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Where Are All the Aliens?
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  • E FA
    E FA 48 minutes ago

    NO he knew she was no good

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 48 minutes ago

    He Protec He Attac But most importantly... He want his Ford back

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby 49 minutes ago

    People with a lot of money mostly get involved with drugs... it's a trend that will never end

  • Debbie Toland
    Debbie Toland 49 minutes ago

    He's adorable. And it's just a Halloween costume.

  • Mya Colemen
    Mya Colemen 49 minutes ago

    He did have a choice dumb man

  • Arnold Bautista
    Arnold Bautista 49 minutes ago

    Bro she look like woah vicky😂

  • Darious Dark
    Darious Dark 49 minutes ago

    Evil spirits love to imitate children. Plus we're headed to another dark age so they're getting bolder...

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 49 minutes ago

    There’s no defending this, if she would have said she wanted this person investigated for possibly abduction and wouldn’t of had said because he’s black specifically, then maybe she would have a case.

  • Mya Colemen
    Mya Colemen 49 minutes ago

    I hate all these people whoever killed people

  • Ethan Tiongson
    Ethan Tiongson 49 minutes ago

    I was confused at first because I didn’t look at the date this was related lmao

  • Celeste Leon
    Celeste Leon 49 minutes ago


  • Somseaf Head
    Somseaf Head 49 minutes ago

    Yo inside idiot Edition said “ like this idiot “ I’m dead 😂

  • Jay Dubya
    Jay Dubya 49 minutes ago

    She's cuyute

  • wendigo doodles
    wendigo doodles 49 minutes ago

    it's not creepy :( he just wants you to have a cool tv and feel aesthetic

  • Baseballking 8
    Baseballking 8 49 minutes ago

    She rlly gets on my nerves she just messes up people life’s

  • TarrantBot 2020
    TarrantBot 2020 50 minutes ago

    Id unlock it and the second they walk in they get 6 shells in the chest

  • Adam
    Adam 50 minutes ago

    Wait, sorry if i dont understand this, but, if you give part of a body part away, wouldnt you need a new one/replacement?

  • Lindsay Pelham
    Lindsay Pelham 50 minutes ago

    So what

  • Mya Colemen
    Mya Colemen 50 minutes ago

    That dumb man

  • Byron Chen
    Byron Chen 50 minutes ago

    Well the thing is, some times, repairs aren't as booming as they use to be. And we need to pay to live/survive too! So to keep ourselves alive, we have no other choice but to rip other people off. It's not just repairs, there's vehicle dealers, furniture retailers, real estates, the list goes on! What else do you expect us to do? Rot/starve ourselves to death?

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 50 minutes ago

    Now I'm going to purposefully order diet coke.

  • ItsBonzerYT
    ItsBonzerYT 50 minutes ago

    if it was a black guy there would be rallying in big cities about police brutality right now

  • Meshahraimanuel Yisrael
    Meshahraimanuel Yisrael 50 minutes ago

    You can’t knock this man’s hustle lol 😂

  • itz.naenae valdez
    itz.naenae valdez 51 minute ago

    I tell you in stead of running away from the danger they stay there like if their seeing fireworks this is what you call stupidity

  • TurfyChutoy4404 Gaming, Singing, And Vlogs

    Super nanny Super nanny SUPER NANNY

  • Brayden Martin
    Brayden Martin 51 minute ago

    TSM Myth is that you🤣

  • Jacks Yagami
    Jacks Yagami 51 minute ago

    Damn she fine as hell

  • Sierra desu
    Sierra desu 51 minute ago

    What a king. Keep being badass.

    EDM FUNNY 51 minute ago

    Best thing ever. 😁 😆 😂

  • Diego Morales
    Diego Morales 51 minute ago

    I just drowned my self

  • Jayxx xxx
    Jayxx xxx 51 minute ago

    Sadly I’ve never been to Disney land or Disney world

  • интернет Spitfire

    Just because an old man says you look beautiful isnt creepy

  • cxsab rina
    cxsab rina 52 minutes ago

    My teacher borrowed my thumb drive and didn’t return it... I’m getting concerned

  • Joe Erdei
    Joe Erdei 52 minutes ago

    Brought to you by sears

  • Tanvir Singh
    Tanvir Singh 52 minutes ago

    i’d rather die with my family rather than live the rest of my life without them

  • Esmeralda Hernandez
    Esmeralda Hernandez 52 minutes ago

    At this point why didnt she just get an abortion?

  • Annette Melnychuk
    Annette Melnychuk 52 minutes ago

    I hope he has gone from employed to being unemployed. Such a shame

  • Zane Atkins
    Zane Atkins 52 minutes ago

    door boi

  • Rat :D
    Rat :D 52 minutes ago

    His mom:ok sweetie, look sad for the camera

  • Mr Luigi
    Mr Luigi 52 minutes ago

    Mans marbles was really the best name he could come up with I mean cmon

  • Summer Diaz
    Summer Diaz 52 minutes ago

    Me walking to the fridge at 3 am

  • Stephen Gregory
    Stephen Gregory 52 minutes ago

    I'm sorry 60 million he could use 1 million to fix his face an body an keep 59 million

  • Los Rasgos
    Los Rasgos 52 minutes ago

    Brilliant love it

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 53 minutes ago

    At the beginning I got an add for the purple mattress

  • Jacqueline Cade
    Jacqueline Cade 53 minutes ago

    Billie Eilish who?

  • Michael Li ツ
    Michael Li ツ 53 minutes ago

    I’m glad this didn’t happen to me when I turned 7 lmao. first and last birthday party

  • stacyeandrew2
    stacyeandrew2 53 minutes ago

    The second they said she was found in the river I KNEW a man was involved. A baby doesn’t make you a better person and doesn’t make you less than if you don’t have one. If you wanna love a child volunteer to help children with no one. Become a foster parent. But this?? Mental illness. We should be able to commit people against their will.

  • I like to grab my sister's cheeks

    I dont get whats so heart stopping about this well if I was her I'd be like weeeee that was awesome

  • mister m II
    mister m II 53 minutes ago

    Some little rich kid doin back flips in the pool & parents playin 8 ball while the poor struggling for breath from doomsday outside.... Oh yea so what happens if it's doomsday & a person that paid 2.3 million is stuck in new Jersey..... So long sucka (in happy Gilmore voice)

  • big Chungus
    big Chungus 53 minutes ago

    Y’all wack

  • William Scott
    William Scott 53 minutes ago

    USclip gold 😊😊

  • Cyndi Villanueva
    Cyndi Villanueva 53 minutes ago

    Tom's a cheater

  • Lizbeth Vargas
    Lizbeth Vargas 53 minutes ago

    I need that costume for my dogs my sister hates chucky

  • Christina Bonvillian
    Christina Bonvillian 53 minutes ago

    She sounds like Drew Barrymore.

  • Shinatsuki
    Shinatsuki 53 minutes ago

    That water bottle camera was clever

  • Kevin Lojano
    Kevin Lojano 53 minutes ago

    were the bug soap

  • Armani hucek396
    Armani hucek396 53 minutes ago

    Just leave her alone 😭

  • Heba A
    Heba A 53 minutes ago

    Just adopted her

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 53 minutes ago

    I like it. Do businesses in Atlanta.

  • The Tatted gamer
    The Tatted gamer 54 minutes ago

    He gave it no second thought, just let the kid go lol

  • Susan McDermott
    Susan McDermott 54 minutes ago

    I ask for the can of pop. Skip the ice.

  • diyuquag
    diyuquag 54 minutes ago

    Speaking of coffee, I had a pot full of hot coffee dumped in my lap ( Honolulu to Chicago) in 1986 by a stewardess when we flew through a small storm ( she lost her balance). Unfortunately it didn't burn my legs, as I had a wool blanket covering them that soaked up most of the coffee. Darn.

  • Kevin Lojano
    Kevin Lojano 54 minutes ago

    were the bug space

  • Church Shoes
    Church Shoes 54 minutes ago

    Next: *this is why you shouldn’t smile*

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 54 minutes ago

    2:13 I cringed so hard my brain cells got fungied

  • Tionna Fountain
    Tionna Fountain 54 minutes ago


  • Justin J Joachin
    Justin J Joachin 54 minutes ago

    Why is a 10 year old taking care of a baby?!?!?!??

  • UNknOWN N/A
    UNknOWN N/A 54 minutes ago

    1:39 it means he is good at his job lmao

  • Zongzhe Li
    Zongzhe Li 54 minutes ago

    I came here to look for comments about her hug 🤗

  • LemonBlade
    LemonBlade 54 minutes ago

    WUT this video is 2 years old?! I thought this was from 5 months ago

  • Happy ferretscosplay
    Happy ferretscosplay 55 minutes ago

    Omg i am in home woods sweets 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Josefears0 -
    Josefears0 - 55 minutes ago

    What if u get a taco from Taco Bell and ur on a road trip or something

  • Its_me_lilly Davis
    Its_me_lilly Davis 55 minutes ago

    I wish I could have gone too😭

  • Jelly the jellyfish
    Jelly the jellyfish 55 minutes ago

    *OH HELL NO!!!*

  • Alex kim
    Alex kim 55 minutes ago

    USclip: Hey lets recommend this 3 years later!!

  • M W
    M W 55 minutes ago

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I love it

  • iiOcean Wxves
    iiOcean Wxves 55 minutes ago

    I'm pretty sure thats an alien that escaped area 51

  • Kae F
    Kae F 55 minutes ago

    Lmao when you think you get special treatment for getting creampied

  • Jason Ruiz
    Jason Ruiz 55 minutes ago

    An American president eating American food you cant ask for a more loyal president

  • alex arroniz
    alex arroniz 55 minutes ago

    She’s kind hotttt!

  • lariyah clark
    lariyah clark 55 minutes ago

    He Did

  • Mark Avell
    Mark Avell 55 minutes ago

    Sorry this chick needs to join the coast gaurd. I was with the 25TH INFANTRY 1/5th AIR ASSAULT We RAN 35 mile road marches. This girl should have never got past the recruiter. Shed. Be dead in a combat situation, or be detrimental to the squad and cost lives. Out of her league. Maybe better at tennis.

  • It's Katie
    It's Katie 56 minutes ago

    Sense I can’t handle spiny rides... this one would not be good for me! Lol

  • Grayson Reeves
    Grayson Reeves 56 minutes ago

    He looks like Vlad Drac

  • Warren Matt
    Warren Matt 56 minutes ago

    I love it when you guys do stuff like that but I love it even more when people honest. At first the way it looks was you were going to catch like nobody witch was good and then those two buffoons SMH SCUM BUCKETS

    ITS AARON 56 minutes ago

    I think that cop is racist

  • Delgado3218
    Delgado3218 56 minutes ago

    Wow he was actually respectful when complimenting you

  • Rip KidVids
    Rip KidVids 56 minutes ago

    The guy knew all along it was his ticket to free pucks

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 56 minutes ago

    I'm alive, I'm the reincarnation of Babe Ruth

    GORILLA ROB 56 minutes ago

    Yeah and the lights I buy at the store won’t even last a month....

  • Tommy’s World
    Tommy’s World 56 minutes ago

    1:19 when you look at his arms on the table it looks like he’s not wearing pants

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos 56 minutes ago

    Omg!!! 🙄 This news is like the other day a shark was seen close to human on the beech. Obviously🙄

  • Adaia Rosas
    Adaia Rosas 56 minutes ago

    I wonder if the coach is a dad cause it's usually dads that have that type of reflex

  • lucy n
    lucy n 56 minutes ago

    jesus wtf

  • 404 MO
    404 MO 56 minutes ago

    Uncle Joey always talking about the 405 .. I see why

  • Your Gal Summer
    Your Gal Summer 56 minutes ago

    there was old puke on my tray when i opened it once...

  • Mir Khan
    Mir Khan 56 minutes ago

    Thats one happy lawyer. He made a cool 25+ million from the lawsuit.

  • Namey Mc.Namingson
    Namey Mc.Namingson 57 minutes ago

    And people say he’s a bad guy

  • Random Hater
    Random Hater 57 minutes ago

    The kids that didn’t show up deserve to go to hell

  • Level Jay
    Level Jay 57 minutes ago

    I dead ass for the big foot purple mattress ad right befor smh😭