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  • SoleJakeyV
    SoleJakeyV 4 hours ago

    Vegas looks alright in this trailer, but when you live here and watch this, it's hard not to complain about it's accuracy.

  • DaltonBuros
    DaltonBuros 4 hours ago

    Knife the watermelon

  • Noah Stano
    Noah Stano 4 hours ago

    Please let us be able to view our weapon and see the skin and animation like we were able to in Bo4!

  • Jojo Dahn
    Jojo Dahn 4 hours ago

    Don't tell my mom but I watch this

  • Daniel Spangler
    Daniel Spangler 5 hours ago

    I come back every now and then to hear this unreleased song. :(

  • Jimmy Lee
    Jimmy Lee 5 hours ago

    420k likes ah dats hot

  • QualityEJC
    QualityEJC 5 hours ago

    Remember... No Russian.

  • Maple Man 69
    Maple Man 69 5 hours ago

    Ayy 420k likes we blazzzzzzzzzzzing out here

  • Rudy Canales
    Rudy Canales 5 hours ago

    May I please have the name of the song and artist please

  • sneakyasianthief
    sneakyasianthief 6 hours ago

    Is everyone camping especially in the cave map or is it just me?

  • PREDATOR -32-
    PREDATOR -32- 6 hours ago

    The last Call of Duty I enjoyed playing.

  • avirli
    avirli 6 hours ago

    Time to turn them boys into men.

  • Cayson Murphy
    Cayson Murphy 6 hours ago

    “My war ends with you”

  • Moses CP
    Moses CP 6 hours ago

    I'll let my family know in advance that I will not be available, unless they have an appointment with me. To send a text or call me, please don't. I won't answer. I will be occupied by Call of Duty 24/7🎮🎮

  • EoWKen
    EoWKen 6 hours ago

    Because when you are a special ops team hiding in a forest at night, smoking a brightly lit cigar doesn't give you away at all. Facepalm

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo 6 hours ago

    no cpt.Price no COD.

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo 6 hours ago

    oh , #ilovecptprice

  • anonymous
    anonymous 6 hours ago

    Just came by to drop off my dislike and leave

  • Jacob Ward
    Jacob Ward 6 hours ago

    Me: comes back in 2019 to see the likes/dislikes Sees likes/dislikes: Bravo 6 going dark

  • دييغو أنتوني

    Para k va a ASER el videojuego

  • Sergey Barsegyan
    Sergey Barsegyan 6 hours ago


  • Brandon
    Brandon 7 hours ago

    everyone out here playing the beta and I'm here playing battlefield 4

  • Jacob Ward
    Jacob Ward 7 hours ago

    100% Derek Frost is coming back

    • Jacob Ward
      Jacob Ward 6 hours ago

      Doesn’t mean he ain’t

    • Cosmo
      Cosmo 7 hours ago

      leaks didnt mention him right now, only modern warfare 1 and 2 charcters :)

  • erickcom 2006
    erickcom 2006 7 hours ago

    0:09 like and suscribe

  • Yoyo Gaming
    Yoyo Gaming 7 hours ago

    "Who's your team? Some old comrades." CHILLS DUDEE CHILLSSSS

  • Trey Morris
    Trey Morris 7 hours ago

    Game ending nuke without the classic mw2 nuke sound... criminal.

  • poncho jr
    poncho jr 7 hours ago

    Sigue siendo la misma mierda de siempre solo con mejores gráficos

  • Brado Seven
    Brado Seven 7 hours ago

    better than advanced warfare

  • Captainsnake 25
    Captainsnake 25 8 hours ago

    Plot twist: makarov was the cigar all along

  • Bil
    Bil 8 hours ago

    Finally,i'm going to uninstall Pubg right now.

  • Sevex
    Sevex 8 hours ago

    Rip fortnite, game epic 2020 modern warfare

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 8 hours ago

    Nice! Your fruit killing skills are remarkable! Captain Price wants to see you.

  • Sebastian Pablo
    Sebastian Pablo 8 hours ago


  • despacito 2
    despacito 2 8 hours ago

    *A10 warthog flies over Norfolk* girls: its too loud! boys: *5211 on approach, multiple targets sighted. Raining fire.*

  • Shaheer Mahmood
    Shaheer Mahmood 9 hours ago

    I've played the beta and can confirm the game is awful feels awful frame stuttering every gun fight ads times etc makes it impossible to fight each other fairly it's literally designed so that you run gun and die repeat there's no actual skill involved and it's impossible to win a 2v1.

  • VenomousMoisture
    VenomousMoisture 9 hours ago

    Anyone else’s here from USclip recommendations?

  • VenomousMoisture
    VenomousMoisture 9 hours ago

    There should be an oldest comment filter tho

  • BrendanJ Rice
    BrendanJ Rice 9 hours ago

    This looks like a perfect combo of battlefield 3/4 and modern warfare 2/3. I absolutely love it

  • Mitchell Kouwenoord
    Mitchell Kouwenoord 9 hours ago

    ‼️Ground war is just horrible. Constant uav and explosive killstreak spam. No teamwork what so ever and not even the tiniest bit of destruction. No reviving, horrible weapon balancing, very arcady vehicle control plus they are pretty op, the spawning is bad, there's poor visibility and really annoying noise pollution, the background guy never shuts up. It has a long way to go to make this an epic game mode.‼️

  • Sky Drop
    Sky Drop 9 hours ago

    Step aside fornite call of duty her i come

    VOLD GAMER 9 hours ago

    5:18 "bo4 is living example of what we do best as a studio" if that is scamming fans with microtransactions than you have done well

  • Lord X gaming
    Lord X gaming 9 hours ago

    2:13 was my favourite part

  • Andre Oval Face Dala

    When Price comes out it felt just like when han solo in star wars came out in the trailer. 😰😰😰😍😍😰😰😍

  • Vrikkiegikk
    Vrikkiegikk 9 hours ago

    I wish the beta would continue to be playable untill the game gets fully released, and I really missed the Modern Warfare series and I am having an absolute blast playing this <3

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 10 hours ago

    How is it an open beta if you have to pre-order for access?

    • Mike Hawk
      Mike Hawk 8 hours ago

      Gotcha, thanks bro. Still never pre-ordering anything again though.

    • Mitchell Kouwenoord
      Mitchell Kouwenoord 9 hours ago

      You don't have to pre order to het acces. It a free beta. You can pre order to get a day early acces for the beta but it's not worth it.

  • Franklin philips
    Franklin philips 10 hours ago

    0.42 me when I prepare to put out the light of the hall and run into my room 😂

  • Princip Warehouse
    Princip Warehouse 10 hours ago

    Does this mean you guys are done pandering to cringelord millenniels with every third xir having a purple mohawk and back to Based Boomer games?

  • evil.MANGO
    evil.MANGO 10 hours ago

    Looking forward for the resease, love you, Infinity Ward!

  • AuthorCraft
    AuthorCraft 11 hours ago

    1:45 Top Ten OP Anime Characters of All Time.

  • s 230f
    s 230f 11 hours ago

    Does this game have a single player mode?

    • s 230f
      s 230f 11 hours ago

      I was waiting the story continue for a long time

  • Buttercup Cxnt
    Buttercup Cxnt 11 hours ago

    please do something about the original xbox one graphics oh infinity ward

  • renobLE vg
    renobLE vg 11 hours ago

    On ground war there's a lot of people clipping through the map and killing people from below

  • david frame
    david frame 11 hours ago

    This game is bad as BO4. Why not make a run and gunning game? I bought this game on Sept 5 on PS4. Can I get a refund? NOPE I know

  • Mo T
    Mo T 11 hours ago

    Worst MW in history !!! Its just recycled Infinite Warfare to me. Don't use the name Modern Warfare ever again untill u guys decide to remaster MW2 !!!

  • MTP-FallenDragon
    MTP-FallenDragon 11 hours ago

    The new 32v32 is so laggy and broken... And the tanks are too much overpowered

  • Super Ultra Instinct Broly

    1:48 me with my automatic peacemaker in pg3d

  • Moses CP
    Moses CP 12 hours ago

    The glory days of Call Of Duty are BACK!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • EntertainTheBreez
    EntertainTheBreez 12 hours ago

    Does anyone think that this map is very similar to American Horror Story season 9 ? Too many similar content so far off the first episode

  • Red Flanders
    Red Flanders 12 hours ago

    The REAL OGs remember Cpt Price from Cod 2

  • Ryan Scofield
    Ryan Scofield 12 hours ago

    You know everything else about the game was trash but I don’t think anyone can lie that the campaign was actually amazing (IW that is)

  • Marcin B.
    Marcin B. 12 hours ago

    Better than all parts of "bugs of battlefield" but that's still not what mw2 ...

  • Satan
    Satan 12 hours ago

    I think we are pleased

    • Mitchell Kouwenoord
      Mitchell Kouwenoord 9 hours ago

      No just look at USclip vids. This game mode is horrible. Constant uav and explosive killstreak spam. No teamwork what so ever and not even the tiniest bit of destruction. No reviving, horrible weapon balancing, very arcady vehicle control plus they are pretty op, the spawning is bad, there's poor visibility and really annoying noise pollution, the background guy never shuts up. It has a long way to go to make this an epic game mode.

  • Shayne Rowe
    Shayne Rowe 12 hours ago

    I enjoyed the beta but had to give up on it as it kept crashing my console, 5 times already.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 13 hours ago

    Oh yeah... we're back in the game boys.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 13 hours ago

    First cod I've been excited about since black ops 2

  • cayan frossard
    cayan frossard 13 hours ago

    60 fps pls

  • OllieDM910
    OllieDM910 13 hours ago


  • Stalker
    Stalker 13 hours ago


  • EvbotheClown
    EvbotheClown 14 hours ago

    QUESTION: does anybody know if you buy COD modern warfare on PlayStation, that you can just download the game again on PC but for free because you already bought it and logged in? Or no.

  • Delta-Ray 09
    Delta-Ray 09 14 hours ago

    What kind of name is "Soap", ey?

  • Damien explores
    Damien explores 14 hours ago

    Cant believe I'm saying this but.. still better than bo4

  • ghost fire
    ghost fire 14 hours ago

    3.8M dislike

  • Tyler1
    Tyler1 14 hours ago

    why was the trailer 10x better then the game

  • EUK007
    EUK007 15 hours ago

    The background music by Metallica make it more BADASS \m/

  • Warhol Hille
    Warhol Hille 15 hours ago

    Pls fix

  • Warhol Hille
    Warhol Hille 15 hours ago

    My friends game keeps crashing in the beta

  • M RG
    M RG 15 hours ago

    Guerra terrestre, un quiero y no puedo copia de Battlefield, que desastre de juego, un mapa supuestamente grande PETADO de casas y almacenes con un montón de ventanas donde campear, y como es un quiero y no puedo, es imposible reventar esos edificios para que la peña no haga el campero. TODO DIOS EN LAS VENTANAS. Por lo tanto se resume en cualquier otro modo de juego... Tanques y artillería pesada para qué! Si no sirve para nada! Una decepción este modo...

  • MegaRoFLL
    MegaRoFLL 15 hours ago


    • Best 104
      Best 104 14 hours ago

      shut up it is not ur just bad

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe 15 hours ago

    3.8 million salty kids

  • 3123
    3123 15 hours ago

    This game was trash

  • Viviana Reyes
    Viviana Reyes 15 hours ago

    Me encanta

  • XxfreshxX 69
    XxfreshxX 69 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks captain prices voice is different

    • Thunderbear
      Thunderbear 11 hours ago

      They have a new voice actor for this new game. don't really mind it myself tbh, since he kinda sounds similar at least

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x 16 hours ago

    One of the best call of duty multiplayer reveals ever

  • Bittuhgenius92
    Bittuhgenius92 16 hours ago

    It's a camp fest, may as well call it ghosts 2. Done with COD forever may this franchise rest in peace.

  • WavyPhoton820
    WavyPhoton820 16 hours ago

    I thought this was for the new Reboot of MW for a minute until it said 8 years ago for MW3

  • MacCum
    MacCum 16 hours ago

    ooh Riley!! i miss u

  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario 16 hours ago

    Shouldn't it be called Modern Modern Warfare?

  • Cody Jundzilo
    Cody Jundzilo 16 hours ago

    Where is search and destroy?

  • Cody Jundzilo
    Cody Jundzilo 16 hours ago

    Where is search and destroy?

  • KZC
    KZC 16 hours ago

    This was my favourite cod

  • emmitt onukafor
    emmitt onukafor 17 hours ago

    When i find out my sister ate my cookie dough ben and Jerry's 1:45