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  • MegaMogu
    MegaMogu 31 minute ago

    Cant wait to pay for progress

  • SkwitchIzPlaying
    SkwitchIzPlaying 38 minutes ago

    NERD is perfect for this game

  • Quinn Lee-Newbury
    Quinn Lee-Newbury 59 minutes ago

    Wonder why they chose to use Alexios as the trailer's protagonist when Kassandra is the cannon protagonist

  • Destroyer 7875
    Destroyer 7875 2 hours ago

    Hella thick

  • Dupree Franzmann
    Dupree Franzmann 2 hours ago

    When 12 year old me picked the first BGE out of the sale bin in Toys R Us back in 2004 I have never found a game I loved more. I've played it through countless times. As shitty as it is to wait. I will wait. And really hope it's worth waiting for because I've been waiting for over half my life!!!😂😂😂

  • TGAPro MKM
    TGAPro MKM 2 hours ago

    hey guys i expect some 40 minutes of history series ... i mean a deep coverage anyways but your history videos so short and so good thank you....

  • Robert Hinojosa
    Robert Hinojosa 2 hours ago


  • Meme Farmer
    Meme Farmer 2 hours ago

    Oh boy more 600 mil hp players to oneshot me while im just trying to get a gun that isnt complete dogshit in the darkzone.

    KYØKΛI 2 hours ago

    Whens shinobi getting a buff

  • ReclusePhayder
    ReclusePhayder 2 hours ago

    What I want to know is if I can recruit enemy soldiers and build a true military only team. MGS V style.

  • Mini__ Mane
    Mini__ Mane 3 hours ago

    Can't wait to make KTM-400 Stuff

  • Brandon Nicklas
    Brandon Nicklas 3 hours ago

    She still got some cake tho🎂🎂🎂

  • Kyle Anantua #SaveGary

    Love, Death, and BWWWWAHHHHHHHHHH

  • Qiblox
    Qiblox 3 hours ago

    >Captions > Joseph Seed: "We Must Atone!" > Me: ..but that's John's voice line

  • AyeeZerk
    AyeeZerk 4 hours ago

    From assassins creed to gta

  • Blossom49451
    Blossom49451 4 hours ago

    Bromance looks like Inazma Delivery...❤

  • malli v
    malli v 4 hours ago

    Any one in 2019?

  • Adonis Remer
    Adonis Remer 4 hours ago

    Ubisoft can you give legend items a buff because epic item have more crit chance because their perks like can you add more crit chance to legend items

  • Treehugers
    Treehugers 4 hours ago

    I want to die.

  • YoMomma
    YoMomma 4 hours ago

    Cardi B, a hooker that robbed and drugged men for money, such a role model. Nice one Ubisoft

  • Jake DeBruin
    Jake DeBruin 4 hours ago

    Wow, first time I've seen blood and nudity in something rabbids related. I know France is less strict with what's appropriate for kids, but still this kind of caught me off guard.

  • Omar El Mexicano2743

    Ubisoft Pls Do Rabbids Games Now Actually That Was a Long Years But Do More Rabbids Now You Fans Wanted Shes Waiting For You

  • Harrai Bhangu
    Harrai Bhangu 5 hours ago

    If I deconstruct the gun is the any way I can get it again?

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 5 hours ago

    A random lone boss I killed dropped this gun but I just got the game yesterday and it's a level 30 and I'm only level 8 so I can't even use it.

  • ThePokéGeek
    ThePokéGeek 5 hours ago

    Still waiting for rayman 4 or a official rayman 2 remaster. This is fine

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    What is there else to do when you Unlock all the Area's of the Map lol 😂

  • Spartan From The X
    Spartan From The X 6 hours ago

    Jackasses. Millions of people playing AC Unity Co-op till this day and yah haven’t capitalize on that? You guy are..........? Yeahhh !

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    I was Just Wondering wear is Castle and Clash and Hopefully WAMAI Legendry Outfits an NOkk Legendry Outfit I wanna see What Nokk looks like we're is she From I still Don't Know Who Is NOkk

  • Apocalypse's Funny Animations and Crap Like That

    Damn! The story is awesome though

  • Mr X
    Mr X 7 hours ago

    Can you make tachanka a elite skin and his animation is him sitting on a throne with the enemies bowing down for him and he has his lmg on his lap folded up

  • Neon Daydream
    Neon Daydream 7 hours ago

    awful art direction from a bunch of out of touch, middle aged nerds. gg's ubisoft, learn to outsource your art direction to talented people.

  • Kat gravity
    Kat gravity 7 hours ago

    Assassin creed Ezio collection for switch next please ubisoft!! For Nintendo Switch 3rd year birthday?

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Moroons was Great Warrior's Jamaican Nation They Resemble The Haitians The Haitians Revolution War it's was Epic Durring those Time's they also was Fighting for Independence Also The Samolia pirates Resemble the piratcy as well I Love that Gun Tho Old Fashion 😂

  • Royale
    Royale 8 hours ago

    It would have been nice if every elite skin animation is having his gadget involved too, like Sledge, Jäger or Smoke. Not saying the other are bad but it would have been nice.

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Ubisoft is stepping it Up Great Stuff Guy's Such A Classic Game Moroons are From Jamican Nations an Haiti Revaluation Battle Great Times but Haiti Revaluation was Much Greater they also reminds me the The Story of John Horse and The Black Seminole Indians Untold Story They Use the Lands To there Uses John Horse Was Black Slave who excape Oppression an Run into The Black Seminole Indians an Learned there was He Married Black Seminole women after other Slaves seen this they Followed him So Basically Both Was Running from Oppression an they Firm an Married each other it's A Great Story

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    What part of Africa Adwale is From Sudan Nubia Kush I Hope maybe West Africa Central Maybe they should Do a Across Africa Assassin's vs Across the Sea Assassin's Europe an Maybe China Assassin's as well an you Customize your own Assassin's from head to toe an Unique Vehicles GTA Online Assassin's Creed Game were you got Assassin's from All across the World you can either Team up or Do Raids An Travel Seal the Seas Different Landscapes idk Maybe in the Future I Hope they eventually gone Cross over The Africa Assassin's vs Far Across the Sea Assassin's Europe China an You Customize your own Villages an Settlement's AC Online play with other players around World eventually they will have in Future I Hope Just Classics So Epic So Dope

  • CaTaLiNbArOs
    CaTaLiNbArOs 8 hours ago

    Harley Quin confirmed

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    I Love this Game I wish They Could Remastered this or Make Better Version of Freedom Cry It's A Classic Game Black Flag And Freedom Cry and Assassin's Creed Orgins and Assassin's Creed Liberty All Are Great Classic Ac Game's I Wish They Would Move Assassin's Creed To Ethiopia Aksum Aksumite Kingdom Since Ethiopia Never Been Colonize By Europeans That Makes Them The Only Africanz Nations That Never Been Colonize an Fought Back Or they should move to They should Merge The West AkA Africa Assassin's and Across the Sea European Assassin's that's would be Epic Just Great Stuff Just Classics After Classics After Classics It's So Epic So Dope

  • Andree Tungcab
    Andree Tungcab 9 hours ago

    The only good product that came from Ubisoft Quebec...... 😂

  • Gso 13690
    Gso 13690 9 hours ago


  • Gifas
    Gifas 9 hours ago

    Maybe we could loose the steel cost for transmoging? I mean it's a bit weird that it costs the most expensive currency in the game.

  • Ra50r Anims500
    Ra50r Anims500 9 hours ago

    January 2020?

  • Jordan Purol
    Jordan Purol 9 hours ago

    The "locate emeline" glitch is still happening too. I had to kill myself for it restart, then it worked.

  • Ninja Matias. Ramirez Brito

    So Funny

  • Franchardi
    Franchardi 9 hours ago

    Lots of grunge in R6 these days

  • Minatozaki Sana
    Minatozaki Sana 9 hours ago

    It looks like she gained weight what the hell?

  • Ammar- Titi
    Ammar- Titi 10 hours ago


  • Guy
    Guy 10 hours ago


  • Chloe Kit
    Chloe Kit 10 hours ago

    Chloe price from poland

  • devin Carter
    devin Carter 10 hours ago

    great job on the cosmetics make our agents look badass

  • devin Carter
    devin Carter 10 hours ago

    as a former pve player im liking conflict. dz not so much please nerf bloodsucker in pvp no one should have high armor and high damage i also have played agsinst guys with up to 700000 armor and they have high damage if you want more people to enjoy dz nerf bloodsucker high armor should come at a price people are using it to their advantage you want balance reduce or cap high armor and make bloodsucker weak or take it out the game

  • SuperMidget
    SuperMidget 10 hours ago

    I still hate we haven’t had any new weapons besides the sniper since Burnt Horizon

  • Chidori Hokage
    Chidori Hokage 10 hours ago

    Fave assassins creed game atm even tho you aren't really an assassin

  • what am i doing
    what am i doing 10 hours ago

    *_M I S T H I O S_*

  • Matt Sim
    Matt Sim 11 hours ago

    Not new for me. Have seen hackers Use this skin and Cav's new elite as well last week.

  • Ruth Wilson
    Ruth Wilson 11 hours ago

    I'm playing Assassin Creed history from playing Odyssey and the Dlc's. To catch up on the story.

  • Brandon Barnes
    Brandon Barnes 11 hours ago

    My waifus new skin

  • Ruth Wilson
    Ruth Wilson 11 hours ago

    Hey? Ubisoft. I'm playing Assassin Creed 3 remastered. Y'all say the fiction. Does that mean the history of Boston like Bacon Hill and places is fiction to. Daniel Boone, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin their history to. Is that fiction?

    • Mr. Scarf
      Mr. Scarf 10 hours ago

      Some characters and events are fiction like Connor Kenway.

  • robert orr
    robert orr 11 hours ago

    watch this trailer from 0:14 while playing the song Ecstatic-Utopia from 0:46, thank me later :)

  • yellow flash
    yellow flash 11 hours ago

    Looking forward to a new assassin's Creed game

  • Yusuf Latief
    Yusuf Latief 11 hours ago

    Watch Dogs is cool

  • Isaac Figueroa
    Isaac Figueroa 11 hours ago

    They should make a movie of the two games, really that the graphics were very brutal in both games, but I find The Division 2 is easier than the one.

  • Hou Yeet
    Hou Yeet 11 hours ago

    That paint is equal to the nut on my screen

  • The Great Papyrus
    The Great Papyrus 11 hours ago

    This can mean only one thing... *cav is next!!!!*

  • The Stealthy Assassin / TSA

    Anyone hyped for the new Assassin's Creed game?

  • Onyx Gaming Org.
    Onyx Gaming Org. 12 hours ago

    Ahhh back when assassins creed was assassins creed and not some stupid bullshit

  • Marino
    Marino 12 hours ago

    I don't have the switch, but Assassin's Creed 4 will be your best buy ever. Best Assassin's Creed so far.

    • Subhodeep Das
      Subhodeep Das 4 hours ago

      Imo AC2 is the best game in the series. Black Flag 2nd and Brotherhood 3rd. Revelations was meh

    • The Stealthy Assassin / TSA
      The Stealthy Assassin / TSA 10 hours ago

      @EVIL PICKLE Odyssey is no where better than Assassin's Creed 2.

    • David Mrg
      David Mrg 11 hours ago

      @EVIL PICKLE Stfu

      EVIL PICKLE 11 hours ago

      Bullshit Odyssey was the best series yet. It made all others look like trash.

  • Err0rC0de
    Err0rC0de 12 hours ago

    brb gonna puke

  • Jesse Kelly
    Jesse Kelly 12 hours ago


    • Mr. Scarf
      Mr. Scarf 11 hours ago

      Same timeline as AC IV Black Flag, pirates era

  • Brayan Cedeno
    Brayan Cedeno 12 hours ago

    Hot more please

  • King Klout
    King Klout 12 hours ago

    Should've made a Harley Quinn skin I would buy that concerningly fast

  • Brian Montes
    Brian Montes 12 hours ago

    I've been waiting for the skin ever since I got leaked

  • Sean Duckert
    Sean Duckert 12 hours ago

    I think Alot would love this car to come next the good old TOYOTA SUPRA

  • Naif Jan
    Naif Jan 12 hours ago

    so it's assassin's creed black flag but nit really because you changed the title

    • Snooty
      Snooty 12 hours ago

      It’s dlc dunce not a different game

  • Josiah Matthews
    Josiah Matthews 12 hours ago

    Ahh the Trinidadian king!

  • Unknown Ghost
    Unknown Ghost 12 hours ago

    No comments lol

  • Bunga231
    Bunga231 12 hours ago

    Alternatywko, sit on my *Grzmot* ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • R1ptide
    R1ptide 13 hours ago

    Would be better without the unsymetrical coat in my opinion

  • MemeElfman
    MemeElfman 13 hours ago

    Why is there no rabbit in a Rayman suit

  • RB6 Studio
    RB6 Studio 13 hours ago

    These operators play great advantage *the weapons are particularly good*

  • Eric Koh
    Eric Koh 14 hours ago

    I am gonna tell my kids this is Avril Lavigne

  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang 14 hours ago

    Watch dog has gotten pretty bad. Whoever is the one making up the plot and the story sucks. Watchdog 1 was good with Aiden. Part 2 was crappy with little kids running around hitting bad guys with a yo-yo. Stick with the same format as part 1.

  • Reis bällchen
    Reis bällchen 14 hours ago

    I wanted a bikini skin ubi 😂😩

    GAMACHE A.h 14 hours ago

    1:12 JESUS CHRIST !

  • Bob L' aggiusta tutto
    Bob L' aggiusta tutto 14 hours ago

    Ok, guess I'll have to sell another lung to buy this skin

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King 15 hours ago

    Too bad she’s basically unplayable unless you coward out and use shotty ....

    ZORDON 15 hours ago

    Alternatywka Ela 🤣

  • MikeRKO316
    MikeRKO316 15 hours ago

    Look everyone.. its finally here!! Fk your expansion pass #4 has arrived. So that Scarab is just a reskinned Squid right? Doesn't seem like anything special. (I shoulda posted this here originally instead of on Sonys page... after all, Sony isn't the one trying to cash grab us with reskins on an unsupported game)

  • Waddle D Segovia.
    Waddle D Segovia. 15 hours ago

    1:09 ok then 1:45 uhh... ok? 6:32 IS TIME TO STOP!

  • Tymon Wiśniewski
    Tymon Wiśniewski 15 hours ago

    I think in Poland we call girls like this '' alternatywka'' :D

  • TVRbestcar
    TVRbestcar 15 hours ago

    You know, I'm actually fine with this Elite. I still like using Ela for some fucking reason so I'm probably going to pick this up.

  • Aiman Aizat
    Aiman Aizat 15 hours ago

    Lady GaGa

    DUCKY YT 16 hours ago

    Why is dokabie so hot in this? 💀

  • Ryan
    Ryan 16 hours ago

    Anyone have any idea what type of gun Nomad was using

  • Mario Hermann
    Mario Hermann 16 hours ago

    This one is very special, might be kinda shocking, but also kinda fascinating (?). 6:18-8:21

  • SupremeTEΔM
    SupremeTEΔM 16 hours ago

    Atomic Blonde

  • 99Knytes
    99Knytes 17 hours ago

    Damn...that pear damn near got some saddle bags on 'er...one too many ice cream cones, me thinks. Eh...I'll stick with Valkyrie as best R6 waifu...

  • Ollie Show
    Ollie Show 17 hours ago

    Haft human and Haft rabbid child so cute.

  • Adam Patel
    Adam Patel 17 hours ago


  • 黑桃k
    黑桃k 17 hours ago