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Mob VS Tatsumaki BLOOPERS!
Views 69K15 days ago
Hiei Peers into DEATH BATTLE!
Views 223K2 months ago
Ghost Rider VS Lobo BLOOPERS!
Views 121K3 months ago
Aang Airbends DEATH BATTLE!
Views 303K4 months ago
Johnny Cages a DEATH BATTLE!
Views 317K5 months ago
Weiss VS Mitsuru BLOOPERS!
Views 95K5 months ago
Views 256K5 months ago


  • Yuki_Senpai
    Yuki_Senpai 45 minutes ago

    That battle between The Mask and Deadpool is gonna be hectic as all heck! Whoever wins doesn't matter much when both of them are unpredictable and really annoying to deal with. I feel sorry for not only Wiz and Boomstick, but for us as well since if either one of them wins, they'll just be annoying us regardless. Xd

  • Jonathan Peters
    Jonathan Peters 47 minutes ago

    Time space continuum gets ruined?

  • olivier couvez
    olivier couvez 48 minutes ago

    dragonball subed in your contry is a joke it s not even what they said in the original ...all english subed are actually ...sorry for the truth cannot base a battle or anything with english sub....

  • Jonathan Peters
    Jonathan Peters 49 minutes ago

    According to mandjtv, rillaboom

  • John Kreczko
    John Kreczko 49 minutes ago

    Wrath (a.k.a. King Bradley) from Fullmetal Alchemist would be an intriguing opponent for Taskmaster.

  • swagzagoon
    swagzagoon 50 minutes ago

    Were all gonna assume Ringmaster is the Mask right?

  • Drawboy66
    Drawboy66 50 minutes ago

    Wait! Did Deadpool just go to his Ultimate Alliance depiction?

  • Boogie
    Boogie 51 minute ago

    R.I.P Escanor

  • Eric Hein
    Eric Hein 51 minute ago

    Elektra (Marvel) VS. Robin (Tim Drake) (DC)

  • shadow hunter
    shadow hunter 53 minutes ago

    escanor vs all might

  • Zeadogs
    Zeadogs 53 minutes ago

    The animation is beautiful and the music is fantastic! This might be my new favourite death battle.

  • Sinblack Bloodred
    Sinblack Bloodred 55 minutes ago

    I'm calling it now. These two are gonna join forces, and torture all of us forever.

  • King Awesome
    King Awesome 55 minutes ago

    That animation looks SMOKIN'

    DEATH BATTLE! 55 minutes ago

    Who would win in a Battle Royale? #Cinderace VS #Inteleon VS #Rillaboom! Let us know why your pick should win using the hashtag #DeathBattleCast and find out who is the Community Death Battle victor next Tuesday at 12PM CST!

    • Charles PAILLOT
      Charles PAILLOT 53 minutes ago

      #Cinderace Also, my suggestions: 1) Kirito (Sword Art Online) VS Kite (.hack//) 2) Robotboy (Robotboy) VS Jenny Wakeman (My Life As A Teenage Robot) 3) Little Mac (Punch Out!) VS Makunouchi Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) 4) Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) VS Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) 5) Mii (Nintendo) VS Avatar (Xbox) 6) Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) VS Tsunayoshi Sawada (Rebborn) 7) Diane (Nanatsu no Taizai) VS Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan) 8) Kazuya Mishima (Tekken) VS Iori Yagami (King of Fighters) 9) Dark Pit (Kid Icarus) VS Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) 10) Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers) VS Sabrewulf (Killer Instinct) 11) Yukari Yakumo (Touhou Project) VS Sans (Undertale) 12) Steve (Minecraft) VS Terrarian (Terraria) 13) Giratina (Pokémon) VS Lucemon (Digimon) 14) Alex Mercer (Prototype) VS Cole MacGrath (Infamous) 15) Arceus (Pokémon) VS Omnimon (Digimon) 16) D. Va (Overwatch) VS Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends) 17) Kingpin (Marvel) VS Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza) 18) Rayman (Rayman) VS Klonoa (Klonoa) 19) Shantae (Shantae) VS Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet) 20) Rufus (Street Fighter) VS Bob (Tekken) 21) Gru (Despicable Me) VS Megamind (Megamind) 22) Ash Ketchum (Pokémon) VS Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) 23) Phoenix Ikki (Saint Seiya) VS Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon) 24) Will (W.I.T.C.H) VS Bloom (Winx Club) 25) Jimmy Neutron (Jimmy Neutron) VS Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) 26) Beerus (Dragon Ball Super) VS Sentry (Marvel) 27) Jaune Arc (RWBY) VS Bolo (Shantae) 28) Akame (Akame ga Kill) VS Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill) 29) Generator Rex (Generator Rex) VS Max Steel (Max Steel) 30) Captain N (Captain N) VS Tari (Meta Runner) 31) Inkling (Nintendo) VS Ika Musume (Shinryaku! Ika Musume) 32) Rosalina (Mario) VS Palutena (Kid Icarus) 33) Demitri Maximoff (Darkstalkers) VS Myotismon (Digimon)

  • Justin Sigler
    Justin Sigler 56 minutes ago

    The Mask is going to win

  • zippoiii
    zippoiii 56 minutes ago

    After seeing that sneak preview i'm sure I'm gonna like this one

  • Lone Chen
    Lone Chen 57 minutes ago

    Ha bleach fans mussyie mad

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 59 minutes ago

    Well that was easy.

  • brolly 247
    brolly 247 59 minutes ago

    The mask vs deadpool is going to be epic!!!!

  • Bertrand Alexander Paran
    Bertrand Alexander Paran 59 minutes ago

    Put robocop up against a T-850 or T-900 that would be a more even fight

  • Oisin Lynch
    Oisin Lynch Hour ago

    Ok boomstick

  • Funtime Fredbear128 2.0

    Leaked ending: Deadpool wins and the mask is gonna live.

  • DM yumyum
    DM yumyum Hour ago

    Seriously? So many potential line ups and we get Deadpool again?

  • Crissy Le
    Crissy Le Hour ago

    Sub-Zero is the ice king.

  • Kalan C
    Kalan C Hour ago

    Goku could be superman in ssj

  • ??????
    ?????? Hour ago

    And that is why we got no more dbx And also are they going to give skull kid (majora mask) a death later on the season

  • Nexus 1380
    Nexus 1380 Hour ago

    90% The mask wins

  • Some guy with a cone for a head

    Next battle: battle Royale between the three (Me: wait a minute, did they see my three stooges request on the form and ACTUALLY USE IT?) starter Pokemon of sword and shield. (Also me: *head hung low.* Yeah, that does make sense. Not even sure how many viewers know who the three stooges are, let alone enough to warrant a whole death battle revolving around them, community or not.)

  • Joe Fanik
    Joe Fanik Hour ago

    I actually have no idea who will win this. *I'M SO EXCITED*

    • ??????
      ?????? 51 minute ago

      This may be one of those just enjoy the fight episode instead of actually thinking who wins

  • Jackson .Ireland

    I bet deadpool tried to take the mask from Wiz and Boomstick to end the fight before it began but they threw it out a window before he could get it.

  • Photar5
    Photar5 Hour ago

    They Should Make Yusuke VS Gon.

  • Travis Derby
    Travis Derby Hour ago

    I feel the mask will win he basically has toon powers which allow him to break reality

  • William Maya
    William Maya Hour ago

    Pit VS Hercules they both fought Hades. Or Hades VS Hades Kid Icarus Hades VS Hercules Hades because there both named Hades.

  • Udeme Phillips
    Udeme Phillips Hour ago

    Bring back deadpool's former.voice actor

  • Arik Hoveland
    Arik Hoveland Hour ago

    If Deadpool wins: you can say that Stanley’s “Mask-querade” is over If The Mask wins: looks like Deadpool had a SSSSSSS-Smokin’ death!

  • Some guy with a cone for a head

    Yates, therewolf, whoever is doing this, we need the music NAO!

  • Dragon Fist
    Dragon Fist Hour ago

    Anybody wondering if they will update Deadpool’s feats to include killing Deathstroke and befriended Pinkiepie.

  • Super Mario Terence

    make Ness vs Villager next death battle

  • Albatross
    Albatross Hour ago

    Deadpool might have to go ahead and hold a “L”

  • I have an uncle too

    I really want the mask to win.... but being honest it’ll probably be a tie

  • milo youngblood
    milo youngblood Hour ago

    Deadpool has the carbonadium sword. Would that do something to the mask? Also I strongly feel theres gonna be no Victor and instead Segata-chuck Norris is gonna show up and interrupt the match

    • Alborghetti
      Alborghetti 48 minutes ago

      Didnt you watch the preview? He cut his head off and nothing happened

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp Hour ago

    Majora’s mistake!

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B Hour ago

    Ryan Reynolds vs Jim Carrey

  • Simon Joyfool
    Simon Joyfool Hour ago

    I’ve got some ideas for a Death Battle: 1)Trigon vs Mephisto(DC v Marvel) 2)Trigon v Dormammu (DC v Marvel) 3)Skynet v X.A.N.A. (Terminator v Code Lyoko) 4)Cable v Cyborg Superman (Marvel v DC) 5)Red Skull v Cobra Commander (Marvel v GI Joe) 6)Venom v Blue Beetle(Jaime Reyes) (Marvel v DC) 7)Ego v Mogo (Marvel v DC) 8)Red Tornado v The Vision (Marvel v DC) 9)Howard the duck v Falco Lombardi (Marvel v Starfox) 10)Judge Dredd v The Punisher (2000 AD v Marvel) 11)PowerPuff Girls v SuperGirl (Cartoon Network v DC) 12)Ben 10 v Capt. Marvel(Billy Batson)(Cartoon Network v DC) 13)IronFist v Capt. Falcon (Marvel v F-Zero) 14)Beast Boy v Reptil (DC v Marvel) 15)Steel v War Machine (DC v Marvel) 16)Judge Death v Carnage(2000 AD v Marvel) 17)Swamp Thing v Man-Thing (DC v Marvel) 18)Rocket Raccoon & Groot vs Ratchet and Clank(Marvel v Ratchet & Clank) 19)Hiro Hamada & Baymax v Peni Parker & SP//dr suit (Big Hero 6 v Marvel) 20)Jennifer Wakeman(XJ9) vs RobotBoy(my life as a teenage robot v Robot boy) 21)Thor vs Capt. Marvel(Billy Batson)(Marvel v DC) 22)Danny Phantom vs American Dragon Jake Long 23)Hellboy vs Blade (Dark Horse comics v Marvel) 24)The Spectre vs The Living Tribunal(DC v Marvel) 25)Juggernaut vs Doomsday(Marvel v DC) 26)Deku vs Capt. Falcon(My Hero Academia v F-Zero) 27)Steven Universe vs Yugo(Cartoon Network v Wakfu) 28)PowerPuff Girls vs Jennifer Wakeman(XJ9)(Cartoon Network v Nickelodeon) 29)Momo Yaoyorozu vs Psylocke(My Hero Academia v Marvel)

  • SneakyAutobot
    SneakyAutobot Hour ago

    This will be a very close battle

  • DirtySntch05
    DirtySntch05 Hour ago

    9:58 This isnt canon as it only happens in the P4 arena game

  • Koroxa NES
    Koroxa NES Hour ago

    Can we talk about how good the voice actor for 18 was ?

  • Dragodic Emperor

    This is going to be good. But 100 bucks to who knows deadpool is going to win.

  • John Heston
    John Heston Hour ago

    Can I get a death battle with the T-1000?

  • Emu Room
    Emu Room Hour ago

    What do you guys think the song’s title going to be? Assuming it’s a custom track, the only thing I can think of is “Merc with a Mask”

  • Khalid G
    Khalid G Hour ago

    If sweet tooth use his special in TM4 the battle will over in a few seconds lol 😂 😂 😂

  • David Corns
    David Corns Hour ago

    How do I become a member to view it early?

  • Brian Wilkerson
    Brian Wilkerson Hour ago

    The animation here is amazing. The detail and the high-speed movement and the telekinetic power is all great but what I find more impressive is the shifting between styles. We see spirites and more "cartoon-like" images and other stuff. It reminds me of One's style, things changing depending on how "serious" a character is. Once again I have to state how impressed I am by the research as well. Doing all this scaling, calculation and comparison cannot be easy. The hosts also reference that this battle could end in several different ways and the winner could change based on differing circumstances.

  • Nicholas and ThelegendofRay Cardenas


  • kris can't snipe

    My theory: I feel like deadpool is going to find a way to take the mask off and kill the dude

  • London Rhodes
    London Rhodes Hour ago

    I miss the longer fan art segments. Yeah it was a lot of the same people but it was a fun segment.

  • FN64Productions
    FN64Productions Hour ago

    Ben: Its black and white... like a gangster? Zigzagoons line has KISS vibes all over it

  • Dr0p _b34r_09
    Dr0p _b34r_09 Hour ago

    I’m betting my money on Thee Mask! FACC YOU DEADPOOL! YOUVE STAYED FOR TOO LONG 😂

  • Special K
    Special K Hour ago

    Fight looks super dope! Cant wait! Fight preview begins 4:24

  • Chris Sheridan
    Chris Sheridan Hour ago

    There is nothing wrong with the battle system in Pokemon or Persona. Turn based battling systems with menu options are great. Not every game has to be one step further than the last to make it a better game.

  • I FEEL NoThiNg!
    I FEEL NoThiNg! Hour ago

    And if the mask does defeat Deadpool and he turns out to be causing havoc in death Battle instead of Deadpool anymore. Then get the Impossible Man after him!

  • zeynep erdogmus
    zeynep erdogmus Hour ago

    Like or comment if you want the mask to win

  • zeynep erdogmus
    zeynep erdogmus Hour ago

    Like or comment if you want Deadpool to win

  • BB West
    BB West Hour ago

    It’s at 4:21 I know why you’re here

  • Zachary Zerafa
    Zachary Zerafa Hour ago

    I love the remix of the song

  • Leo Jakšić
    Leo Jakšić Hour ago

    So... We're not seeing Top Nep in DB anytime soon?

  • Hrvoje Gregurek
    Hrvoje Gregurek Hour ago

    Wait a second. Is the underground fight taking place in Spring Maiden Vault in RWBY? Awesome.

  • Lord Hydreigon
    Lord Hydreigon Hour ago

    This will surprisingly be one of the closest fights in DB history, if there is gonna be a winner between these 2 4th wall breaking and toon force using fighters of insanity going all out

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith Hour ago

    Deadpool: "There's only enough funding for a few minutes of animation." Me: 'scuze me, _minutes?_ As in, _PLURAL?_

  • Cheyenne Sanders

    okay everyone raise your hand if you thought this was gonna be a sneak peek of the death battle?

  • Bronpool
    Bronpool Hour ago

    Okay, not gonna lie Mob destroyed her in this fight. She just threw a meteor and he died lmao

  • Joe Humpston
    Joe Humpston Hour ago

    Who would be a good opponent for Applejack?

  • Jared Dannels
    Jared Dannels Hour ago

    This preview is Sssmokin’!

    DOUBLE R IM UP Hour ago

    Let’s go the Mask 😷 Wins to me

  • Alan Moseley
    Alan Moseley Hour ago

    when this battle is over, make a Mario.EXE vs Sonic.EXE

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh Hour ago

    Death batlle gives results based on physics and science also death battle this character is 28x 10000000000000000000000000 times faster than light 😂😂😂😂

  • arnaldo alange
    arnaldo alange Hour ago

    Hello Guys from Deadpool vs The Mask 🙋🏽‍♂️😊

  • Tpseed
    Tpseed Hour ago

    I am sold on this animation

  • Erick Alarcon
    Erick Alarcon Hour ago

    Te vas a la verga pensaba que Hiban a hacer las cosas bien y le dar a la gusta victoria a Goku ya que lo supera por casi todo también depende de qué versión de Superman como estos manes no saben que hacer que ganen sus personajes meten asañas de varias versiones del personaje xd

  • Gabriel Montoya Navea

    4:24 the sneak peak starts here

  • Michael Breiter
    Michael Breiter Hour ago

    I think the Mask was made from the Joker's cut off face I also love how they keep poking fun at the regenerating degenerate.

  • Dave Naranjo
    Dave Naranjo Hour ago

    Plz deadpool wins


    it should've been a battle royal between the gen 4, 6, or 7 starters cause the gen 8 starters only have one typing throughout their entire evolution so it wouldn't be as interesting

  • Kiget
    Kiget Hour ago

    Can it be called deadpool vs the mask instead of deadpool vs mask cause the mask rolls of the tongue better then mask

  • Gr8ndPowerfulOz
    Gr8ndPowerfulOz Hour ago

    If Shang Tsung is returning, it’s against Loki.

    • ??????
      ?????? 50 minutes ago

      @Grant Strader kratos fought a immortal how was that fair and they had nothing in common besides the fact they are male but i agree with the fight i just found it as a unfair match up

    • Grant Strader
      Grant Strader 56 minutes ago

      @?????? how was it unfair? His opponent outclassed him and rightfully won

    • ??????
      ?????? Hour ago

      I'd rather want to see kratos return in death battle since his didn't make any since and was unfair

    • Grant Strader
      Grant Strader Hour ago

      I'd make it M.bison or Ra's Al gaul

  • Levitation Productions

    Pretty sure The Mask would murder Deadpool by dropping a nuke on him or something in a real fight, but I feel like he has plot armor in this fight. He'll always be around to annoy Wiz and Boomstick.

  • CMCwar
    CMCwar Hour ago

    Metaphors. Just. Metaphors.

  • Deaddy Fazpool
    Deaddy Fazpool Hour ago


  • Michael M
    Michael M Hour ago

    This better be an actual fight. I can see The Mask being unpredictable and chaotic. Perhaps an explanation of the ToonForce?

  • PsychoDieter91
    PsychoDieter91 Hour ago

    Darkseid vs Galactus


    Oh and if you guys do another battle royal like the cars episode then you should do a huge pokemon one between all the gens fully evolved starter pokemon from 1st gen right up to now gen

  • Highwind Rider
    Highwind Rider Hour ago

    Gotta get that battle music! Sounds like fun!

  • Inferno 79
    Inferno 79 Hour ago

    Can we get the the tracks of Taka as Deadpool please?

  • Shockingly Neil
    Shockingly Neil Hour ago

    So Robocop gets cartoon physics? Battle isn't fair.

  • Comrade Everclear

    Why is Torian wearing a communism hat?

  • Hassan Kamal
    Hassan Kamal Hour ago

    He will lose as soon As enemy removes the mask ...tons of enemies have done it in cartoons

  • Black Cat Angel
    Black Cat Angel Hour ago

    Ok the next death battle... I wanna see danny phantom vs beetlejuice.... Just curious

  • Vlad 117
    Vlad 117 Hour ago

    Is that long beach griffy?

  • King Of Power
    King Of Power 2 hours ago

    Battle start here 4:25

  • beardovskidanielz
    beardovskidanielz 2 hours ago

    There's a good chance that Deadpool could pull up a victory; defeat the wearer, keep the mask and put it on for even more carnage.