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  • john eric santiago
    john eric santiago 47 seconds ago

    If they discover or tatse a filipino fod they will not stop eating

  • Richard Merrifield
    Richard Merrifield 5 minutes ago

    Why haven't the environmentalists and tree huggers not bitched about the total destruction of Smith's Cove.

  • Sovereign Principal
    Sovereign Principal 7 minutes ago

    I love this show

  • Bryan Schmidt
    Bryan Schmidt 8 minutes ago

    Lord alot os soo fake

  • Powerlifterusa
    Powerlifterusa 8 minutes ago

    $200 for the gator? You can get $10k selling a black bear’s gallbladder to Asians 😂

  • James Burke
    James Burke 8 minutes ago

    If willy needed any extra help I'd love to help him out there

  • K S
    K S 8 minutes ago

    Binge watching this on Netflix. Such great actors and content!

  • Coco
    Coco 9 minutes ago

    Shaw who wants dessert 🤣

  • Artistica36
    Artistica36 9 minutes ago

    water is better to quench

  • leen.v.r
    leen.v.r 10 minutes ago

    thanks 👍👍

  • plejaren giants
    plejaren giants 11 minutes ago

    At 26:52. The eye witness even said the creature he saw resembled a Neanderthal. That's exactly what Bigfoot is, just as researcher Lloyd Pye pointed out during his tenure. And that's exactly why the government, mainstream media and science must never acknowledge Bigfoot's existence. Because that would lead to detrimental can of academic worms that would rock the Rockefeller's scientific and academic paradigm. The whole system would shut down. Nobody would pay to send their kids to college anymore. It would be over. So the CIA controlled media just keep airing mainstream psyops propaganda TV shows like these that are designed to keep the public dumb, gullible and disinformed.

  • Ecstasy Sathyam
    Ecstasy Sathyam 13 minutes ago

    That one is definitely an thanos of real

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos 17 minutes ago

    This beats dieting all day long

  • Ask Whole
    Ask Whole 17 minutes ago

    welcome home heart attack

  • kaz9781
    kaz9781 18 minutes ago

    Im amazed nick is still able 2 compete at his age

  • Jay Crusher
    Jay Crusher 23 minutes ago

    Dude looks like Thomas müller

    • - BnQE -
      - BnQE - 19 minutes ago

      LOL - he does ...

  • SetEpic
    SetEpic 24 minutes ago

    i don't see any history in this video

    • LegacyFTW
      LegacyFTW 10 minutes ago

      Notice how at the start of the video it says "The way of life depicted in this program dates back more than 300 years"

  • Rakshit Dhasmana
    Rakshit Dhasmana 26 minutes ago

    0:30 Finish him!! 0:53 Fatality,Doug wins!

  • Chadwick MacArthur
    Chadwick MacArthur 27 minutes ago

    Lol the one-time ancient astronaut theorist say no lol

  • rushabh shah
    rushabh shah 28 minutes ago

    2Deaths started WW1 2Deaths ended WW2

  • Schematicash97
    Schematicash97 29 minutes ago

    Why does nick look and sound like human thanos

  • Daniel Randolph
    Daniel Randolph 29 minutes ago

    Good video besafe

  • gloria hodge
    gloria hodge 31 minute ago

    I’m surprised he’s doing this task solo. Gotta do what you gotta do. Bravo!!

  • Gaps XD
    Gaps XD 32 minutes ago


  • James Nichols
    James Nichols 33 minutes ago

    I bet the buyer made out like a bandit on that big gator. He can probably get $400 for just the head.

  • Good Luck
    Good Luck 34 minutes ago

    So corny. The one guy is like 2% asian so he does these stupid 'praying hands' motions and all kinds of goofy karate motions with every single knife or sword he touches it cracks my girl up everytime

  • amit yadav
    amit yadav 34 minutes ago

    Top Indian blades ?

  • Karandeep Singh
    Karandeep Singh 38 minutes ago

    1st here Like below 1 view 3 likes USclip is drunk again

  • mkl62
    mkl62 41 minute ago

    If they came back today, they'd turn around and leave. And what would they tell their superiors on their home planet? "We find no intelligent life in D.C."

  • blazingchristianfor THE LAMB OF GOD

    Its like a 4 brother and all 3 younger brothers got beat and their big bro avenged them

  • Dark Cloud
    Dark Cloud 54 minutes ago

    Now if military would share their "dart-tag" system with SOMEBODY you'd be able to follow the thing...oops...somebody ELSE would have to follow it because the person firing the tag would be assumed immediately dead....

  • Sam Ahtow
    Sam Ahtow 54 minutes ago

    _Strong and Pretty_

  • Amba Snakeman
    Amba Snakeman 55 minutes ago

    Due to eating every 2 hrs, do they frequent the toilet to 💩💩💩

  • Elijah Miskel
    Elijah Miskel 56 minutes ago

    Hahaha maybe cause he's old 🤣

  • ashraf jisthi
    ashraf jisthi 57 minutes ago

    They seem so nice, u know for guys who can literally snap me in half, I don’t know jus sayin 😐

  • El Matadores
    El Matadores 57 minutes ago

    This is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Bilal Philip
    Bilal Philip 58 minutes ago

    I love this guys

  • Aditya Hariyanto
    Aditya Hariyanto 59 minutes ago

    Thats more like "Balinese Keris" not "Javanese Keris"

  • Trilochan Dash
    Trilochan Dash Hour ago

    My favorite

  • Dahs Arckz
    Dahs Arckz Hour ago

    They are literally bigger than brock lesnar

  • ティアク
    ティアク Hour ago


    SYED AZEEM Hour ago

    Those humans work hard to build their city and we filthy lazy give their cridit to alien which we himself never found or get any pin size proof of their existance after such accomplishment in science... Its simply means that our attitude of not glorifying the great work of others doings remain same from ages ..

  • Pranay Tony
    Pranay Tony Hour ago

    Tesla actually understood the entire Concept of Electricity & Designed these Spacecrafts, Time Machine & all these things by reading all Hindu Indian Vedic Scriptures!! -------------------------- If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think about in terms of Energy, Vibration, Frequency! Tesla said this from The Hindu Indian Vedic Texts which says that, If you want to know Completely about God, think always in 3 methods, Aadhibhauthikam, AadhiDhaivikam, Aadhyaathmikam!

  • m beginization
    m beginization Hour ago

    The oldest mummies found in china were caucasoid

  • Pwner1
    Pwner1 Hour ago

    Real life ogre leadbelchers.

  • Tim Goodson
    Tim Goodson Hour ago

    New Age movement Satanic heathens Antichrist NWO agenda plain and simple!!! Don't be deceived perilous times is at hand repent now and follow Jesus Christ He is The Way The Truth and The Life!!!! 🙌✝️🙌

  • Alex Ruotolo
    Alex Ruotolo Hour ago

    not only do i have a viking ship but i also know what a cement mixer is

  • Ahrry depp
    Ahrry depp Hour ago

    How they can afford that amount of food evryday? What is there job ? Selling golds ?

  • Alix Dickson
    Alix Dickson Hour ago

    You can get the same gains and not have to defile your body with food.

  • LordGamingFtW
    LordGamingFtW Hour ago

    99% sure the tai chi sword is gonna be used by the new for honor hero

  • g3 solutions
    g3 solutions Hour ago

    First thing they are not aliens u idiots, they are God's.Change the Title .

  • Kharadipriyanshu Kharadipriyanshu

    Plz episode uplode in hindi

  • Yasser Khan
    Yasser Khan Hour ago


  • Chea Gamer
    Chea Gamer Hour ago

    Why am I so satisfying to hit the dummy

  • Aryan Bansode
    Aryan Bansode Hour ago

    Hinduism is the best religion (opinion) And it ‘s not alien

  • Jake Fitzhugh
    Jake Fitzhugh Hour ago

    Who is the weirdo swinging the sword? He looks and talks like a dude who came from a basement and study sword techniques on USclip

    SOLOMON DAVID Hour ago

    Olu punda vela venama da

  • Shae
    Shae Hour ago

    Lmfaooo the old man is ducking awesome!! May he Rest In Peace 👼🏻

  • SuperCake 22
    SuperCake 22 Hour ago

    "Don't worry, just pray to white Jesus, he'll allow you into heaven as long as you obey your master"

  • Suraj Mulik
    Suraj Mulik Hour ago

    Lol Michele Phelps have 12000 calories diet

  • The Man vs PC
    The Man vs PC Hour ago

    Man i bet they escaped Area 51 at the time

  • J James
    J James Hour ago

    Big t cute

  • Right Is Right!
    Right Is Right! Hour ago

    I love soft shell crab but man the was nauseatingly bad. It looked like they fried them too quickly and left the inside raw. 🤢

  • Kumar Trendzz
    Kumar Trendzz Hour ago

    i think russ wldve sent that alien stuff to scar us

  • nick perry
    nick perry Hour ago

    I have a theory that may explain some of this. The theory state's that 99% of what is said on this series is false but 100% of the pictures and people they show are true. Most people believe what they see and associate the words in the background. Given that it sounds somewhat intelligent and the letters PhD are flashed every so often the viewer will swallow hook, line, and sinker. Oh and show pictures of Einstein and Tesla too sometimes.

  • Djura Jovanovic
    Djura Jovanovic Hour ago

    The most unhealthy men in history

  • Henry Brata
    Henry Brata Hour ago

    Gunung Padang, it is pronounced "goo-noonk pa-dunk."

  • Dafruid Blackaxe

    It's human. Space Force.

  • John Carter
    John Carter Hour ago

    What if i told u 9/11 was caised by the United states itself?

  • TheZeroMonroe
    TheZeroMonroe 2 hours ago

    I love the support these guys give to each other

  • Satan Ybarra
    Satan Ybarra 2 hours ago

    Brian needs serious training on how to chop a tree lol

    YASH MANGAONKAR 2 hours ago

    Don't cut Tress man it's climate emergency

  • Ed Agilnugroho
    Ed Agilnugroho 2 hours ago

    Wow good taste

  • Desmond Redwine
    Desmond Redwine 2 hours ago

    Add the black guy with the ponytail in the back!

  • Abhi Prince
    Abhi Prince 2 hours ago

    Now, what will zakhir hussain say??? Page no. 43 aayat no. 83 bla bla😁😁

  • Junaid Iqbal
    Junaid Iqbal 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know MATT STONIE... search him on USclip..u wont be disappointed

  • cbjyajmommy -
    cbjyajmommy - 2 hours ago

    Now if I can only afford the accurate costumes...

  • June Christian
    June Christian 2 hours ago

    Oh you bet they real . i saw them landed in the phillipines batanggas. I dont have a footage but i remember their triangular ship.

  • Alec Cap
    Alec Cap 2 hours ago

    LMAO what a load of rubbish, without bothering to waste my time further. An expert will pop up, some guy with revelling top secrets, and no doubt a science officer that worked on the Moon for the last 5 years. Aliens and Weird Stuff on FB if you like this sort of junk, you're have a field day on my site

  • Ashok Rajpure
    Ashok Rajpure 2 hours ago

    I follow 10% i.e 1000 calories

  • Willy Wanka
    Willy Wanka 2 hours ago

    When you realise that nick is actually 1.88 meters tall and Robert and Brian still tower over him

  • krimosibi
    krimosibi 2 hours ago

    Wonder who brought the stones back to the start position

  • tommy gun
    tommy gun 2 hours ago

    Eddie Hall looks like a tattooed Private Paula on Steroids...

  • Snötårar 666
    Snötårar 666 3 hours ago

    Siiic The Almighty TR3B ASTRA

  • Mike Rockwood
    Mike Rockwood 3 hours ago

    Just think if we weren't paying a government to lie to us we could be traveling to the stars now.

  • jessie Parker
    jessie Parker 3 hours ago

    Now if Mel Gibson would only walk up and nail each one these guy's in the head with a rock.

  • Fiucik Miselfo
    Fiucik Miselfo 3 hours ago

    Oh, come-on. Enough is enough. Slavs were valued Roman slaves and are even called "sclave" in Latin but you keep repeating this black version of it. If you don't stop I'll tell you who and how got them to Rome.

  • flip gibbet
    flip gibbet 3 hours ago

    "HISTORY" channel

  • Nick Casab
    Nick Casab 3 hours ago

    Let’s all have a beer now lol

  • Emmanuel Nyongbo
    Emmanuel Nyongbo 3 hours ago

    Nice Chevy by the way!

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez 3 hours ago

    Yall wanna get heart disease?

  • Mikhail
    Mikhail 3 hours ago

    Africans aren't supposed to watch this (no offense meant to be a joke) 😂😂😂

  • Pavel dalesssandro
    Pavel dalesssandro 3 hours ago

    I love you but your heart telling me no lol

  • Assumpta Mercy
    Assumpta Mercy 3 hours ago

    💩 I can only imagine!

  • johny 2
    johny 2 3 hours ago

    I thought they can pull 20 mens .....just wastage of 10000 calorie diet

  • Ariffaqih Assim
    Ariffaqih Assim 3 hours ago


  • Xeno Bardock
    Xeno Bardock 3 hours ago

    First step to anti-gravity is nullifying weight. If you can't figure that out, you can't even begin to explain how ufo's work. Everyone already knows weight is not an inherent property of mass, right? That you weight zero in space. High voltage, high frequency, high current, dielectric materials with high dielectric constant and strength, pyramid and hexagon shapes, diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials, etc. are tools to figuring out how to nullify weight. Read books "Occult Ether Physics by William Lyne" and "Shape Power by Dan A. Davidson". Also read book "Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism" on ether.

  • izzy sparks
    izzy sparks 3 hours ago

    More curious how much that check was

  • Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse 3 hours ago

    You are great on that rack, Roxanne...... But WHY do customers want their meat "frenched"? I don't get it. 😲😲 Give me all that meat on the bone - the best part IMHO. 😋

  • eddie meduza
    eddie meduza 3 hours ago

    Hate the sound effekt in the kill test