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  • hannah hawken
    hannah hawken 3 months ago


  • hannah hawken
    hannah hawken 3 months ago

    yeet yeet

  • Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez 3 months ago

    hi :|

  • Jackerthehacker
    Jackerthehacker 3 months ago

    OMG i love your channel (but) I WISH PART 2 OF THE SAND CASTLE (video) came out

    KEELEY OMG 3 months ago

    do a diss track on bald martin

  • Luuwtt Luuwtt
    Luuwtt Luuwtt 3 months ago

    Hey whats up guys, Scarce here.

  • Marion Illingworth
    Marion Illingworth 3 months ago


  • Daniel Lawrence
    Daniel Lawrence 3 months ago

    is kiera really going to buy all of the ultra merch ????

  • Malana Bloom
    Malana Bloom 3 months ago

    noooooooooooooo omg noooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Ketzal Padilla
    Ketzal Padilla 3 months ago

    yo morgz check out your website messages i have a new prank for you.

  • Zack Barnett
    Zack Barnett 3 months ago

    congrats on 6 mill

  • Casey Eden
    Casey Eden 3 months ago

    Hi I am just asking are your iPhone 8 still there

  • Casey Eden
    Casey Eden 3 months ago

    Hi I am 9 years of age I love your videos I have subscribed to you and liked your videos

  • SahibGamer 101
    SahibGamer 101 3 months ago

    PLEASE...give me a shout out... it would be a dream come true... PLEASE ... By the way keep up the good content and BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

  • SahibGamer 101
    SahibGamer 101 3 months ago


  • SahibGamer 101
    SahibGamer 101 3 months ago


  • Jonah Daniels
    Jonah Daniels 3 months ago

    why did your mom name you morgen

  • kim moscrop
    kim moscrop 3 months ago

    morgz you need to make a cake and put it in your mums face

  • fort bum
    fort bum 3 months ago


  • SuperGamerChild 7498
    SuperGamerChild 7498 3 months ago


  • Casper WHITE
    Casper WHITE 3 months ago

    Capture the alien👽

  • charity.
    charity. 3 months ago


  • LoverNumber1x LoverNumber1x

    your cheeks are really red btw

  • StrictlySloth
    StrictlySloth 3 months ago

    When is part 2 gonna be of Hide and Seek in your Mansion?

  • Paula Gonzàlez Pardo
    Paula Gonzàlez Pardo 3 months ago

    This may be too late but he was in the wardroves of the side of that little room, and HAVEN'T YOU REALIZED THAT THE OTHER BOY (I think his name was Bald) JUST DISSAPEARS WHEN KIERA WAS TRYING TO FIND YOU? i think he was pranking you guys, that, or youo were pranking us.

  • Pug Gaming
    Pug Gaming 3 months ago

    DO A 24 houer be a baby changes pleas and do your mum or dad have to say yes to every thing for 24 houers

  • luke bryce
    luke bryce 3 months ago

    you are my favourite youtuber


    or tomorrow


    prank your mom with sailing the house. you make it 2 month later soon . pis out

  • will bradley
    will bradley 3 months ago

    can you do a 24hr next door

  • TravelCloud
    TravelCloud 3 months ago


  • my life as coco
    my life as coco 3 months ago

    guess what that means

  • my life as coco
    my life as coco 3 months ago

    Y u f d j ce j

  • my life as coco
    my life as coco 3 months ago


  • Industrial Fart
    Industrial Fart 3 months ago


  • Big P Dawg
    Big P Dawg 3 months ago

    Newest hide and seek. The guy went in the mini door in that last room.

  • gurpreet kaur
    gurpreet kaur 3 months ago

    make a video about try not to talk chanange

  • Liz
    Liz 3 months ago

    how about you prank martin scenes he is the burglar with your mom and girl friend

  • Ryan Best
    Ryan Best 3 months ago

    Play creative destruction ryryrj

  • Ryan Best
    Ryan Best 3 months ago

    Ur vids are cool

  • Ruby Fitzsimmons
    Ruby Fitzsimmons 3 months ago


  • Ronan Booth
    Ronan Booth 3 months ago


  • Hollie Rycroft123
    Hollie Rycroft123 3 months ago

    I have fortnite morgz ps4 love the vids

  • Uxoy
    Uxoy 3 months ago

    My favourite USclipr ever and an inspiration.

  • Anastasia Karcz
    Anastasia Karcz 3 months ago

    please give something to me becuase my kids have been driveing my crazy and i am very poor

  • Mia Meek
    Mia Meek 3 months ago

    When are you doing the giveaway

  • Aness Amer
    Aness Amer 3 months ago

    You'll make it to 6,000,000 subscribers.

  • Aness Amer
    Aness Amer 3 months ago

    Please make a very extreme 24 hours challenge.

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez 3 months ago


  • matthew hill
    matthew hill 3 months ago

    hi you are my fav youtuber

  • Geckosavage16 Geckosavage16

    you should do a overnight vid in the grocery store

  • ben drawbridge
    ben drawbridge 3 months ago

    Why do people watch this rubbish

  • Lucy Gargett
    Lucy Gargett 3 months ago

    Hey morgz I have subscribed

  • Dr Spicy
    Dr Spicy 3 months ago

    you make great videos please say my name in the next video thanks

  • Dr Spicy
    Dr Spicy 3 months ago

    do 24 hours in ikea

  • Samuel Denham
    Samuel Denham 3 months ago

    can you do a 24 hour challenge when you stay in your dads house with out him noing

  • K atana
    K atana 3 months ago

    Morgz can you do a video where you pretend to spend 1000£ on vbucks on your mums credit card but you actually it’s on your card

    • Dr Spicy
      Dr Spicy 3 months ago

      he has already done that vid

  • juhaiber gaming video
    juhaiber gaming video 3 months ago


  • meme scams
    meme scams 3 months ago

    This kid is retraded.

  • Ronit Sen
    Ronit Sen 3 months ago

    I want the iPad pls I always watch your video, never miss any. *NOT EVEN ONE*

  • Brianna Fairchild
    Brianna Fairchild 3 months ago

    i love you morgz

    THE RANDOM KID 3 months ago

    i have a xbox one

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 3 months ago

    morgz im your biggest fan i want the ipad pro plse.

  • Dayla Harris
    Dayla Harris 3 months ago

    you the best!

  • hayden coulter
    hayden coulter 3 months ago

    how are you and the videos going?

  • alice Gooding
    alice Gooding 3 months ago

    u don't treat your mum or keira with any respect if i was your mum i would slap you round the face HARD!!!

  • ErikaMTB
    ErikaMTB 3 months ago

    How Old R U Morgan?

  • zidan51lol9
    zidan51lol9 3 months ago

    ignore you're mum for 24h

  • zidan51lol9
    zidan51lol9 3 months ago

    morgz season 6 came out in fortnite

  • KitCatKata Gaming
    KitCatKata Gaming 3 months ago


  • Alyssa Little
    Alyssa Little 3 months ago

    I love ur vids

  • Just a dude who likes Dbz

    your mental age is 12

  • Mr,Moneybunny
    Mr,Moneybunny 3 months ago

    Snapchat squad 😃👌🏻

  • LittleSquare
    LittleSquare 3 months ago


    GELO GAMING / VLOGS 3 months ago


  • Z4X
    Z4X 3 months ago

    your mum just pranked u and your mean u made the pugs poop in your moms bad room and u pooped in it to

  • jess tub
    jess tub 3 months ago

    i Like your video

  • summer southam
    summer southam 3 months ago

    love you Morgan wish I could meet u right now hope we do meet some day

  • ayahcutegirl
    ayahcutegirl 3 months ago

    Bro why don't you prank Kirea like when she is sitting on a farting bag

  • Max Andrews
    Max Andrews 3 months ago

    hi I've just posted my first vid its called max Andrews its me

  • Neesha Davies
    Neesha Davies 3 months ago

    I have subscribed for the ipadpro give away I don't have any electrical devices I am on my mums iphone four that has crashed hundreds of times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLS

  • Neesha Davies
    Neesha Davies 3 months ago

    are you and kierra still together

  • Neesha Davies
    Neesha Davies 3 months ago

    what up

  • Mataya Marshalll
    Mataya Marshalll 4 months ago

    are you going to post every day this December this year?

  • Georgia Woods
    Georgia Woods 4 months ago

    Hello plz shout me out in the next video i love u

  • bryan gigil Gil
    bryan gigil Gil 4 months ago

    hey morgz why is your mom so dume when you and your girlfriend switch live's for 24 hours?

    JAMEZ COOP 4 months ago

    when are you gonna tell us what happened in the end of the stuck in a tunnel video

  • Zero X Echo
    Zero X Echo 4 months ago

    yo morgz i want to 24hour's of in a box

  • Chris Boffy
    Chris Boffy 4 months ago

    if he's not 12 he would look Extremly and I mean " EXTREMLY " young he atleast looks like he's 20's

  • greigymaster
    greigymaster 4 months ago

    spoiler alert everyone dies

  • Payton Reinecke
    Payton Reinecke 4 months ago

    I aware I will create a bunch of accounts and subscribe

  • noxxy
    noxxy 4 months ago

    morgz is kinda gay

  • Luis Zievinger
    Luis Zievinger 4 months ago

    can you make more video can please give me your phone number an we can be friend your awesome

  • Irfan Hazim Azhar
    Irfan Hazim Azhar 4 months ago

    kiera and morgs still together or not? are they still in realtionship or just friend?

  • ryan leffew
    ryan leffew 4 months ago


  • Jamie Telford
    Jamie Telford 4 months ago

    oml i love yahhhh morgz

  • TrentBundy
    TrentBundy 4 months ago


  • jeremy aitken
    jeremy aitken 4 months ago


  • Elizacutest Msp
    Elizacutest Msp 4 months ago


  • Hunter Johnstone
    Hunter Johnstone 4 months ago

    Hey Morgz keep up the good work you guys have been doing with your videos :)

  • PokeFan Playz
    PokeFan Playz 4 months ago

    why did morgz not post anything?

  • Kawaii Girl
    Kawaii Girl 4 months ago


  • neil hambridge
    neil hambridge 4 months ago

    you make kavos seem good

  • neil hambridge
    neil hambridge 4 months ago

    when are you making another 24 hour challenge

  • Plamen Hristov
    Plamen Hristov 4 months ago

    u and kiera are so cute together

  • Alex Hadden
    Alex Hadden 4 months ago

    Hey Morgz. When will you make an Infinite( Mr.7M) disc vid

  • Biyakon Khamsiang
    Biyakon Khamsiang 4 months ago

    please do video today and think morgz you are da best

  • Communist Thanos
    Communist Thanos 4 months ago

    morgz drinks bathwater

  • Gamer Alice
    Gamer Alice 4 months ago

    The only king he is, is the CLICBAIT KING!

  • Tommy LV
    Tommy LV 4 months ago

    when will be next video? and when you give awey iPad Pro?????

  • kitty cowdrick
    kitty cowdrick 4 months ago

    I've watched and loved all those silly pranks on your girl. I've also subscribed can u go the same 4 me? Not really hit off yet like your channel but show out 4 me an I appreciate it. Marquis gaming!!!!!

  • Zankuex
    Zankuex 4 months ago


  • Former Youtube
    Former Youtube 4 months ago

    "No, i'm not 12." Who thought you were?

  • Vincent O Malley
    Vincent O Malley 4 months ago

    hi morgz

  • Poetiqinjustis
    Poetiqinjustis 4 months ago

    loveyour vids though

  • izzyace31
    izzyace31 4 months ago

    I’m happy u started making this channel

  • lps adventures
    lps adventures 4 months ago

    could u make a reaction Chanel

  • kev key
    kev key 4 months ago

    wenisthexbox gowin oawte

  • Papa Leya
    Papa Leya 4 months ago

    hey im your ex I im se*

  • Ramzy Boy
    Ramzy Boy 4 months ago


  • AstroBoys
    AstroBoys 4 months ago

    where is the deep heat challenge video?

  • Ed Ismail
    Ed Ismail 4 months ago

    you havent mad ones in a while

  • Ed Ismail
    Ed Ismail 4 months ago

    can you make fortnite video

  • Ed Ismail
    Ed Ismail 4 months ago

    hi morgz

  • Lana's gacha life :3
    Lana's gacha life :3 4 months ago

    I love ur vids

  • Lana's gacha life :3
    Lana's gacha life :3 4 months ago

    Hey can i be in shoutouts i dont have a phome can i get iphone

  • Jessica . Bryant
    Jessica . Bryant 4 months ago

    Why are you so rude and mean to your mum?

  • fancy p3sto
    fancy p3sto 4 months ago

    he should call jesus at 3am

    PROPELLED 4 months ago

    We’re waiting for another video

  • sis and gay channel
    sis and gay channel 4 months ago

    You morgz

  • sis and gay channel
    sis and gay channel 4 months ago

    Tuck morgz lol

  • Yojomo11
    Yojomo11 4 months ago

    ex girlfriend????? did you can Kiera break up...? im so confused lol

  • Max Games 10
    Max Games 10 4 months ago

    sandcastle part 2

  • iiNiikkii
    iiNiikkii 4 months ago

    Lol who would think he's 12?

  • Bricks' Video Game Channel

    Question? why did you drop out of school? YOU CAN'T GET A JOB THEN.

  • supermam john wick
    supermam john wick 4 months ago


  • Rickymorty30
    Rickymorty30 4 months ago

    yo this duds lit but im lonely with no suscribers

  • AllStar International
    AllStar International 4 months ago

    When will you put out a new video

  • doubleagentNiko 47
    doubleagentNiko 47 4 months ago

    I really want the x box one s or how do you call it again it was my dream to get one but i dont have that much money

  • dylan bobb
    dylan bobb 4 months ago

    u need to chill!!!!!!!!!!!! your mum is a great youtuber maybe your channel should be deleted

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 4 months ago

    hi morgz well done on 5.1M im your biggest fan please give me a shout out and keep bringing fortnite videos

  • Dani Handley
    Dani Handley 4 months ago

    when is the next video coming out???

    BARRY CANN 4 months ago

    i have subscribed because i love your videos and i have smashed that like button

  • RZ Universe
    RZ Universe 4 months ago

    your about i think your lying

  • TheRandomGamerHD
    TheRandomGamerHD 4 months ago

    Morgz can you do a setup video please

  • Delicious Frog
    Delicious Frog 4 months ago

    you have the best bad content

  • Liongamer 2000
    Liongamer 2000 5 months ago

    congrats on hitting 5 million subs getting some of that 5 mill merch if it drops

  • Gabriell Salangsang Nitro 2

    when are you going to reveal the truth of what happened in the ending of the sand castle video?

  • Minka Mitkova
    Minka Mitkova 5 months ago


  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming 5 months ago

    Plus I'm a good artist

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming 5 months ago

    And I will come to the UK and do a blog with u

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming 5 months ago

    I have an idea be friends with one fan and me for a month let's see what happens plz

  • babyseal dancers
    babyseal dancers 5 months ago

    No uploads in 3day I am getting worried

  • 「 chino kafuu 」
    「 chino kafuu 」 5 months ago

    amazing banner

  • Holly Weirdo12
    Holly Weirdo12 5 months ago

    Please notice me

  • Mikey T.
    Mikey T. 5 months ago

    You should do another prank on your mum

  • Lauren Weber
    Lauren Weber 5 months ago


  • Amber Heldstab
    Amber Heldstab 5 months ago

    I unsubscribe

  • Jemimah.W
    Jemimah.W 5 months ago

    and Y don't u respect ur mum like other people do

  • Jemimah.W
    Jemimah.W 5 months ago

    u were so mean to ur mum 5 days ago and thats not cool and shes got 1.1 M now

  • Chase Jasper
    Chase Jasper 5 months ago

    I am the biggest fan u will ever have!

  • Chase Jasper
    Chase Jasper 5 months ago

    i got to say that u have the best USclip Chanel in the world! You are my favorite USclipr that i have known!!! I wish i could meet u in reality but i am in canada. Most of the time youtuber's i know are in the us! Any i would like to say i love your vids and I like every vid i watch!!! i have subed to u and your mom and kiera!

  • Chase Jasper
    Chase Jasper 5 months ago

    yo Morg

  • IsaaC
    IsaaC 5 months ago


  • Elliott Meydan
    Elliott Meydan 5 months ago


  • Leila Hughes
    Leila Hughes 5 months ago

    Why was a video deleted 5 million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sword MasterYT
    Sword MasterYT 5 months ago


  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 5 months ago

    team mum

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 5 months ago

    it sucks

  • babyseal dancers
    babyseal dancers 5 months ago

    When is the giveaways

  • IustinInfinite
    IustinInfinite 5 months ago

    have you forget to take your joy?

  • Iron guy 424 Playz
    Iron guy 424 Playz 5 months ago


  • Richard Call
    Richard Call 5 months ago

    Progamerbro2715 has Subscribed to your channel

  • Dec Prest
    Dec Prest 5 months ago

    5 millionnnn babbbbyyyyy this right here is a steam train

  • Phoenix Wardsmith
    Phoenix Wardsmith 5 months ago

    Hey you live in shefield

  • MegaFearless851
    MegaFearless851 5 months ago

    ALMOST TO 5 MILLION SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roo Gilbert
    Roo Gilbert 5 months ago


  • Gernz O
    Gernz O 5 months ago

    Did Kiera

  • Chae TDC
    Chae TDC 5 months ago


  • babyseal dancers
    babyseal dancers 5 months ago

    No uploads for a week I am worried

  • Joseph Howarth
    Joseph Howarth 5 months ago

    everyone sub

  • Joseph Howarth
    Joseph Howarth 5 months ago

    hey were almost at 5,000,000 subs on live

  • YolOr3stis youtube
    YolOr3stis youtube 5 months ago

    did he take down his recent video

  • GraceTheHippo
    GraceTheHippo 5 months ago

    lol your vid got removed

  • stephen skinner
    stephen skinner 5 months ago

    i know morgz is the best youtuber he is my favourite youtuber

  • AdamPRO
    AdamPRO 5 months ago

    lol his vid was removed by yt lol

  • ilikecheesepuffs123
    ilikecheesepuffs123 5 months ago

    i subed :p

  • Fortine God
    Fortine God 5 months ago


  • XxMichaeloO
    XxMichaeloO 5 months ago

    is this young pyrocynical

  • Tommie Jakes
    Tommie Jakes 5 months ago

    how old are u

  • Agent_Prius
    Agent_Prius 5 months ago

    I reaallyyyy can't \

  • Mr. Knuckles
    Mr. Knuckles 5 months ago

    Hes 16

  • Karinne Navarrete
    Karinne Navarrete 5 months ago

    and youre disstrack is terrible

  • the unknown man99
    the unknown man99 5 months ago

    weres the video you said 6 pm

  • [XRS] Tyko
    [XRS] Tyko 5 months ago

    morgz where is your mums channel

  • free teddy
    free teddy 5 months ago

    morgz mum ??? what going on??? omg

  • ShowcaseKing
    ShowcaseKing 5 months ago

    Bring back morgz mum

  • Justas Knysius
    Justas Knysius 5 months ago

    what happened to morgz mum

  • Charlie Porter
    Charlie Porter 5 months ago

    where is morgz mum channel

  • Sylvia Santoya
    Sylvia Santoya 5 months ago

    hi hi