Primitive Technology
Primitive Technology
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  • Joppe Kroeze
    Joppe Kroeze 4 hours ago

    I hope people in the world of Zelda don't have to make every pot like this with the rate Link smashes them

  • Dodge The Streamer
    Dodge The Streamer 4 hours ago

    Can i fit him in my survival bag ?

  • Gökçer Alp
    Gökçer Alp 4 hours ago

    Türkçe altyazıyı hangi sivri zekâ yazdı acaba? Biz izlediğimizi anlamıyor muyuz? Çekimi yapan ve ilk yayınlayan orijinal tayfa (kanal) bilmiyor muydu altyazı koymayı? Te Allah'ım yaaa! Kimlerle sınıyorsun bizi :D

  • Logan Rogers
    Logan Rogers 4 hours ago

    He's so close to 10 million subs, I haven't watched in so long, how did I forget about this guy? Also I wonder why he never talks... is he mute? Does he just not want to? Who knows

  • Logan Rogers
    Logan Rogers 4 hours ago

    It's like he's making a village for himself

  • Build Small Houses
    Build Small Houses 4 hours ago

    Good idea

  • Kishore Tadikonda
    Kishore Tadikonda 5 hours ago

    What next?? Un complete cultivation??

  • Improbable Pebble
    Improbable Pebble 5 hours ago

    I wonder if you can make finer threads with those fibers

  • voelz
    voelz 5 hours ago

    We got a wooden sword from joerg sprave. We have a stone axe from primitive tech. Who's got the iron pickaxe and the diamond shovel?

  • Lily Y
    Lily Y 5 hours ago

    The POV cam was cool!

  • LowPriceEdition
    LowPriceEdition 5 hours ago

    Anyone else swat the air at 2:04?

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 5 hours ago

    Can you make them with any mud?

  • Joni Koto
    Joni Koto 6 hours ago

    please just throw away your cameras..

  • Joni Koto
    Joni Koto 6 hours ago

    I see his face is not primitive enuff..

  • Austin
    Austin 6 hours ago

    You were as beautiful as the day I left you. I used to watch this channel all the time a couple of years ago, and I’ve only revisited it 3 times since then. The channel has not changed and it still shows a dude building things in nature.

  • Salt Salt
    Salt Salt 6 hours ago

    put some shoes on before you get tapeworms.

  • David Parkell
    David Parkell 6 hours ago

    So this is achievable in a world without time and numbers. All I did today was wallow in my comfort zone. I could have made an authentic laundry basket from my back yard. I have been brainwashed

    THÍCH RC 6 hours ago


  • David Parkell
    David Parkell 6 hours ago

    Who is this athlete? He nearly acts as if he knows what he is doing. Can I have a body like that if I eat bugs? I know the art of fire. But ceramics is a different story

  • Okatic
    Okatic 7 hours ago

    Haha i play with poop too

    GIGANTE DA COLINA 7 hours ago

    DA HORA !!!

  • Luther Blankenship
    Luther Blankenship 7 hours ago

    Ok what's the 2 separate piles at end iron and coke ash

  • Uiruuete Uiraçu
    Uiruuete Uiraçu 8 hours ago

    Ola, vou ai assar um franguinho pra nós depois da queima dos tijolos, hehehehe. Parabéns pelo canal. Abraços...

  • Jason Toh
    Jason Toh 8 hours ago

    love the new commentary, helps with understanding better :) 09/12/2019

  • TD2
    TD2 8 hours ago

    Alguém aí BR

  • Rod
    Rod 8 hours ago

    2:03 I tried to kill this mosquito here by instinct

  • Spencer Mollins
    Spencer Mollins 9 hours ago

    A wood fired hot tub would be a cool video!

  • mervangrande
    mervangrande 9 hours ago

    me: HELP I’M BURNING my fake friends: 7:49 - 8:00

  • Ben Shanley
    Ben Shanley 10 hours ago

    If a cop found this place and saw the “ starch” they would probably think it’s a crack shack

  • แหนม อิ
    แหนม อิ 10 hours ago


  • Marvin Carlson
    Marvin Carlson 10 hours ago

    My daughter dubbed your use of some pretty advanced concepts using primitive technology "Stone Punk"

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 10 hours ago

    Has the wild fires down your way affected your area?

    MARA PEREIRA DA 10 hours ago

    What is tath

    MARA PEREIRA DA 11 hours ago


  • zack plays games
    zack plays games 11 hours ago

    I'm a kid who likes doing primitive experiments and all I have to say is WHY DOES EVERYTHING NEED FIRE

  • doug dimmadome owner of the dimsdale dimmadome

    remember to turn on captions

  • L4nk
    L4nk 11 hours ago

    Would pay a million bucks to see this guy on a laptop with a suit on

  • PresenceRusher
    PresenceRusher 11 hours ago

    lol now i can build a house

  • かわやま
    かわやま 12 hours ago


  • TEP 70BC
    TEP 70BC 12 hours ago


  • Mayley
    Mayley 12 hours ago

    Can you wear a blue shirt in your next video?

  • Oluwafemi Martins
    Oluwafemi Martins 12 hours ago

    And some1, dislikes the video,may be they can do better 🤷‍♀️

  • Magistar
    Magistar 12 hours ago

    I would love to see him just make a brick house out of all these bricks. A nice floor, a door. Hes got something similar, but i'd like to see really make something livable. something long term

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 13 hours ago

    2:07 Half man, half chamber!

  • OG Gaxter
    OG Gaxter 13 hours ago

    Bruh the new Minecraft texture pack looks so great, this might be 1.16 or 1.17 in progress

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 13 hours ago

    Looks right cozy!

  • Snatched.
    Snatched. 13 hours ago

    Since when do snails shed their shells?!?!?

  • Lilly White
    Lilly White 13 hours ago

    Just out of sheer curiosity, why put yams etc into the fire when you have a clay pot and water? Why do you not boil them and then you can use the water as well?

  • The dark prince
    The dark prince 13 hours ago

    3:37 minecraft mode on

  • Chantel N
    Chantel N 13 hours ago

    Yay fire! Awoooga

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 14 hours ago

    He used the bricks to kiln the bricks

  • Metal God
    Metal God 14 hours ago

    Интересно, а получится пользоваться такими кубиками для кипячения воды?

  • FDK
    FDK 14 hours ago

    New map?

  • Dylan Hendriksen
    Dylan Hendriksen 14 hours ago

    Hallo, hello, i am Dylan, ik ben Dylan

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 14 hours ago

    This is the equivalent of destroying an old vase with your BB gun

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 14 hours ago

    A mud hut like that has to feel like a mansion when it begins to rain out in the bush

  • smakkacow
    smakkacow 14 hours ago

    you should star in a tv show

  • hajtez
    hajtez 15 hours ago

    I like your show. Watch some episodes over and over. I miss 2 things though. One is that you not invent (or show) anything that will make your work efficient (especially the gathering and moving material around part). 2. I miss that you don't have metal (i.e. iron,copper) tools yet and your experiments where only from bacteria; any local rock? For the weak bricks try also to squash the clay in the form during forming i.e. with a wood hammer. Should help a bit.

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 15 hours ago

    This guy's going to make a forge out of rocks and sticks.

  • Samson Nazorey
    Samson Nazorey 15 hours ago


  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 15 hours ago

    Now that you have pottery unlocked, what's next? Sailing?

  • Muhammet AKSU
    Muhammet AKSU 16 hours ago

    Teşekkürler altyazı ekleyen arkadaş :)

  • Жанар Бекмамбетова

    Здесь кто то хоть может писать на русском языке

  • Juan Ramon Amaya zapata

    Es maravilloso e increible de lo q nos provee la naturaleza y este hombre es sencillamente valiente y si sabe para q fue q Dios le dio esas manos al saber utilizarlas tan creativa y artesanalmente. Muy entretenido el video

  • FDK
    FDK 16 hours ago

    Well, if you aim in the middle of a whole flock of birds you should hit one of them

  • Flaviu Sarmasan
    Flaviu Sarmasan 16 hours ago

    Finaly a video 17min!!!

  • Paulo Oliveira
    Paulo Oliveira 16 hours ago

    Técnicas excelente ......quem é do Brasil ou fora aí ??? Deixa comentários

  • James Guertin
    James Guertin 16 hours ago

    Wait but did you kill the bird

  • lukasz88o nn
    lukasz88o nn 17 hours ago

    thanks for the Polish language

  • Justin Overholtzer
    Justin Overholtzer 17 hours ago

    Watching this video of a primitive man creating everything from the Earth, took me to the end to realize he's holding a camera

  • wongpaksum
    wongpaksum 17 hours ago

    I don't know why I hadn't watched this video before until today but I remember I literally watched all his videos, so strange. it's like this video just suddenly came up

  • Site Construction
    Site Construction 18 hours ago

    Good man

  • fzx sin
    fzx sin 18 hours ago

    In china , it is an ancient carpenter tool, I had one when I am a child, the heavy thing was rectangle rather than a pie

    • Thelondonbadger
      Thelondonbadger 7 hours ago

      PErhaps to store it better? DIdnt ancient chinese coins have a hole in the middle, so it was harder to get robbed and you can carry loads on a string?

    • Thelondonbadger
      Thelondonbadger 7 hours ago

      PErhaps to store it better? DIdnt ancient chinese coins have a hole in the middle, so it was harder to get robbed and you can carry loads on a string?

  • Pixelated Gamer
    Pixelated Gamer 18 hours ago

    He has primitive batteries for his clay camera

  • Pixelated Gamer
    Pixelated Gamer 18 hours ago

    When you ask mom can I play Minecraft but she says go outside for once

  • holo
    holo 18 hours ago

    Barbecue Uncle has left the chat.

  • AstorViaLaw
    AstorViaLaw 19 hours ago

    Imagine if this series lasts long enough for him to start building a Benz motor car.

  • charapeppers
    charapeppers 19 hours ago


  • Es dewolf
    Es dewolf 19 hours ago

    this purifies my soul

  • ᄒ효ᅭ
    ᄒ효ᅭ 19 hours ago

    im surprised that the book is printed on the paper, not the papyrus

  • 0913 tkt
    0913 tkt 20 hours ago


  • Papa Tanais
    Papa Tanais 20 hours ago

    для чего варил камни?

  • Squanchy FapFap
    Squanchy FapFap 20 hours ago

    That thing is going to let all the rain in wtf!!!

  • hendy prayitno
    hendy prayitno 20 hours ago

    gawe areng ceritane... hehehe

  • Gazem suace !
    Gazem suace ! 21 hour ago

    Does it have wifi?

  • Elang Borneo
    Elang Borneo 21 hour ago


  • Гога Аварский

    Long Dark

  • Hayden Animates!
    Hayden Animates! 21 hour ago

    Congratulations you have won!!!! Press read more for your prize!!!! You look amazing today! Your the best! You must be super popular!

  • Jeremy Bell
    Jeremy Bell 21 hour ago

    I want to see him make something on a modern pottery wheel

  • Xenagon Yeeps
    Xenagon Yeeps 21 hour ago

    something like what he done after used it

  • Lustless TV
    Lustless TV 21 hour ago

    The original and the one and only pure primitive

  • Koray K.
    Koray K. 22 hours ago

    It reminds me of "The forest"

  • Faisal Pubg
    Faisal Pubg 22 hours ago


  • محمد عيسى
    محمد عيسى 22 hours ago


  • Tayler31337 Tayler31337

    Когда появляеться дым,появляються и мазоли на ладонях😆

  • Nov Nov
    Nov Nov 22 hours ago

    Лохи повірять😂

  • MARCO sihombing
    MARCO sihombing 22 hours ago

    45 years later: "primitive technology in Mars"

  • Сергей Судаев

    How can this man get a dislike? Only very stupid people can do it.

  • 楊品侖
    楊品侖 23 hours ago