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Contextual Advertising
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Deadpool Makeup Tutorial
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Happy Birthday, Hugh
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Free Guy | New York Comic Con
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Free Guy | New Friends
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6 Underground Trailer
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Rejected Slogans
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Bottle Cap Challenge
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What a Pikachu World
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Casting Detective Pikachu
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Detective Pikachu | No Clue
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Becoming Pikachu
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First Ownerversary
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Bleeping Yourself
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Respect the Back
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6 Underground
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Deadpool No. 2
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Deadpool 2 Thanks You
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Deadpool, Meet Cable
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No Good Deed
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Cat-astrophe Averted
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Best. Review. EVER.
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Touch Yourself Tonight
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💀💩L TV Spot 2
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The 'Pool Log
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  • KILO993
    KILO993 4 hours ago

    "not based off a comic book or video game.." Dude needs to jump into GTA Online lmfao

  • Ladislaus
    Ladislaus 4 hours ago

    My boy Ryan really thinks he becomes sexiest man alive again by videos like this

  • Jinroz Zibeon
    Jinroz Zibeon 4 hours ago

    I KNOW IT'S FAKE BUT I NEED THIS! Mr. Reynolds, if you can actually get these to be sold, I will begin to cosplay it to everywhere I can in the next year. Promise.

  • krizwatcher
    krizwatcher 4 hours ago

    Aaaaaand knowing Deadpool's human avatar, this would be the precursor to a hot drunken lesbian threesome, right?

  • Squished Rabbit
    Squished Rabbit 4 hours ago

    I'm crying 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Matthew Mukkala
    Matthew Mukkala 4 hours ago

    Can someone tell me why that Peleton commercial was so bad?

  • LifeOfNate
    LifeOfNate 4 hours ago

    Why is Deadpool trying to sell me merchandise?

  • LifeOfNate
    LifeOfNate 5 hours ago

    Ryan reynolds: do you know what people like more than Films or Joe Keery? Joe: ....... Ryan Reynolds: *Deadpool*

  • elisia jenkins
    elisia jenkins 5 hours ago

    Mercedes from ANTM cycle 2?!!!?!!

  • Zack B
    Zack B 5 hours ago

    She should definitely troll into other commercials for other companies like Uber after drinking, babysitting services, women’s clothing stores, this could be a career for her!

  • Victor The Han
    Victor The Han 5 hours ago

    I'm going to buy a bike for my wife now. Thanks!

  • saetyr
    saetyr 5 hours ago

    3 xmas ho's.... Ho Ho & ho... And to all a good night....

  • saetyr
    saetyr 5 hours ago

    Shouldn't all 3 of those hot fat drunk xmas ho ho ho's be on pelotons?!?

  • saetyr
    saetyr 5 hours ago

    I don't get it... She's still fat... And so are her friends.... I love hot fat drunk xmas bitches just like the next guy but where's the peloton?

  • armynet191
    armynet191 5 hours ago

    Fuck it ryan, I'll buy one of your damn bottles now...

  • Mike Luch
    Mike Luch 5 hours ago

    People get a life!!!! Real hip hop Mike Luch youtube subscribe

  • cwill2102
    cwill2102 5 hours ago

    if you offended cause your thick or phat and can't afford this bike.. hit me up with a DM # thick tough bull dikes come and get this meat....lol

  • Ayaan azhar khan
    Ayaan azhar khan 5 hours ago

    God damn they did good 👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cwill2102
    cwill2102 5 hours ago

    I've been and alchoholic since my pelaton got a flat tire!! Come see me Gin im really horny!!

  • Greyson Voutsas
    Greyson Voutsas 5 hours ago

    I'm slow. Is it being implied that she divorced her husband from the Peloton commercial?

  • JJ Flash
    JJ Flash 5 hours ago

    She got fat since she did the Peloton Commercial. LMAO.

  • zadrow
    zadrow 5 hours ago

    Tony is dead

  • Eli Ganias
    Eli Ganias 6 hours ago

    I liked Green Lantern.

  • Crazy Starlord
    Crazy Starlord 6 hours ago

    Deadpool always Deadpool

  • General GTA
    General GTA 6 hours ago

    Hey guys, Takia Waititi has a new movie called 'JoJo Rabbit'. I highly recommend you to check out its trailer. It's really good.

  • James Hoiby
    James Hoiby 6 hours ago

    I think they are missing out on an opportunity by NOT selling the merch. I would buy one of those name tags just for kicks! Love you Ryan!

  • General GTA
    General GTA 6 hours ago

    First Taika Waititi played Hitler, and now he's playing another bad guy in a different movie?!

  • General GTA
    General GTA 6 hours ago


  • Glamma Funko
    Glamma Funko 6 hours ago


  • youknourlying
    youknourlying 6 hours ago

    Wait. She’s the peloton girl! 😱😱😱🥺🥺🤡🤡🤡

  • InputPastel
    InputPastel 6 hours ago

    this LOL

  • Chris William
    Chris William 6 hours ago

    Ryan Renolds // Because New Port Lora Lard wants that tiny bit of foil on them Ciggeretts right Elton John

  • Rock Hard Riffs
    Rock Hard Riffs 6 hours ago

    What an outrageous ad. I’m totally offended!

  • Antonio Cepaj
    Antonio Cepaj 6 hours ago

    love it. I thought merchandise was also FREE

  • Thịnh Phạm
    Thịnh Phạm 6 hours ago

    Is that a trailer?

  • Micquan Dawson
    Micquan Dawson 7 hours ago

    As someone who’s hearing impaired you guys gotta up your subtitles xD guy is god

  • David
    David 7 hours ago

    Glad to see she did this commercial. There was so much unneeded hate over the peloton commercial... and I mean, to be fair, she did a really good job in that commercial. She did what she was supposed to do. Not her fault people are butthurt over an expensive exercise bike.

  • vostrode701
    vostrode701 7 hours ago

    can't remember how many times I have seen this ads and still like every single moment. google/youtube should put this as ads in the vids. For once 99.99% of people surely would like to see this as their ads.

  • TheJG Brotherhood
    TheJG Brotherhood 7 hours ago

    Everyone go call the number. It’s legitimate perfection.

  • Joanna
    Joanna 7 hours ago

    What’s next? A commercial for AA featuring the same lady? 😂

  • Ford K Prefect
    Ford K Prefect 7 hours ago

    Wow! Genius trolling of the PC police and feminazis who panned the peleton ad. Very intelligent humor. Played to absolute perfection by three talented and attractive women. Kudos to all involved. Best ad I have seen in years!

  • MalcolmRandall
    MalcolmRandall 7 hours ago

    0:01 Thousand Cock Stare

  • Kim Keiko
    Kim Keiko 7 hours ago

    Hey is the girl on the left from America's next top model?

  • Anna-Laura
    Anna-Laura 7 hours ago

    Nice Reynolds!! 😂😂

  • Skyler Hickman
    Skyler Hickman 7 hours ago

    Zip it you stupid typical hot blonde bitch, if ryan reynolds is selling that shirt like hell were buying it

  • Ellisa Bell
    Ellisa Bell 7 hours ago


  • Sanjaya Godagama
    Sanjaya Godagama 7 hours ago

    This guy brought Deadpool to life ❤️

  • Pablo G
    Pablo G 7 hours ago

    Fucking brilliant.

    • Joanna
      Joanna 7 hours ago

      Genius marketing. This guy is profiting from cancel culture when that's all there is these days.

  • Chuck H
    Chuck H 7 hours ago

    Omfg haha I needed this.

  • George Hoctor
    George Hoctor 7 hours ago

    Guys the number is real, call it!

  • MC Dexpo
    MC Dexpo 7 hours ago

    Hah! ... ... ...I genuinely don't get it...

  • T.L. Palmer
    T.L. Palmer 7 hours ago

    Brilliant...simply brilliant. I love how warped minds work so fast!! Happy to not be alone in thus world 🤣

  • Valerija Sestokaite
    Valerija Sestokaite 7 hours ago

    + Muzika

  • Adrianna Arre
    Adrianna Arre 7 hours ago

    that IS the Peloton wife actress

  • Ezio Alditore
    Ezio Alditore 8 hours ago

    That thumbnail damn

  • Billy Goo
    Billy Goo 8 hours ago

    I can't wait for the next round of idiots to be offended by THIS commercial, promoting alcohol as the answer. Where do we see her next, a commercial for passages Malibu Center? Plus she looked better in the Peloton commercial

  • FawnyDust
    FawnyDust 8 hours ago

    Jesus.... This is great

  • Justin Eberlein
    Justin Eberlein 8 hours ago

    This commercial is the gift that keeps on giving

  • Me Yep
    Me Yep 8 hours ago

    Link in description for the name tag?

  • KP3ACE
    KP3ACE 8 hours ago

    We have to protect him

  • Recycle BinLaden
    Recycle BinLaden 8 hours ago

    Wonder what would happen if EA had Produced it.

  • Kirk Bounds
    Kirk Bounds 8 hours ago

    People complaining about the "well-to-do family and up scale houses" should be complaining about the Lexus ads as well. What with coming out of nice homes with a bow on a brand new Lexus. How elitist and tone deaf...

  • jemar's bar
    jemar's bar 8 hours ago

    Now I just want to buy the action figure and the name tag guy for some unknown reason

  • JR Vargas
    JR Vargas 8 hours ago

    L 🤪 L

  • Yung Yosef
    Yung Yosef 8 hours ago

    This got 1.6M views?! It deserves more.

  • Yimkumer Jamz
    Yimkumer Jamz 9 hours ago

    OH thats glorious

  • Chayyiel
    Chayyiel 9 hours ago

    Ryan is the only acceptable celebrity for Rewind. He gets the retardation the true users and creators have here.

  • MeepMeep
    MeepMeep 9 hours ago

    Didnt realise for so incredibly long that she was the Peloton lady xD this is just... amazing

  • stephenTcartwright
    stephenTcartwright 9 hours ago

    No that Ryan is Disney, it's only a matter of time till he goes off the rails and develops a healthy cocaine addiction. It's a shame, he looks so healthy right now.

  • Harikrithik Doraemon tamil tv

    I Really need that Action Figure

  • Harikrithik Doraemon tamil tv

    disney 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • hen ko
    hen ko 9 hours ago

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the original commercial.

  • OligarchySlayer
    OligarchySlayer 9 hours ago

    Ryan you are an absolute madlad. I’m convinced you have an absurdist view on life.

  • Earumamaadu
    Earumamaadu 9 hours ago

    Green lantern does not exist

  • ßaron
    ßaron 10 hours ago

    And just like that, I want to watch this movie.

  • Ziad Obaid
    Ziad Obaid 10 hours ago

    Double Toasted brought me here

  • TheScriptMage
    TheScriptMage 10 hours ago

    The bedroom is replicated from the princess bride lol

  • Adarsh Lucario
    Adarsh Lucario 10 hours ago

    He roasted belle delphine

  • Fgbgob
    Fgbgob 10 hours ago

    The fact that they made Aladdin and the Lion King. I mean cmon. Now I have to watch it.

  • Marco Afro
    Marco Afro 10 hours ago

    I think a lot of people will watch this movie wearing blue shirt.

  • MangoForPresident
    MangoForPresident 11 hours ago

    This new season of Black Mirror looks great!

  • Preston Duck
    Preston Duck 11 hours ago

    Genius marketing. This guy is profiting from cancel culture when that's all there is these days.

    • hen ko
      hen ko 9 hours ago

      This is brilliant, but I just wish they actively dissed the anti-Pelaton snowflakes with something like: Pelaton girl; “what’s wrong with people today? I mean I REALLY wanted it.

  • J
    J 11 hours ago

    Hey Ryan, your new movie looks dumb.

  • Crafty Gaming
    Crafty Gaming 11 hours ago

    I sense millions of new memes with Free guy movie scenes a month after Screening. *I can feel it*

  • jenna daneels
    jenna daneels 11 hours ago

    Ahahahaa !!!

  • I Sniff Glue 6784
    I Sniff Glue 6784 11 hours ago

    Ahhh yes this Aussie came to my home country straya. Brisbane god it was the best he said the exact same thing to us

  • Doc Martin
    Doc Martin 11 hours ago

    We all know that Peloton was not in any way endorsing abusive relationships with their original add, but they spectacularly misjudged how their ad might look and for that they need to accept the teasing that they have received. This ad however (and the acting as well) is pure genius, so well judged, it's a delight to see something so well crafted. The only question is whether Peloton can rescue their reputation by responding with a similarly tongue in cheek response?

  • PKy Goku
    PKy Goku 11 hours ago

    He can literally sell anything, anywhere

  • MiCkLe In A PiCkLe
    MiCkLe In A PiCkLe 11 hours ago

    Remember that Gillette shaving commercial for men??

  • BOPbl 3AKOHE
    BOPbl 3AKOHE 12 hours ago

    Now I'm Absolutely Obligated To Support Mumbai Gin Where Her Dad My Grandfather Was Born!!!

  • BOPbl 3AKOHE
    BOPbl 3AKOHE 12 hours ago

    Ryan My Brother Why Did U Side With This Old Koot My English Aunt Would Be Upset U Didn't Side With Roger Waters...

  • kris kyle
    kris kyle 12 hours ago

    i dnt like gta tbh since it is deadpool I will watch

  • Theodore Manthovani
    Theodore Manthovani 12 hours ago

    For sure will watch the movie, sir!

  • O No
    O No 12 hours ago

    Bottle got filed for domestic abuse, so Ryan killed him

  • Brent Randel
    Brent Randel 12 hours ago

    What ignorant liars that aren't ignorant lies! You Ryan Reynolds you murderd my daughters future here an your other fellow meat puppets

  • Josh H
    Josh H 12 hours ago

    Anyone else confused? Why is deadpool playing Ryan Reynolds??

  • Retro Fury
    Retro Fury 12 hours ago

    His company probably doesn’t even have a marketing department It’s just Ryan sitting in a room with cans of red bull and a laptop with internet access

  • Emmy JR
    Emmy JR 12 hours ago

    *Might Guy Sues for Copyright*

  • chiroptera626
    chiroptera626 13 hours ago

    So...Aviation Gin can be used to fight vampires

  • Scoobus Doobious
    Scoobus Doobious 13 hours ago

    I kid you not theres a sweet old guy I work with named Guy