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Winter storm forecast
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  • peter davis
    peter davis 3 hours ago


  • Johnny Parker
    Johnny Parker 3 hours ago

    Guru guru wahe guru.. guru ram das guru

  • VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    Bbbb-but it's Drumpf's fault right???

  • Whois This
    Whois This 3 hours ago

    Shouldn't be using rifles with so many civilians around

  • Ken Alvarez
    Ken Alvarez 3 hours ago

    Officer was a meter man. He is only interested in giving tickets

  • Whois This
    Whois This 3 hours ago

    Unbelievable, using motorists as fckn human shields lol

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 3 hours ago

    It's time to SHUT DOWN the Vatican and make these people get a real job!

  • Franchesca Murray
    Franchesca Murray 3 hours ago

    I would sue the police dept I’m sure they are

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 3 hours ago

    Will Pope Francis meet with the Italian Mother of a teenage Italian girl that was murdered and found cut up in the suitcase of a Nigerian?

  • Darek Alfaro
    Darek Alfaro 3 hours ago

    This man saw the grenade and thought: phone call with Barack

  • victornewman06
    victornewman06 3 hours ago

    Who knew the police were a racket? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Chris M
    Chris M 3 hours ago

    To much Police force used!!! UPS driver young guy work for his kids very sad.

  • Emmanuel Ortega
    Emmanuel Ortega 3 hours ago

    Japan better tell em what happend in WW2. We'll do it again!

  • Joel Clark
    Joel Clark 3 hours ago

    I am bullied everyday, yet I don’t think about ending it all because I think of my family and pets and my families pets without me...

  • Francisco Alves
    Francisco Alves 4 hours ago

    Não é uma decapitação retirar o órgão de defesa do rinoceronte? Não sei não entendo inglês para saber se é um benefício para o animal!

  • Rİftlen Stein
    Rİftlen Stein 4 hours ago

    Bizden çıkar zaten böyleleri

  • chriss Whites
    chriss Whites 4 hours ago


  • Frank Silvas
    Frank Silvas 4 hours ago

    To the 455 that thumbed down,your mamas did NOT raise you right

  • Herbert Banks
    Herbert Banks 4 hours ago

    They fight because the book tells them too. This is a holy war. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • Dusty Davis
    Dusty Davis 4 hours ago

    This is done up by media and government. It's not a threat the United states does the same kind of testing along with any military government

  • Vince Riley
    Vince Riley 4 hours ago

    This war is only being further agitated because north korea refuses to have a zionist jew Central bank just like syria and iran.

  • Aron Jackson
    Aron Jackson 4 hours ago

    Well, this should divert our attention from the important stuff like chemtrails, poisonous water, poisoned food, deadly pharmaceuticals, deadly vaccines, brainwashing our children, ECT. Job well done. ✔

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy 4 hours ago

    Cry babies. “Everybody has to like me and if they don’t you have to force them to if they refuse send them in jail”

  • Repomeister
    Repomeister 4 hours ago

    Ummm... saying "We would like concessions" is not a *WARNING* - it is pathetic the way you socialist shills rely on the stupidity of your viewers to get frightened or anxious whenever you feel like that will bolster your rapacious political ambitions.

    MR. DAVIS 4 hours ago

    Why They watchin North Korea So hard

  • asap shrecky
    asap shrecky 4 hours ago

    North Korea needs to sort itself out north and south need to sign peace and Kim needs to start putting more of his governments time into the poor and under fed rather than worrying about nuclear weapons the truth is trumps right on saying north korea has alot to lose because it kind of does in a way

  • Patriotic American
    Patriotic American 4 hours ago

    Kim Jeong Hoon has the upper hand in the world because if I was Kim Jeong Hoon I would be building another hundred and fifty more nuclear missiles because even if one single nuclear missiles reach the United States likes a 10 megatons on Dallas that would be the end of the United States the United States would morally and spiritually never recover from getting a major city hit with a nuke even if you completely incinerated North Korea the fact is that the United States would never recover and according to the military Publications the military is prepared to absorb as much as 16 destroyed cities in the United States and America would absolutely never recover it would just be a third world or fourth world not even a Banana Republic it would be like a Neolithic tribalism in North America so if I was Kim Jeong Hoon I would build another hundred and fifty or two hundred more nuclear bombs and nuclear missiles plus he's got Japan at his Mercy South Korea is so willing to just give in to him and reunify under the leadership of Kim Jeong hoon and just for fun he could destroy and incinerate Alaska and he could incinerate Guam just for fun so I really think Kim Jeong Hoon he understands the power that he's wielding in his country

  • dil oreo
    dil oreo 4 hours ago

    Charles was buddy buddy with saville. He needs to be investigated too. Pedos everywhere

  • Fireproof Crane
    Fireproof Crane 4 hours ago

    Black leather trench? Going for the overweight John Wick look, huh Kim?

  • Jessica Fitzgerald
    Jessica Fitzgerald 4 hours ago

    Why doesn't he just do something already. All talk no walk

  • Fireproof Crane
    Fireproof Crane 4 hours ago

    Black leather trench-coat, huh Kim? Going for the overweight John Wick look. Fat man in little coat.

  • HoNeStRaGe
    HoNeStRaGe 4 hours ago

    Oh but remember...all black men who are arrested were "innocent"🙄.

  • Humanforfreedom 95
    Humanforfreedom 95 4 hours ago

    Typical Jewish media trying to make it racial

  • Dave Carli
    Dave Carli 4 hours ago

    Dude.... An ordinary guy like me will pray u got a place in heaven, even though u still alive....

  • Akbar Indra
    Akbar Indra 4 hours ago

    It was demokration of america?.... You lead you peoples like king/diktator!....and you come To the world you sayang about demokration?.... Itu was fauny dude

  • Jerome Carson
    Jerome Carson 4 hours ago

    We should have done blown that motherfuker up

  • Frank Silvas
    Frank Silvas 4 hours ago

    I just wanna hug him he's soooo pure

  • William Kievit
    William Kievit 4 hours ago

    Trump supporters now have to reconcile the reality that trump doesn't have a grasp on international diplomacy. N.Koreas dictator is not his friend. News flash neither is putin or the saudi royals. Face it trump got punkd. So much for trump being "the best".

  • TCB King
    TCB King 4 hours ago

    well thats how he gets his funds, threaten get money... needs money threaten again...

  • William Kievit
    William Kievit 4 hours ago

    Trump supporters

  • Pie Face
    Pie Face 4 hours ago

    A more accurate headline: “Another gang shooting by police executes 4 people out of control melee “

  • Stephen Zuppo
    Stephen Zuppo 4 hours ago

    Look, more fake news from the mainstream media. No wonder your ratings SUCK. The Democrats and the liberal media have cemented a second term for Trump with this nonsense. Keep up the good work! We love it!

  • Rip Off
    Rip Off 5 hours ago

    I don't care what the people say, Barr is good a person corrupted by Trump!!!

  • rob jones
    rob jones 5 hours ago

    on pearl harbor day tho? better take it easy with that

  • _ NEGAN _
    _ NEGAN _ 5 hours ago

    Why is this place still not a parking lot?

  • David A
    David A 5 hours ago

    The president in full BS mode. He makes a big deal of how "rocket man" was the world's biggest threat but really wasn't so he could pretend he is Kim's friend. Now he has no use for that story so he just ignores the missile threat as 'O that's just boys being boys', you know...

  • Uncle Fjester
    Uncle Fjester 5 hours ago

    Its Easy Korea! open your borders, let Capitalism in, hold Elections, put down the rockets, get an NBA team!

  • Jeremiah Bachmann
    Jeremiah Bachmann 5 hours ago

    Giving your people freedom would be a good start, Kim.

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa 5 hours ago

    85% of muslim on welfare, how about slashing some of that!

  • da broncobabe
    da broncobabe 5 hours ago

    I can't believe Trump thinks his friendship with KJU will stop him from doing anything rash.

  • Legendary Nook
    Legendary Nook 5 hours ago

    I definitely don't want a nuke under my tree for Christmas 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Kaiser Imtiaz Sikander Khan

    I don't think he's hiding an RPG in there 🥁🥁🥁

  • A Regg
    A Regg 5 hours ago

    What a real idiot and video: if they guy wants big house in countryside and a big job he can yravel 500miles a day: this doent make him a hero!! Makes him an idiot wasting money and time going back and forward!!!

  • Francis Li
    Francis Li 5 hours ago

    Part of my job is interrogation and interviewing people who have committed crimes, usually theft and the like. When he was talking about the photo, he said something like "That photo was taken at the home upstairs, I have never even been upstairs there" Well, if you have never been upstairs there, you would not know what it looks like. Now someone could have pointed that out to him where it was taken, but the mere fact that he injected that piece of info into the interview, into his answer, is a sign of deception, the way he said it, was indicative of deception. I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he lied so much. Now, I'm not sure of the girl. I'm not so sure of her being held against her will, she looks rather happy in the photos. It doesn't make what he did right, but for all we know, he could have been told she was of age. Why is she only coming forward years later? I understand that is common from a psychological standpoint, but I just don't fully buy the being trafficked against her will part. I do think what happened to her was inappropriate and wrong, but I also think she probably could have left. It may have been all for promises of money, and that's why she did it. I feel bad for her. I also feel bad for the Prince, but he needs to stop lying, and just admit he knew her. It's a sad situation. Abuse of wealth and power can and will certainly bite you in the rear. Truth always comes out. Alot of people think the age of consent in the US is 18. It varies by state. Here in Pa, the age of consent is 16. So if there was a time in the US and it was consensual and the age of consent was 16 or 17, no crime was committed.

  • majtom58
    majtom58 5 hours ago

    From the look of it, Trump Patrol at Breitbart has issued the “May Day, all hands on deck” alert for Trumpers and Trumpettes. All these comments for a relatively benign 2 minute summary? I can’t wait to look at Rachel Maddow’s channel! 🤣🤣😜

  • Pocket Bully Lifestyle

    Satellites can launch an emp and take out America in one blow. Dude has me nervous

  • Andrew Mata
    Andrew Mata 5 hours ago

    ah-ha! that's how his military leaders get those medals "crowd control"

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 5 hours ago

    Trump's a border jumper

  • Dominic Roybal
    Dominic Roybal 5 hours ago

    Cant wait until they take this little man out.

  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin 5 hours ago

    Why are we training Saudi pilots? Didnt we learn anything from 911!

  • Joyce Amarillas
    Joyce Amarillas 5 hours ago

    Yep she can pass as a cinderella. Youre a cinderella for me too so you good

  • 1K subscribers Trup
    1K subscribers Trup 5 hours ago

    And after that.. They sent back her again

  • Jibril
    Jibril 5 hours ago

    I have something in my eye..😭

  • Bert Volg
    Bert Volg 5 hours ago

    Do cops get training in America?

  • Mumraiz Yousafzai
    Mumraiz Yousafzai 5 hours ago

    Parent to son is very sensitive..if he does something wrong slap the black child next to son won't make trouble then.,

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming 5 hours ago

    What a rediculous country.Our military can't defend themselves on a military base.Its happened many times.Whats even more rediculous is our so called "free press"sanctimoniously acting as if they are rational enough to truly care.Their liberal demographic is above ever joining "that stuff",and their liberal goofy ideology is what leads to not allowing suspected fruitcakes of ever getting in america,much less on a military base.A child would have known that if you keep crosstraining with troops from certain countries this will eventually happen.Unless your a liberal.Then your neither in the military and your focus is on the fruitcakes access to the base or the country at large.The so called "free press"needs to forget about this.They are entirely a major symptom of the disease.

  • PrincePaki
    PrincePaki 5 hours ago

    Those girls didn’t deserve to be protected they don’t even care

  • B Dahl
    B Dahl 5 hours ago

    Attention : Democrats in the house are looking for new ways to impeach the president.

  • some body
    some body 5 hours ago

    concessions.... you mean money

  • Tom White
    Tom White 5 hours ago

    Is Kim the only person that obviously isn't starving in North Korea ?

    • Oldmedic Bill
      Oldmedic Bill 5 hours ago

      Tom White His harem gets a little more food than the average bonebag.

  • dheras1000
    dheras1000 6 hours ago

    They should be fired

  • MrQbenDanny
    MrQbenDanny 6 hours ago

    Where did it land?

  • Lauriann Corn
    Lauriann Corn 6 hours ago

    Kim Jung Un dont give a damn about his relationship wit Trump, if he wants to do something he will do it

  • Paul Shayatovch
    Paul Shayatovch 6 hours ago

    Trump is delusional and the media is misreporting the stance of NK. Peace is in US hands and failure will be on US not the DPRK.

  • Jaime
    Jaime 6 hours ago

    If anything does happen, i hope i am at least alive to the point of seeing us flatten them before my time comes. That would be worth it for me.

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 6 hours ago

    What a pig😁😁😁

  • Sniper Viper
    Sniper Viper 6 hours ago

    All bark no bite pathetic

  • Jalessy
    Jalessy 6 hours ago

    darn i was looking forward for 2020

  • tormentor400
    tormentor400 6 hours ago

    everyone should sue sue sue

  • Reginald Fitzpatrick

    Nothing new to see. They have been doing this for fifty some odd years now. Make threats with war tactics to get money out of the US to keep their little regime breathing for a few more years.

  • mjimih
    mjimih 6 hours ago

    BYE BIG BIRD Sunny day Sweeping the clouds away On my way to where the air is sweet Can you tell me how to get How to get to sesame street...

  • Little Dove Corr
    Little Dove Corr 6 hours ago


    • Oldmedic Bill
      Oldmedic Bill 5 hours ago

      Little Dove Corr 🤪🤡🤪🤡🤪🤫🤫

  • Gucci Goes Wow
    Gucci Goes Wow 6 hours ago

    If he launches a nuke/atomic/hydrogen/ballistic this could be the past of their dictator we see

  • arpit sadh
    arpit sadh 6 hours ago

    Now what they have for there protection???.....

  • GhostRider659
    GhostRider659 6 hours ago

    A meeting of American stereotypes

  • Mediocrity's Maze
    Mediocrity's Maze 6 hours ago

    North Korea doesn't trust the U.S.and for good reason. Their display is meant as a deterrent. As much of a Dictatorial Monster that Kim Jong-un is. He also knows that the U.S. cannot be trusted to keep their word. If the U.S. ever finds Really valuable resources in North Korea, Kim Jong-un knows that's when the threat will Really ramp up, and a Nuclear threat is the most Powerful deterrent there is. If a large Oil deposit were discovered in NK, we would be almost as close to a Nuclear conflict as we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Maxwell Weaver
    Maxwell Weaver 6 hours ago

    We should just dismantle their launch sites ourselves.

  • Ken Mabie
    Ken Mabie 6 hours ago

    It seems Kimmy Boy wants to die and take as many people with him as possible. Hopefully one of his inner circle grows some balls and shoots this tubby man baby in his sleep

  • B Kopp
    B Kopp 6 hours ago

    You can set your watch to Kim's threats.

  • Little Dove Corr
    Little Dove Corr 6 hours ago


  • Bjørn Felle
    Bjørn Felle 6 hours ago

    Sylvia Garcia looks like trump in disguise

  • gdsm1815
    gdsm1815 6 hours ago

    It’s not bear fur, only few officers have bear fur these days it’s polyester.

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 6 hours ago

    I can see Kim Jong Un riding the missile in his tighty whities waving to the U.S. as he attempts to bomb us. Kim hasn't studied history to well to know what the results would be for attacking our country.

  • Daniel Cannata
    Daniel Cannata 6 hours ago

    Now those children will grow up without a father. :(

  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier 6 hours ago

    He has the little man syndrome. He just wants to feel powerful and feared. The bible said there will be RUMORS of war. Not that we will be living in fear of war. Like can we just write a letter saying we not scared of u but just concerned? Everything really be coming down to pride, having a small penis, being short, not being respected, etc. Many of the leaders of the world suffer with inner mental issues. Like Trump is a narcissistic individual. It has its benefit cause you cant put fear in him nor scare him. He can think straight but on the other hand may not react properly thinking oh nothing is going to happen. After 2000 the whole world needed therapy.

  • T K
    T K 6 hours ago

    China probably told them to do it for support of HK protests..

  • almaz teklehaimanot
    almaz teklehaimanot 6 hours ago

    No unity here at home ! Our enemy are happy Wake up America

  • SquirrelyBlake
    SquirrelyBlake 6 hours ago

    There is no "new way" from them. They are not even going to test an ICBM this month. Too scared! Also, they just keep embarrassing themselves. Yes, Trump needs to respond and talk about this, get dialogue going whether good or bad, but the attention seeking NKs need to know of our power.

  • Edgar Poe
    Edgar Poe 6 hours ago

    Kim send us some of those good looking N Korean babes. There's nothing like the smell of rotten cabbage Kimchee! It's the smell of passion. This is one reason for the popular rear positions during intimacy of Koreans. I wish they all could be Korean girls

  • Iroquois Plissken
    Iroquois Plissken 6 hours ago

    Nuke ‘em