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  • Lee Shau
    Lee Shau 4 hours ago

    I know one thing about Russia for sure as a citizen of late eastern block. Its government is so disturbed and horrifying to this day, it's a huge disgrace and a cancer for the mankind. Fuck Putin and his bullshit.

  • Nub Lord
    Nub Lord 4 hours ago

    Well now geography is not as important cause people can just nuke you

  • malaysia alexander skudai beh

    lots of fake info

  • John sweda
    John sweda 4 hours ago

    The Airbus is a much superior plane it is fully autonomous no pilot error can be introduced into the plane

  • happy99
    happy99 4 hours ago

    fuck chinazi

  • jack ma
    jack ma 4 hours ago

    Countries in the world they do not obey the United States, he will be on economic sanctions, military strikes.

  • Dwight St John
    Dwight St John 5 hours ago

    Flew Delta's new Brazil plane this year from LA to SLC after taking Bombardiers' plane from Calgary. No comparison. Those Brazilians do it. Not sure of the model but the pilots and passengers were raving about it's design, flyability, and OXYGEN. I CAN'T BREATHE in those Bomb. planes.

  • Aidan Hartford
    Aidan Hartford 5 hours ago

    They've already mass murdered their undesirables. ..soo.... also Singapore had a good headstart being part of the glorious empire

    • ruton.de
      ruton.de 3 hours ago

      Undesirables? On the contrary the people who were murdered were highly desirable. That’s why their rapists and murderers were exceedingly jealous of them. But in July 94 some brave people were able to halt the genocide and to build a better society.

    ROB-IN-PHILLY 5 hours ago

    Great synopsis of the areas...But; Tibet, Viet Nam, Laos and Myanmar ( Burma) also act as buffer zones for the southern and southwestern China...China has interest, vast interest, in those countries...China is very shrewd...

  • Kurt Wong
    Kurt Wong 5 hours ago

    it seems to be presumed that whatever Chinese government does it does so to violate human rights? that's completely bullsh**t.

  • Aidan Hartford
    Aidan Hartford 5 hours ago

    Soo id have to work about 2 mins for a big mac wow .... also ive never seen a big mac that cheap in russia

  • Sarvesh Chadha
    Sarvesh Chadha 5 hours ago

    Africa has suffered enough and given enough , time to give back to them. Love from India

  • Sonodo
    Sonodo 5 hours ago

    I was impressed with Ireland's fast growth in the video, so I read some articles about why they are doing so well. It unfortunately looks like it might be largely due to their part in helping big corporations such as Google and Microsoft evade taxes. These big companies made up the majority of their exports.

  • Mr. S308
    Mr. S308 6 hours ago

    fucking killers

  • Holly Reinke
    Holly Reinke 6 hours ago

    Look, we don’t live in the UK so we didn’t know how Ryanair works. We didn’t know that you had to check in online 2 hours prior to getting to the airport (you generally do that but it’s not compulsory). They made us pay £50 each to check - in (there was 4 of us so £200 which is the equivalent to $400 Australian dollars). This has told me to never use a budget airline again. Ever come to Australia, I can’t recommend QANTAS more!

  • Addison Trefon
    Addison Trefon 6 hours ago

    I live in Alaska and I never left Alaska not even for a vacation so everything in this video is normal for me

  • Captain Moose
    Captain Moose 6 hours ago

    Can you cover cargo costs and why air shipping packages internationally is so expensive even for small packages

  • justin baas
    justin baas 6 hours ago

    Let's see how many there are on here!

  • Ming Fang
    Ming Fang 6 hours ago

    To be frank, i will never choice Boeing during my left life. You are evil and not honest. You made fault and pretend nothing happened. What the fuck!

  • Tychus
    Tychus 7 hours ago

    lol ... freedom documents ...

  • niccolò
    niccolò 7 hours ago

    "trevioso", i think you meant Treviso

  • The Unboxing Experience

    Top notch quality! Keep up the good work

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 7 hours ago

    If Guam wasn't American it would be in Chinese control by now.

  • Casper Barens
    Casper Barens 7 hours ago

    I know this video is already a few months old, but there are quite a lot of chinese propaganda comments in here

  • Incurable Romanticist

    I can’t take the sing song voice.

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 7 hours ago

    You can't copy Canadian money, because it is plastic.

  • Worst Player
    Worst Player 7 hours ago

    china is the new us

  • Worst Player
    Worst Player 7 hours ago

    u placed a state of Malaysia as indonesia

  • theCrpldOrphnPrjct
    theCrpldOrphnPrjct 7 hours ago

    To take over Russia; start with the west side... early in the spring cuz everyone should know it gets cold in Russia the only limits which exist we create

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 7 hours ago

    Gambling is such a waste of time and money. I don't know why anyone would gamble.

  • Red John
    Red John 8 hours ago

    Completely nonsense.. India did not have navy?? Lol

  • Giorgi Katsitadze
    Giorgi Katsitadze 8 hours ago

    Firstly, thank you for your video but 7:58 ! The map of Georgia is incorrect. Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region are inseparable parts of Georgia but not according to your maps. You should make changes. Mistakes like this simply are unpardonable for the level of your channel. I appreciate your time and thank you in advance.

  • 74KU
    74KU 8 hours ago

    The World's China Problem.

  • Sithu Hlaing
    Sithu Hlaing 8 hours ago

    Myanmar is a different country and culture, not part of India. It was only ruled as part of the British Raj.

    • XDOX XD
      XDOX XD 5 hours ago

      We indian knows that, love from ódíshá(india)

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 9 hours ago

    So you have to buy a diploma from a college before you can even buy a pilot's license? Ridiculous! Imagine how many hours you would have to fly to pay that back.

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 9 hours ago

    We have to thank our firemen for their work.

  • amu sonu
    amu sonu 9 hours ago

    tum bahut jhut bol rahe ho ... bahut jhuta h ye

  • amadexi
    amadexi 9 hours ago

    To me, it seems that trains are one of the easiest mean of transportation to almost completely automate.

  • Ashay Dwivedi
    Ashay Dwivedi 9 hours ago

    Only if India had a lesser population, it would have such great living standards

  • Joshua Chapman
    Joshua Chapman 9 hours ago

    having nuclear waste that stays radioactive for longer is better because it releases energy over a longer amount of time thats just how half lives work🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 also there is currently research going into nuclear waste reactors which uses waste from regular nuclear reactors

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 9 hours ago

    That's weird to see that the U.S.A. hasn't privatized airports.

  • Pierre Poirier
    Pierre Poirier 9 hours ago

    What if aliens communicate by farting, then what?

  • Sabad Abdi odowa
    Sabad Abdi odowa 10 hours ago

    You forgot the Philippines.

  • iamthinking2202 _
    iamthinking2202 _ 10 hours ago

    4:26 and France...

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 10 hours ago

    I would love to spend an Antarctic winter in Antarctica. I am diabetic, though, so I will never be able to do so.

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 10 hours ago

    Those Israelis sure know how to deal with airline security. They even stopped a hostage situation in Uganda.

  • No Name
    No Name 10 hours ago

    Seems the only one who has a geographical problem - is you!

  • science & technology
    science & technology 10 hours ago

    Russia its a territories of moscow region, all another territories its occupied by moscow lands of different nations. Russia itself is small.

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 10 hours ago

    And you won't find many birds on Guam because some fool accidentally transported snakes there in the cargo hold of a ship.

  • amu sonu
    amu sonu 10 hours ago


  • amu sonu
    amu sonu 10 hours ago

    lier you will go in hell

  • amu sonu
    amu sonu 10 hours ago

    bahot jhut bol raha h ye

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 10 hours ago

    Brazil's Amazon geography problem isn't stopping them from tearing through it.

  • James Earl Cash
    James Earl Cash 10 hours ago

    That mayor needs to calm down. Why's he so worked up?

  • Findyification
    Findyification 11 hours ago

    FAA get paid by boeing its useless now

  • Martin Tessler
    Martin Tessler 11 hours ago

    Or, since 99% of the energy is still in the so called "waste" an option is to burn it in gen 4 reactors and eliminate 99% of the waste while supplying all the power humanity needs for the next 2000 years. Sounds better doesn't it.... and much less digging...

  • Mr. Showers
    Mr. Showers 11 hours ago

    Parachutes not included...

  • BioChemoPhysio Science

    Now I understand why once upon a time salt was more valuable than gold

  • BioChemoPhysio Science

    Now I understand why once upon a time salt was more valuable than gold

  • Teacher Chris
    Teacher Chris 11 hours ago

    All manufacturing must be done in US; otherwise, the CCP's CAAC will sabotage production and ground planes then sue and cripple Boeing meanwhile the CCP steals the IP and makes these counterfeit planes and shoddy parts themselves. The world can't afford an out of control overpopulated country like China to continue profiting from polluting, stealing, lying, infiltrating civilized democratized god-fearing nations like US.

  • Mr. Showers
    Mr. Showers 11 hours ago

    I am predicting the weather. "Todays forcast is showers closely followed by Chinese made aircraft...."

  • Avery Bryant
    Avery Bryant 11 hours ago

    Why was my state the sponsee state?...

  •  11 hours ago

    Update yourself before you make a video

  •  11 hours ago

    Russia can shoot any contry without going any where. With the hypersonic nuke missile

    • No Name
      No Name 10 hours ago

      That's how modern warfare is waged

  • Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 11 hours ago

    Country :Saltzburgh Capital: Saltzburgh Nationality:Sattz Language: English , Spanish, and Deutsch Social status : Upper class, upper middle class and middle class Ideology:Federal/capitalist Landmass: 560 km² Location : Middle North Pacific Population: 35 million Economy base : crude oil, gas, finance, business,industrial etc. GDP per capita : $152,000 Citizenship requirements : no criminal records, $20 million assets We welcome anybody to came here except for terrorist, criminals and Chinese. All who will trespass at the exclusive economic zone will fired to death.!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 hours ago

    Pittsburgh making a cameo 8:55! Go Steelers!

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 12 hours ago

    Wow, my state (alabama) was weird

  • DeathLightning44
    DeathLightning44 12 hours ago

    2:19 Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan aren't landlocked, both border the Caspian Sea.

  • Yash Jha
    Yash Jha 12 hours ago


  • Elbashir Elamin
    Elbashir Elamin 12 hours ago

    // it returns false private boolean sign(){ // The sign is a boolean result of the if condition // that say for the second door to be deadly first must be safe // the sign returns a boolean 'true', if // the condition is met. and set the first door as safe and the second door // deadly. but when it return false, it means condition not met, thus first door // is not safe (deadly) and second door never assigned false or deadly // Result in: first door is deadly and second door is safe. boolean door1 = false; // by the given condition boolean door2; // never false cause door1 not true if(door1) { // if the condition is true; door2 = false; // door1 is safe, door2 is deadly return true; }else{// if the condition is false, door1 is false; door2 = true; // door1 is deadly and door2 is safe return false; // condition not met; } }

  • Mark Moses
    Mark Moses 12 hours ago

    That will stop guarantee it

  • Snow Viper
    Snow Viper 12 hours ago

    So civilians are just fucked than.

  • IceMan TV
    IceMan TV 12 hours ago

    Even if African becomes the safest place Never going to Visit 2 dangerous Africa How many tourist were killed

  • eboyblackout
    eboyblackout 12 hours ago

    The background music was more than the vocals and such sad music @10:00

  • l l
    l l 13 hours ago

    People in the U.S. prefer cars.

  • Matlockization
    Matlockization 13 hours ago

    The Chinese have always been a problem to do trade with.

  • science & technology
    science & technology 13 hours ago

    Rosija, which has nothing to do with Ruthenia, and which got its name at best in the eighteenth century, nevertheless arrogantly claims the historical heritage of Ruthenia, created 800 years earlier. However, Moscow history is sewn to the history of Ruthenia with white thread and is completely falsified . In the bloody swamp of Moscow slavery, and not in the harsh glory of the Norman era, is the cradle of Rosija. Changing the names and dates, we see that the policies of Ivan III and the policies of the modern Moscow empire are not just similar, but identical ... Rosija was born and brought up in a nasty and humiliated school of Mongol slavery. She became strong only because she was unsurpassed in the mastery of slavery. Even when Rosija became independent, it continued to remain a country of slaves. The policy of Rosija is unchanged. Rosija methods and tactics have changed, and will change, but the main goal of Rosian politics - to conquer the world and rule in it - is and will be unchanged. Moscow pan-Slavism is just one form of aggression. Karl Marx, “Exposing 18th Century Diplomatic History,” Chapter IV (original “Free Press”, London, 1856-1857), reprint “Collected Works of K. Marx and F. Engels in English”, ed. V.A. Smirnova, B.G. Tartakovsky, t. 15, M., 1986) The book is available at scepsis.net/library/id_878.html.

  • science & technology
    science & technology 13 hours ago

    There is no other country in the world whose history is so artificial, far-fetched and untruthful, created first to please the politics of the imperial empire, and later to please the ideology of the Soviet empire. The Kiev princes would be very surprised if they suddenly found out that in a thousand years the state, located thousands of kilometers away, would consider them exclusively their "Russian" ancient ancestors, and the people, culture and language of modern Ukraine on whose land these same Kiev princes lived and who they themselves were - like as a "historical misunderstanding." No comments. But on this basis the whole history of Russia is built !!! In fact, Russia is a historical misunderstanding - for there is no other country in the world where so many cultures and peoples are mixed, and whose history is so artificial, far-fetched and untruthful, created first to please the politics of the imperial empire, and later to please the ideology of the Soviet empire.

  • Siphared
    Siphared 13 hours ago

    Au nom de la population de Mirabel, de Montréal, du Québec et du Canada, va te faire bien foutre Boeing, quand tu supportes pas la défaite, tu niques des vies avec tes avions de merde! 🖕

  • science & technology
    science & technology 13 hours ago

    Russia its a territories of moscow region, all another territories its occupied by moscow lands of different nations. Russia is small.

  • Plainsman1300
    Plainsman1300 13 hours ago

    If i recall correctly, Canada crossed the NW Passage in 1947 long before global warming became a cult.

  • King Ligma
    King Ligma 13 hours ago

    Dude is wearing AirPods while holding guns with his brothers 3:21 Edit: dude far left

  • Micro Mator
    Micro Mator 13 hours ago

    You told more about Singapore than Rwanda

  • Serbaskey Chattilath
    Serbaskey Chattilath 13 hours ago

    What china's doin to africa is still better than how's America was doing to irak,afganisthan, syria, etc.

  • Maria M
    Maria M 14 hours ago

    My fav thing is Bob’s Burgers playing aboard in the cafeteria of one of these ships

  • Austin Martín Hernández

    What's funny is that the US also spends more money on the military than any other country.

  • Austin Martín Hernández

    That is not where Augusta is...

  • AstralWither
    AstralWither 14 hours ago

    wait theres a state called wyoming?

  • Austin Martín Hernández

    Public transportation is 100% nonexistent in small towns in the US.

  • p D
    p D 14 hours ago

    Boeing is a stupid company. They did not know who they are working with.

  • Chee Wei Hon
    Chee Wei Hon 14 hours ago

    Despite geography problem, China is able to overcome it. Thanks to president Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Austin Martín Hernández

    Okay you got something wrong that made me cringe. Politicians don't have to allow gun ownership. It's a constitutional right!

  • Sin fong Tsang
    Sin fong Tsang 14 hours ago

    Les Européens ne veulent pas l'Afrique se développe.

  • David Bardavidi
    David Bardavidi 14 hours ago

    Chinese will dump boeing due to the National security risk it poses to non-US nations as soon as their capabilities are in Sync.........Boeing is too involved in Arms manufacturing not to be involved in spying and Info. Extracting operations.......After all no one company in US has the Power to regulates itself unless involved in Covert ops.............The relationship of Boeing and the Defense dept. is too close and highly risky for any major Nation not to pay attention to...........Chinese might be Friendly and Diplomatic but would not take them for Naivity.........Selah

  • Omnigosh
    Omnigosh 14 hours ago

    Please come to 🅱️razil.

  • imcanada
    imcanada 14 hours ago

    "we have often been named the ash cloud cunts" - my history teacher in 2016

  • Jeff
    Jeff 15 hours ago

    These's a US military base in Hong Kong, anyone noticed that? LOL.

  • Eric Espinosa
    Eric Espinosa 15 hours ago

    Us propaganda. China tryna build and help its ppl. And by doing that they are also helping poor countries in the process. USA won’t even help it’s own ppl.

  • imcanada
    imcanada 15 hours ago

    my uncle made iceland economy crash. stoopid loser in jail now haha

  • Mia DoubleZeroSeven
    Mia DoubleZeroSeven 15 hours ago

    The “cheap” always becomes expensive. Thanks to the greed of corporations; America has decimated its manufacturing, transferred its wealth & handed over their blueprints...all whilst crushing the middle class. They were outplayed. SMH