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First Wins For Ferrari
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Anthoine Hubert Remembered
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  • doueven
    doueven 4 hours ago

    This the same dude that beat his wives?

  • Fabbio Rocha
    Fabbio Rocha 4 hours ago

    510 pessoas que não tem amor ao próximo

  • DAZEN Music
    DAZEN Music 4 hours ago

    Why does the "Ferrari is Excitement" looks like Coldzera?

  • TristanRacing Fan2000

    Let's go Formula 1 I'll bet this will live on forevermore

  • Typically Thomas
    Typically Thomas 4 hours ago

    PSA: Not Holland. The Netherlands

  • CarverJ
    CarverJ 4 hours ago

    This is the first Beyond The Grid I've listened

  • Antonio De Rosa
    Antonio De Rosa 4 hours ago

    The name of the song please?

  • elwingy
    elwingy 4 hours ago

    F1 without Ferrari is absolutely ruined.

  • Burbanky
    Burbanky 4 hours ago

    The fact his sister designed the heart and the whole family do things together made my heart beat.

  • José Ataíde
    José Ataíde 4 hours ago

    How is it possible that more than 500 people didn't like this? Senna was the very best, both as a pilot and as a human being.

  • zetA Gundam
    zetA Gundam 4 hours ago

    Please banned singgapore f1.

  • Mig Y
    Mig Y 4 hours ago

    I don't know much about Jos as a person or driver, but I have to give him credit as a father. Not every father can admit his son is better than him, especially in the same ultra-competitive field. Jos seems to be truly happy for Max and wants the best for him.

  • Charles Leclerc
    Charles Leclerc 4 hours ago

    Habla en español hdp

  • carbon ideas
    carbon ideas 4 hours ago

    Boring track. Too many laps with so little overtaking opportunity

  • Wail Faridi
    Wail Faridi 5 hours ago

    George did some research huh

  • rushaholic
    rushaholic 5 hours ago

    5:23 tyres EVERYWHERE!!! Anyone behind Alonso is done for!

  • Se23 mdp
    Se23 mdp 5 hours ago

    Argentina, fangio! N°1

  • Dux Drive
    Dux Drive 5 hours ago

    That talk of his dream ... made me emotional. Imagine that.... Albon I pray you succeed!

  • srinjoy bose
    srinjoy bose 5 hours ago

    Nico losing his place in f1

  • David Solesvik
    David Solesvik 5 hours ago

    Is it just me, or does he sound like a mixture of Kimi and Max? Lmao

  • Shimeih
    Shimeih 5 hours ago

    0:17 even Ferrari can't resist a😂😂

    ALFIE BACKHOUSE 5 hours ago

    yooo like is you have big pepe

  • Tagger
    Tagger 5 hours ago

    Hey i requested this :D ty so much :D

  • Steve Eaton
    Steve Eaton 5 hours ago

    Jolyon, you and everyone else who isn't a Ferrari nut knows why Leclerc didn't get a penalty. They can say it was to keep the racing exciting and to encourage harder racing etc., but anyone who is even close to being impartial knows that its because the race was at Monza. They'd have had a riot on their hands if Leclerc had been given a 5s penalty. As a competitive team, Ferrari are a joke. They are given 100 million dollars per year for no other reason than their brand name, and they still can't win on any circuit that isn't power-sensitive. There is an imbalance before the cars even go for testing. How is that sportsmanlike? The sooner Carey and Brawn sort that bias out, the better for the sport, so that it IS actually a sport. If Ferrari can't stay at the front on the same budget as the other teams on the grid then perhaps, just maybe, I don't know...maybe they're just not good enough? If I was Ferrari I'd be embarrassed that I needed to be gifted extra money to keep me on the front of the grid. I don't know how they've got the balls to celebrate a win, it doesn't belong to them. If their car and engine is that special they would be there on merit. Decisions made by the stewards should not be influenced by tradition, location, or fears for their personal safety. Rules should be consistent - the comparison with Bottas / Verstappen was extremely pertinent and brilliantly illustrated the double standards. Roll on Singapore, where the prancing horse will once again become lame.

  • Ellwin Daniel
    Ellwin Daniel 5 hours ago

    He is throttling the car like it is some damn go-kart

  • Abdelkader Boumaraf
    Abdelkader Boumaraf 5 hours ago

    Baby cray (44)

  • Dry My Tears
    Dry My Tears 5 hours ago

    5:55 Hakkinen being rude!

  • PsYcHZ
    PsYcHZ 5 hours ago

    "Hi, I'm Carlos Science." - Carlos Science

  • Jacky Beck
    Jacky Beck 5 hours ago

    What about N.Piqeut JR Crash helps Alonso to Victory?

  • MultiGame World
    MultiGame World 5 hours ago

    I love this OST at the beggining

  • Jmi Grudo
    Jmi Grudo 6 hours ago

    And here comes Sebastian Vettel

  • Thomas Ning
    Thomas Ning 6 hours ago

    You always need to be alert on a street circuit!

  • P44LAI
    P44LAI 6 hours ago

    World’s fastest Heikki there :-D

  • Redding
    Redding 6 hours ago

    Very good interview, nice to get to know Jos and it seems he is great father and success they have with Max is much deserved.

  • IBM Speed_Paintz
    IBM Speed_Paintz 6 hours ago

    Can't wait to watch this

  • Lucas Mezza
    Lucas Mezza 6 hours ago

    I think mercedes will be in an advantage by the turns... Ferrari are better in long ways

  • Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira 6 hours ago

    O comentário em português que você procurava.

  • Axy
    Axy 6 hours ago

    2:05 😭😭😭

  • Acho
    Acho 6 hours ago

    This circuit gives ferrari NIGHTMARES

  • Car Review Bulgaria
    Car Review Bulgaria 6 hours ago

    if you want to see some more from the spectators' side, check out our latest vid, enjoy:

  • Erwan Rat
    Erwan Rat 6 hours ago

    Ferrari's first season and already on the front !!

  • Mozar 86
    Mozar 86 6 hours ago

    Uma das melhores corridas dos últimos tempos. Que corrida!

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield 6 hours ago

    And @Tom Clarkson, you did not speak about how he blew Montoya's probable 1st victory in Brazil after a superb move on Schumacher...

  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez 6 hours ago

    Gunther Steiner manly voice is unbelievable

  • RPsketcher
    RPsketcher 6 hours ago

    Being Dutch I have seen many interviews with Jos over the years and even met him a few times (not that he would remember) . This is no doubt the best interview with him ever. He is so relaxed. A feat as journalist can often annoy him quickly. Jos was m hero when I grew up and now being a father myself there was a lot I liked about what he said about supporting his son. I would have no problem with my son being better designers than I am. Greet interview, no ego just honest retrospection. Being a father can do that to you. Great stuff. I greatly respected him as a driver, as a father even more so.

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield 6 hours ago

    When he talks about Max's career, he says we. He's just hanging on to what his son can bring him. Fame and fortune. He really needs to walk away and let his son work, just as Papa Hamilton, Rosberg or Sainz did.

  • RottieShep CALIBRE
    RottieShep CALIBRE 6 hours ago

    For all you racing dad's out there who have tons of money and connections....

  • Pretorius Sarel
    Pretorius Sarel 6 hours ago

    Funny how Palmer don't mention the mistakes made by Hamilton and Hamilton blaming everyone (His team, tyre's and then the car...! Check out Hamilton's radio comments) so all in all accept him self...! Get over it, Hamilton was out raced by Leclerc on the day

  • Quin Clayton
    Quin Clayton 7 hours ago

    I'm new to the sport. I don't get how the F duct works

  • Jude Thaddeus
    Jude Thaddeus 7 hours ago

    1:05 1:10

  • G N
    G N 7 hours ago

    Perez is fast but such a dirty driver

  • geekdiggy
    geekdiggy 7 hours ago

    it's only been a season and a half and already the old cars look really weird

  • spilot101
    spilot101 7 hours ago

    4 parts of the track with 300+ kph. FAST track.

  • Ted Smith
    Ted Smith 7 hours ago

    The one cheeky trick that is still in use today came from Colin Chapman. Back in the day only the car number, drivers name and team name were allowed on the car, no sponsorship allowed. Chapman changed the team name from 'Team Lotus' to 'Gold Leaf Team Lotus', effectively starting the avalanche of advertising seen on the cars, and drivers, today.

  • Jordan Striker
    Jordan Striker 7 hours ago

    Sainz: My guide to Marina Bay Street Circuit F1 Fans: Let me get my beer Sainz: Weyyyyyyyyyy

  • Mark mark
    Mark mark 7 hours ago

    I don't understand why other cars don't stop like Senna?.. At least slow down.

  • geekdiggy
    geekdiggy 7 hours ago

    4:58 who tf is this guy and why do teams let random toolbags into the garage?

  • Dirk Klapzeiker
    Dirk Klapzeiker 7 hours ago

    I fell asleep on corner one.. bro make it more exciting!

  • Gap Rame Mlon Eusk
    Gap Rame Mlon Eusk 7 hours ago

    F duct was banned as the loophole was that the driver has to operate it. They could have let them use it without manual intervention

  • geekdiggy
    geekdiggy 7 hours ago


  • fatrat84r
    fatrat84r 7 hours ago

    What happen to the new drs between 14 and 15....

  • D. Arantes
    D. Arantes 7 hours ago

    Barrichello , good job😀

  • Ice Angel
    Ice Angel 7 hours ago

    Class act from Lewis. Fair play at it s best,in this case.

  • MasakoX
    MasakoX 7 hours ago

    This was probably recorded before Carlos became the legend that is "The Smooth Operatoooooor."

  • Niko Eliyev
    Niko Eliyev 7 hours ago


  • Dramatic Anticipation

    You would hear a lot of complains if it was Hamilton instead of Verstappen

  • Richard Putman
    Richard Putman 7 hours ago

    dus als ik typ, jos is een lul, wordt m'n comment binnen 30sec verwijderd?

  • Fromzon
    Fromzon 7 hours ago

    The F1 community used to make compilations like these back in the days..... which were all BANNED by the FOM. And now they are making them themselves but with annoying overlays and annoying music. Sad!

  • Stephen Bachman
    Stephen Bachman 8 hours ago

    1:19 Go into this corner at 3rd gear. Holds 4rth like a boss. Ok Carlos so thats what you tell Lando so you can beat him.

  • Pratik D.
    Pratik D. 8 hours ago

    This circuit is narrower than the mindset of Indian people. Damn!

  • LS NN
    LS NN 8 hours ago

    Not the best interview tbh, could've easily been longer. Missed how he grew up and got in to motorsport. I love all BTG interviews but I thought this one was a bit shallow.

  • cinos
    cinos 8 hours ago

    Reading these comments and reading comments in new videos about Kubica crushes my heart. People really believe he is that bad. No respect for him at all. He is actually a test driver for GR right now and people who are not into Kubica's situation just mock him. The situation from Monza has clearly showed, that without a doubt, Williams just wanted Orlen's money and they don't care about RK. For these who don't know : Kubica was testing front wing in Friday, in Saturday GR was using it while Kubica was using Russel's wing and suddenly the feeling in a car changed 180 degrees (watch Kubica's interviews where he talks about it).

  • Fikri Alyandra
    Fikri Alyandra 8 hours ago

    Does anyone know the title of the music in the background?

  • Bart Boerboom
    Bart Boerboom 8 hours ago

    Red bull has that magical driving performance i dont knwo exactly how to discribe it but imma try it FREAKIN AWESOME

    • Bart Boerboom
      Bart Boerboom 8 hours ago

      I know carlos is not but i just wanted to maintain it okay And carlos needs to race for red bull

  • Jerome Little
    Jerome Little 8 hours ago

    Only because Mika had a better car on the day

  • jamechevi
    jamechevi 8 hours ago

    I missed the Fernando made it pretty clear last year

  • Bocah Gacha
    Bocah Gacha 8 hours ago

    Fucking 1

  • Yalçın Cengiz
    Yalçın Cengiz 8 hours ago

    I have very bad timing in racing games but I can be better than this. This is a bullshit.

  • Michael S240andF360
    Michael S240andF360 8 hours ago

    Nice to have a Jos interview, and I sure enjoyed it well. Nevertheless, Jos seemed to remain o the surface of things and not go into detail. My guess is he needs to as Max is currently in F1 and Jos doesn’t want to upset some key players. The Benetton time could have been discussed more, as well as more juicy info on how Max got into F1 at RB and not Mercedes. Anyhow, Jos is a legend for me for some of his awesome drives, notably Malaysia 2001 in the rain. I still think he could have achieved so much more if he only had the right people around him to manage his obvious difficult temper and coach him for the race. As some pointed out, Jos drove each race as if it was his last..with a little less risk taking, sort of like Max is doing now, he could have gone far. Who knows, anyhow, thanks to Tom for having invited Jos to the podcast.

  • Rizky F.
    Rizky F. 8 hours ago

    Charles Leclerc is a promising young Indonesian driver in the future. Selamat!

  • 100 subs no vids ?
    100 subs no vids ? 8 hours ago

    K mag was bit of a pr!k

  • Mikko Turunen
    Mikko Turunen 8 hours ago

    Max always tries to win the race on the first lap. This time it worked out, quite often not.

  • Roman Viper
    Roman Viper 8 hours ago

    Now let's hope Albon can make this list this year too

  • JordanTOASTY
    JordanTOASTY 9 hours ago

    4:30 looks like guns are pointed at him 😂

  • SummitRecords911
    SummitRecords911 9 hours ago

    This track I do not care for.

  • Thorax
    Thorax 9 hours ago

    You just gotta love it when Nando makes it stick. Brilliant driver!

  • Simon
    Simon 9 hours ago

    Turn 14 “Downshift to 3rd gear” ... *downshifts to 4th* hmmmmmmmmm

  • Myster1ous
    Myster1ous 9 hours ago

    Damn, I thought it was the 2019 quali, and was like "WAT, quali on Thursday?!"

  • Awesimo
    Awesimo 9 hours ago

    That fastest lap on the last lap though.

  • Desi Car Guy PK
    Desi Car Guy PK 9 hours ago

    2:18 When u play F1 2017 with controler

  • Nicholas Alenta
    Nicholas Alenta 9 hours ago


  • Tentacles45
    Tentacles45 9 hours ago

    Fucking Hamilton had the cheek to say Esteban was alright “unlapping” himself, fuck right off you whiny bitch

  • Nick Stanbridge
    Nick Stanbridge 9 hours ago

    "But even without that notorious chicane, the challenge of Marina Bay remains" No it doesn't, you made the corner child-proof for the drivers. "Here's the only exciting section of the track. Let's take it out and replace it with a corner so simple people will even overtake on it."

  • _rysanity_
    _rysanity_ 9 hours ago

    im surprised gasly didnt say anything about the vettel-stroll incident

  • maxouf1
    maxouf1 9 hours ago

    1:30 Trulli's one is a typical example with today's cars where halo defenders would have said "without halo the guy would be dead". No.

  • Tiger Mikolz
    Tiger Mikolz 9 hours ago

    petrov great drive!

  • Sexy Sloth
    Sexy Sloth 9 hours ago

    I loved Singapore!!

  • Google Youtube
    Google Youtube 9 hours ago

    The fuvk so muc

  • Jon Lenin
    Jon Lenin 9 hours ago

    People love to give stroll shit even though he pulls these moves basically every weekend. He’s top 3 best starters out of everyone in the field and is insanely quick in the wet, people seem to forget that prior to f1, he nearly had a 50% win rate in his last f3 season.. yes his money got him into f1, that doesn’t mean it’s the only reason he’s in f1.. And let’s not forget that without stroll’s dad’s financial backing, Williams likely wouldn’t have survived as a team and now his dad revived force India (now) racing point.. people give stroll and his father FAR too little credit than they rightfully deserve.

  • Charles Leclerc
    Charles Leclerc 9 hours ago

    Use this as “Another win for Ferrari” button guys... 🏎