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  • Veronica Ben
    Veronica Ben Minute ago


  • Hiago. Desenho s
    Hiago. Desenho s 4 minutes ago


  • Allen Robinson
    Allen Robinson 9 minutes ago

    Hey this is a unpopular opinion but I need the battle pass time savors back because I work a full time job 6days a week when I get home I’m dead tired and can’t play. There are items that I want but do not have the time to obtain. Please put them back in.

  • Clem Time Bitch 2
    Clem Time Bitch 2 30 minutes ago

    Only three of these guns for hire survived The Collapse, only three Jess was killed in the early days, Boomer died of the impact Grace went blind due to radiation, Adelaide’s chopper crashed, Sharky survived, Hurk survived, Peaches and found a new owner, Cheeseburger died from the impact.

  • Clem Time Bitch 2
    Clem Time Bitch 2 33 minutes ago

    Eden’s Gate tore families apart and because of this so many people weren’t with their friends and families when The Collapse came and their ghosts walk the wasteland of Hope County.

  • Jose Gil
    Jose Gil 36 minutes ago

    Did you see mario Naruto running? No? Just me? OK...

  • Clem Time Bitch 2
    Clem Time Bitch 2 37 minutes ago

    The world is going to hell even without Eden’s Gate the Highwaymen we’re gathering forces before The Collapse and a mutated strain of Black Fever we’re starting a zombie outbreak all they needed was Hell to break loose

  • Clem Time Bitch 2
    Clem Time Bitch 2 39 minutes ago

    I love how the documentary crew from Inside Eden’s Gate interviewed the pre collapse resistance and how the pre collapse resistance helped save the new people who settled in Prosperity after The Collapse

  • Clem Time Bitch 2
    Clem Time Bitch 2 40 minutes ago

    RIP Mary May Fairgrave You didn’t deserve to die from radiation poisoning You worked so fucking hard to save your family And in the end He was right

  • ・Jabbawocky・
    ・Jabbawocky・ 41 minute ago

    omw to get lost in Hope County

  • Lorris Le Horse
    Lorris Le Horse 43 minutes ago



    hiding games are trash like this

  • Kellz Fargo
    Kellz Fargo Hour ago

    When lil Wayne getting payed by Tom Clancy 👌🏾👌🏾🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Rohver Ohn Khonfyert

    Meh! Call me when you make a Summer Pool Party Event, with girls in bikinis, flip flops an all those true hardcore non-lore friendly skins! And maybe I will reinstall!

  • Ishana Shakya
    Ishana Shakya Hour ago

    I wish they used Ezio's voice actor for the commentary.

  • Because its funny


  • GamingForDays RAW

    This game needs PS4 & Xbox One crossplay!🌝

    SPLINT3R 2 hours ago

    Unrealistic, dokkaebi would have been banned.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 hours ago

    wont let me sing up or watch the trailer on ubisoft

  • Viking Swagger
    Viking Swagger 2 hours ago

    I love FH. I've been here since beta and the developers have done a great job at evolving the game and fixing issues.

  • MG clan
    MG clan 3 hours ago

    Big mac

  • Yayad Habie
    Yayad Habie 3 hours ago

    I like bright orange colors now because of the Division

  • LearnToPullOut
    LearnToPullOut 3 hours ago

    Who else saw the For Honor helmets 1:56 it's in the background

  • Bag Em Kush
    Bag Em Kush 3 hours ago

    How about you guys fix the parachuting in breakpoint!!😡😡😡😡 what a waste of 80$

  • Michael
    Michael 3 hours ago

    *He's a Hammer and I'm the nail* 👍

  • n o
    n o 3 hours ago

    Hammer and sickle >:)))))

  • Takumi Fujiwara
    Takumi Fujiwara 4 hours ago

    Dokkaebae is really BAE here

  • PeanutButterLazer
    PeanutButterLazer 4 hours ago

    Literally the only reason why I watch the cutscenes

  • Claire Redfield
    Claire Redfield 4 hours ago

    bring back Survival and Underground in the next DLC and it will bring more players back! here are a few suggestions to make the NY DLC great...have an epic battle on the Hudson Bridge with explosions all over and have a long mission where you have to survive Central Park which has been taken over by a scary cannibal gang. have some more underground levels and a massive fight on Coney Island! so many things you could do to make this game amazing and bring in even more players

  • Claire Redfield
    Claire Redfield 4 hours ago

    I love the Pentagon DLC!!! im so looking forward to going back to NY in episode 3..i hope its long. it would be nice to have some voice options for our characters and some Halloween masks and maybe some costumes to wear if we want...make it really fun

  • marlo alberto
    marlo alberto 5 hours ago

    YO 100% CPU usage is still a thing!

  • Kirk Robinson
    Kirk Robinson 5 hours ago

    Bring the event and cosmetics back. I didn't get a chance to play or buy the packs and I reeeeaaaalllllllly love the wild west theme lol

  • you know i had to do it to em

    thats’a sow spooky

  • field nation
    field nation 6 hours ago

    What is it with the cgi advertisements with these games, I’m trying to see the real shyt

  • Fat Inbred Donkey
    Fat Inbred Donkey 6 hours ago

    Great video Harry.

  • Elektro Gamer
    Elektro Gamer 6 hours ago

    Too much like fortnite

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx 6 hours ago

    i play solo and yesterday when i got on the Division 2 i played 1 mission and a half because the other mission i tryed to play stopped working in the middle of the mission it broke on me please fix this game already

  • Elwit Kauesa
    Elwit Kauesa 6 hours ago


  • Mustafa Alfarhan
    Mustafa Alfarhan 6 hours ago

    It doesn't changed that much from division 1 only places and some new items I'm still playing division 1 and I'm happy with it I'll save my money for something worth it in the future and be SMART!

  • Beej W
    Beej W 6 hours ago

    Soooo the stand alone game gone or what....

  • JVN Plays
    JVN Plays 6 hours ago

    i just want a game that called is... Assassin's Creed V

  • Sheryl Nome
    Sheryl Nome 7 hours ago

    1:41 - Dokka: He's hammer and I'm just like a nail to him. me be like: Tatchy *SMASH* Dokka

  • Outboard Gull52
    Outboard Gull52 7 hours ago

    "the Pentagon" But it's not political huh? Oh ok lmao. Also, MeansTV has a great Let's Play series on this if you want a Leftist take on this game

  • Devin Espinoza
    Devin Espinoza 7 hours ago

    Hopefully the howl at the moon emote returns aswell like the last Halloween need to combine that epic werewolf mask with it

  • Skidians
    Skidians 7 hours ago

    Far cry 3 did it better

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 8 hours ago

    Honestly haven't played the game in a bit since the Rabbids event but screw it I'll play this

  • Cyam vlogs
    Cyam vlogs 8 hours ago

    i dont like this game I hate is there design

  • Aqif Zakhwan
    Aqif Zakhwan 9 hours ago

    Ubisoft fucking company

  • Basho Matsuo
    Basho Matsuo 9 hours ago

    Ghosts never die, they just respawn f*cking miles away!

  • Daniel Martín
    Daniel Martín 9 hours ago

    Castlevania vibes

  • Marko Pantner
    Marko Pantner 9 hours ago

    Dead game

  • Elopo
    Elopo 10 hours ago

    Ten year old me taking a penn apart

  • Lisle Brathwaite
    Lisle Brathwaite 10 hours ago

    In this role I see more Shane than Frank Castle.

  • AXIO
    AXIO 10 hours ago

    Who gave kim jong un sister a gun

  • Dr Pacman
    Dr Pacman 10 hours ago

    Scalpel and foking laser sight

  • the annoying rabbit
    the annoying rabbit 11 hours ago

    Thatcher comes round the corner fockin unmanned animals

    THE REDLION 11 hours ago

    No pumpkin head

  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 12 hours ago

    We not gonna talk about Eagle Bearer that the fact it's still broken in PvP part of the game ... No ? Ok ... I'll just continue raging then hopefully I'll end up in the hospital bed or die. Almost forgot Pls remove mercy rule in PvP ... You don't do that consider me done Everyone in TD2 that has eagle bearer : EB IS STONK AND WE DONT WANT IT TO BE NERF CAUSE WE DONT WANT TO REBUILD. I hope Ubisoft goes bankrup and TD2 player that has EB dies irl from world war 3 My mistake. I hope Ubisoft goes bankrup Along with every triple A game company/developer ...

  • The Stos Man
    The Stos Man 12 hours ago

    Spoiler alert, next major update adds doors. Nothing else. Just doors

  • Emmanuel Mabana
    Emmanuel Mabana 12 hours ago

    gearsets are they going to be back on target loot rotations?

  • dean moses
    dean moses 12 hours ago

    Will the jet pack be limited or will you able to fly for as long as you want?

  • Marcel
    Marcel 12 hours ago

    Nee voor mij als verwent gamer zeker geen game van het jaar. Het is een copie van twee games ghost wildlands en the divison. Je moet eerst uren en uren spelen en zoeken naar planten onderdelen enz enz en ook heb je zoals in wildlands geen teammates je moet alles alleen doen in onmogelijke situaties. En ook word er niet goed aangegeven wat je eigenlijk moet doen in de game. Dus nee het geld niet waard deze game!!

  • Brad Tomasovic
    Brad Tomasovic 12 hours ago

    Wait that's harry!

  • TJ BlackHearted
    TJ BlackHearted 12 hours ago

    Dokkaebi Thicc tighs.

  • Hybrid 9
    Hybrid 9 13 hours ago

    We love u Ubisoft ! The Division 2 is really amazing

  • big_crom 010
    big_crom 010 13 hours ago

    Not good

  • Ras Alghul
    Ras Alghul 13 hours ago

    Constant crashes after update ,game unplayable, well done devs .

  • Sol VanHeart
    Sol VanHeart 13 hours ago

    I remember when S&B wasn't vaporware.

  • Rich Callahan
    Rich Callahan 13 hours ago

    Division has be far the worst player community out of any AAA game on the market. Trash game with trash players. Have fun staring at % bonuses 90% of your game time.

  • Xiled Gaming
    Xiled Gaming 14 hours ago

    I want that 5.11 flag bearer black cap 🧢 *NOW*

  • Connor McFlurry
    Connor McFlurry 14 hours ago

    This brings back soooo many memories

  • Fear spot
    Fear spot 14 hours ago

    Bruh we have to pay this sucks we paid full price wtf

  • Garrett Coladonato
    Garrett Coladonato 14 hours ago

    Kind of a dead game now but ok.

  • birdtweet1
    birdtweet1 14 hours ago

    Oiy dokkaebi is low key cute

  • AnonyGhost
    AnonyGhost 14 hours ago

    Amazing !!!

  • KingOfKoolaid
    KingOfKoolaid 15 hours ago

    When does the siege Halloween update come out

  • Aqif Zakhwan
    Aqif Zakhwan 15 hours ago

    You all knows Ubisoft so fucking company?

  • lasserchris
    lasserchris 15 hours ago

    Was on the fence with this game, but Ultimate Edition now 35 Euro on Xbox? Sold.

  • Eddie Houston
    Eddie Houston 15 hours ago

    Omg I never knew that that's fuckin dope 😁😁😁😁

  • Daehawk
    Daehawk 15 hours ago

    Stutter stutter chop chop. Same old unoptimized game.

  • Andrew Theodore
    Andrew Theodore 15 hours ago

    gangstalking in a video game lol

  • SpookyDa-Scary_
    SpookyDa-Scary_ 15 hours ago


  • Loooky
    Loooky 16 hours ago

    What’s the song

  • dianaj jones
    dianaj jones 16 hours ago

    How to complete 3 living world activities??

  • Russell Yerxa
    Russell Yerxa 16 hours ago

    Who’s watching during the call me harry battle pass

  • Anooby I
    Anooby I 16 hours ago

    IT’S AWESOME !!!! But no emotes tho...

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 16 hours ago

    Your game is still terrible. Max out lmg damage. In cover with unhinged. Good accuracy and stability. Still melted by smg with heal pools garbage. Lmgs should be way stronger then smgs. Especially at range. Trash.

  • The Master Builder And Gamer Of Pc

    Repair ur shitty games just like R6S

  • Maxwell Anderson
    Maxwell Anderson 16 hours ago

    "Somewhere between truth and superstition, there lies another world... THE OTHER WORLD" lmao

  • RusterRD
    RusterRD 16 hours ago

    I love this event i got so many event loot already

  • Gabe Bokma
    Gabe Bokma 17 hours ago

    Before buying Watch Angry Joe review. Not worth getting. Got bored really fast with it. Woodlands. WAAYYY better than this

  • LordLedLog
    LordLedLog 17 hours ago

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new knights execution and would love to see you add more biblical reference execution like David and Goliath with a sling shot and many more love the work keep doing great. :) - From a dedicated fan (Log)

  • Tim Vincent
    Tim Vincent 17 hours ago

    I think I know the answer why the games were not the same after the desmond-storyline. The whole backstory in the AC-universe is an inspiration of our true past. Solar flares struck earth, highly advanced civilization with high conciousness dies out. Then people who sought for global control took over and stole our freedom and decreazed our conciousness and do everything they can to keep it that way. Many of these scientific theories are already starting to reveal to be factual. I honestly believe the moneymaker-producers wanted to avoid any revolutions if the story got more promoted. According to the game, who are the Templars in our world? Governments, the Vatican and central banks. Who are the Assassins? WE ARE. WHERE IS OUR REVOLUTION?

  • Camo Scientist
    Camo Scientist 17 hours ago

    Look, the scariest operators are women, like Nøkk, but Thatcher’s gotta be the toughest just from this.

  • xJoNeZx
    xJoNeZx 17 hours ago

    I played only one match of spooky slashers. The purple flashing effect hurt my eyes, I’m not playing that mode again until the fix/change that effect

  • COOL XD10
    COOL XD10 17 hours ago

    Plz fix iq pro league skin shoes it the same

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer 17 hours ago

    Can we please have a full movie?!

  • Gamer boy Legion
    Gamer boy Legion 17 hours ago

    2014 2016 2020

  • Godgutten
    Godgutten 17 hours ago

    Sees execution Deus Vult Deus Vult Deus Vult

  • cheese master
    cheese master 18 hours ago

    well dangit i guess i gotta play then