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My apology to Carly.
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My big announcement.
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Who am I dating...
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Letting it go...
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Opening up about it.
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  • Addie Grace Art
    Addie Grace Art 26 seconds ago

    Jason’s laugh sounds like he’s being stabbed in the throat

  • Jenny Makinen
    Jenny Makinen Minute ago

    Dad vlogs are so pure, honestly. I love this content.

  • Stephen Holden
    Stephen Holden 2 minutes ago

    Wyatt looked high in the car 😂

  • lynsin2017
    lynsin2017 3 minutes ago

    I love that your daughter’s version of gossiping is just her talking about how “Jenny got a 100 on her math test” 😂 So pure I love her

  • James Ries
    James Ries 4 minutes ago

    Jeff is being calm like the police have done this to him as a interrogation

  • Margie Star
    Margie Star 6 minutes ago

    I live near Levittown and I wanted to go to the show, so I can ask you (and whoever is there) if I can do announcing jobs for the vlog squad!

  • kara fletcher
    kara fletcher 6 minutes ago

    so funny because I turned on this video to drown out the sound of my daughter's guitar!!! hahahah

  • Anselmo Huerta
    Anselmo Huerta 6 minutes ago

    Jack is hilarious

  • Halfcabking
    Halfcabking 8 minutes ago

    Jason , Im 34 and a struggling video creator. I have to say that of all the people on youtube I have watched over the years, you inspire me the most . Seeing how amazing you are with your kids and where you came from to where you are now. It truly gives me hope that I will move out of this little cabin one day and make enough to be as happy as you. Being as old as I am I know you were in my boat before being a dad witch really resonates with me. You are a true inspiration and I am happy to watch your journey . I hope one day we are equals on this platform and get to sit down or go for a run. Also your mom rocks! Warm Regards, Halfcabking

  • Luis Lazo
    Luis Lazo 8 minutes ago

    Todd why do you think of your mom in the shower

  • nava
    nava 11 minutes ago

    It’s time to recruit jack

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 11 minutes ago

    Natalie and David are dating or what?

  • Kramer Laugh
    Kramer Laugh 14 minutes ago

    Topanga Mall

  • m p_
    m p_ 14 minutes ago

    jason getting that bread w all them ads

  • Gherro
    Gherro 16 minutes ago

    Who is Zane? Why do I smell sweat.

  • kim macgrady
    kim macgrady 16 minutes ago

    I wanna be friends with Jack

  • giulianna lombardo
    giulianna lombardo 16 minutes ago

    david and natalie in bed

  • Planet Of Ila
    Planet Of Ila 17 minutes ago

    Yes I hope Matt starts vlogging

  • Amber Kay
    Amber Kay 18 minutes ago

    Will you pay for my reading

  • Gemma Connor
    Gemma Connor 19 minutes ago

    I feel like eating pasta now.

  • Clover Ciferri
    Clover Ciferri 22 minutes ago

    i love charlie sm 🥺

  • GG Maudlin
    GG Maudlin 23 minutes ago

    Charlie is like a mini Natalie

  • Jaqueline Camacho
    Jaqueline Camacho 25 minutes ago

    Jason you look so good! Youre losing weight! Keep going! Youre encouraging me as well!

  • gilyardscott
    gilyardscott 27 minutes ago

    Has Noone else noticed there are two people in the backyard Kung fu fighting at the beginning of the video

  • Mike Rosas
    Mike Rosas 29 minutes ago

    Jason your such a fun dad😅

  • Fluffy And Cute
    Fluffy And Cute 30 minutes ago

    He is coming to my city on my birthday November 20th Seattle yay

  • oxXRockXSugarXxo
    oxXRockXSugarXxo 30 minutes ago

    Lol!! “Jacks got diarrhea” corina: “oh no :/“

  • Edgar Cardona
    Edgar Cardona 31 minute ago

    I like the hydro flask Matt has where can I get it. I want to please let me know

  • Rachel Tallent
    Rachel Tallent 31 minute ago

    We want more Jack we want more Jack!

  • Zach Garrett
    Zach Garrett 32 minutes ago

    You’re kids are so beautiful your daughter is taking me rn (only 5:58 in)

  • Keith Sweet
    Keith Sweet 36 minutes ago


  • Ana O Adventures
    Ana O Adventures 36 minutes ago

    Is David wearing polka dotted boxers? Haha

  • Game Guides69
    Game Guides69 37 minutes ago

    I lived by Vernon hills, I grew up in river walk and I just moved to Colorado

  • kristin tyler
    kristin tyler 37 minutes ago

    wtf is the lighting in this vlog

  • Jesus Salgado
    Jesus Salgado 39 minutes ago

    Jack personality and acting fits pretty and flows well with the guys. I think he would do well in David’s vlog if given good lines/scenes

  • oxXRockXSugarXxo
    oxXRockXSugarXxo 40 minutes ago

    Omfg I can’t stand Jason’s fake long af laugh, it’s so annoying. I’d bet others in his circle are annoyed too. Like dude there’s just no need!

  • Dianne Angela
    Dianne Angela 42 minutes ago

    lol david’s just in bed with his boxers on infront of natalie 😂😂

  • Madi Prystenski
    Madi Prystenski 44 minutes ago

    jason just being a dad makes me so incredibly happy 🥺🥺

  • GAMERBABY20071
    GAMERBABY20071 44 minutes ago

    i like your intro u got big boobs

  • Molly
    Molly 44 minutes ago

    Jack has such an awesome personality at such a young age aw

  • Eve Reynolds
    Eve Reynolds 44 minutes ago

    Jason, that kid Jack is hilarious!! Awesome end to my Monday!! Thank you so much!

  • Denise Montoya
    Denise Montoya 45 minutes ago

    Lol I caught myself smiling while Charlie was speaking. I love the father daughter interaction.

  • Bailey Goff
    Bailey Goff 46 minutes ago

    Who is jack?? Like where did he come from

  • Brittney Perez
    Brittney Perez 50 minutes ago

    ''so its like an ikea cafe ''LMFAO

  • Lucy Loo
    Lucy Loo 50 minutes ago

    Jason you are literally so awesome!! and your vibrant energy and laugh brings so much light and joy to this world!!! keep on being you! your life purpose is to be exactly just the way that you are! :)

  • Boogity Hoo
    Boogity Hoo 51 minute ago

    12:28. some creepy dude staring over at the kids.... wtf .

  • taytor tott3r
    taytor tott3r 52 minutes ago

    Jason’s plan to use the kids to get away from David is hilarious

  • Noah Taube
    Noah Taube 52 minutes ago

    People don't realize how much certain diets can affect you. He wasn't out of line for suggesting such thing. She seemed a tad bit overdramatic. Regardless of who was in the wrong, it was a toxic relationship and it's time for better things.

  • Jaiden Feroah
    Jaiden Feroah 53 minutes ago

    that’s stupid, she was completely favoring corrinna

  • emily Mazzeo
    emily Mazzeo 54 minutes ago

    Someone tell Wyatt that his guitar skills are impressive

  • taytor tott3r
    taytor tott3r 55 minutes ago

    Jack is a cool kid!

  • auburnpayne
    auburnpayne 56 minutes ago

    Jack seems like a good kid.

  • Katie Martínez
    Katie Martínez 56 minutes ago

    I need you to come to Kansas 😭 even if it’s Kansas City!

  • Maliboo
    Maliboo 57 minutes ago

    *So funny.. Just got back from Fred Segal a few hours ago! We had Spaghetti Pomodoro & Penne Arrabiata w/Shrimp... SOOOOOOO good! xo's!😍😘*

  • Aye Ramirez
    Aye Ramirez 58 minutes ago

    Jack has potential man lol

  • Christopher F42
    Christopher F42 Hour ago

    Someone's cold😂😂

  • Kayla Christine
    Kayla Christine Hour ago

    Jason: alright guys this is my least favourite part of Saturday where we can't decide what to do Charley: I kNoW wHaT i WaNnA dO 🍝🍝 Mood

  • Laura Hay
    Laura Hay Hour ago

    11:50 to 12:07 is Charlie flirting with the Jack kid. Its starting Jason....

  • Aidan Lynch Vlogs

    12:08 ... do we know that guy in the background just staring?

  • Ally Oop
    Ally Oop Hour ago

    My life is Wyatt when he kept being interrupted in the car while trying to talk about the Forever 21 / Ariana Grande thing lol

  • Bryce Long
    Bryce Long Hour ago

    Of course that little fat kid doesnt like vegetables

  • Prime Minister of Badassness

    7:05 jason was ow key crying on this inside 😂

  • dot dot dot
    dot dot dot Hour ago

    Jason is such a good dad I could watch it all day

  • J.R. Wolf
    J.R. Wolf Hour ago

    Why has no one asked about the grey patch of hair on the back of Wyatt’s head?? It’s like Storm!!

  • M.M .L
    M.M .L Hour ago

    “Trisha shows up and eats all the sharks” had me dying. That was hilarious, for some odd reason.

  • Switch up II
    Switch up II Hour ago

    Im i the only one that ships Corina and Natalie 💀😭

  • Amanda
    Amanda Hour ago

    Jason this vlog was very exciting. Don’t worry about It not every vlog has to be crazy! Good luck at your doctors and you look so good!!! Can’t wait to see you in DETROIT!!!

  • Amanda
    Amanda Hour ago

    Jason: Cause I’m weak Wyatt: and what’s wrong with that? AGR anyone

  • GigaAir
    GigaAir Hour ago

    i give jack a 5 star for the zohan reference

  • sunnysideupc
    sunnysideupc Hour ago

    " turn his crime into a passion" abahahaha

  • Eavanah Epps
    Eavanah Epps Hour ago

    I’m still confused where Matt gets money to pay the rent

  • talk tb
    talk tb Hour ago

    Reading Jason's comments as a Trisha viewer is funny because they talk about her like she's some psychotic demon who wants Jason dead when in reality she just sits calmly in her apartment with a cardboard cut out of Keanu Reeves

  • James Beatty
    James Beatty Hour ago

    What is going on in the background at 1:15 looks like people are sword fighting behind Matt in the window 😂

  • fefe_unicorns_bows

    Charlie and her friend are visco girls

  • Kaydi Glawson
    Kaydi Glawson Hour ago

    Matt may be my favorite vlog squad member, and Zane does the best impressions of him!

  • Ellie Clubb
    Ellie Clubb Hour ago

    “Matt’s always sweet as pie” Lmao 😂

  • Chris Fallon
    Chris Fallon Hour ago

    People that dislike like to eat swamp ass

  • Nancy Turberville

    I love your videos :)

  • Shelbey Champagne

    14:34 (AJR "Weak" reference) Wyatt is so musical he talks in lyrics. And finishes sentences is lyrics. Did anyone else catch that?

  • Adam Rodriguez
    Adam Rodriguez Hour ago

    6:08 the second coming of Jonah

  • Ashley DeLisio
    Ashley DeLisio Hour ago

    I think Wyatt is a super smart kid.. he kept trying to say something then it cut out and I’m still curious what he was gonna say.😂 cool video put him in more I think !

  • Caitlin Turner
    Caitlin Turner Hour ago

    Jack is for sure a heartbreaker in the making 🥰

  • Sebastián Y
    Sebastián Y Hour ago

    Jason is so annoying in this one hahahaha LET THE OTHER GUY TALK! you can hear how Jason was trying to imitate his voice.

  • Daria Morrow
    Daria Morrow Hour ago

    Awesome dad, awesome kids. This makes me happy!

  • Sade Adonis
    Sade Adonis Hour ago

    I’m sorry but who’s jack lol, whose kid ?

  • Cece
    Cece Hour ago

    Jack reminds me of my brothers best friend in middle school. I called him porky, and I loved him. He grew up to be a skinny neo nazi they call noodles. Life is cruel. I have higher hopes for jack though.

  • v.vlogsquad
    v.vlogsquad Hour ago

    i was crying before watching this video :)

    SPAM EMAIL Hour ago

    jack is great. david might not like your kids but i can see him filming with jack for sure

  • Bobby Warlock
    Bobby Warlock Hour ago

    Wyatt looks stoned in the front seat lol

  • -
    - Hour ago

    3:08 what was the guitar joke he said? I couldnt understand a thing😭 anyone hear it?

  • Soph Harlow
    Soph Harlow Hour ago

    I think I would lose my mind listening to the constant guitar playing.

  • Frozone
    Frozone Hour ago

    Bruh when I saw her friends she’ll necklace I just thought, AnD i OoP

  • T-Money Dude
    T-Money Dude Hour ago

    Omg David and natalie are dating

  • Kayley Cherry
    Kayley Cherry Hour ago

    Put my mother in law in jail. Tell me about it.

  • Jay W
    Jay W Hour ago

    Jason can you please do some convincing and get the gang to come to Maryland I live in Annapolis MD very historical city it once was the capitol of the United States. Not many famous people come here besides like the presidents and political people. I would be so happy to show you guys around plus it's not to far from Washington DC and Baltimore ... Annapolis is about 30-40mins away from both because the city is right in between the two. I'm sure we can find a venue for a stand up show or something and for you guys to come out and have a good time!! Please read and think about it!

  • Danae Garcia
    Danae Garcia Hour ago

    Woohoo!!! So glad ur coming TO BOISE IDAHO!!!!!! BOUGHT tickets right away !!!!

  • lauren lockhart
    lauren lockhart Hour ago

    imagine pronouncing tour like tore

  • courtney geer
    courtney geer 2 hours ago

    Matt's Hungry Caterpillar shirt is EVERYTHING

  • Nicole St. Louis
    Nicole St. Louis 2 hours ago

    14:26 Wyatt is way too mature for this crowd.😅

  • RebaBee83
    RebaBee83 2 hours ago

    They were actually so in love...😭💗