The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 46 minutes ago

    How can someone be so beautiful?

  • Mark Sandlin
    Mark Sandlin 46 minutes ago

    Ugh! Lol goosebumps!

  • Nicolas Stabilini
    Nicolas Stabilini 46 minutes ago

    It’s obviously how he made it... He’s an outstanding wizard

  • Eda
    Eda 46 minutes ago


  • Avinash Anand
    Avinash Anand 47 minutes ago

    There was no piece of card in shin Lin's hands when he asked Jimmy to blow

  • psychgenious11
    psychgenious11 47 minutes ago

    Bitch aged like milk

  • Peatear Griffin
    Peatear Griffin 48 minutes ago

    Fuck you Fallon! Fuck you!

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 49 minutes ago


  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 49 minutes ago

    Fallon, was für ein Schlappschwanz...

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 49 minutes ago


  • 5thcellar
    5thcellar 50 minutes ago

    In hindsight...Ed was stoned off his ass everyday at work, wasn't he?

  • PJ
    PJ 50 minutes ago

    I want somebody to look at me the way shay look at g

  • Muha Vmoloke
    Muha Vmoloke 51 minute ago

    wow, what a terrible guest.. at the end he wanted to push his finger into Jimmys throat I guess.. I hope never seeing him ever again .

  • Knoedel Toni
    Knoedel Toni 51 minute ago

    Gal Gadot, the kosher daintiness... So adorable... I love her...

  • H
    H 52 minutes ago

    I don’t mean to exaggerate but Fallon should be in prison.

  • Benjamin Torfs
    Benjamin Torfs 54 minutes ago

    How is this in the "history of..." format and do they do all the sings out of order? This is just a medley.

  • lina restrepo
    lina restrepo 55 minutes ago


  • saskiapanter
    saskiapanter 55 minutes ago

    Thank you to my German teacher, and to Sesamestreet in German. I watched it when I was very young, it taught me the language at a very young age. Oh I'm from the Netherlands, and no, German is not just like Dutch, it's still a whole lot different. 😉

  • Kno Name
    Kno Name 55 minutes ago

    "Slap your back to realiy tv"..😄😅😂"i'm pull in a Scaramuchi up in this b..tch"

  • rick Cadillac
    rick Cadillac 55 minutes ago

    Gucci mane look like he just hit a nice line. Of that snow. Lol

  • Eugene Paul Abante
    Eugene Paul Abante 56 minutes ago

    How can someone unlike this???

  • יואב משעול
    יואב משעול 56 minutes ago

    amazing scene and acting 10/10

  • zophy08
    zophy08 56 minutes ago

    Mulan, Rapunzel and Hercules: okay byyyeeeee~ 😢

  • Symphonie 22
    Symphonie 22 57 minutes ago

    Céline Dion ? Satanique ! Célinununu 👿🤘🤮

  • Katie Larios
    Katie Larios 57 minutes ago

    Imagine is Lili did put out a book full of the things she say while drunk. It would sell out in seconds. Also be called “Deep talks with L”

  • ICaNtThINkofACooName 30
    ICaNtThINkofACooName 30 57 minutes ago

    She’s easily still one of the most beautiful girls ever.

  • BBarts 1997
    BBarts 1997 57 minutes ago


  • Jay Gee's House of Expression

    What an amazing duet ! Jimmy Fallon is really good at impersonating with an awesome voice ! Kristen Bell has that so perfect Disney voice ! Two beautiful beings right there !

  • Roya F
    Roya F 59 minutes ago

    u guys that's most likely one of her old phones which she doesn't use anymore. there's not a chance she doesn't have at least the iPhone X

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG 59 minutes ago

    I like how they have lavalier mics but still have a mic on the table

  • thebruce
    thebruce 59 minutes ago

    This was surprisingly entertaining :D

  • Nicole Adel
    Nicole Adel 59 minutes ago

    Is it just me or does Jimmy seem a little sad in this vid? Jimmy, who hurt you??

  • saeedur rahman
    saeedur rahman Hour ago

    Tony hale is 49

  • Andrea
    Andrea Hour ago

    JUST LET HER SPEAK srry he keeps interrupting her

  • saeedur rahman
    saeedur rahman Hour ago

    Tig is 48 years old

  • Ed killnightlinger

    not funny. old SNL was funny. bee people, land shark, norge repairman. I can go on and on. this on now is crap.

  • Alcatraz
    Alcatraz Hour ago

    Oh my God, she's a synth, we need to destroy her, for the Brotherhood of Steel.



  • King EVOII
    King EVOII Hour ago

    pedo witch

  • javier martinez
    javier martinez Hour ago

    Triple bald.

  • Vann Helsin
    Vann Helsin Hour ago

    They look more twins than arnold and Danny devito

  • Beth Is-Grateful

    Yeah Baby!! That’s my Oregonian right there!! Go Colin! You can do it! 👍🏼❤️

  • Jonah Jairah Biscocho

    this is my favorite video on youtube

  • Guled Ishak
    Guled Ishak Hour ago

    Celine dicaprio

  • Tammy Brantley
    Tammy Brantley Hour ago

    Love her she’s the new cool!

  • Blast TV
    Blast TV Hour ago

    Silly Rachel. You fail to state what statute he violated. Your interpretation of the law isnt what is important. You havent come up with anything of value in the last 3 years except the fact that you are a very emotional idiot

  • rain mayday
    rain mayday Hour ago

    love how he didn’t scream every word until told not to. i hate this guy.

  • Zodiac Dracula
    Zodiac Dracula Hour ago

    Art isn't real .... image is everything !!!

  • Eli Does DVD Openings

    You should listen to Hugh jackman

  • rain mayday
    rain mayday Hour ago

    why does jimmy keep having this dude when hes absolutely childish and deliberately does things he is told not to , and you can clearly see and feel how much tension is between them. they do not like each other and you can see it clear as day.

  • Sofía Ramírez
    Sofía Ramírez Hour ago

    Like: Finn Like: Millie Like: Caleb Like: Dustin

  • JeyB
    JeyB Hour ago


  • Louie chombo
    Louie chombo Hour ago

    Jimmy has way too many black friends😂😂😂 his gesture at 3:18 tells it all.

  • Cristian Alpizar

    So much Beauty, it’s unreal...

  • eli 97
    eli 97 Hour ago

    I can’t believe she didn’t sing 😢 Loved the interview by the way!

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba 50 minutes ago

      @eli 97 Yes, that would have been nice. I love her music. The only song I hate was My Heart Will Go On.

    • eli 97
      eli 97 55 minutes ago

      Nellie K. Adaba well yes, but I meant one of her new songs.

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba 58 minutes ago

      She sang a little bit.

  • Lilhippo Playz
    Lilhippo Playz Hour ago

    Green screen lmao

  • Randy Poor
    Randy Poor Hour ago

    Rhett and Link bombed

  • El dorado
    El dorado Hour ago

    What the hell is she wearing? Drapes

  • Johnny Green
    Johnny Green Hour ago

    She is the perfect woman physically

  • Makary Sierpinski

    Is nobody gonna talk about the keyboard guy wearing a Cher t-shirt?

  • saeedur rahman
    saeedur rahman Hour ago

    Everyone Colin is 34

  • modarXmodar
    modarXmodar Hour ago

    Loove her

  • Annika K.
    Annika K. Hour ago

    It is kind of scary...

  • Misslanie Merced


  • Yellow Rose
    Yellow Rose Hour ago

    She needs to relax. So accusational with Jimmy. Jimmy's a sweetheart. Settle down Celine.

  • fun-with-nickline

    💪Celine Dion Idol.💪

  • Eron Plays
    Eron Plays Hour ago

    Jimmy: do you feel like part of the family now Sadie: yeah I do Milly: *ahem*

  • Edward Kinsey
    Edward Kinsey Hour ago

    Was at work when a old man said to me: You look like my son in law. I replied: Really? Old man: Yes. He’s 48 years old. I said: Great. I’M 28 YEARS OLD. SO THERE FOR I LOOK 20 YEARS OLDER TO THIS GUY

  • Robin S
    Robin S Hour ago

    I'm going to date myself, but I was in college when that song "Hanging By a Moment" by Lifehouse came out. Our downstairs neighbors threw a party, got drunk (I'm assuming), and blasted that song on repeat for like 2 hours. It was years before I could stand to listen to it again.

  • Blazyn
    Blazyn Hour ago

    One pair of undies 😩🥴

  • Tammy Brantley
    Tammy Brantley Hour ago

    Best to you Colin!!

  • peace
    peace Hour ago

    ya'll couldn't pick a thumbnail where ya boi shin doesn't look like an asian chucky doll

  • peter papadimitriou

    Funny stuff I still love Robert Downey Jr as iron man

  • Kill the Sloth
    Kill the Sloth Hour ago

    The best part is that Jimmy Fallon was actually the drummer in the "More Cowbell" SNL skit with Will Ferrell.

  • Luqe Prisecaru
    Luqe Prisecaru Hour ago

    "ed gervais" as in "ricky gervais"? cmon catch up to it already

  • Gloria Hufnagel
    Gloria Hufnagel Hour ago


  • Lauren's Random Thoughts

    I think they forgot about Mulan.

  • Pankaj Sandhu
    Pankaj Sandhu Hour ago

    Am I me? Or me is I? Who Am I?

  • Wasted Talentz
    Wasted Talentz Hour ago

    Who TF is Chad Smith 😂👀

  • Jay_ youngBOI
    Jay_ youngBOI Hour ago

    Dang that rap made a whole forest fite becasue her rap was so fire!

  • Anderson Amaral
    Anderson Amaral Hour ago


  • Maurice Bull
    Maurice Bull Hour ago

    Yea Gucci mature and growed up.

  • Joseph Swift
    Joseph Swift Hour ago

    Maddow is a hack not a journalist. She misleads her small liberal audience everyday. Trump 2020. IG report shortly. Bring the tears.

  • Makeup by Carro
    Makeup by Carro Hour ago

    Impossible not to love her

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba Hour ago

      Yes, and she's so funny. I love her since the 1990s, when she was singing in French, and then when she started singing in English.

  • N. Kurt
    N. Kurt Hour ago

    i'm the english comment u searched

  • BaMenace
    BaMenace Hour ago


    ALEX GIBSON Hour ago

    The door was barely above water, they would have both gone under, and froze to death

  • bill mcdonald
    bill mcdonald Hour ago

    She wears that dark eye liner mighty fine very sexy lady call me sometime Celine 3434321234

  • Izere Lynda
    Izere Lynda Hour ago

    He is so much fun! I just browse the internet looking for Will Smith being Will Smith.

  • amaniESPANOL
    amaniESPANOL Hour ago

    Jimmy annoyed me in this video

  • shawolmblft
    shawolmblft Hour ago

    i love her

  • Craig Lyle
    Craig Lyle Hour ago

    At least we know where all that charity money went now

  • Rayne Michael
    Rayne Michael Hour ago

    She’s beyond amazing! She needs a whole album already😍

  • amaniESPANOL
    amaniESPANOL Hour ago

    I love lili lmao

  • Brownies 123
    Brownies 123 Hour ago

    My birthday's in October but I freaking love her song October😂

  • MxLaelia
    MxLaelia Hour ago

    Aww I love this! She is such an inspiration <3

  • Scout Dog
    Scout Dog Hour ago

    Don Junior 46 times 2.

  • FacheChanteDeux
    FacheChanteDeux Hour ago

    I love Celine. She has such a good sense of humor.

  • Pawee Sayson
    Pawee Sayson Hour ago

    He should stop messing with those cards and find a way to go to a good hairdresser.

  • Cyndie-Anjell Vernet

    I swear that damn Miley Cyrus song (PITUSA) has a spell on it... to compel you to sing along even if you don't wanna.😐