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Serie A
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  • Simo
    Simo 8 seconds ago

    Ma si può? Gol di pjanic da annullare e rigore negato al Bologna su tocco di mano di quel pippone di de light

  • MeazurAli
    MeazurAli 9 seconds ago

    I thought Conte team were known as defensively solid?

  • Cosimo Darino
    Cosimo Darino 16 seconds ago

    nessuno dei due rigori erano da dare

  • This Arnold
    This Arnold 20 seconds ago

    Subeskribe on my chanel

  • Stufg Led
    Stufg Led 26 seconds ago

    EPL level refs right here.

  • Matthew Aguilera
    Matthew Aguilera 29 seconds ago

    cant believe we sold Lukaku

  • pejal 666
    pejal 666 50 seconds ago

    That 1st goal from lukaku, feels bad for the defender 😂

  • Marsel -1
    Marsel -1 Minute ago


  • ᐯᴏᴠᴏ́ᴢᴏɴᗩ • ɴᴏᔕ • ᑕᴏᴍᴇɴᴛᴀ́ʀɪᴏᔕ

    *Maiores da Italy* *1° Milan* *2° Internazionale* *3° Juventus*

  • 111 haha
    111 haha 2 minutes ago

    Go to 1st place again

  • Selamat Mzen
    Selamat Mzen 2 minutes ago

    C ronaldo and buffon 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Moussa Breezy
    Moussa Breezy 2 minutes ago

    Cr7 ❤

  • Giuseppe Benvenuto
    Giuseppe Benvenuto 3 minutes ago

    La Juve può giocare anche 10 partite consecutive con 10 squadre diverse e statene certi che a vincerle sarebbe sempre e tutte 10 la Juve. (Comunque forza milan).

  • Lorenzo Cedroni
    Lorenzo Cedroni 3 minutes ago

    Nell'azione del secondo gol della Juve sembrava di veder giocare due squadre di dilettanti

  • Copat87
    Copat87 3 minutes ago

    What a match! Poor defending from Inter in the 2nd half but I'm happy they hung on 🖤💙🐍

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams 3 minutes ago

    "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down..."

  • #F #T
    #F #T 4 minutes ago

    E stupido questo calcio. In area non si puo giocare, sfiori qualcuno ed e rigore. Arbitri inetti.

  • Windu Three
    Windu Three 4 minutes ago

    If Barca have LM10, we have LM10 too..

  • Luja Bati
    Luja Bati 5 minutes ago

    This is why Conte wanted Lukaku at Chelsea as his primary target to replace Diego Costa

  • Nasrudin mohamud
    Nasrudin mohamud 5 minutes ago

    Boga chelsea fans here

  • Abdullah Abdilaahi
    Abdullah Abdilaahi 5 minutes ago

    Didn’t know lukaku was a decent penalty taker😂😂😂

  • chokri mzoughi
    chokri mzoughi 5 minutes ago

    Buffon is my favorite gk of all time and Ronaldo is my favorite player of all time .. And they do have a lot of respect for each other .. Buffon and Ronaldo are the best

  • Юлиан Георгиев

    I love the early sunday match on Serie A

  • neroazzurro889 9
    neroazzurro889 9 7 minutes ago

    Like chi si e cagato sotto

  • King178to
    King178to 7 minutes ago

    *If this was Juventus and not Inter, people would say this:* - 1st goal: "This is Scansuolo, they don't do anything to block the shoot." - 2nd goal: "Lukaku pushes down the opponent - clear foul! Irregular goal!" - 1st penalty: "Martinez doesn't even try to stay on his feet - clear dive!" - 2nd penalty: "They barely touched him and the ball was away anyways." - Overall: "If it wasn't for the referee, they would have lost 3:1." #RealityCheck

  • Jose Montalvo
    Jose Montalvo 7 minutes ago


  • Axmad Aadan
    Axmad Aadan 7 minutes ago

    Been an inter fan is a proud

  • jelita jely
    jelita jely 8 minutes ago

    Semenjak kaga ada erick tohir cebong nih inter milan tambah bagus aja

  • Arcama
    Arcama 8 minutes ago

    CR7: best player in the world

  • Gabriel Kesse
    Gabriel Kesse 8 minutes ago

    Jeremie boga, fantastic performance. It's a pity he couldn't get his chance at Chelsea

  • Anurag Verma
    Anurag Verma 9 minutes ago

    not everyone can beat Buffon he easily stopped tough bicycle kick goal

  • Konohamaru Sarutobi
    Konohamaru Sarutobi 9 minutes ago

    Lukaku was overhated at man u

  • Nero zonez
    Nero zonez 10 minutes ago

    Martinez is really becoming special

  • bowoR
    bowoR 10 minutes ago

    Why referee no give penalty to Bologna ?

  • Legionista
    Legionista 10 minutes ago

    Big Rom shouldve never left

  • Anurag Verma
    Anurag Verma 10 minutes ago

    Buffon is still best playing keeper in world I have seen him playing since playing PES he is unbeatable keeper and top in legendary keepers

  • Man City
    Man City 11 minutes ago

    pole dancer. lol

  • not that serious
    not that serious 12 minutes ago

    Milan fan here. Inter is really impressing this year. I hope the scudetto will come to Milano this year. Keep up the hard work!!!

    • Forza Nerazzurri
      Forza Nerazzurri 3 minutes ago

      I can’t wait for Milan’s rebound so the Milan Derby will be what it used to be.

  • Claudio ostium
    Claudio ostium 12 minutes ago

    Rigore paaaaaa laaaazzzziiieeee!!!

  • Gabriel Leondy Amakha Paris

    CR7 o melhor da história!

  • Swami Heisnam
    Swami Heisnam 13 minutes ago

    Atalanta barcelona of serie a

  • Andrew Nadje
    Andrew Nadje 15 minutes ago

    Boga needs to start starting now what a goal

  • Dadan Abdullah
    Dadan Abdullah 15 minutes ago

    Inter indonesia yes..

  • sh l
    sh l 16 minutes ago


  • iepjn djm
    iepjn djm 16 minutes ago

    Grande Inter!! Campeón Serie A 19-20💪🇮🇹!! Desde España 🇪🇦 Forza Valencia!! Forza Inter!!

    • iepjn djm
      iepjn djm 8 minutes ago

      @Alx7i 🤫 Forza Inter!!

    • Carlo C
      Carlo C 10 minutes ago

      Ojalá! Saludos de Tenerife. Forza Valencia e forza Inter!

    • Alx7i
      Alx7i 14 minutes ago

      You will cry when Juve win it 😂

  • Ayoub Bouhouch
    Ayoub Bouhouch 17 minutes ago

    Duncan on fire

  • Omar F T.
    Omar F T. 18 minutes ago

    Peccato per l’Atalanta,era solo a un passo dalla vittoria

  • Lord Brain
    Lord Brain 19 minutes ago

    1:42-1:57 what in the world was going on till that goal?😂

  • You Lose02
    You Lose02 19 minutes ago

    “La Juve domina sul Bologna” che partita avete visto?

  • Mat Payne
    Mat Payne 19 minutes ago

    MU who?

  • Juan BG
    Juan BG 19 minutes ago

    Gracias Inter!

  • Fadhil Batfleck
    Fadhil Batfleck 20 minutes ago

    Lukkaku : "Manchester who ?...."

  • ibra vebra
    ibra vebra 20 minutes ago

    Lazaro first match. Hope u learn how to defense. No mistake against Dortmoand. Ucl

  • Pyaesone Htun
    Pyaesone Htun 20 minutes ago

    လူကာကူ ‌ေစောက်ရမ်း ‌ေကောင်းနေပေါ့

  • Ayoub Bouhouch
    Ayoub Bouhouch 21 minute ago

    Conte is a manager which manages to get out everything from players; like lukaku and sanchez

  • Budi Budi
    Budi Budi 22 minutes ago

    Setting skor 🤔🤔

  • Mike Pachón
    Mike Pachón 22 minutes ago

    Don't feel comfortable on top Ru🅱️entus. You won a battle but war is not over. #ForzaInter

    • Alx7i
      Alx7i 14 minutes ago

      Juve will win Scudetto. You'll cry 😭

  • Chem Is Fun
    Chem Is Fun 22 minutes ago

    Buffon + Ronaldo.. Ahh.. 2 legends

  • Somnyoh sonya
    Somnyoh sonya 22 minutes ago

    Two penalty????

  • Kiei Luahi
    Kiei Luahi 22 minutes ago

    So happy for Lukaku to be at a team where he can score goals.

  • The Milanista97
    The Milanista97 22 minutes ago

    What a player boga

  • Stefan Kazimirovic
    Stefan Kazimirovic 22 minutes ago

    2:35 that is not a penalty

    • No Fuckin name
      No Fuckin name 12 minutes ago

      Stefan Kazimirovic i will buy glasses for you don’t worry

  • Gabriele Ravanelli
    Gabriele Ravanelli 22 minutes ago

    Che svirgolata Danilo... Gli è andata un gran bene

  • Luca Perego
    Luca Perego 23 minutes ago

    ma la mano di de ligt?

  • Roti Bom
    Roti Bom 23 minutes ago

    Long time ago, Ronaldo beat Buffon with a sensational bicycle kick, now... no one can score bicycle kick against GG Buffon... Except Ronaldo.

  • Nicolas Capobianco
    Nicolas Capobianco 23 minutes ago

    Lautaro welcome to Barcelona

  • Ugo N
    Ugo N 23 minutes ago


  • Giulio Bartolini
    Giulio Bartolini 23 minutes ago

    Una delle rimonte più incredibili di sempre

  • AJD
    AJD 24 minutes ago

    Lukaku's 1st goal. I feel bad for the defender. Nothing you can do about that. He so easily turns and powers through. What a striker

    • AJD
      AJD 30 seconds ago

      @Юлиан Георгиев don't see that as a problem. Football is a physical game. It's not a Disney princess convention

    • Abdullah Abdilaahi
      Abdullah Abdilaahi 4 minutes ago

      AJD and that was his weak foot (right foot)🦶 as well

    • Юлиан Георгиев
      Юлиан Георгиев 4 minutes ago

      He pushed him with his hand. Should have asked for VAR check.

  • Ryan Dwiryo
    Ryan Dwiryo 25 minutes ago


  • Napoli Doc
    Napoli Doc 25 minutes ago

    Ce il fuorigioco di CR7 al secondo goal della juve, notate bene. Fuorigioco di rientro :)

  • Денис Сай
    Денис Сай 25 minutes ago

    Красавцы!ну как и минчане, забивают много а потом пропускают столько же!

    • Юрий Антонов
      Юрий Антонов 3 minutes ago

      Если бы не пенальки,то смотри принтер и пролетел бы...

  • 이건혁
    이건혁 26 minutes ago


  • Richard Sorai
    Richard Sorai 27 minutes ago

    Gigi still got it 🔥🔥

  • Besir Etemi
    Besir Etemi 27 minutes ago

    Handanovic is dead now

  • Ricky723
    Ricky723 27 minutes ago

    That first penalty looked soft.

    • Izzat Irfan
      Izzat Irfan 18 minutes ago

      Ricky723 1st penalty was 100% a penalty, the 2nd looked soft

  • vimublue
    vimublue 27 minutes ago

    We need Godin back, bastoni isn't yet ready

    • Forza Nerazzurri
      Forza Nerazzurri 5 minutes ago

      He had an amazing game last appearance give him time.

    • onyour kneesdog
      onyour kneesdog 6 minutes ago

      He was spared to be 100% in the CL this week

    • Hadi Purwanto
      Hadi Purwanto 22 minutes ago

      I doubt if he will ever ready. More terrible matches like this will harm his confidence.

  • The Matador
    The Matador 28 minutes ago

    The Evic Game., #forzainter

    PAPIA BISWAS 28 minutes ago

    Romelu Lukaku is on fire 🔛🔥.

  • Aidhilla Akmal
    Aidhilla Akmal 28 minutes ago


  • Tri wahyudi
    Tri wahyudi 28 minutes ago

    Candreva starting eleven , inter Won"

  • David Falcon Sotelo
    David Falcon Sotelo 28 minutes ago

    Mano de. Ling rigore que no le cobran al Bologna regalo del arbitro a la Juventus

    • massimo volpe
      massimo volpe 17 minutes ago

      Ok man... He touched the ball before with his foot and then with his arm. In this case isn't faul.

  • Muhammad D zulham
    Muhammad D zulham 30 minutes ago

    Lagak that emang bg Do geutanyo

  • Shanbor Wahlang
    Shanbor Wahlang 30 minutes ago

    Buffon after the match: Only my mate Ronaldo Can score a bicycle kick against me

  • Azeri paylasimlar
    Azeri paylasimlar 30 minutes ago


  • Goku Caprisun
    Goku Caprisun 30 minutes ago

    Matinez is a beastv

  • jeremy makokha
    jeremy makokha 31 minute ago

    As it stands we Man utd remains the most confused soccer team in the world

    • Iyus Yusra
      Iyus Yusra 23 minutes ago

      @Mosaab its just Man U who is confused, is they football or soccer club

    • Mosaab
      Mosaab 26 minutes ago

      @Adil Kamal he's so confused he called it soccer

    • Adil Kamal
      Adil Kamal 27 minutes ago

      Man said soccer

  • Goku Sun
    Goku Sun 32 minutes ago

    Apala inter, gol penalti

  • Marco Panigada
    Marco Panigada 33 minutes ago

    Altro che var c'è da assumere un bagnino per i tuffi in area!!!

  • Agus Sinaga
    Agus Sinaga 33 minutes ago

    pertahanan inter parah

  • Andre Simo
    Andre Simo 35 minutes ago

    3:51 e anche oggi il cielo non mi è caduto sulla testa

  • Tayler Black
    Tayler Black 35 minutes ago

    Aguante el Toro Lautato Martinez 🇦🇷

  • Intawanagsan Walalkod
    Intawanagsan Walalkod 36 minutes ago

    Lukaku better than martial and rashford

  • lukat93
    lukat93 36 minutes ago


  • Fabrizio Fichera
    Fabrizio Fichera 37 minutes ago

    Ma il var dovrebbe sempre rivedere quanto meno i rigori,regalati,immobile sembra essere svenuto ,squalificassero 5 turni tutti quelli che svengono in area ed ottengono un rigore, guardate come prima di svenire ci pensano 2 volte

  • Carl Rees
    Carl Rees 39 minutes ago

    By the 71st minute I put on social-media "comfortable 3 points", by the 81st minute I was biting my nails & thinking they were gonna make me look a right mug. 😂😂

    • Carl Rees
      Carl Rees 2 minutes ago

      @Abdullah Abdilaahi Haha. I was definitely concerned it was headed that way.

    • Abdullah Abdilaahi
      Abdullah Abdilaahi 6 minutes ago

      Carl Rees imagine if it went to 4-4 then😂😂😂

    • Mosaab
      Mosaab 30 minutes ago

      Yeah we almost forgot that we support Inter

  • Aditya Jena
    Aditya Jena 40 minutes ago

    Serie A is no more any defensive league

  • dean Quarry
    dean Quarry 40 minutes ago

    We actually sold Lukaku who is proven goalscorer to keep Rashford

    • Abdullah Abdilaahi
      Abdullah Abdilaahi 5 minutes ago

      dean Quarry Yh we should have replaced him with another proven goal scorer instead of leaving us with mr inconsistent rashford

    • Forza Nerazzurri
      Forza Nerazzurri 5 minutes ago


  • mmw
    mmw 40 minutes ago

    Should've shown the guy landing with the parachute lol

    • mmw
      mmw Minute ago

      @Football And hockey when Lukaku was getting ready to take the pen a fella landed in the middle of the pitch in a parachute lol

    • Football And hockey
      Football And hockey 5 minutes ago

      mmw what?

    • Priince Brvce
      Priince Brvce 28 minutes ago

      Yah 🤣🤣🤣

  • Francesco htt
    Francesco htt 41 minute ago

    Due rigori 🤔