that’s enough.

  • Esmail Mohamed
    Esmail Mohamed 5 days ago

    I have a note don't film a video in 60FPS ever again cause it's not comfortable to the eye. Try to film on 1080p24 / 1080p30

  • Shannon Howard
    Shannon Howard 5 days ago

    This video was so helpful! Thank you 😊