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  • Rocky Vela
    Rocky Vela 6 minutes ago

    All theses - you hit me , i hit you fighters are basic square and stiff..

  • A. L
    A. L 20 minutes ago

    Reyes fucking sucks. Just like this mother fuckers video.. weidman is a trashcan

  • Denis Baurier
    Denis Baurier 28 minutes ago

    It's me or Jon looked a little bit high right there?? 😂😂

  • FernDawg
    FernDawg 49 minutes ago

    Where's the KO? U show us a leg kick then a lil grappling.. thats it? This sucked!

  • Re-Education Camp
    Re-Education Camp 59 minutes ago

    colby is fucking hilarious

  • Ryan Scarborough

    Work. Somnen is famous for them.

  • FeedGotcha
    FeedGotcha Hour ago

    19:44 Conor noticing his belt isn’t on the table 😂

  • 911247666
    911247666 Hour ago

    Weidman vs. Rockhold for the WashedUP Belt

  • aung aung
    aung aung Hour ago


  • Qurban Hemidov
    Qurban Hemidov 2 hours ago

    Hebibi sevenler layk atsin

  • J R
    J R 3 hours ago

    Report: Conor McGregor investigated for second sexual assault allegation in Ireland

  • burritowendel
    burritowendel 3 hours ago

    bones vs walker.

  • Zanzillah Saruji
    Zanzillah Saruji 3 hours ago

    He is Toooooooo drunk until he doesn't know what he is talking about. Just like small kid.. Arrogant and selfish..

  • Dennis Fehr
    Dennis Fehr 4 hours ago

    So en ............

  • Florian Assany
    Florian Assany 4 hours ago

    Khabib sei grande 🖐🖐

  • Javier Vasquez
    Javier Vasquez 4 hours ago

    It’s 2019 this is still 🔥

  • Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy Williams 4 hours ago

    Love the way he walks in full of swag drinking a beer with the belt over his shoulder.

  • Lilbenz
    Lilbenz 5 hours ago

    Nate be like , everybody on steroids , Dana Be like 😳

  • William Stalvey
    William Stalvey 5 hours ago

    Does Weidnan ever win a fight, dude gets knocked out every time.....

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    So what does she mean by that???

  • FeedGotcha
    FeedGotcha 6 hours ago

    15:22 Jon gets jumpy when he hears steroids

  • Micha Bosnjak Strack van Schijndel

    Everyone know this going to happen to Weidman. Must be a eye opener for Weidman but still in denial. Dom reyes against Smith, one fight away from Jones. I really don't know iff Dom got what it takes to get the W against Jones. Come on Dana make it happen. Smith 🥇 against Dom reyes will give him a new fight whit Jones, and a good tune up fight for Dom Reyes. So is everyone got what the want. Especially the fans. Love to watch Dom Reyes against Thiago S iff he can beat them both He will beat Jones as well a healthy Thiago can beat Jones. O lot off work for Dana... Read 💵...

  • bina ariani
    bina ariani 7 hours ago

    “And that fight for you was very hard for you” hahahahhahahhaha look how khabib shaking his head like “ I was jokin with dat guy” who is next “ I come here to smash dis guy” Since than “smash burger” start havin better bussines to smash

    KINGTIGER4LIFE 77 7 hours ago

    You not beating JUNKIE Jones...taco Reyes bell,,as much I hate saying.

  • M.
    M. 7 hours ago

    Weidman should just retire.

  • danmenification
    danmenification 7 hours ago

    Weidman has been overrated all his life. He was lucky to beat Silva while he was toying with him. Weidman was garbage, he’s still garbage and he’ll be garbage.

    • kim kardachienne
      kim kardachienne 7 hours ago

      @danmenification that just facts

    • danmenification
      danmenification 7 hours ago

      kim kardachienne hahaha what ever makes you happy.

    • tas tiger
      tas tiger 7 hours ago

      Well, he did win 'fighter of the year' at the mma awards in 2013

    • kim kardachienne
      kim kardachienne 7 hours ago

      lol weidman was wining both fight

  • Charles
    Charles 7 hours ago

    Any other middleweight who thought running up to LHW will be a breeze

  • David Fulcher
    David Fulcher 7 hours ago

    I'm not a Chris Weidman fan but these jokes about him beating an old Anderson silva need to stop and so do the excuses. yeah Silva was clowning around and blah blah. Everyone says weidmans chin hasn't been the same since romero? well Silva wasn't the same after Weidman. that's the sport. And he beat Silva twice and defended the title more times than the last THREE champions combined. actually no one has defended it since him. stop kicking people when they're down folks. Fuck.

    • sukisuzuki10
      sukisuzuki10 2 hours ago

      David Fulcher You just slayed me with those stats

  • Idkwtfux
    Idkwtfux 8 hours ago

    Chris Rockhold

  • Fernando Huerta
    Fernando Huerta 8 hours ago

    How tf yall gonna show highlights without the most important part? Pretty stupid if you ask me..

    • 6 hours ago

      Fernando Huerta I wish we could, but as credentialed media we are limited by the footage the UFC allows us to use. We showed you all the fight footage they gave us of this fight. Thanks for the support!

    • tas tiger
      tas tiger 7 hours ago

      I don't think they are allowed to show much, the UFC owns the footage and this channel could be shut down (or sued) when word got back, and it would! Copyright violations or some or any mma channels still have to pay for most of the footage

  • ocean ocean
    ocean ocean 8 hours ago

    smart prostitute run before Dana s wife get to her 😂😂😂

  • Marcus De Villiers
    Marcus De Villiers 9 hours ago

    Stop disliking you cunts

  • CreamyBone
    CreamyBone 9 hours ago

    At least his foot wasn't a balloon.

  • Antonius Joseph
    Antonius Joseph 9 hours ago

    Weidman comes from Middleweight into lightheavy weight, and it really needs effort, not at his best class

  • POC Skellington
    POC Skellington 9 hours ago

    Jones runs over pregnate woman does coke and steroids makes weight but never makes the fight 😅

  • POC Skellington
    POC Skellington 9 hours ago

    Jon jones is a hobo

  • RoSs
    RoSs 10 hours ago

    Mareta for the belt

  • Paschan TOPs
    Paschan TOPs 10 hours ago

    So you tell us about the fight and show us some footage but not the most interesting part? How is that make sense... sir???

    • 6 hours ago

      Tas Tiger is correct. We can only show you footage that the UFC makes available to us. We showed all the footage they sent us on this fight. If we stole their footage we could lose our channel and our credentials.

    • tas tiger
      tas tiger 7 hours ago

      I doubt they are allowed to...copyright violations and all that, the UFC own the footage, it's still for sale...

  • Sabrina Shoff
    Sabrina Shoff 10 hours ago

    And now he's the champ!

  • Lunapatch Raids
    Lunapatch Raids 10 hours ago

    Where’s the footage of the knockout?

    • 6 hours ago

      Lunapatch Raids The UFC did not make that footage available to us. ESPN has paid a lot of money for the licensing rights to the fights. So do you think the UFC is going to devalue their product by giving to everybody for free?

  • Windmill cancer survivor ?windmill

    Poor weidman there’s no more old Brazilians for him 😁

    • Bernie R.
      Bernie R. 9 hours ago

      Lol so true. And he only won against Anderson was cuz Anderson was trying to show off and it backfired

    • Paschan TOPs
      Paschan TOPs 10 hours ago


  • A M
    A M 10 hours ago

    Weidman needs to hang it up 1-5 in his last six all KO defeats his chin never was the same since the Yoel Cuban flying missile and the failed wheel kick attempt on Rockhold

    • JamieBordbar
      JamieBordbar 4 hours ago

      A M so crazy how the failed wheel has had such a massive effect in his career. That one moment , he seems never to have recovered from. Tbh it was a missile and a lot of people are before and after in terms of yoel.

  • CÓDIGO 007
    CÓDIGO 007 10 hours ago

    🇧🇷MARRETA 3 X 2 JONS

  • raflifernanda 308
    raflifernanda 308 11 hours ago


  • angel cabrera
    angel cabrera 11 hours ago

    Khabib vs isreal adesanya

  • Alejandro Man
    Alejandro Man 11 hours ago

    After the fact. Its easy to say But. negore the fight You could not predict it

  • Asti89
    Asti89 12 hours ago

    Joanna has bigger tits now, right? BTW n1 fight, waiting the next event

  • Randy Sly
    Randy Sly 12 hours ago

    WORD-up! cant wait to see Jone's spit up teeth to the "Last-Style-bender"!

  • Ali Farokhi
    Ali Farokhi 14 hours ago

    Colby you wont get to far with trumps CUM on your face. I can see ball marks on your face lol

  • Buju Banton
    Buju Banton 16 hours ago

    this MMA fighters get in this pro-wrestling gimmicks/personas and totally lose themself into their characters and throw their self-awareness away, yeah piss off Dana who is even more of a scumbag than you and has over the years hold grudges against fighters regarless of their status or how much income they make for the company sometimes for the pettiest of reasons, that wake up call hit him at the end real quick

  • Noname 1st
    Noname 1st 16 hours ago

    Did you know, Colby keeps his belt on when getting his prostate examined and whispers trump is in me when poked

  • XxOmegaslayerxX
    XxOmegaslayerxX 18 hours ago

    Dana still looks like Thumb till this day

  • Admiral greenbull
    Admiral greenbull 18 hours ago

    If that whiskey make u humble i will buy it every day.

  • Emma Shalliker
    Emma Shalliker 18 hours ago

    This is why aliens don't come.

  • Nat20 Damage
    Nat20 Damage 19 hours ago

    I honestly don’t see how anyone as a fighter can think jumping on someone after they tripped over backwards after dodging a punch counts as “ winning “ by knockout.

  • un knoxn
    un knoxn 20 hours ago

    6:25 🔥🔥🔥

  • rush el toro rojo Vera

    Eso le pasa por gey

  • Ace Dela Cruz
    Ace Dela Cruz 21 hour ago

    thanks luke. lol hahahahhahaa

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 22 hours ago

    Sonnen loses every fight I watch him in

  • Patonah Siti
    Patonah Siti 23 hours ago

    Alhamdulilah , l❤️ Khabib Indonesia

  • Otabek Abdujalilov
    Otabek Abdujalilov 23 hours ago

    Давай Хабиб давай

  • farhan labib
    farhan labib Day ago

    cm punk should've grabbed his arm and delivered a gts

  • Bryan Pinto
    Bryan Pinto Day ago

    Colby is #1 douchebag

  • In Korea
    In Korea Day ago

    Nunes is disgusting

  • Mine Strap
    Mine Strap Day ago

    What happened I was looking at those fine looking ladies in the background yum yum 😋

  • Тахир Токтабаев

    Петух он и в Ирландии 🐓

  • Walidi Yono
    Walidi Yono Day ago

    Khabib really good

  • removal man
    removal man Day ago

    If there is a picture of a douchbag in the dictionary it has to be tito.

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark Day ago

    Now you know his knee issues idiot. Bisping would of whipped your ass with one eye and one good knee

  • symphony heart

    *Lord Have Mercy*

  • tav finkelstein

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that this dude has a flip-phone

  • Jeremy Burkhart

    i dont really like tito but he was the first one to call out dana on under paying the ufc fighters ...dana a bitch

  • marc benoit
    marc benoit Day ago

    Ya...came to North America...see him deplete...what a phenomenon

  • riikerman
    riikerman Day ago

    Romero vs. Adesanya

  • Scott Wagley
    Scott Wagley Day ago

    This is an athletic commission? Jesus......

  • Karen
    Karen Day ago


  • Christopher Gonzalez

    Video was trash, showed the main even fight with the 5-7 different slides if you will on repeat 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 7creedman
    7creedman Day ago

    Dana is an ASSHOLE

  • randall s walker

    O'Hell Cheal......tha BAD GUY!!

  • Ngongo Gongo
    Ngongo Gongo Day ago

    Big Willy Claudia

  • stop92
    stop92 Day ago

    I love Cruz He ate his words here 😏 Garbrant came along and played Dom at his own game.

  • Jake Voorhees
    Jake Voorhees Day ago

    How are you not going to show the KO

  • Anferny Garcia

    En otra aprende a dar la mano pa que no te saquen la.muerda

  • CeldomSeen aka JohnMuhammad

    Still love UFC

  • Iamzombiehunter

    Hahaha this is an extremely STUPID Video with bla, bla, bla disappointing coverage and loop, loop, loop. MMA WEEKLY if you want to cover and post a fight don't be a cheap ass, pay the PPV fee and use it during your coverage. Other wise you just look silly with your never ending looping.

  • Samuel Madrid
    Samuel Madrid Day ago

    Dana hates Hispanics

  • Israel ‘lasagne’ Adesanya

    Chael honestly shits all over McGregor’s talk game

  • Sanctum
    Sanctum Day ago

    anyone remember Chandella, the Danny Glover lookalike octagon girl? Yeah... she disappeared right quick too.

  • Clasher
    Clasher Day ago

    2019: I just came here to have a laugh

  • Tatanka T
    Tatanka T Day ago

    When uncle Chael speaks you sit down and shut up!!

  • sara Wright
    sara Wright 2 days ago

    All that muscle and the dude get's ko'd from a phantom kick!

  • Ryan Heard
    Ryan Heard 2 days ago

    It’s hilarious how they talk shit to each other, then rip each other’s heads off, then hugs and make up to each other at the end.

  • revz1373
    revz1373 2 days ago

    i still want to see him fight this Louita guy Tito was talking about

  • Christopher Burgess

    Jake Shields is a pussy he got butt hurt because Rousimar Palhares kicked his ass fighters are always like that with big egos and as soon as they lose and that ego break down they turn to babies 👶 crying and blaming everything and everyone because of their loss

  • dtvqa
    dtvqa 2 days ago

    Khabib humility, humble, a real sportsman. He keeps his mouth shut and brings his game to the octagon.

  • Kevin Leonardo
    Kevin Leonardo 2 days ago

    Watch Conor Jr. grow up to become a Khabib fan lol

  • Sab- Ray
    Sab- Ray 2 days ago

    he's an idiot

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 2 days ago

    happy 38th birthday holly holm !!!

  • Michael Marucci
    Michael Marucci 2 days ago

    Tato Ortiz.