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Ninjas Vlog 2Ninjas Vlog 2
Ninjas Vlog 2
5 years ago
Ninja's SetupNinja's Setup
Ninja's Setup
6 years ago

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  • rizal alfredo
    rizal alfredo 3 months ago

    I love this video

  • Aris wisuda
    Aris wisuda 4 months ago

    Really good.

  • Skacle Games
    Skacle Games 5 months ago

    Hey! Nice content! I have a decent sized Twitch stream hit me up sometime!

  • Diles46 - AIRSOFT
    Diles46 - AIRSOFT 7 months ago


  • Micro
    Micro 7 months ago

    Great video ! Please take a look at my channel aswell :)

    HECTOR THE ROTTWEILER 11 months ago

    I really enjoy watching your vids - keep up the good work

  • undrdog
    undrdog Year ago

    What are your specs?

  • theonlyExia
    theonlyExia Year ago

    PUBG pls

  • Cameron Roe
    Cameron Roe Year ago

    Hey Tyler. Sup. Need a word. I fucked up a while ago, got perma'd in your chat for using the word Autism. I was unbanned which was probably your doing and I was very grateful for that. Today during your Gamescom FPP duos with Chipzy the room was in emote-only mode and I reacted to you dying with ":(". I wasn't trying to spoil anything for anyone, whatsoever. Twitzh mentions they had said not to use crying emotes but I didn't see any mod say that and I was watching chat closely. Here's our chat history from the day. Telling her she was bullying me got me perma'd again, from a 28,800 second timeout for using ":(". ShredEm: Wasn't trying to spoil with ":(" Twitzh. ShredEm: I was sad and my fingers hit colon and bracket. ShredEm: I'm as hyped about this event as you are. Let me participate in the chat please. ShredEm: I won't use any crying emotes I didn't think that'd get me an 8 hour timeout. ShredEm: I sincerely apologize for ruining the experience for you. Twitzh: No cause if it was for me you never would've been unbanned from yout permban from the start. ShredEm: I can tell you think I'm a rotten person. I'm not. I'm a father of 3 and a hard working man. You don't know me and you're just being mean to me because you can. ShredEm: I typed :( Twitzh: Being mean? we've said additional times to do no cry emotes Twitzh: it's seen as spoling ShredEm: I didn't see that or I wouldn't have Twitzh: Still you did it RIGHT after ninja died on main stream. ShredEm: i'm not out to get banned ShredEm: I didn't see ANY mod say "no crying emotes" at all and I've been reading chat the whole time ShredEm: you're fucking bullying me ShredEm: It's all good. I'm fucking used to it. ShredEm: have a nice day. Twitzh: okay so im gonna change the timeout to a ban instead. Twitzh: good job ShredEm: thanks. ShredEm: more bullying bullshit ShredEm: take care. Twitzh: HeyGuys Today, 10:27:23 AM ShredEm: I hope you feel good about yourself. Twitzh: I feel marvellous actually, having a great day. Thanks for caring ninjaAdore If you don't want to undo this I'll understand; but I really enjoy your content and hope you see that Twitzh isn't exactly being fair here. Thanks.

  • Raidiation
    Raidiation Year ago

    Hope your honeymoon has been well! Been missing your streams and vids! Keep up the great work man, never stop doing you!

  • DEZ
    DEZ Year ago

    hey ninja your the most well known player on h1z1 i need your assistance with daybreak please if possible .. it would mean alot if you could help me out ..

  • 鯵
     Year ago


  • Akoto Editing.
    Akoto Editing. Year ago

    Halo again :/

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker Year ago

    Idk if ninja will read this but youtube auto unsubscribed me from your channel. i only subed like a month ago as well, i just noticed i hadn't seen one of your h1z1 highlights in a while. fuck youtube.

  • Colton
    Colton Year ago

    What's his outro song?

  • Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall 2 years ago

    hey ninj, i was wondering if this was legit. I got a twitch message from a user named iltor and then it was followed by a couple numbers and the message said i won a reward and the link was to a free gift card page. When i looked up the user, twitch said it didn't exist. I was hoping you could shed some light on this. Btw i got this message on November 13

  • Austin McIntire
    Austin McIntire 2 years ago

    Hey ninja quick question what sensitivity and look acceleration do you play on for H5?

    BAD MOJITO 2 years ago

    how about any thoughts about you joining your new team?

  • Lord Zed Gaming
    Lord Zed Gaming 2 years ago

    Was very impressed with the video! Keep up the great work and check out my channel if you get a moment. I'd want to collaborate with you sometime. KUDOS!

  • GuardianHero14
    GuardianHero14 2 years ago

    Hi :) I've subscribed you.

  • Claudius Boasman
    Claudius Boasman 2 years ago

    wow you're a really great player. any tips for a noob. I can't find the right control settings. what sensitivity, aim acceleration and deadzone settings do you use?

  • Adolfo Chavez
    Adolfo Chavez 2 years ago


  • Twenty5Euro
    Twenty5Euro 2 years ago

    Hey Ninja, Could you potentially do a tutorial on the thrust/slide/jump technique the pros have been doing? I haven't been able to figure it out along with all of my friends. I think it would get a lot of popularity as I can't even find one on USclip. Thanks!

  • awesomegaming 22
    awesomegaming 22 3 years ago

    why do u ninja a lot and on every ninja u freak out r u just trying to show off or something

  • Sam Gray
    Sam Gray 3 years ago

    Sucks what happened Ninja, sucks that they can be so silly at Liquid. Your new roster looks fantastic, wayyyyy better than what (IMO) looks like a rag-tag jumbling together of formerly big names. You Ninja!

  • Ninja
    Ninja 3 years ago

    Who's pumped for the new Halo content? I AMMMM

  • Ian Traxler
    Ian Traxler 3 years ago

    Would love to see some Halo 5 out of Ninj. I don't really care for most of the people streaming it right now.

  • Ninja
    Ninja 3 years ago

    Halo is coming... soon

  • iBR BOB
    iBR BOB 3 years ago

    I want to see Halo again!

  • quachemo187
    quachemo187 3 years ago


  • Russell B
    Russell B 3 years ago

    lets get a h3 custom match going. I cant find anyone Gamertag : Me Da Ho Me

  • tikipowernego21
    tikipowernego21 3 years ago

    olle ninja tu me puedes dar clases de MLG es que tu eres PRO

  • Finalssuse Warspear
    Finalssuse Warspear 3 years ago

    hello ninja xD

  • McKnuty
    McKnuty 3 years ago

    Where be ninja?

  • big boy
    big boy 3 years ago

    no more c9?

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 3 years ago

    Love you ninja

  • Kurt Barman
    Kurt Barman 4 years ago

    Just flipped through the channels and up comes Family Feud, Who should I see, but my favorite Ninja!! Congrats. You gonna post the episodes?

  • Stormfast Wolf
    Stormfast Wolf 4 years ago

    You look like Stampy Cat (Joe)

  • Anon thetribulation
    Anon thetribulation 4 years ago

    Feels good to have halo back on mlg

  • oOKazeOo
    oOKazeOo 4 years ago

    how your eye thingy going dude? I miss your videos :(

  • Tomi Odukoya
    Tomi Odukoya 4 years ago

    When will he come back from eye surgery?

  • Mephilist
    Mephilist 4 years ago


  • Benjamin Kinney
    Benjamin Kinney 4 years ago

    Tyler you need more Destiny game play on your channel. Give me your thoughts on raids.

    • Artorias Junge
      Artorias Junge 4 years ago

      There is no real ranking system in Destiny and no spectator mode......essentially the game was DOA for the pro community.

  • Rain swtor
    Rain swtor 4 years ago

    Is the Destiny stream really on 360? Why not X1?

  • Mbk Roe
    Mbk Roe 4 years ago

    Heyy ninja could you post more halo vids cause its fun watchin them and your funny and i try to learn for them and i do PGL and stuff right now just want to get better please? Thankyou if you do

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 4 years ago

    When does Ninja stream most of the time? I never see him on any more..

  • Brian AAM
    Brian AAM 4 years ago

    Bro,Add Mee Plss, My gt is U R Brian FAT and playing Halo Reach Thx...

  • Carste420N
    Carste420N 4 years ago

    Sup ninja big fan of your stream, I'm following and just subd my gt and twitch account is kILLiinois

  • jonatan silva ortiz
    jonatan silva ortiz 4 years ago

    Soy tag iSO F I S HT un jugador mexicano de lo mejor que hay, me encanta mucho te juego, que desempeñas en halo reach me gusta mucho, me encantaría que subieran mas gameplay de 1 vs 1 o 4 vs 4, la verdad es que he aprendido mucho de tus vídeos de halo reach, no he tenido el privilegio de jugar contigo. Saludos

  • Steven Timpson
    Steven Timpson 4 years ago

    Ninja, I am missing your stream!

    • Ryan K
      Ryan K 4 years ago

      Does he even stream any more? Whenever I try to find him he's always offline

  • cRu II Cozy
    cRu II Cozy 5 years ago

    I love halo 4 and 1v1's. I would love to play you on haven. I have played one 1v1 against a pro and won. It would be fun to play you ninja.

  • Afro Jacks
    Afro Jacks 5 years ago

    I'm sorry Ninja but I think that if you were to go against a player like Ali-A in a COD match, I'm pretty sure you would lose. I'm not trying to be mean, you still good at COD, but i think that your better at halo games instead of COD or Battlefield. If you think you are good you could try to challenge Ali-A in a match. He has a USclip gaming channel just like you.

    • Dylan
      Dylan 5 years ago

      Hes has quit COD and are you trying to promote Ali A who to be honest sucks at the game hes proud of going 20 - 7 on TDM, I think you are better of not telling somewhat to do. Ali - A I stilll cant stop laughing.

  • Devin Wilson
    Devin Wilson 5 years ago

    Breaks COD disk and calls it shit game... goes and plays COD, man i have lost a lot of respect for you. it seems like your more about the views then the actual gaming and the community.

  • Omega
    Omega 5 years ago

    will you continue in halo 5?

  • hgod7
    hgod7 5 years ago

    for the ranks, the ten ranks have ten symbols, now to rank up, certain ranks will have a necessary KDR a necessary win loss percentage, a necessary objective completed or failed percentage, now to achieve a rank you have to have these, after each match you see 1st your kills, then a subtraction sign which subtracts your deaths from your kills, then if you win you get a fixed amount of points added, if you lose you will have a fixed amount of points subtracted, then if you succeded you objective, completed you get some points added, if you failed you get a fixed amount of points subtracted, then you have bonus, which is points for your assists, an medals added, these all added or subtracted give you XP, the idea for this form of gaining XP is because if you have one good game you could jump to general, but if you lose the next game you could jump back down, so by letting you have to play for a certain time so your average skill is drawn out of you, so this means you have to play top notch for a certain time

  • hgod7
    hgod7 5 years ago

    equipment should give you Ammo pack, which has a similar symbol to the ammo pack mod, it recharges all weapons, jammer which jams radar, Area 51, which is placed like the bubble shield but is a red box, in which only you can see it an its contents, its 100 percent invisible to everyone else, teh bubble shield, an tons more

  • hgod7
    hgod7 5 years ago

    ok, ranking, 1-50 or 50 to -0, the idea for -0 is that its insanely hard to reach, next step, 10 ranks, conscript, private, private 1st class, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, General, Admiral, 5 levels per rank, now, for the 1st 2 ranks, conscript to private, you get ordnance even after death, the points for ordnance is 50, an the points increases, the ordnance you earn is based on how good you played while earning it, lets say you earn it with a killing spree you will be better rewarded, now, past private, the moment you hit private 1st class, you have to earn ordnance with killing sprees, here ordnance can be chosen, an you choose what power weapons, equipment an power ups you use, but here you have to unlock them, also, there are 2 categories, large maps, an small maps, for large maps you can choose SAW, rail gun, Spartan laser, fuel rod cannon, incineration cannon, sniper rifle, beam rifle, binary rifle, sniper needler, rocket launcher, for small maps, needler, sticky detonator, gravity hammer, energy sword, chainsaw, SAW, rail gun, shotgun, scatter shot, grenade launcher, power weapons in the centre, power ups on the right, equipment on the left

  • hgod7
    hgod7 5 years ago

    ninja, you simply are not a halo fan, an 343 cannot changed halo for people who arent fans, youre just a overcompetitive dog, an 343 cannot base halo on what a few jerks want, you want 343 to set up halo for your greed, thats why MLG left halo, an it was good, because halo was caring for the fans, if you were a true fan you would stick with halo, but your not a fan

    • Ryan K
      Ryan K 4 years ago

      Thank you, you told me to stay away from it and I already do

    • hgod7
      hgod7 4 years ago

      good for you, i play both infinity slayer and proving grounds

    • Ryan K
      Ryan K 4 years ago

      First off, I don't see why you're talking about esports. Second, no matter how halo comes in the next game, people are going to be very critical because they expect the best from Halo. And I don't play infinity slayer on purpose because I don't like it

    • hgod7
      hgod7 4 years ago

      if you dobnt like infinity slayer, dont play it, since when did we allow esports to dictate how a game should be made, no one cares about esports, the esports community is a small fraction of the entire gaming community, and no one likes them, they ruin games, if halo 4 wa like halo 3 you guys would complain its a reskin, it changes and you still complain, 343 should come out and say they are banning esports halo, because it destroys games, we dont owe the esports guys nothing

    • hgod7
      hgod7 4 years ago

      you want to hear about how the ranking should be, and how ranked infinity would work, please read halo way-points you-tube channel, that's up to you

  • hgod7
    hgod7 5 years ago

    sorry, but im unsubscribing, you think your a pro, but not, igotyourpistola an Ace are the real pros, not you, soyy but im outta here

    • SpaceUndies
      SpaceUndies 3 years ago

      lol ur jelly of his mlg 360 no scope skillz ;)

  • hgod7
    hgod7 5 years ago

    i have this to say, yes your a good player, but you complain a lot, an yes you are an above average player ninja, but you complain a lot an thats why i dont consider you a pro, having sprint, custom loadouts, armor abilities, ordnance all are a challenge yes, an if we the community can play with it an get untouchables, an you cant, sorry but you no longer are a pro, an thats the real reason you so called professional players are upset, because you use to be a pro player, but these things made you a noob ,an there are new pro players

  • Chowing_Bunnies
    Chowing_Bunnies 5 years ago

    Late to the party, but what is the Destiny Clan name?

  • Christian Cimorelli
    Christian Cimorelli 5 years ago

    well sorry ninja but if views is what you want then play cod all day and lose MY vote

  • wailingnormal
    wailingnormal 5 years ago

    gandhi is having a halo 3 event in ST. Louis you up for it man, Im not gay but i would lick some balls to see you at that tornament 32 teams holy shit

  • kixkill4
    kixkill4 5 years ago

    Why is your best of gone.... or am I just too stupid to find it pls help :D

  • Lazfa33
    Lazfa33 5 years ago

    holy fuck dude to you ever go and see the sun

  • Brian  Diner
    Brian Diner 5 years ago

    Congrats on 30,000 subs ninja. I know you have been trying for a while so good job

  • Zai
    Zai 5 years ago

    Dear Ninja How do you download the pgl settings and maps on halo 4? thnx

  • I Do Stufff
    I Do Stufff 5 years ago

    Unsubbed, unfortunately cod is not my cup of tea.

  • Ace Long
    Ace Long 5 years ago

    Hey Ninja. Just wondering if you will return to Halo 5? CoD is so boring for me to watch, so I unfortunately won't be watching. But I hope you do return to Halo.

  • Bubonix
    Bubonix 5 years ago

    Yo Ninja, I just wana say thanks for the continues support for the game, you cant just blame the game for it dying its also the communities fault. I'm from Australia and I used to be on the ACL circuit when halo was apart of it. As of July it was removed for LoL but we still get customs going and some scrims. I'd personally love to talk to you one day, It would be a prime moment for myself! Gamertag is PuRe Nightmarex at the moment so hit me up! I'd love to play some games and talk. I may seem life a kiss ass to others at the moment but I don't really care, I want a good halo community back, like halo 3! Lets get it done! WOOT :D

  • FelixTheCat
    FelixTheCat 5 years ago

    A lot of hate going on in the comments below, haha anyways I'll be trying to get into that 2v2 for PGL. We'll see how that goes, I hope you find a fourth soon my dude! Keep up the good work.

  • Nick Bryan
    Nick Bryan 5 years ago

    I challenge hue Ninjah to a 2v2 GT Pulse 4s u gunna get raped!!!

  • Byron Waugh
    Byron Waugh 5 years ago

    fucking no life cunt go and get a physical job u freak and learn some proper skills

  • Ben Cramer
    Ben Cramer 5 years ago

    thanks for the shout out dude.nice job wining the 4v4 tournament today

  • cazyazzdude
    cazyazzdude 5 years ago

    Wow, you have more subs than H4 has concurrent players.

  • Producciones Mr. Gamer 360

    Tyler Blevins hahahahaha you are the best man im friend of ShadowHD09 please add me in facebook

  • Mahe Mike
    Mahe Mike 5 years ago


  • Josh Pogz
    Josh Pogz 5 years ago

    Ay Ninja i got u a Logo for ur clans youtube Skype is :garyandvivienne

  • Andrew Roque
    Andrew Roque 5 years ago

    I like potatoes

  • Sleven .Gameplay
    Sleven .Gameplay 5 years ago

    hey check out my channel!! gameplay coming soon.

  • Pesky isdef
    Pesky isdef 5 years ago

    so like what up with the montage been waiting forever, same with sauceyyy to.

  • Franco Torres Sanchez

    your gamertag ? please

  • Superman
    Superman 5 years ago

    I never got the memo on how RACIST some of these pro gamers can be in these league. For the life of me I can't understand how any non white person can tolerate you guys. I am so fucking glad I am not a part of a league that caters to people who believe the Holocaust was actually a good thing.

  • Baggy Leader
    Baggy Leader 5 years ago

    WHY Ninja WHYYYY why must i be bored waiting for you tu upload more vids D: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

  • Shadsterwolf
    Shadsterwolf 5 years ago

    Saw you on Weapons Tuning video on Halo Waypoint, Congratz!

  • NFSHaloSC2
    NFSHaloSC2 5 years ago

    What happened to your Clip of the Day series?

  • Jaret Cole
    Jaret Cole 5 years ago

    Hey ninja u should get a FB page or somthin just saying see ya

  • M Williams
    M Williams 5 years ago

    This game was terrible at release and nothing have change. GIve up on 343

  • Mistress Korpse
    Mistress Korpse 5 years ago

    You're awesome! <3

  • Mahe Mike
    Mahe Mike 5 years ago

    Soy tu fan desde mexico, apoyando a warriors y a tus otros equipos siempre, suerte en tus siguientes torneos :)

  • Im Cirio
    Im Cirio 5 years ago

    I ♥ you ninja n.n

  • Diesel BIP
    Diesel BIP 5 years ago

    If you play with Halo 4's default control don't you think that duck strafing would be a LOT more effective than being immobile while jumping?

  • Tercass
    Tercass 5 years ago

    Ninja, we have to play sometime

  • NiceGuyCarlos
    NiceGuyCarlos 5 years ago

    Ninja what program do you use to edit videos??

  • Titius Bode
    Titius Bode 5 years ago

    i burp in the direction of your channel

  • Stublyme
    Stublyme 5 years ago

    What's up ninja. I have just started watching your videos and streams and your really good. My friends and I have been trying too practice hardcore to be become a GB team and were doing alright. So yup we should 2v2 sometime my Gamer Tag is Recorded Gamer.

  • Rowan dubin-masuck
    Rowan dubin-masuck 5 years ago

    hey tyler, i'm 17 years old and a junior, I'm definitely planning on college and a career in medicine. But I also want a gaming career because I love the feel of Halo. I would like to just get in more playing time, but my parents don't understand what professional gaming really is about and they think that it would be irresponsible of me to pursue a career in it, I see where they are coming from but I think that if they understood what was going on they would be more willing to let me go to tournaments. I really admire your playing style and I think the reason that you are one of the best (if not the best) is that you are aware of what's going on around you and you know how to react. I'm mostly the same way although I don't have the amazing snipes you have yet, let me know what your thoughts are on my gaming situation if you have the time. I know you have a lot to worry about so no big deal. Thanks, Smylestile. P.S. that ninja was the best thing ever!

  • Phurious Cinema™
    Phurious Cinema™ 5 years ago

    Hey tyler im a 13 year old gamer im really good and ive been playing for 3 years my parents take my xbox away frequently not knowing the effect it has on me and my Gaming "career" and also i wanted to know if u would hmu and give me a chance as a gamer :Phueronic FTW im only on between 2:00pm est and 4:00pm est Thanx <3

  • iTz CaMello MoUth X
    iTz CaMello MoUth X 5 years ago

    hey dude, i want to 1v1 you in halo 4 my gt is CaMello MoUth X message me in xbox if you agree ;D

  • wall noise
    wall noise 6 years ago

    Make a montage of my diarrhea in your father's mouth.

  • RaMpaGe
    RaMpaGe 6 years ago

    Ninja you should make a H4 Montage

  • James Brown
    James Brown 6 years ago

    Ninja I've been watching your stream for years and have been subscribed to your channel since your earliest 1 v 1s. It would be an honor if one day I could be a mod on your stream.

  • Titius Bode
    Titius Bode 6 years ago

    shut up david smith

  • FL4TLYNE says
    FL4TLYNE says 6 years ago

    Hey Ninja I was wondering how you would feel if someone was out there in the halo community claiming to be you in every way. If you are interested or have something to say about this message me cause I got some info on someone who is doing that.

  • Roger Hill
    Roger Hill 6 years ago

    Hey Ninja, I'm no where near close to mlg like you, and the one time I did get to play you was on fuckin dominion. I dunno how busy you are, but if you have the time, I'd love to 1v1 you for fun. All my friends on live talk about you constantly and it would be so awesome if I could say hey, I actually went against the guy. hit me up if you want, Gamertag's Devoid Realm. Ciao

  • BlixaltedGaming
    BlixaltedGaming 6 years ago

    Dude please do a house tour so we can check out your crib like so he sees this

  • Tercass
    Tercass 6 years ago

    hey ninja, i love u. That is all

  • alfredo xacur
    alfredo xacur 6 years ago

    hey ninja i am a very good player i wont play whit someone that can wins me and i like to play vs you please invite me to be my friend please mi gamertag is xxWSBBWestManxx

  • Fernando Soto
    Fernando Soto 6 years ago

    Good video man

  • Liban Hussein
    Liban Hussein 6 years ago

    Love your channel Ninja

  • NCbassfishin
    NCbassfishin 6 years ago

    congrats on 16,000 subs dude!

  • Shiny Magnezone
    Shiny Magnezone 6 years ago

    Hey, thanks for the reply on Xbox. "<3" -DBD LEGO

  • tristan schwehm
    tristan schwehm 6 years ago

    You really should check out EmnionVideos channel he's a great player and just needs some connections! Please check out his channel :)

  • VxL SHocKzZ
    VxL SHocKzZ 6 years ago

    Just wanted to say ninja you're my favourite halo pro player love watching youre content your amasing man warriors really steped it up at dallas keep it up cant wait to see more content :)

  • Muso
    Muso 6 years ago

    Ninja you're fucking awesome!

  • Muso
    Muso 6 years ago


  • Liban Hussein
    Liban Hussein 6 years ago

    wow this channel is awsome

  • AsteroidAaaaa
    AsteroidAaaaa 6 years ago

    Ninja please make tip videos I will love you forever my friend...

  • A Dino
    A Dino 6 years ago

    Where did you get that cow hat??? I want one

  • oldstylesmfh
    oldstylesmfh 6 years ago

    make more videos

  • koori court judge
    koori court judge 6 years ago

    upload some new stuff PLEASE

  • Sean G
    Sean G 6 years ago

    Congratz on winning dude! Tight as fuck to meet you up there.

  • A1exMMMMM
    A1exMMMMM 6 years ago

    good man winning Dallas!!!!!

  • Warsick Vid
    Warsick Vid 6 years ago

    you are awsome

  • dyl321
    dyl321 6 years ago

    Hey man, i have a black magic intensity pro also, but the blackmagic media express program i am using keeps freezing after like 3-6 minutes of recording game play :S What do you use, or do you have any suggestions? Thankyou in advance

  • ErnGodFrey
    ErnGodFrey 6 years ago

    Yo ninja you are The best halo player i have ever seen Nobody can compete with you! I have never seen anybody with sniper skills like you its amazing man! Well Best of luck in H4 im sure you will be the best out there with the snipes man! I wish i was as good as you My channel sucks!

  • sebastian cz
    sebastian cz 6 years ago

    gud bye halo reach hello halo 4

  • oldstylesmfh
    oldstylesmfh 6 years ago

    ninja, you are an inspiration to me. i dont want to be an addicted superfan but you've inspired me to start making videos, and i bought a roxio gamecapture for the x box. But you are legit the best halo player ive ever seen! grats on 10k subscribers man

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 6 years ago

    out of all the 1v1 u have played what is your recored so far in reach

  • jj9222
    jj9222 6 years ago

    oops I confused this with the search bar. Herp derp.

  • jj9222
    jj9222 6 years ago


  • Two-Blue Bananas
    Two-Blue Bananas 6 years ago

    when will u be live streaming

  • Byron Waugh
    Byron Waugh 6 years ago

    can i please 1v1 you

  • Sebastián Tobar Castro

    Ninja play very well

  • Sebastián Tobar Castro

    Fair Play! :D

  • Byron Waugh
    Byron Waugh 6 years ago

    get a life faggot your not the best pffft i could beat u in a 1v1.

  • BlackOpsIlluminati
    BlackOpsIlluminati 6 years ago

    cant watch clip of the day 31 from canada?

  • UvReflexes
    UvReflexes 6 years ago

    Yeah, the latest vid is not available in Canada idk how many other countries. It says you didn't make it available to the country, but that seems like a strange setting to have. I've never heard of this before lol, I thought i'd let you know incase you're not aware of it.

  • gurty331
    gurty331 6 years ago

    I cant watch the latest vid because you didnt make it available in my country ?!?!?! :,(

  • SubZero2
    SubZero2 6 years ago

    Hi ive been observing your channel for a couple of weeks now and think that you are a very talented player. The clips that you post are obviously way about the skill level of average players. However, I would like to see more full length matches where your skill shows throughout the game as well as how your coordinate with your team. I believe that this will help grow your channel as there are mostly like many others that would like to see this content.

  • Stratonice
    Stratonice 6 years ago

    Hey Ninja I am a huge fan and ive seen your videos on youtube you make my day man keep it up and can i be on your list on xbox i send you a freind request on your account ninjection

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 6 years ago

    yo ninja u have been one of favorite mlg player for ever i was goin to see if u would play a 1v1 with me even know that you will beat me but i would really like to play my favorite mlg player my GT is DR0PEY hit me up if you wont to peace out bro

  • Hira
    Hira 6 years ago


  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 6 years ago

    yo bro it would be cool as hell if you could show some mlg gameplay with some other pros you play with online an keep up the grate work

  • hector ruiz madrid
    hector ruiz madrid 6 years ago

    Your the BEST! :D

  • limposwe
    limposwe 6 years ago

    I see you already have! Really funny man! :D

  • GODZILLA 447
    GODZILLA 447 6 years ago

    Love your stream!

  • JSnyd 117
    JSnyd 117 6 years ago

    Dude thank you for being SO awesome this past year. Being the most fun to watch Halo player IMO. Good luck in your new Clips of the day ;D

  • Wigglez914
    Wigglez914 6 years ago

    Yo ninja my man I respect ur playstyle in Reach would appreciate to. Take a look. At my channel got a 1v1 with a friend he challenge me n wasn't going to play started to watch ur 1v1s n was like fuck it y not lol so yea keep it up man!

  • thegundamking
    thegundamking 6 years ago

    ninja mlg gaming setup

  • Titius Bode
    Titius Bode 6 years ago

    what server you on in swtor? games awesum

  • Ryno Brocklee
    Ryno Brocklee 6 years ago

    Everyone is equally gay lmfao you da man!

  • DarWIN
    DarWIN 6 years ago


  • Zebradamus
    Zebradamus 6 years ago

    y u no upload more? its easy views

  • backpack brady
    backpack brady 6 years ago

    dude, please be more active again :/

  • Philosoraptor
    Philosoraptor 6 years ago


  • RockLobsta23
    RockLobsta23 6 years ago

    you need to upload more often.

  • DsFToXiiC
    DsFToXiiC 6 years ago


  • Ryno Brocklee
    Ryno Brocklee 6 years ago

    Moo cow hat is ordered figured it looks hilarious might as well get one :p

  • Fahir Nasir
    Fahir Nasir 6 years ago

    hey can u tell me where most pros get their controllers? The controller shop?

  • Mario Vadillo
    Mario Vadillo 6 years ago

    hey that cool, well I think is very good fan of yours haci to create a page in face to your profile T14P Ninja, you are indeed playing a yard and hope that I may keep the page I can face serious .... I am honored to clear, but if you like send me a message ... but if I would like pass me upload videos and there, my GT is x RK x Omega PS: you are a LAW!!! and would be an honor to me that once jueguemos sorry for my spelling is I'm from mexico and not much English (;

  • GrandLastShadow
    GrandLastShadow 6 years ago

    can i please 1v1 you? my gt is GrandLastShadow

  • Alfonso Ventura Castellanos

    te reto un duelo en snipper pro >.<

  • Janiv Strachan
    Janiv Strachan 7 years ago


  • David TIS
    David TIS 7 years ago

    dude, where can i find yo cowhat? itz so awesome ;)

  • Janiv Strachan
    Janiv Strachan 7 years ago

    Woops wrong account rebel is a diff account please check out mine :D

  • Joseph Forbes
    Joseph Forbes 7 years ago

    hey tyler could you do a demostrational video for sniping, quick scopes, timing etc. because you are beast as hell with the sniper rifle!

  • Ooze Nasty
    Ooze Nasty 7 years ago


  • Owen Kenkel
    Owen Kenkel 7 years ago

    Do you use the 2011 edition Astro A40's or the wired A40's

  • The4Kast
    The4Kast 7 years ago


  • The Random Page
    The Random Page 7 years ago

    Upload your rampage/perfection on zealot. That was sick.

  • Stuart Matheson
    Stuart Matheson 7 years ago

    you should 1v1 BRAAAKE live on stream.. He seems to think he's king of 1v1s

  • Sean Erickson
    Sean Erickson 7 years ago

    Ninja is hands down the most entertaining Halo pro around.

  • Pdub0000
    Pdub0000 7 years ago

    post some old H3 gameplay

  • butiz
    butiz 7 years ago

    why dont you play at tournaments with a cow on your head coz you seem to play better with it on

  • vSerene
    vSerene 7 years ago

    ninja, could u try to perfect the video quality? HD doesn't look HD. It look like 240

  • kspuzz
    kspuzz 7 years ago

    uploasd that nice over

  • iceshard989
    iceshard989 7 years ago

    fuck u go suck my hairy bals u ming flap

  • iceshard989
    iceshard989 7 years ago

    fuck youuu bitch you suck at this game motherfuker like a simboldeee

  • Call_m3_HaloIsh
    Call_m3_HaloIsh 7 years ago

    Yo Tyler check out my channel bro

  • Daniel Vásquez
    Daniel Vásquez 7 years ago

    i <3 ninja :D

  • akranium311
    akranium311 7 years ago

    Turning Point FTW!!! ;)