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Top 10 Scary Tik Tokers
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  • Agent GiGi
    Agent GiGi 2 seconds ago

    Who else hates the amber alert sound on TV, cuz I do | | V

  • Whitley's Dollhouse
    Whitley's Dollhouse 38 seconds ago

    At #5, Every A-Lister been to Scientology and it has the best kept secret

  • Emily & Lexie Gacha

    It's S, S, Sniperwolf.

  • J. Schoenborn
    J. Schoenborn Minute ago

    Plus, even former members of the Children of God cult include the actress Rose McGowan, her siblings, as well as the actor Joaquin Phoenix, his siblings, including the late River Phoenix. The former slide guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, Jeremy Spencer, has been a member since the 1970s. Even the punk band, the Buzzcocks, mentioned the cult in one of their songs. The cult's practice of "flirty fishing" is pretty much about being married, but still having sex extramaritally for pleasure, and not calling it "adultery", even if it is outright adultery. Plus, Jim Jones was also one SICK puppy: it's said, as a child, he once held a funeral in the backyard for the family cat... that he had killed! That's some sickening stuff!

  • Breanna Rackley
    Breanna Rackley 2 minutes ago

    The bloopers❤🤣

    BONNIE THE BUNNY 2 minutes ago

    I am croatian ¤ ¤ ___

  • It's Jack
    It's Jack 2 minutes ago

    I love how he pronounces Macquarie. It's pronounced mc-quarry

  • daphneinglasses
    daphneinglasses 2 minutes ago

    the witch looks like a videogame caracter. her hair is to stiff it all moves together

  • Justin Barbeau
    Justin Barbeau 2 minutes ago

    Here in Montreal we got an amber alert for a tornado

  • AJ Shimkus
    AJ Shimkus 2 minutes ago

    Scp 023 is the dog in jojos bizarre adventure that Araki can’t kill

  • DeWayne Weakley
    DeWayne Weakley 2 minutes ago

    Nice cults? Try and leave any of them. Also the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormans are listed as cults.

  • Gallifreyan Knight 13
    Gallifreyan Knight 13 3 minutes ago

    I tried starting a cult around Charlie Sheen once when I was in highschool. It only ended up with about 5 or 6 followers tho

  • II_Lulu_Gacha_ II
    II_Lulu_Gacha_ II 4 minutes ago

    Number one: MAGPIES

  • Amani Jones-Embry
    Amani Jones-Embry 4 minutes ago

    My new years resolution for 2020 is to NOT die😂😇

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 5 minutes ago

    All religions are cults.

  • Mr Beaner
    Mr Beaner 5 minutes ago

    So is the channel a cult

  • James Jones
    James Jones 5 minutes ago

    Like the hair Abby and the sweater cap.

  • JCjayne Gaming
    JCjayne Gaming 5 minutes ago

    Im the 666th like, plz pray for me...

  • Dan Cottone
    Dan Cottone 6 minutes ago

    Honestly I hate Disneyland. It's clicks ish. Get it

  • Avatar The last YouTuber

    Is the Illuminati a cult?????

  • Emily Nicole
    Emily Nicole 7 minutes ago

    Trump has a cult

  • QI Gaming
    QI Gaming 8 minutes ago

    Jaws is my favourite

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson 8 minutes ago

    She put 8 as caroling not cookie and milks. Just wanted to point it out (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  • P Clark
    P Clark 8 minutes ago

    Any religion is basically a cult

  • northpappyflappy
    northpappyflappy 8 minutes ago

    Honorable mentions Christianity and Catholicism.

  • Dan Cottone
    Dan Cottone 9 minutes ago

    If I lose ill the games thank god I love Pokemon creepypastas, I love cartoon creepypastas...I LOV E CURSES OF GAMES

  • ddh1002
    ddh1002 9 minutes ago

    I heard if your say you look average to the slut mouth woman you can run away while she thinks

    • ddh1002
      ddh1002 8 minutes ago

      Sorry I mean slit

  • luuke_01
    luuke_01 9 minutes ago

    Nah no Hawkesbury river monster, just rockfish

  • MsAnimelady714YT
    MsAnimelady714YT 9 minutes ago

    I mean I like Christmas and all the lights and the winter cold but it's kinda a sad time for me. You can haunt me anytime but yeah hard to explain

  • Shay Nickolet
    Shay Nickolet 9 minutes ago

    #4 ya that’s what the Cops do they manipulate people who have disabilities. F you get your facts right.!

  • Pur3ify Saibot
    Pur3ify Saibot 9 minutes ago

    I was thinking she was going to put xo tour lif3

  • Haruko Ann
    Haruko Ann 9 minutes ago

    Love your beanie

  • KG_Exility
    KG_Exility 9 minutes ago

    Isent the ghost moose in a zelda game

  • #kawaiigacha#
    #kawaiigacha# 10 minutes ago

    Her:imma hit you with that- *blackpink add comes in :DUDUDUDUDU-H 😂

  • Tod The Hedgehog
    Tod The Hedgehog 12 minutes ago

    The one that the moon isn't real and the one that it will crash into us are bull. The moon is definitely real because NASA has sent people out to see it along with moons of all the other planets that have them. And it's been proven that the moon is going further away from Earth not closer.

  • お姉さんRin
    お姉さんRin 13 minutes ago

    The one that I called cult is furries

  • Payton Presents
    Payton Presents 13 minutes ago

    I've had a second degree burn on the burning hot stove! (It was VERY painful!)

  • mine crac
    mine crac 14 minutes ago


  • dissaproving covers
    dissaproving covers 14 minutes ago

    Just keep the list GOING!!!!!💗💗

  • Charles Monroe
    Charles Monroe 14 minutes ago

    Hearing a guided missile coming to your giant fort in fortnite (really only applied to 2018)

  • mercy main, btw
    mercy main, btw 14 minutes ago

    Hell is full Me:so is there like a waiting list or something? cause if so im on it for sure...

  • Kali Das
    Kali Das 15 minutes ago

    Doubt there's any nice cults.

  • dissaproving covers
    dissaproving covers 15 minutes ago

    Sounds like they all need a really good friend

  • S_P_O'Narge
    S_P_O'Narge 16 minutes ago

    In a parallel universe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

  • Francis B
    Francis B 17 minutes ago

    6:21 how many stab wounds?

  • Zheyn
    Zheyn 17 minutes ago

    The scariest thing I’ve seen is the chancla😂

  • Dora the e-girl explorer xxx


  • dissaproving covers
    dissaproving covers 18 minutes ago

    Literally all my fav creepypastas

  • Jeremy Clark
    Jeremy Clark 18 minutes ago

    I would like to see a list of celebrities that started in horror movies. Please Abbey, I have commented this on Che’s and Ayman’s videos also. Hoping somebody see’s it.

  • mythical saiyan
    mythical saiyan 18 minutes ago

    No one: Irish:demanding money for killing a bird This is a copy write

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood 18 minutes ago

    Well I can tell you're not Australian by the way you pronounce Canberra

  • Connor Heffley
    Connor Heffley 19 minutes ago

    The scariest thing I’ve seen is my mother😂😂

  • Demagorgen Slayer
    Demagorgen Slayer 19 minutes ago

    For number eight you said milk and cookies but what come up on the screen with Caroling

  • bloody moon
    bloody moon 20 minutes ago


  • YamaNeko
    YamaNeko 20 minutes ago

    Either I was about to be adopted when my brother was born, as the Amerikan woman annouced it whilst driving like I remember, or I still lived with our mother after I was seen walking beside them (with him in a stroller) before I was taken away. I've been asked "aren't you that straight-haired girl with your mom and brother?" by community members, when I returned to my home district to live. The description fits me, but I don't remember meeting my half brother for the first time until I was a teenager on the run looking for mother. I've written an entire document trying to process what I remember, and found the day the school called the police about abuse is the day that decided if I went home childhood for the turn of the millenia or not. I either went to foster care for the year 2000 before I was adopted, or my mother kept her parental rights for me after 2002...

  • A Subset
    A Subset 21 minute ago

    Any mention of juice WRLD

  • The Crappy Portal Master

    What about Yo Gabba Gabba?

  • PugMaster 16161
    PugMaster 16161 21 minute ago

    Part Norse I'm scared

  • Conor Lynch
    Conor Lynch 21 minute ago

    We're doomed and that doesn't even begin to describe it

  • Danielle Pollet
    Danielle Pollet 22 minutes ago

    then i guess it's a good thing my soulmate is an animated character from a movie. fictional boyfriends can't abuse, murder, or cheat on you, even if they're shipped with another character. you can just pretend you're their love interest.

  • Lingna Hang
    Lingna Hang 22 minutes ago

    But i still love MINECRAFT

  • Amy Stancombe
    Amy Stancombe 23 minutes ago

    I belong to a cult - the cult of personality

  • Kira Kat
    Kira Kat 23 minutes ago

    I had a talking Tommy he had no batteries and still talked then I threw him out and he came back my dad didnt bring him back to the house or my mom he went on his. Oooowwwwnnnnn

  • Elise Woods
    Elise Woods 23 minutes ago

    And now juice WRLD 😭😢

  • Debbie GREGORY
    Debbie GREGORY 23 minutes ago

    Post man pat Post man pat Post man has ran over his cat Guts and blood went flying Post man pat was crying He was sad to see his cat like that

  • Salem Witches
    Salem Witches 23 minutes ago

    Was the Hawaii one in 2017 or 2018 if so I was there

  • Darren Hughes
    Darren Hughes 24 minutes ago

    I don't like Santa class is comming to town and it freeks me out 😩

  • Karel Discua
    Karel Discua 24 minutes ago

    my life is a lie : (((

  • Parker Hutson
    Parker Hutson 24 minutes ago

    There are religious cults too😬

  • Deborah Sebastian
    Deborah Sebastian 24 minutes ago

    Why don't you 2 get along.

  • I Was a Teenage TeenWolf
    I Was a Teenage TeenWolf 25 minutes ago

    Thunderbirds are another one. They freak me out, especially with all the stories of children being abducted in front of their parents by huge birds, never to be seen again. And we know our ancestors used to be food for things like them because they've found the bones of human ancestors pecked clean in ancient bird's nests, and birds like the Harpy Eagle regularly eat monkeys the size of small children.

  • Lil Syko
    Lil Syko 26 minutes ago

    these are all common sci-fi motifs. lame video

  • Leota Gibson
    Leota Gibson 26 minutes ago

    Those videos are so fake! Like come on no one is really gonna do tht it’s all staged and faked.....

  • Lingna Hang
    Lingna Hang 26 minutes ago

    It would 1 hour or 2 to kill the ender dragon

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 27 minutes ago

    Idk why you remind me of Austin Creed

  • DJ BabyTV
    DJ BabyTV 27 minutes ago

    Changed my mind I'm not movin to Pittsburgh

  • William Vargas
    William Vargas 28 minutes ago

    Do another of these car episodes🙂 please

  • ttv bluface mom
    ttv bluface mom 28 minutes ago

    A boy touched me that's scary

  • It's fae
    It's fae 28 minutes ago

    Hmmmn I on this list?? :O

    GREY BEARDED DRONE PILOT 29 minutes ago

    I frequently sleep a few hours a day and never thought about it .

  • The Void
    The Void 29 minutes ago

    Tis pronounce Chickam-aga

  • Gaming With Julian
    Gaming With Julian 29 minutes ago

    When someone was watching me in bed

  • Mom Vaz
    Mom Vaz 29 minutes ago

    You forgot a few need another video start with Apostolic Pentecostal . Read the rules for boys first it’s short 1 line...then the girls y Women bring water it’s long as can be

  • Destiny Santiago
    Destiny Santiago 31 minute ago


  • Lingna Hang
    Lingna Hang 31 minute ago


  • Jeremy Clark
    Jeremy Clark 31 minute ago

    Top Ten celebrities who got their start from horror movies would be a good list.

  • Ez Dubs
    Ez Dubs 31 minute ago

    When ur early so you dont know what to say

  • Abi Darkmoon
    Abi Darkmoon 31 minute ago

    "Coming in at number 8 milk and cookies" the bottom "8 Caroling"

  • Tornado Wolf
    Tornado Wolf 31 minute ago

    my mom has two little children waking her up; but their not dead, their my sisters.

  • YamaNeko
    YamaNeko 32 minutes ago

    Ought to page the Doctor m8s

  • It's fae
    It's fae 33 minutes ago

    I am a wag.

  • Soul Searching
    Soul Searching 33 minutes ago

    Top 10 Worst Things People did in Junior High School

  • Green Lime
    Green Lime 34 minutes ago

    Aye he’s back

  • Haviel Scott
    Haviel Scott 34 minutes ago

    107th comment

  • Tam Tran
    Tam Tran 34 minutes ago

    0:15...I don’t know any

  • LivBD
    LivBD 34 minutes ago

    When you're on your period you are not ovulating, that happens between periods!

  • Silly Illusions
    Silly Illusions 35 minutes ago

    her : - describes cults - me : religion in general ...... ( sorry if this offends anybody )

  • Will Walton
    Will Walton 35 minutes ago

    The alien guy was Prolly a hippy trying to do a good thing

  • Sanori the Skeleton
    Sanori the Skeleton 35 minutes ago

    Some of the songs I didn’t even know.

  • Mortalia Grimm
    Mortalia Grimm 35 minutes ago

    Jesus' birth wasn't *confirmed* as December 25, so much as considered. It was something St Augustine did to make the British pagans more comfortable with converting to Christianity, as their Yule celebration entails honoring the rebirth of a god of light.