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  • Bilal Abed
    Bilal Abed 40 minutes ago

    I switched from iPhone to Pixel 3 last year. I am enjoying every minute of it. Specially how it's working with my home smart thermostat, switch's .... etc.. but I am so disappointed about Pixel 4 hardware. I was expecting way more. Battery and camera my main disappointment.

  • no man's land
    no man's land 40 minutes ago

    dont fix whats not broke.. finger print scanner should be included... trying to copy stupid apple.

  • Kamaljeet Singh
    Kamaljeet Singh 40 minutes ago

    Bottom line shitty flaship.

  • Mr. Nguyen
    Mr. Nguyen 40 minutes ago

    Google b like "let's put a hit out on this motherfucker"

    HARi VASANTH 40 minutes ago

    Haha haha killed me at 6.07

  • L.K. Fairley
    L.K. Fairley 40 minutes ago

    This was informative n hilarious on some points love your honesty

  • Fresh Philip
    Fresh Philip 40 minutes ago

    Honestly the forehead doesn't bother me AT ALL. The screen is still big. I prefer a bigger forehead over a fat ugly notch any day.

  • AchillesNYC
    AchillesNYC 40 minutes ago

    It's a 500.00 phone hiding behind a 1000.00 price tag

  • SaiiBoost
    SaiiBoost 40 minutes ago

    Most disappointing phone of 2019

  • Sam
    Sam 40 minutes ago

    I'd say the justification for having portrait mode defaulted to being "zoomed in" is because it's more akin to what you get with a DSLR. When you shoot photos of subjects at distances you'd normally shoot at with smartphone cameras, you don't naturally get the level of bokeh you get with simulated portrait modes. It's unrealistic for someone to be 1.5-2m away from you to have their background all filled with bokeh, while shooting with a wide-angle. That's always been my issue with portrait modes.

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson 40 minutes ago

    lol 30 fps "the correct frame rate" 😂

  • Berdugo Socials
    Berdugo Socials 41 minute ago

    It’s the same radar sensor that Big G is using to map you house

  • Muhammad Ahzed
    Muhammad Ahzed 41 minute ago

    I was so hyped for the pixel 4, but all that's gone down the drain. Google did us all wrong😔

  • Justin Siever
    Justin Siever 41 minute ago

    It looks really good no matter what you want to say

  • TechLead
    TechLead 41 minute ago

    Google needs to launch a Pixel 4 Pro.

  • I kinda sing
    I kinda sing 41 minute ago

    I watched the early review before this one, and I feel like I'm just going to stick to my pixel 3 XL for a while

  • Abdu Komilov
    Abdu Komilov 41 minute ago

    "the cheaper iPhone 11" god dam

  • DroidLife
    DroidLife 41 minute ago

    I agree about the big fore head on the Pixel 4...they should've adopted the punch hole 🤔

  • SumEeT Gk
    SumEeT Gk 41 minute ago

    Pixel fans be like:- wait for pixel 5 !!!

  • Dive Another Day
    Dive Another Day 41 minute ago

    NEXT! 🧐👉

  • Alvin Wu
    Alvin Wu 41 minute ago

    Made up my mind. Keeping my 3XL.

  • I. Fawzy
    I. Fawzy 42 minutes ago

    We didn't even complain about the rear fingerprint sensor! It was very good.

  • Mr. Alexander
    Mr. Alexander 42 minutes ago

    Long pressing the b logo unfortunately does not pull up the google assistant, at least not on my Pixel 2XL but these thus far are what I have been looking for. Thanks

  • Kim Bridge
    Kim Bridge 42 minutes ago

    Can you do like Samsung and choose to stay on the lock screen when it unlocks that's how I have me s10 set up as sometime I just want to look at what is on the lock screen

  • Dirtymick4ever
    Dirtymick4ever 42 minutes ago

    No headphone jack no buy

  • Muschi -
    Muschi - 42 minutes ago


  • Fry Szopen
    Fry Szopen 42 minutes ago

    The most underwhelming phone in a big while, I'll pass on this one

  • anandam roy
    anandam roy 42 minutes ago

    12:34 is my favorite time since childhood!

  • Agrtumna
    Agrtumna 42 minutes ago

    Rather a Slickwraps Skin

  • Yahudim
    Yahudim 42 minutes ago

    "It's a no for me dog." lol The pixel 4 is not worth the price for the sum of the parts and features. Google has provided of $650 of value but they are charging a $1k.

  • Hamdy Thalib
    Hamdy Thalib 42 minutes ago

    I hope op7 pro use that instan changing 60 to 90hz and get longer battery life

  • Marcos Moran
    Marcos Moran 42 minutes ago

    Would I buy this year's Pixel? Hell no, because of MKBHD I'm now a fan of OnePlus. Can't wait to feel a 90Hz screen and gaming mode. On the note of gaming at 90Hz.. battery life? What's that? I don't really care since I carry a powerbank EVERYWHERE.

  • Yash.0
    Yash.0 42 minutes ago


  • Shinto mathew
    Shinto mathew 42 minutes ago

    I am not sold. Need that third camera, bigger battery, more storage and RAM. May be next year if not they need to lower price to 600

  • Ryan Murray
    Ryan Murray 42 minutes ago

    Still using a Pixel 2 XL, but I'm going to get an iPhone 11 pro (maybe max) as my first iPhone pretty soon.

  • John Michael Gadier
    John Michael Gadier 42 minutes ago

    Fun fact: Google might have stolen it from a company called O+. The company used to advertise this shuffle thing way back in 2012(?), but it was called "Air Shuffle". Please tag Marques to see this. Thanks!

  • Asterisk
    Asterisk 42 minutes ago

    It’s funny because I was waiting for Marques to review the phone just to give It the benefit of the doubt but damn, even he slammed it. Congratulations pixel, you are the most disappointing phone of 2019. Time to skip this and go on the Pixel 5 hype train.

  • Chris Jenkins
    Chris Jenkins 42 minutes ago

    lol my s10plus opens with my eyes closed

  • Luciano Walkbring
    Luciano Walkbring 42 minutes ago

    Pixel 4XL!

  • Peter Graham
    Peter Graham 42 minutes ago

    Probably the biggest let down of a new flagship phone release I have seen in a while. This phone fails on so many levels .. we can talk about the giant forehead and chin or the lack of a fingerprint sensor but the biggest one of all .. for a phone known for its camera capabilities to put a huge square camera bump on the back and then NOT put a widescreen lens in .. that just blows my mind. The 90hz screen is great but not when the phone is missing so many other elements. Keep your stock android experience .. I'll stick with my s10+ all day long.

  • Brandon Kline
    Brandon Kline 42 minutes ago

    I rather have a forehead than a notch

  • Jeff Pho
    Jeff Pho 43 minutes ago

    Let down...

  • Tauseef Ahmed Memon
    Tauseef Ahmed Memon 43 minutes ago

    Idky but pixel 4's reviews are very contradictory ones, dave2d, ltt, mkbhd all have very very very different reviews 🤯

  • alan0jjang
    alan0jjang 43 minutes ago

    Hit the nail on the head! I was on the fence about P4, but now I'm confident it isn't worth getting. Come at me P5! Or maybe the iPhone 11 heh

  • Beeg Yoshi
    Beeg Yoshi 43 minutes ago

    im still rockin an s7, if this phone had the oneplus 7 pro screen, popup camera and samsungs fingerprint scanner it would be so perfect but its gonna have to be a miss from me

  • Noah Sims
    Noah Sims 43 minutes ago

    I still have my og pixel, and I love(d) it. was hoping for a compelling reason to keep w the pixel line this year but I'd call this a blunder on Google's part. probably switching to the iPhone 11 or one plus now

  • Average Thinking
    Average Thinking 43 minutes ago

    Nobody talking about how it stole Apple’s look????

  • The Last Prophet
    The Last Prophet 43 minutes ago

    whats the point of security if it isnt secure?

  • Xavier Reyes
    Xavier Reyes 43 minutes ago

    So did the RAM management improve?

  • Ashish Kulkarni
    Ashish Kulkarni 43 minutes ago

    I'd disagree on the camera part. I'd rather have telephoto over wide angle any day. Phone cameras are already pretty wide to begin with.

  • Tyson Cottam
    Tyson Cottam 43 minutes ago

    Worst phone in the world. Period.

  • Mamarut Nielsen
    Mamarut Nielsen 43 minutes ago

    MKBHD: my intuition is telling me there'll be better days

  • Shamanth KR
    Shamanth KR 43 minutes ago

    Please compare iPhone 11 and Pixel 4

  • huzafah
    huzafah 43 minutes ago

    Playback speed 2x

  • Gangga Suwana
    Gangga Suwana 43 minutes ago

    It's weird to say, but the iphone is a better value

  • Wyatt B
    Wyatt B 43 minutes ago

    Wait for the Pixel 5...

  • RYKE
    RYKE 43 minutes ago

    So my pixel XL (1st Gen) gets like 4 hours of screen on time, would the battery in the pixel 4 be better ?

  • boban61
    boban61 43 minutes ago

    I won't switch from my Google Pixel 2XL unless Google introduces ultra wide angle camera. Maybe next year then.

  • George James
    George James 43 minutes ago

    Sad apple is running away with it i like when the phones are close make the competition better. Oh well maybe next year.

  • Gabe Sundberg
    Gabe Sundberg 43 minutes ago

    That text to speech feature would be super useful for recording lectures. Instead of searching through audio for a topic you could just look up a word and boom

  • Roque Morden
    Roque Morden 43 minutes ago

    Google should watch this and listen to this

  • Derek P
    Derek P 43 minutes ago

    Go off King!!

  • Ahmad Hussain
    Ahmad Hussain 43 minutes ago

    People are hyped about this phone?

  • Bradley Larcher
    Bradley Larcher 43 minutes ago

    Maybe if there was better storage options, space wouldn't be a problem so 4k 60fps would have been an option

  • Ryan Azevedo
    Ryan Azevedo 43 minutes ago

    Would you ever use or have the Note10 or 10+ as your main Android phone? +MKBHD

    DR.LILJAY 44 minutes ago

    Marques Brownlee: *so ive been using the pixel X now for 7 years and this is what I think about it*

  • G-Luke
    G-Luke 44 minutes ago

    This is how memes are made

  • Parminder Jaura
    Parminder Jaura 44 minutes ago

    Lol you copied ltt's intro

  • Isaiah Cox
    Isaiah Cox 44 minutes ago

    Left the Pixel after my OG Pixel XL. Never looked back. Rocking a Galaxy S10e.

  • Afnan Razzaque
    Afnan Razzaque 44 minutes ago

    What if you put in on a table and you and your friend stood in front of it and your friend picked it up. Would it unlock?

  • Nightwalker914
    Nightwalker914 44 minutes ago

    Still using Pixel 2 XL (Still going strong). The second year they keep pulling me away from upgrading. Guess I'm going to wait for Pixel 5.

  • Vince
    Vince 44 minutes ago

    In short: skip this phone

  • wrxsoldier
    wrxsoldier 44 minutes ago

    This is just an updated pixel 2/2XL. This is what the 2 should have been. I've been a fan of pixels since nexus and this and pixel 3 are the only ones I haven't bought.

  • Eric Min
    Eric Min 44 minutes ago

    Google dropped the ball with the Pixel 4, my Galaxy S9 is still miles better than that.

  • Leroy S. Jenkins
    Leroy S. Jenkins 44 minutes ago

    This phone sucks

  • Bigsleep
    Bigsleep 44 minutes ago

    No one: Markass Brownlee: 15:25

  • 6 Months Later Reviews
    6 Months Later Reviews 44 minutes ago

    Noticed in several shots you have the old Google Assistant. I'm guessing this is due to gesture navigation not being enabled or did you run into the issue with g suite accounts on the pixel and not getting the new Assistant?

  • Sayan Chowdhury
    Sayan Chowdhury 45 minutes ago

    *Google releases a new phone. Me - meh 😒

  • John Harvey
    John Harvey 45 minutes ago

    I decided on the OnePlus 7t over this year's pixel. Throw on GCam and the cameras just as good and have that wide angle.

  • Charlie Pink
    Charlie Pink 45 minutes ago

    There you go.... by them stairs again. Brooooooo CHIIIIIIIIIIIIILLL. YOU MAKIN ME NERVOUS

  • Jon Downes
    Jon Downes 45 minutes ago

    This is the most frustrated review I have seen you deliver. I feel like Google let you and all of us down.... Again! I'm feeling your pain. Still a solid phone, but you called it...GAPS!!!... This phone is a confusing mess that lacks a cohesive vision.

    • Jon Downes
      Jon Downes 44 minutes ago

      Although I'm using it, enjoying it... But daaaamn they were so close

  • V.M. Yeshwanth
    V.M. Yeshwanth 45 minutes ago

    12:40 😂😂

  • Oscar Cazares
    Oscar Cazares 45 minutes ago

    I like android and the pixel Camera, but I would’ve loved a wide lens. And the forehead would be more forgivable if the motion sensing wasn’t just a gimmick, and would kinda prefer a in screen finger print reader. I was hyped for the phone but after seeing some of the initial reviews I think I’m gonna go with the iPhone 11 Pro. Maybe the Pixel 5 will be the next big thing. It seems like Google is always a little behind with the Pixel.

  • Kingjay814
    Kingjay814 45 minutes ago

    Except that we all know Pixel 3 is going to get almost every software feature that the Pixel 4 has. So they gave us a phone with crap battery life, a choppy screen that if you set to 90hz it kills the battery even faster, poor internal storage with zero expandability, and the world's fastest face unlock which isn't that secure. But hey its officially IP every flagship that's come out for the past 2 or 3 years (excluded One+). Ya know Note 10 was the biggest disappointment for me this year...but Google is right there in second place with this thing.

  • Kristopher Nielsen
    Kristopher Nielsen 45 minutes ago

    1946: I wonder what sort of hardships there will be in the future... 2019: A company made a truly awesome device that gives you access to the entire history of the world in your pocket, lets you communicate with anyone in the world and takes unbelievably amazing photographs and videos. But it's horrible because it has a forehead! Me: where's my time machine?

    • magick baz
      magick baz 40 minutes ago

      Kristopher Nielsen because other phones does that too and for lesser $

    • Ashim Ghimire
      Ashim Ghimire 41 minute ago

      Amazing photos? Ok, kind of. Amazing videos? Well, there you're wrong, my friend.

  • Briggsie
    Briggsie 45 minutes ago

    I’m kind of confused, why is 30 FPS the “correct” frame rate?

  • Kev Ngoun
    Kev Ngoun 45 minutes ago

    The forehead doesn't bother me IDC what anyone say.

  • Only Abdul nabi
    Only Abdul nabi 45 minutes ago

    Plz do Revew Hp laptop and other Dell you making always better revew

  • Ali Argueta
    Ali Argueta 45 minutes ago

    The pixel 4 camera isn’t my main focus any more And yes pun intended

  • Chrisanna Daye
    Chrisanna Daye 45 minutes ago

    No fingerprint sensor is the reason that I won't upgrade to this from my 2XL. My banking and credit card apps use this. Dammit Google!!!!

  • Michael M
    Michael M 45 minutes ago

    Literally no one: Pixel 4: Thinking of looking at me? *Unlocks*!

  • Oussi Saho
    Oussi Saho 45 minutes ago

    P30pro here.. just wanted to see if im still relevant 👽

  • J. D.
    J. D. 45 minutes ago

    I personally love the minimalist Luke of the black model. The white and orange models seem almost toy like to me.

  • Dave West
    Dave West 45 minutes ago

    As much as I love the Pixel, I appreciate you sticking your neck out here and giving a a very frank appraisal. It's very difficult sometimes to actually come out and say it; "I can't recommend this phone" - but it has to be done. This is the only way Google can get better and make a product the PUBLIC wants, and not what GOOGLE wants. They made some very selfish decisions with the Pixel 4 range and have essentially been caught napping by the competition. It's a shame as nobody wants a product to get a bad rap from day one - fingers crossed they get it right next time. Excellent job - keep up the good work 👍

  • Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman

    Google adds 90hz display and put a tiny ass batter that barely gives 4 hours at 60hz.

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello 45 minutes ago

    I'm REALLY impressed with the screen quality... Colors are fantastic... No black drag on low brightness. Very nice.

  • Chris Park
    Chris Park 45 minutes ago

    I'm gonna pass this year.

  • Lim Shady
    Lim Shady 45 minutes ago

    18 minute review on a mediocre phone at best

  • Atif Karbelkar
    Atif Karbelkar 46 minutes ago

    Actually I feel this orange color suits your channel's theme much more than matte black. Maybe it's Google way of slyly dropping a hint in your honor.

  • Juan Silvestre
    Juan Silvestre 46 minutes ago

    Puedo oler la decepción y eso que estoy cagando...