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David needs your help.
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My apology to Carly.
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My big announcement.
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Who am I dating...
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  • Eddie baker
    Eddie baker Hour ago

    No one talks about the fact that this man is really going through it and he’s posting here to make money but he’s also helping others by explaining his life story. It can be helpful for a 21 year old like me that sees similar patterns

  • Helen King
    Helen King Hour ago

    This is funny, I can't afford to have a living room in london, it has to be bedroom lol

  • Caped Baldy
    Caped Baldy Hour ago

    “Cute” “Small” Sometimes I forget they’re rich

  • M L
    M L Hour ago

    commenting to help with engagement lol

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Congrats on the house Jason! It’s very nice 👍

  • Danny Prisim
    Danny Prisim Hour ago

    Coulda got 5 bedroom in Van nuys for same price

  • Bono Michael
    Bono Michael Hour ago

    1:32 someone please help heath That’s not okay

  • Michelle Garcia
    Michelle Garcia Hour ago

    “ this is wyatts room not the garage you dumbass” 😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Larochelle
    Jake Larochelle Hour ago

    super surprised that she is so down to earth

  • SweetyHigh
    SweetyHigh Hour ago

    yes yes yes this is too good 😂😂😂

  • dodoo
    dodoo Hour ago

    0:16 david's intro starts playing

  • Jilly Hargrave
    Jilly Hargrave Hour ago

    You can literally get a four story mansion for 1 million dollars in Texas...wow

  • Nick TheSlayer
    Nick TheSlayer Hour ago

    Dope house bro

  • sip.n’. Spill
    sip.n’. Spill Hour ago

    We’ve got to admit that the best part of this video *is Jason’s dancing*

  • lillyanne foye
    lillyanne foye Hour ago

    This is a really nice house. Bring someone that isnt a multi millionaire talk about it bc its honestly really nice

  • Olivia Regan
    Olivia Regan Hour ago

    Happy for you!

  • Nathan Warner
    Nathan Warner Hour ago

    What hotel/resort is that I want to book a room there

  • solly186
    solly186 Hour ago

    What warped perception of reality do you have to have to think that house is small for an adult with two teens ?

  • Xiomara Wirjosemito H

    Jason is such a caring person. He does things with all his heart. Bless his soul

  • Isamar Sanchez
    Isamar Sanchez 2 hours ago

    It is such a nice house ! With is being just them 3, its perfect. I would love to have a place like that. Having a huge house I feel has more stuff to clean. Congrats jason ! Its beautiful:)

  • Viola Chasety
    Viola Chasety 2 hours ago

    Can’t wait till he decorates it for Christmas

  • Viola Chasety
    Viola Chasety 2 hours ago

    This hairstyle is my favorite on Jason!

  • JesseJBDL
    JesseJBDL 2 hours ago

    Don't mind me, I'm here only for Erin's laugh

  • Kris Isinghood
    Kris Isinghood 2 hours ago

    David with my hometown Pittsburgh Panthers hat!

  • Fug Lee
    Fug Lee 2 hours ago

    Yoo I think I follow the girl who did the reiki on insta if so her and her girlfriend are gooooaaaallls

  • hardik sinha
    hardik sinha 2 hours ago

    I like your jacket... that's dope..

  • Lilian Brine
    Lilian Brine 2 hours ago

    That’s not a very small house…

  • Sophie Holland
    Sophie Holland 2 hours ago

    Love you guys

  • joy
    joy 2 hours ago

    it’s honestly such a nice house!

  • Taylor Ross
    Taylor Ross 2 hours ago

    "you're not getting one of these" "no?" "no" "okay" jason is literally davids dad omfg I LOVE it

  • Lily G
    Lily G 2 hours ago

    The sister was exaggerating on letters she starts with the first letter Show them Next, she snapped 5 times (5 letters in snoop) Please get it 2x and snapped4 times which is the number of letters in Dogg. Harvey she said her last name. It's just a trick they're not that special

  • TwoAgainstFive
    TwoAgainstFive 2 hours ago

    The commentary alone is hilarious 😂

  • Jen A
    Jen A 2 hours ago


  • TalkWithTrent
    TalkWithTrent 2 hours ago

    lol I swear your voice overs were funny af

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 hours ago

    Scott is so fucking hot

  • njs2
    njs2 2 hours ago

    I wonder if anyone realizes they make money quite literally abusing other people for views.

  • Angelina Tran
    Angelina Tran 2 hours ago

    wyatts room is so big i wish i had that kind of room he can decorate it nicely too!!! and there’s a door to the outside. so sick!

  • Rim
    Rim 3 hours ago

    this what happens when bringing a bunch of kids who by luck become rich to evaluate your house

  • RadicalRuYT
    RadicalRuYT 3 hours ago

    Carly is cute 😍

  • taraaa
    taraaa 3 hours ago

    Wishing you and your family all the best in your new home Jason!!

  • Paige Mullin
    Paige Mullin 3 hours ago

    Does Charlie not have a room or did I just miss it?

  • Vicente Aguilera
    Vicente Aguilera 3 hours ago

    I feel like dima knows everything

  • EL_NoCappho
    EL_NoCappho 3 hours ago

    When they’re making fun of it but the house makes mine look so tiny😂

  • ayn ledina
    ayn ledina 3 hours ago

    Congratulations, Jason! It's honestly a beautiful house. In my opinion, just the perfect size for a family of three. We're so proud of you! ♡

  • ayn ledina
    ayn ledina 3 hours ago


  • Margaretta Cruz
    Margaretta Cruz 3 hours ago

    That house is BEAUTIFUL. Its cozy and very homey. Its perfect for you and your family. Proud of you! ❤❤

  • Jugs Mcbulge
    Jugs Mcbulge 3 hours ago

    Let me save you guys 16:00 of your life.

  • Matthew Morris
    Matthew Morris 3 hours ago

    don’t defend your house, you don’t need other people’s approval it’s a nice house worth a million dollars and you bought it so. ITS AN AMAZING HOUSE NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS.

  • bronwynalexandria
    bronwynalexandria 3 hours ago

    Everyone agrees with David like wow lol I’d love to see someone disagree for once.

  • Veneet
    Veneet 3 hours ago

    Nice house bro take it easy

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith 3 hours ago

    His house is like double mine and I live in the suburbs

  • bronwynalexandria
    bronwynalexandria 3 hours ago

    This house is seriously SO nice! I think y’all are just used to Hollywood luxury and glamour. Like - take yourself out of the bubble - this house is insanely nice.

  • Kristopher Cooke
    Kristopher Cooke 3 hours ago

    Ok Jason

  • Mami 21
    Mami 21 3 hours ago

    15:37 that was cool

  • Sthef Castro
    Sthef Castro 3 hours ago

    “This tree is sick I fuck with this tree” lmao me trying to find some positivity in my life

  • Sonny Etchell
    Sonny Etchell 3 hours ago

    14:19 I was wondering if that laugh would ever end

  • mrddarrio 111
    mrddarrio 111 3 hours ago


  • Jill danowski
    Jill danowski 3 hours ago

    these people are out of touch with reality.

  • Duke Smurf
    Duke Smurf 3 hours ago

    I never ship UScliprs cause I think its rude cause they're real people, but like when David just lied in bed with Natalie that was really cute.

    • less kiss
      less kiss 2 hours ago

      David and Natalie look like Mom & Dad lying in bed together 💏

  • Sthef Castro
    Sthef Castro 3 hours ago

    I share a three bedroom apartment with four people and a bunny with one restroom

  • Anna Rose Ireland
    Anna Rose Ireland 3 hours ago

    don't hate on me but are Zane and Carly a thing?

  • Nakimo
    Nakimo 3 hours ago

    *”i pay for dog food, but the dog doesn’t live with me. Someone explain that to me!!!!”* LMAOOO

  • Tiffany Jenkins
    Tiffany Jenkins 3 hours ago

    Congrats, Jason!!!

  • J Angel
    J Angel 3 hours ago

    I LOVE your videos with Trish! Looking forward to future ones!😍

  • mrstombrogdon
    mrstombrogdon 4 hours ago

    Jason thank you for being so originally you! I may go months without watching but loooove binge watching you and your life!

  • Catalina Veron
    Catalina Veron 4 hours ago

    Jason is such a dad to nat and david

  • Tara f
    Tara f 4 hours ago

    Awesome jason ! It is amazing. ♡♡♡♡ happy for you

  • tayler MAC
    tayler MAC 4 hours ago


  • Maya Ervine
    Maya Ervine 4 hours ago

    Reported you can still hear the song in the background

  • LFEx4
    LFEx4 4 hours ago

    I read it as horse and I was confused the whole time

    GLOSH DIY 4 hours ago

    Why was the rant at the beginning so cool! You not tripping on acid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Simon M
    Simon M 4 hours ago

    Everyone: “that’s a perfect size for Wyatt! Or any teenager!” Me with a quarter of that size bedroom: yeah.... that’s... perfect

  • Wonder
    Wonder 4 hours ago

    I can hear jona breathing is making me anxious

  • Genesis Delgado
    Genesis Delgado 4 hours ago

    Id take the job! Lol

  • whosam 333
    whosam 333 4 hours ago

    There’s a problem

  • JakeHewettVlogs
    JakeHewettVlogs 4 hours ago

    Love this lol Keep it up Jason!!

  • Zach Moore
    Zach Moore 4 hours ago

    I think it’s time for a new intro jnasty

  • Gisselle
    Gisselle 4 hours ago

    David: “I like it it’s really nice” Also David: “how many people are you inviting? 6? HAHAHAH”

  • Josh Caldon
    Josh Caldon 4 hours ago

    When is jason ever not chewing gum 😂

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G 4 hours ago

    Damn he prob spent 1.5m and the toasted him

  • Kiki5117 L.
    Kiki5117 L. 4 hours ago

    That’s a beautiful house!

  • Josie Whitbread
    Josie Whitbread 4 hours ago

    This is literally an extended version of David's vlog 🤣

  • Collin Cornwell
    Collin Cornwell 4 hours ago

    Congrats on the new place man!

  • Michael Angst
    Michael Angst 4 hours ago

    Get back together with her Jason.... There was a lot of chemistry there that 98% of couples don't have, despite the backlash in the comments during the whole relationship... Joking about the Tana three some that ended the relationship was fucked up, you have to admit that... Especially because of her age.... What she said in the David Dobrik is a horrible person video wasn't even that bad, and nothing was said that couldn't be forgiven...... I'm sure you looked back on the relationship and saw tons of ways you fucked up and would have done and said things differently if you could go back...Either way... Whatever... You two made entertaining and unique content that no other youtube couple will provide... She cared about you 110%, and it was very obvious during the whole relationship.. She seems like a changed person now, and things will probably be different if you get back together... Unless you are truly happy with someone else, giver her another chance...

  • YVRCasting
    YVRCasting 4 hours ago

    Who? Is this?

  • enrique shockwave
    enrique shockwave 4 hours ago

    I just muted this and watched her grope her left breast every 5 seconds

  • Luciana Jucá
    Luciana Jucá 4 hours ago

    The house is small, but I’m in love with it! Is welcoming and heartwarming! I would love living in there! The yard is so nice! Congrats Jay!

  • HeartOfHope
    HeartOfHope 4 hours ago

    Is this small??? It looks huge??

  • Eileen Welter
    Eileen Welter 4 hours ago

    I’m calling it now, David is going to get one of those jet packs and make it an add for seat geek

  • cschultz
    cschultz 4 hours ago

    You should have someone help decorate for a video

  • Intensecity- -
    Intensecity- - 4 hours ago

    Happy for you man you are the funniest!!! Come to Houston with 1 million you can buy a big ass mansion way cheaper over here and gated communities.

  • Postposterous
    Postposterous 4 hours ago

    What can I say? Postposterous is sort of a hybrid of my favorite Tubers. haha!!

  • Zachi H.
    Zachi H. 5 hours ago

    Love u man. U give inspiration for us older folks. 🖤👍

  • Anna Espinosa
    Anna Espinosa 5 hours ago

    They have a a guy hovering in front of them yet they are more interested in the noise cancelling ear things 😂😂

  • Ac
    Ac 5 hours ago

    I actually love the house!! no joke!!

  • Benny Ibarra
    Benny Ibarra 5 hours ago

    What is David doing? Lmao he’s in the way where he can drive all cool with his Ferrari

  • William Abbottsmith
    William Abbottsmith 5 hours ago

    "straight from the horses mouth" is a common idiom/phrase, was hoping someone would say it at 2:15 missed joke opporutnity ah well jason ur vlogs give me distraction and upliftment thanks man

  • impractical smoker
    impractical smoker 5 hours ago

    Jeff looking like him from powerpuff

  • Its Amyy
    Its Amyy 5 hours ago

    At 2:22 Jason’s face when David said “this house is sick” Jason looked so happy

  • Saad Abdullah
    Saad Abdullah 5 hours ago

    Studio City