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Heave Ho - Part 9 - Fartbeat
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  • jrock7598
    jrock7598 15 seconds ago

    Arin’s back to his super funny super cool “so random” commentary

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  • Ehhh Ohhh
    Ehhh Ohhh 2 minutes ago

    Nnnnot feeling these new video tittles there guys. Still love you, but...what the heck...

  • Chicken Doodle Soup
    Chicken Doodle Soup 3 minutes ago

    This entire series I can’t help but think of that seal that kept screaming *E G G*

  • Thomas Gurley
    Thomas Gurley 3 minutes ago

    "Couple of weeks ago" Jesus, how far in advance do they record these because I know theyre usually 3 weeks to a month in advance

  • WraythSkitzofrenik
    WraythSkitzofrenik 3 minutes ago


  • Ethan Severson
    Ethan Severson 3 minutes ago

    Happy Hanukkah 🕎 Dan

  • Keynoda
    Keynoda 4 minutes ago

    69 Dislikes 0w0, So hawt

  • Bitter Cider
    Bitter Cider 4 minutes ago

    GUYS you should play danganronpa 1 and 2!!!!!!

  • Samantha
    Samantha 5 minutes ago

    Maybe people say Ne-VAA-da instead of Ne-VAH-da because the Spanish were fricken aweful to the Native American people. And so, as a way to make it their own and spit on the Spanish, the people simply changed the pronunciation of the word rather than come up with an entirely different name? I don't really know. But if it were me, I'd keep the name but mispronounce it as a way of making it my own and rubbing it in my oppressors' faces.

  • Super Mario Xander
    Super Mario Xander 5 minutes ago


  • On The Move
    On The Move 7 minutes ago

    Now I am just waiting for the sudden increase in Google searches for what is a phone booth from your younger viewers

  • Reneé
    Reneé 7 minutes ago

    Oh this is delightful I'm so happy

  • Ryan Keegan
    Ryan Keegan 7 minutes ago

    I'd love to see you play more of this!

  • Panda Funkey
    Panda Funkey 8 minutes ago

    they have to do a compilation of game grumps singing in videos

  • Carter Alphonso
    Carter Alphonso 8 minutes ago

    anyone else catch "eat the groundskeeper's ass?"

  • Killer Bunny
    Killer Bunny 9 minutes ago

    Please do more!!

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 9 minutes ago

    0:24 day 100,000 on waiting on them to play Luigi's mansion and zelda...not getting any younger

  • BonkersTundra31
    BonkersTundra31 10 minutes ago

    How is it that everyone who plays this game finds the flower bed as maybe the best place to be an annoyance?

  • Verticom 1
    Verticom 1 10 minutes ago

    This game stole Botw's soundtrack, tsk tsk

  • TheFliggityfloo
    TheFliggityfloo 10 minutes ago

    Indivisble when?

  • Tweed Dingus
    Tweed Dingus 11 minutes ago

    Arin: Oh look, I untied your shoes. How’d you like that? Hahaha. Doubt there’s any reason for that. Also Arin: hOw dO i gEt HiM tO tAkE oFf HiS gLaSsEs? 😑😑

  • Jesse Hummel
    Jesse Hummel 11 minutes ago

    When you turn down on a quote from Aflac

  • Daniel Rinaldi
    Daniel Rinaldi 11 minutes ago

    untie the kid's shoe laces

  • Whitley Langford
    Whitley Langford 11 minutes ago

    Is Dan stoned in this play through

  • Emilienne Casseus
    Emilienne Casseus 12 minutes ago

    Goose Game: The game where your job is to be the town's greatest asshole

  • Just Vinnie
    Just Vinnie 14 minutes ago

    I like how Dan in the thumbnail is wearing the baker boy from tf2 lol

  • Christopher Majewski
    Christopher Majewski 14 minutes ago

    RICK! I’m outside!

  • CeciliaOfSweden
    CeciliaOfSweden 16 minutes ago

    Metal Gear Goose! Also, would you please consider playing this again? :)

  • Bewe Issor
    Bewe Issor 17 minutes ago

    Wait, am I having a deja vu or did they already play this game? I've seen a lot of playthrough and I was pretty sure they had done it

  • Richard Avelino
    Richard Avelino 18 minutes ago

    Ya Sherbies!

  • SeveralCakes
    SeveralCakes 18 minutes ago

    Why did you type the title like Gamzee?

  • PidgePotato
    PidgePotato 19 minutes ago


  • Tiger Lanturn
    Tiger Lanturn 19 minutes ago

    I really hope they play more of this. Lots of good laughs were had this day

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek 19 minutes ago

    Moar liek frolf

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 20 minutes ago

    Anyone else see that the list said "Eat the Groundkeepers ass"? I suspect Ben is responsible...

  • A cucumbered pickle
    A cucumbered pickle 21 minute ago

    You guys need to play shovel knight king of cards, or maybe showdown

  • Paige Morrison
    Paige Morrison 21 minute ago

    This will forever be my favourite series to watch hahaha I swear I've watched every episode 15 times, it's just childhood memories I love this game

  • Victoria N
    Victoria N 21 minute ago

    More goose gaaaameeeee!!

  • Full-Metal-Girl
    Full-Metal-Girl 22 minutes ago

    Arin: "How can I get him wet?" Dan: "With the hose." Me: "MASTERPIECE! 10/10"

  • AltoRoark
    AltoRoark 23 minutes ago


  • Rain_Man23
    Rain_Man23 24 minutes ago

    It has been 0 days since Arin’s last beatbox

  • Hopeful Hyena
    Hopeful Hyena 24 minutes ago

    titles are getting real clickbait recently

  • Omar Castillo
    Omar Castillo 25 minutes ago

    This game is perfect for UScliprs. I hope the developer get its money from them because i dont gonna buy the game after i get my fill with this video.

  • Richard Avelino
    Richard Avelino 25 minutes ago

    This was a damn pleasure to watch. Good job, dooooood

  • Eli Jones
    Eli Jones 25 minutes ago

    Peace was never an option. STAB STAB STAB -the goose

  • Musicman928
    Musicman928 26 minutes ago

    You'd think they'd learn not to jump everytime or chase when it's completely useless, but they don't.

  • Luigi number 1
    Luigi number 1 27 minutes ago

    1:13 hah!

  • Christine Stevenson
    Christine Stevenson 28 minutes ago

    Please play more of this.

  • Ari-Pekka Savolainen
    Ari-Pekka Savolainen 28 minutes ago

    Please, do continue this. We beg you.

  • OmercNeb
    OmercNeb 29 minutes ago

    It has been 0 days since Arin has last beatboxed

  • Writing is my passion
    Writing is my passion 30 minutes ago

    8:33 I hope that was a Bill Burr reference, never fails to make me laugh

  • Samantha Ketel
    Samantha Ketel 31 minute ago

    More pllzzzz

  • Cameron J. Wallace
    Cameron J. Wallace 31 minute ago

    Arin, finally getting a non-handholdy game: WHERE ARE SOME OBJECTIVES?

  • Spira
    Spira 32 minutes ago

    “Don’t get long-haired cats if you don’t want hair everywhere” Me, covered in hair and holding my huge ass long-haired cat: haha yeah

  • MedsDen
    MedsDen 34 minutes ago


  • Hannah Stevenon
    Hannah Stevenon 34 minutes ago

    More goose!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • yamahadrag69
    yamahadrag69 35 minutes ago

    19:52 Arin failed to eat the groundskeeper's ass. o3o

  • seamonsters knit
    seamonsters knit 35 minutes ago

    YAY I'm so glad you're playing Goose Game! 💕

  • Mario Mendoza
    Mario Mendoza 36 minutes ago

    This makes me remember the "Goose House" puzzle from their Wheel of Fortune playthrough.

  • Amola XD
    Amola XD 36 minutes ago

    You forgot to make the farmers put on the sun hat

  • Povilas Berniukevičius
    Povilas Berniukevičius 36 minutes ago


  • Stryker1500
    Stryker1500 37 minutes ago

    Danny:"Tails is a boy right?" Arin:*flashbacks to the mountains of sonicxtails porn online* "Yes"

  • sophigames87
    sophigames87 37 minutes ago

    should've played with ross he would've loved this he would've been this. and if he has playe dit sorry id don't watch his streams.

  • Zeacorzeppelin10
    Zeacorzeppelin10 40 minutes ago


  • Don
    Don 40 minutes ago

    Knowing nothing of this game, seeing the objective "Make the kid wear the wrong glasses" It seems obvious to me that you are supposed to untie his shoes, scare him to make him trip then switch out the glasses. Is Arin even an actual gamer?

  • BigRgo YT
    BigRgo YT 40 minutes ago

    Part 2 PLEAZE

  • Remedi
    Remedi 41 minute ago


  • Samson
    Samson 41 minute ago

    "Eat the groundskeeper's ass." I wonder who added that...

  • alex
    alex 42 minutes ago

    goose time goose time goose time goose time goose time goose time goose time goose time goose time goose time goose time g

  • Lauchlin MacPhee
    Lauchlin MacPhee 45 minutes ago

    Huzzah, time for Goose Grumps.

  • Factorem 93
    Factorem 93 46 minutes ago

    I know the titles are the way they are to support the algorithm, but they're getting really cringey at this point.

  • TobieeR
    TobieeR 49 minutes ago

    Ben is a legend with that huffpuff edit

  • hamburgerdog25
    hamburgerdog25 51 minute ago

    Seeing them trying to figure out sonething that you already know the clear and obvious answer to is like watching Dora ask where the ground is

  • Lesom 06
    Lesom 06 52 minutes ago

    Anyone else get a beyblade ad for this?

  • Richie Tozier
    Richie Tozier 52 minutes ago

    All I want in life is more toilet princess, and my soul is rotting without it.

  • Shady Wolf
    Shady Wolf 54 minutes ago

    Little late but I'm glad you guys got around to playing this.

  • Rexona Tyleer
    Rexona Tyleer 54 minutes ago

    This is that fuckin song at the credits of eragon

  • Lord Crispen
    Lord Crispen 55 minutes ago

    "Can't shake hands with a ghost!" nice one Danny boy. (search SNL Match'd Woody Harrelson)

  • DanchiPLAYS
    DanchiPLAYS 55 minutes ago

    You should make Danny play Pokémon Sword and shieldddddd

  • Jacob White
    Jacob White 55 minutes ago

    When Dan said turn on the hose I was just waiting for Arin to say “That’s all I do, you know what I’m sayin’”

  • Mackenzie Strong
    Mackenzie Strong 55 minutes ago

    Funny that this video came out the same day I decided to finally buy it haha

  • kris
    kris 55 minutes ago

    Moar plz. Thx.

  • Bazil
    Bazil 55 minutes ago

    "Why do you want to go into the furnace?! What is your problem?!" Arin asking a Jew the real questions.

  • Z28Jungle
    Z28Jungle 58 minutes ago

    I really want Arin and Dan to play Rivals of Aether workshop

  • Tian Tiger
    Tian Tiger 59 minutes ago

    Awesome video! I don't know if it will work, but I know you can untie the boys laces. So maybe try that and his glasses might fall off when he bends down? 🙂

  • eins2001
    eins2001 59 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie, that volcano track set off my anxiety

  • trefrog
    trefrog Hour ago

    ERROR-FP19 looks like a telephone on the right... maybe this game requires a modem

  • JonTheArtist
    JonTheArtist Hour ago

    I love this

  • Homsar Probably
    Homsar Probably Hour ago

    How can yo uNOT say R.L. Stein is the Walt Disney of Goosebumpsland? Thats exactly what he is

  • Guy Watson
    Guy Watson Hour ago

    id watch another episode of this

  • trefrog
    trefrog Hour ago

    tries to play a bootleg cartridge designed for a bootleg console using a hacked emulator designed to play licensed Nintendo/Famicom cartridges doesn't understand why it's not working

  • Penny Pincher
    Penny Pincher Hour ago

    Eat Prilosec it will bring u joy

  • the big gay
    the big gay Hour ago

    The 94 people who disliked this video are the townsfolk of the goose

  • Tea Leaf
    Tea Leaf Hour ago


  • TheLivingBluejay

    12:34 - Danny: That apple's my jam! And so is THE JAM... As you may have expected. 😒

  • Ryan Carrell
    Ryan Carrell Hour ago


  • Fiona Sweeney
    Fiona Sweeney Hour ago

    Arin immediately figuring out how you make the boy wear the wrong glasses and then doing... NOTHING at all to attempt it is the WORST thing to watch 😂

  • TopWaffle
    TopWaffle Hour ago

    That isn't a backpack...