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  • Scott Mustard
    Scott Mustard 3 hours ago

    The whole Talksport and Simon Jordan thing is a mess but Robbie I heard you said Simon Jordan was not a proper Palace fan because he hasn't been to any games. I would like to say that not all fans have loads of money to go to games. I am a young Arsenal fan aged 16 and have supported Arsenal since I was 7. I have been to no games but I try watching Arsenal on TV, Radio and Live streams always when they play. However the thing I love about this channel is that this Channel is giving the fans an opinion. And Talksport doesn't give Arsenal fans an opinion without being taken the Mickey out of.

  • prayash shrestha
    prayash shrestha 3 hours ago

    My man robbie defending his bois you love to see it

  • Basil Eldho
    Basil Eldho 3 hours ago

    Stop giving these talkshit fuckers publicity even if it’s bad... let them hate And let AFTV grow

  • Faraz Junaid
    Faraz Junaid 3 hours ago

    Leicester and Mia khalifa in the same sentence. 😲

  • Jason Kippen
    Jason Kippen 3 hours ago

    I’m a Man United fan, but I love you guys. TalkSports are haters. Keep doing your things boys, haters will always hate, you know you doing well when people want to put you down.

  • Peter Pandeli
    Peter Pandeli 3 hours ago

    Total respect for AFTV from all us GOONERS!! in Cyprus

  • Aasif
    Aasif 3 hours ago


  • mrbighimselfup
    mrbighimselfup 3 hours ago

    I voted for myself😂😂😂

  • Somali flame
    Somali flame 3 hours ago

    Claude triggering Ty is hilarious thing to watch 🤣

  • Trevor Stanley
    Trevor Stanley 3 hours ago

    Indecisive Ty can't hold a position and stick with it.

  • Jack Jenkins
    Jack Jenkins 4 hours ago

    Robbie is the ultimate hype man for his club. Get that new dawn narrative out of here man! One good 20 mins spell against the most out of form team in the league means nothing but 3 points. Bad result again in the week 1 win in 10 that's your narrative. United had to beat spurs and city to even start thinking things are turning around. Relax until there's more than 20 mins of improvement.

  • Mohamed AlDoub
    Mohamed AlDoub 4 hours ago

    That a love story

  • Haribo 73
    Haribo 73 4 hours ago

    There's a big difference between players of old and players these's "Money over playing pride". Players would rather go to a club which pays them the most over a club where they have always dreamt of playing or a club they believe in. Players have no pride, just £ in their eyes. If we had a team full of Martinelli's, we would smash every team to bits, he is the epitome of a player that loves playing for the club he has signed for.

  • scott page
    scott page 4 hours ago

    Anyone know this lads Twitter or something? Met him on way home absolutely smahed and we had a picture. Want to see it as my mate was a right mess 😂

  • utch2die4
    utch2die4 4 hours ago

    Robbie & DT, good show as usual. Please do not waste your time debating about those clowns on Talksport. They are just jealous you guys have a now more popular platform. They interview different fans with different opinions too in their case even mostly more negative and controversial. They are so bad I never listen to that channel for a week when Arsenal loses but yet I listen to every interview on here after games when we lose. I do not agree with a lot of opinions on here but that is not the purpose of the channel it is to give fans of all types a voice. You are doing that and please keep up the good work and stop listening to those vultures in talksport. It’s just pure jealousy they are becoming irrelevant for football fans

  • Paul Addai
    Paul Addai 4 hours ago

    Calum Chambers ducked too for the goal but he is beyond criticism DT & Robbie

  • Taykay1690 _
    Taykay1690 _ 4 hours ago

    Why does ty laugh like that ??

  • paul 57
    paul 57 4 hours ago

    I know who Robbie Lyle is, but i aint got a clue who simon Jordan is, says it all

  • CG Low
    CG Low 4 hours ago

    I am now pretty sure Ty is autistic if not Aspergers, I know someone who is similar but not as thick. Like most Aspies, once they have a topic in their heads, they just cant stop until they are all spent -- like the 'disgrace' comment on Mia whilst in the middle of an exciting footie moment on the telly. The complete lack of self-awareness is another -- telling Claude not to be disrespectful and yet him yelling into the camera about Jose, Phil Brown, etc being 'a disgrace', claiming that they insulted the Gunners. Typical traits: Lack of social skills Lack of empathy Flat, formal speech and echolalia (ie repeating the previous words over & over) Obsessed with certain interest areas

  • james dudley
    james dudley 4 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion but man united double winners from 08 was better

  • Damian Alexis
    Damian Alexis 4 hours ago

    Spanked Tarquin!! Lol

  • Kieran Parsons
    Kieran Parsons 4 hours ago

    I stick to what I say football does bring people together it has the power to reduce knife crime

  • Zulfikran Zulmos
    Zulfikran Zulmos 4 hours ago

    Not an Arsenal fan but been watching AFTV coz of Lee Judges & Claude..

  • Haribo 73
    Haribo 73 4 hours ago

    What a Legend Campbell is....great to see him on AFTV with Lee, who's a mighty Legend in his own right!!

  • Big pants
    Big pants 4 hours ago

    I doubt if AFC took 12k supporters over to Cologne. At least Robbie wore his shirt!

  • Franklin Azolukwam
    Franklin Azolukwam 4 hours ago

    DT has his say every week and you only interview him for the rants for the views! Makes us look silly

  • Gavin Welch
    Gavin Welch 4 hours ago

    Nice to see the positive vibes boys. Don Robbie and the man like Troopz 👊 respect

  • iNITĘ Studio Productions

    There is a site i used to read a while back(years). Now this site, providing usefull informations in many areas is great, but they have a premise that they are a positive Arsenal site. Yet many of the articles are not positive at all. The go on about other journalist's reports/blogs/vlogs and never fail to find some thing condescending to say about newspaper articles. Now, I do agree with the site, as i too can see that the media(including TV, REFS) are baised against Arsenal, but i tried to warn/inform the site that they are using negativity of others to promote their site in a veil of positivity. They also think fans should just sit back and accept things without question or opinions too. I was villified by the "regulars" to that site. // Is it not strange that people will use their own failings to tarnish their "enemy" with?

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 4 hours ago

    I read the title as 'Ty dresses as Mia Khalifa'

  • lionheart world
    lionheart world 4 hours ago

    I remember them best of all time and always will be

  • Roger Quadras
    Roger Quadras 4 hours ago

    Ty: other podcasts are available

  • jake meredith
    jake meredith 4 hours ago

    Best premier league United side, IMO, is the team between 2006-2009, won the league three years in a row. Never been done before or since. Back to back champions league finals, winning 1. Unreal side.

  • Hell Bro
    Hell Bro 5 hours ago

    Jesus, remember when Arsenal had fans that were from England?

  • Hell Bro
    Hell Bro 5 hours ago

    That freak looks like he’s trying to mount Claude throughout the interview.

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank 5 hours ago

    Wait I ain’t watched talk sport what did dt do before aftv

  • Tanveer
    Tanveer 5 hours ago

    I am a Liverpool fan, I rarely watch Redman TV, kinda boring hosts. I love AFTV, mainly because of Troopz and his unique style. 😂

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams 5 hours ago

    I love watching this channel after arsenal loses

  • Rita Wanjiku
    Rita Wanjiku 5 hours ago

    I could listen to DT rant all day about talksport so entertaining 😂😂

  • Asim Ahmad
    Asim Ahmad 5 hours ago

    Hahahahaha Tarquin!!!

  • Rita Wanjiku
    Rita Wanjiku 5 hours ago

    am here to read comments cos DT said we read lol

  • Mo Problems
    Mo Problems 5 hours ago

    I agree with you guys but stop bashing players so much. Its detrimental to their confidence.

  • GoonerKIRK
    GoonerKIRK 5 hours ago

    Just bought a game worn Ozil 13-14 signed match worn shirt.

  • Jon Rend
    Jon Rend 5 hours ago

    You do the same chit now man lol

  • GoonerKIRK
    GoonerKIRK 5 hours ago

    What's SAD is what's going to happen to all this when Keith dies?!.

  • Kabo Thabana
    Kabo Thabana 5 hours ago

    Arsenal Fan TV forever

  • Wasiu Lamidi
    Wasiu Lamidi 6 hours ago

    AFTV ...the best thing happening on USclip ....✌️

  • Neil Rafis
    Neil Rafis 6 hours ago

    If you think that the last two results have turned a corner then you're very much mistaken,9 minutes against West Ham and 4 minutes against Liege do not mean that we've made progress.I fear a 4 nil drubbing today.The performances are still sooooo bad,the invincibles seem a lifetime ago.

  • eyebelieve3
    eyebelieve3 6 hours ago

    Everyone knows that a pimps opinion does not count!

  • David Danso Mainoo
    David Danso Mainoo 6 hours ago


  • GoonerKIRK
    GoonerKIRK 6 hours ago

    Can we get another update video on this??

  • xilise buree
    xilise buree 6 hours ago

    The most laid back interview DT has ever done. Only swore once, mental

  • Zackla245
    Zackla245 6 hours ago

    Judging by what DT is soo obvious that he beat United Stand

  • Best Vibes
    Best Vibes 6 hours ago

    Ozel it toxic just like my pogba

  • anna petrou
    anna petrou 6 hours ago

    Dt : how did Simon Jordan get suspended from school did he spank Tarquin with a ruler 😂😂🤣

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor 6 hours ago

    can't argue with that

  • Otto Eric James
    Otto Eric James 6 hours ago

    Nuno played for mourinho.

  • Johannes Gugger
    Johannes Gugger 6 hours ago

    Vardy make the right decision not to go to Arsenal

  • justice4ozil
    justice4ozil 6 hours ago

    Ty must be demented. seriously, get him some help. Not cool from Robbie to exploit his mental ilness for views.

  • H-matic08 PSN
    H-matic08 PSN 6 hours ago

    Well done Robbie and AFTV... keep doing your work! The white men in high places are threatened by the uprising of the fans/the people... Chelsea fan

  • Yahkil Pursem
    Yahkil Pursem 6 hours ago

    true, did not know about the Simon Jordan until I heard AFTV speak about him. Saw the showdown with Robbie, that kind is a condescending clueless douchebag. Anyone can drive palace to the ground - says how low his IQ is

  • Clockwork Man
    Clockwork Man 6 hours ago

    You should still take some criticisms on board, the channel is overly negative because you interview the same fans over and over. Try getting new fans as much as you can. Some of the regulars rant just for views and are overly negative. Claude was emery out before he’d even taken over.

  • kwl189
    kwl189 7 hours ago

    Simon Jordan will probably run his mouth about Lee Judges being exposed etc when they made £200 off Arsenal getting smashed in the Europa league final against Chelsea but newspapers and outlets like talk sport make money through bad news all the time. Talk sport being so closely linked to Murdoch and Sky does not help their arguments either. Jordan is jealous and same with talk sport that they’re being squeezed out. Games changed and the platforms to connect with people have changed also.

  • Dj Anti-Matter
    Dj Anti-Matter 7 hours ago

    I agree with you, but you weren’t at Southampton away when it snowed a couple of years ago

  • Anthony Ngachira
    Anthony Ngachira 7 hours ago

    Watching this after Saturday's so wrong predictions

  • Raki Biswas
    Raki Biswas 7 hours ago

    And the rest is history 😂😂

  • Adam_E
    Adam_E 7 hours ago

    Ty and Claude are brilliant together lol

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt 7 hours ago

    Ty: ‘’we lost because we didn’t want to harm the seagulls’’

  • Mohammed Waqas
    Mohammed Waqas 7 hours ago

    How many draws did you get in your invincible season my arse best in the premier league

  • citrenoogeht
    citrenoogeht 7 hours ago

    Jim White is one of a number of muppets that exist on talkSHITE. Where do I begin, Adrian Durham, Danny Kelly, Jim White, Georgie Bingham, Max Rushden, Andy Jacobs, Adam Catterall, Will Gavin etc etc etc

  • BBT2K
    BBT2K 7 hours ago

    AFTV always gets criticism from some people for being “toxic” but I love the platform they have created. They have given their fans a voice, created opportunities for people and give their club reach. I’m a Liverpool fan and I enjoy watching their content.

  • Anish Thomas
    Anish Thomas 7 hours ago

    We should demand a DT-Simon Jordan debate on TalkSport. If they have any 🏀 s they should allow it.

  • Riyann Chowdhury
    Riyann Chowdhury 7 hours ago

    I don’t understand why maitlend Nile’s plays he is horrendous I don’t want to hear the developing bull shit you don’t see awb doing that. Also I know it’s not his natural position but either way he’s not good enough!!!

  • Learning Channel
    Learning Channel 7 hours ago

    im a liverpool fan, but i watch your channel instead of the redmentv, i wish liverpool have this kind of channel :))

  • Matthew Whittle
    Matthew Whittle 7 hours ago

    Pubside we r better than arsenal

    THC OF UYO 7 hours ago


  • slinkiegirl2001
    slinkiegirl2001 7 hours ago

    dt is a proper fan going all that way for a dead rubber game true devotion jordan is a attention seeking clown that is on talk shite becoz he has nothing more to offer the footie world

  • j jones
    j jones 7 hours ago

    never knew of talk sports or simon jordan until this

  • Somi Adesina
    Somi Adesina 8 hours ago

    First AGB I completely watched. Great Job Robbie and DT! The dynamics between you two is just unique. Love the podcast.

  • Nate dog Smith
    Nate dog Smith 8 hours ago

    Who is that Ozzy girl??? I live in Sydney and I want to watch the game with her

  • Gerard Lim
    Gerard Lim 8 hours ago

    Robbie forgot to use the Adidas shirts this time round

  • R.R F
    R.R F 8 hours ago

    Manchester city will beat arsenal 4 nill maybe more

  • Kyle Gordon
    Kyle Gordon 8 hours ago

    We are all fans... doesn't matter if you at every game, sat quietly in a Tottenham pub, paying sky sports,bt or even now amazon, streaming on multiple platforms with glitches trying to piece the match together... WE ALL ARE FANS, these BIG platforms are scared of AFTV, just trying to divide and conquer. As a fan that cant be at stadiums I feel more connected on match day watching AFTV before,during an after matches 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Stephen Adeniran
    Stephen Adeniran 8 hours ago

    DT is such a massive Arsenal fan... His passion for the club is second to none.... Hats off

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi 8 hours ago

    Ty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Darwin Niraula
    Darwin Niraula 8 hours ago

    I am a liverpool supporterfrom Nepal. All the fan tv channels have brought the global football together. Did not knew about talksport. Now I know they are shit. Big up robbie and DT

  • Judester Kyberneticka

    So what if u go to all the games. Your just innit for the money. Just like kroenkes.

  • DaGamer YouTube
    DaGamer YouTube 8 hours ago

    Emery probably would’ve got us a loss here like 2-0 or something

  • Hariveen V
    Hariveen V 8 hours ago

    Look it's Santa Claude!

  • jeff gouldsborough
    jeff gouldsborough 8 hours ago

    Claude could make a pretty penny going round being santa, he's perfect with that belly and all

  • Brad Winterton
    Brad Winterton 9 hours ago

    Robbie asks the fans their opinion then talks over them. It's about as frustrating as when Xhaka gives the ball away in midfield

  • Dream Killer
    Dream Killer 9 hours ago

    December 2019 new year same shit the only one laughing is the OX

  • Marc Noone
    Marc Noone 9 hours ago

    As a west ham fan , just wanted to say well done on talksport rob , 1 vs 2 not fair like ! white and the guy with the 1983 haircut are a pair of knobs ! Your a good guy rob , dont let the media drag you down mate .

  • Jin Wei
    Jin Wei 9 hours ago

    Fan from China here. Never even heard of Talksports before. I guess guys over there should thank ATFV for the publicity ...

    THC OF UYO 9 hours ago

    These 2 know de ting.

  • highbury10
    highbury10 9 hours ago

    Robbie, you talk too much.. Lol. Please let DT talk. You claim you don't want to talk, but you talk on and on and you keep DT from interjecting. Great job tho

  • Anthony Mcken
    Anthony Mcken 9 hours ago

    I think Arsenal have turned a corner to be fair. I think they have a good chance against City.

  • Nate Conner
    Nate Conner 9 hours ago

    More evidence that the biggest racist in football are the football clubs and officiating bodies themselves. Forget the fans, they aren't making club decisions! Club owners are white supremacist that subscribe to the racist rhetoric that black people are not intelligent. The amount of black players that played for arsenal over the years that are older than this new manager is amazing, but the white supremacist owners only feel comfortable employing white eu-rape-an managers! Black football players should all boycott this racist game until at least 5% of managers look like them. Remember it's all apart of their residual income once they retire from playing and it's just whites getting paid all now🤬

  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 9 hours ago

    20:04 HILARIOUS!

  • Chase
    Chase 9 hours ago

    Best podcast on the internet

  • Aneesh Chandoke
    Aneesh Chandoke 10 hours ago

    Don Robbie finally used his Brussels garage