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  • Kickass TV
    Kickass TV 10 months ago

    Do you ever collab with other channels? I like your work.

  • harveybruh
    harveybruh Year ago

    yoo wassup

  • AhmessOfficiel
    AhmessOfficiel Year ago

    yeah Great channel come to see My channel, viens voir ma chaine merci.

  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor Year ago

    "Love your feed!"

  • Striplyfe
    Striplyfe Year ago

    Awesome channel.. You have some awesome footage!! Subbed

  • sportpoint
    sportpoint Year ago

    Have been looking for this video!

    VERSE Year ago

    Great channel - keep up the work

  • Kamilla with kamilla

    You guys should definitely make a video about Safety Love

  • Allison Fine
    Allison Fine Year ago

    I am totally in love with School of Life since I discovered it some weeks ago. These short pieces are stimulating, smart, deep and I love listening to them on my iphone as I go about my day. I also find that they reassure me on a host of issues. Thank you all for all the research you do and the insight you possess! If I am ever in England I will drop in!

  • Monserrath Jimenez

    Excuse me, I'am a student and I need to make the decision of what I'm going to study, I like you videos, the ''Who we love'' suprise me, what I need to study to understand this?, Psychology, Anthropology?

  • Jacob Sandman
    Jacob Sandman Year ago

    You should do an episode explaining why I hate this channel so much.

  • Mathieu Vernimmen

    Hello! I have this vague recollection that this channel had a topic about "how to build beautifull cities when we colonize mars"? More or less? Could that be true? I haven't been able to find this video. Your help would be much appreciated! Kind regards.

  • ilikeitgiosue
    ilikeitgiosue Year ago


  • lignole1
    lignole1 Year ago

    Hi there, thank you for the very instructive and entertaining videos! You are awesome, I can't believe how you achieve to sinthesize so well the work of every philosopher and give it a perspective. Who is behind all this great work?

  • Kazziemg
    Kazziemg Year ago

    Where's Em? I miss her! We need more female philosophers and she was such an inspiration. Does she have her own channel/social media?

  • Zac Bagley
    Zac Bagley Year ago

    Love your curriculum series; just finished watching through part 2. You should pick the philosophy stuff up again. Specifically David Foster Wallace comes to mind as an interesting video. I don't think it would be redundant to dive into other aspects of the thinkers you've already touched on either, like what you did with Plato's forms and Sartre's bad faith concepts. I'm sure your stuff on relationships and personality types and what not get more attention but there are so few well researched, fair, and objective channels for philosophy I would hate for this aspect of your channel to get overshadowed.

  • Adam Begin
    Adam Begin Year ago

    do one on Husserl and phenomenology! you have one on Heidegger but Husserl is the real king

  • evolved games
    evolved games Year ago

    how to fight corruption

  • zamazingo089
    zamazingo089 Year ago

    Please make a video about PMS. This would help with relationships :)

  • Titus
    Titus Year ago

    Hello, could you do one on the Marquis de Sade? Thank you!

  • Y Cin Wong
    Y Cin Wong Year ago

    Dear The School of Life, I will love to see you u guys do a video about drinking, maybe the culture of binge drinking or the history for alcohol. cheers. =) btw keep up the good works.

  • Samuel Arman
    Samuel Arman Year ago

    I really like your work, especially the literature playlist. It can make me understand what makes famous writer unique and different from another writers. Please make more video about another famous writer, maybe like Oscar Wilde, Scott Fitzgerald, HG Wells, etc.

  • whateverUsay64
    whateverUsay64 Year ago

    Curious about your thougts on being competitive with friends, adiction or fear of competitive fun

  • Friendly Metroid

    I'm current consoling both members of a failing marriage, however the man would do anything to keep them together, but the woman is begging for an excuse to leave. The power dynamic that flows between them has always moved in one direction, and the man refuses to fight nor even give his opinion, preferring to defer to her. He doesn't understand it is this reason that she has lost interest in him. Are there any videos that talk about this dynamic, and does he NEED to change, or is it a question of compatibility?

  • Clarity WorldWide

    How are you able to tap into all of these subjects?

  • Kāla
    Kāla Year ago

    This channel seems very intelligent and deep to me, but I have certain doubts about it. For sure it contains plenty of interesting educational material, like the philosophical and political stuff; but also it has this toxic Cioranesque atmosphere and its obsession to give messages (a lot of them surreptitious) in a fairly dark way makes me wonder the intentions behind it. Think of me whatever you want, but my advise would be not taking seriously the things you hear and see in this channel, specially if you're a manipulable or impressionable person. Before everything make your own reasonings, think for yourself and be skeptical; that's never an extra.

  • Marc-Olivier Roussin

    Hi! I teach English as a second language in Canada. I really like the videos of School of Life and thought that I could use them as pedagogical tools. I thought it would also be interresting because it tells people about things that they are not supposed to learn in school. I was wondering if you would have documents or materials to accompany your videos about life. I would like to work them with my 15 years old students. I really appreciate! Thank you! Marc-Olivier Roussin Montreal, Canada

  • Giit Huub
    Giit Huub Year ago

    Dude, your made up words in the video 'Why Germans Can Say Things No One Else Can' are stupid as hell! NO ONE uses words like "Kummerspeck", "Ruinenlust" or "Futterneid". Yes, you can build such words because of our grammatics but since my 62 years living in germany, I've never even heard of those words.

  • Melinda Garrett
    Melinda Garrett Year ago

    FYI there is a link that appears at the end of the Thoreau video that is inappropriate.

  • Haisang J.
    Haisang J. Year ago

    Hi, I sent you an email and got an auto-reply that you're really busy which is expected and understandable. However, I would really appreciate if you can take a quick look at it and let me know if there's anyone in particular on you team I should be in touch directly on this matter. The email subject is "Please consider advice my doctorate research" and it's pretty much about that. Thanks, H

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    This channel used to be really fantastic when it focused on topics like philosophy, economics, politics or simply biographies of historical figures, but I feel like the shift to sexual and romantic videos hasn't been a good one. There's much more to life than sex and relationships.

    • The School of Life
      The School of Life Year ago

      Thanks so much for your feedback. We listen to our viewers very carefully.

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee Year ago

    Hi 🙂 I love your channel and have been following you for a long time 🙂 Do you have any suggestions on how to make my YT channel a business?

  • Hani H
    Hani H Year ago

    I just want to thank you on your hard work making these videos, while maintaining a very high quality of narrative, art and film making.... I really do appreciate and thank every member of the school of life.... keep up the good work. My Best Regards!

  • Titus
    Titus Year ago

    Please do one on Gustave Le Bon - The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. Thank you!

  • João Vaz Guedes

    @School of Life, could you do a video on Fernando Pessoa? Thanks

  • Woke_ Arts
    Woke_ Arts Year ago

    You guys speak about almost everything except for colonisation and neo-colonialism still evident today? How about western dependency or why Zimbabwe was sanctioned instead of only mentioning their current poverty?

  • Mnogojazyk
    Mnogojazyk Year ago

    I've been watching The School of Life awhile, and if I've learned nothing else, I have learned one thing: There are few, if any, simple solutions to life's problems. Or perhaps more accurately stated, the problems that can be solved with a simple solution are few.

  • Nikolas Dasys
    Nikolas Dasys Year ago

    I second Pettit, this is absolutely my favourite channel. I admit it, I purposely wait a while before to check out your new content only so I can binge watch it. I was wondering if yous could dip your toes in the psychology of ASPD since people with it do think very differently (especially on the matter of human connection and relationships) - I am grateful, your videos have allowed me to understand others, but I'd very much like your production team to help me understand myself since you do such a good job at it. Besides, it would allow the laymen to further understand a type of person that usually confuses and scares people away.

    • Nikolas Dasys
      Nikolas Dasys Year ago

      I'm sorry, it appears you have already dipped your toes with your video on Machiavelli’s Advice For Nice Guys. Can we get an ankle in?

  • xxChox
    xxChox Year ago

    Do you have a video about how to define if you're really in love with somoene or are you just in love with being loved?

  • eric yegon
    eric yegon Year ago

    hey i like your channel. can you make a video on how to complain less?

  • ChannelColeslaw
    ChannelColeslaw Year ago

    Do you have any videos that would relate to those who are struggling with trusting media, or trust anything they hear from word of mouth? I think that is a very relevant to a lot of people in Generation Y, which has the largest distrust in media.

  • Robert Galletta
    Robert Galletta Year ago

    the hunchback of Notre dame

  • MrsJuliahCorah
    MrsJuliahCorah Year ago

    Hey, i love watching your videos. No matter the topic I always feel a little .. smarter & my mind feels understood. I wonder if you may create a video about Schizophrenia..? I'm suffering a lot on it & I think this would give me the power to tell myself it's ok. :D Maybe you can mention that "Schizophrenia" is not quite the same than "multiple personality disorder" :s Me and my other personalities would be happy, if you'd just do that :D <3 anyway, no matter if you'll do that or not - I still love your videos so keep on making people think & smile <3 THVM <3

  • ConfessionsOfASelf-ConfessedNobody

    Can you do some more literature videos, focusing on 20th century writers - Kerouac, Burgess, Huxley etc

  • Karlos
    Karlos Year ago

    Hey could you do fewer depressing relation videos and more cultural/political/philosophical themed videos?

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown Year ago

    Something on Malaparte's Techniques of coup d'etat? ;)

  • overlukk
    overlukk Year ago

    Hey The School of Life ,could you do a video on LMD robots ,the one on the tv show of Agents of Shield that has currently ended on season finale ....Please and thank you !!!! I would really like to know what makes us Organic Humans differ from these Mimics of Human Society.

  • Adam Begin
    Adam Begin Year ago

    Hi there, I just recently came across your channel and I have to say I am very impressed. Puts Crash Course and other competitors out of the water. I also have a suggestion for your psychology series - I looked for these figures but couldn’t find much. Eugen Bleuler, Emil Kraepelin, and the Kraepelinian dichotomy and then in philosophy: Edmund Husserl Keep up the good work!! Adam

  • Albert Koffeman
    Albert Koffeman Year ago

    Is there a way to volunteer for The School of Life?

  • Dalal,
    Dalal, Year ago

    I really really love this channel. Thank you so much

  • BEANS -
    BEANS - Year ago

    You're easily the most empowering channel i've ever run across on youtube, over other mediums for that matter. You help put into clear words what i've felt and contemplated about life of the self and the outside world. Its like i am speaking and listening a totally separate person who also happens to be...myself.... Thank you.

  • imatiothiki
    imatiothiki Year ago

    Best channel ever! Keep up the work guys <3

  • feliwi
    feliwi Year ago

    Hey Guys, does someone know how they make their animations? They are very good!

  • Noah Wedan
    Noah Wedan Year ago

    hey great job on the 2 million <3 yuve guys helped me alot. thank you for doing this

  • Rudy
    Rudy Year ago

    Just 'stumbled upon' this channel (via yt recs). As a Learning Designer I REALLY dig how short these are. Not a second or word wasted. An elegant style on top of engaging and informative content. I appreciate strong effort and TSOL has set a standard I am grateful for. I think we are all too familiar with the antithesis. Salud!

  • Via Radenkova
    Via Radenkova Year ago

    I love you, School of Life. Your approach to the bitter-sweet mystery that's life is both endearing and grounding. You guys helped me overcome tons of troubles that come with the early 20s and sped up my personal growth. You spoke to me, for this I am forever grateful.

  • Jennings Zhang
    Jennings Zhang Year ago

    I was feeling empty without crash course philosophy, but here it continues

  • Alex Fairchild
    Alex Fairchild Year ago

    I find the summaries of Philosophers to be quite helpful. I would like to see a literature video done on either the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis or the Brothers Grimm.

  • Ivan Dimitrov
    Ivan Dimitrov Year ago

    Could you do a video on Alan Watts please !! :))

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago

    I would love to see you cover the topic of, "don't feed the trolls"/how to respond to trolling. In today's political climate, we keep taking the bait spectacularly, which only results in trolls winning. This is a problem on par with fake news and echo chambers, in my opinion. Keep up the great work!

  • Nolan Gagalac
    Nolan Gagalac Year ago

    PLeaseeee please please make a video about "apathy". Ive been binge watching your videos. and now i am curious about apathy

  • Tommy Dixon
    Tommy Dixon Year ago

    My whole family is hooked on this Channel. I've also ordered several books from you all. My sister is probably the biggest fan, so much so that she flew to London to partake it a School of Life seminar. This channel is a great key to self discovery. The School of Life team, especially Alain de Botton, are truly a gift to humanity.

  • Guilherme Marques

    Hello School of Life, before I had some doubts about how great this channel could be, but I'm enjoying it very much and finding it quite useful and consequential. I have a suggestion for a topic - using foul language. I always wondered why buddhism explicitly forbade it (if I'm not mistaken) or on the contrary why some people use it so excessively, me included at times, and wether it can be liberating or just something violent to avoid, or wether we can view it more as a weapon or just part of our regular communication and way of being, since in some places and cultures this seems to be the case or is hard to distinguish. Thank you all so much for your beautiful work.

  • Arthur Todd
    Arthur Todd Year ago

    Hi SoL! I quite enjoy your channel and I learn so much from your videos. The scope of topics is phenomenal and I have to say I've become much more aware of perspectives I hadn't been previously exposed. An idea for a future video: Why is it so difficult to change our minds? I'm not talking about the mundane things we change our minds about all the time, rather I'm thinking of more significant perspectives on politics, religion, culture, social norms, etc. I know there is a lot of research on the development of values and the deep imprint they have on us but we have also placed a certain value on open-mindedness. However, increasingly, I am seeing people who simply don't want to hear alternative perspectives, preferring to live in their own perfectly constructed mirror bubble (echo chamber is the new term I understand). This has huge implications for society. Very dangerous indeed.

  • j0hNySh0w
    j0hNySh0w Year ago

    HEY! I love your channel, would you be so kind to do a video about Herman Hesse? It would be so lovely of your part PLEASEE!!!

  • feliwi
    feliwi Year ago

    Great Work! I wondered whether you make all the animations yourself or do you have a source for them?

  • Indi Phillips
    Indi Phillips Year ago

    Thank you for all your videos on relationships, it is such a relief to find considered information on these topics. I would like to suggest that a good topic would be how to manage being the partner of someone with Depression, Aspergers or Autism or all three. It's very difficult to find accessible information about this elsewhere.

  • Александр Чухачёв

    Thank you so much.

  • Elesul
    Elesul Year ago

    Hello, school of life. I am happy you are making more and more videos. I started following your channel after seeing some Philosophy videos but you haven't made any more new in this category. There are so many great philosophers with amazing thuoghts, ideas and stories so why not make a great philosophy vieo again? Marcus Aurelius is a very interesting one - emperor among philosophers and philosopher amang empereors. This is just a suggestion. Any other philosophical theory would be as gret and as interesting. Thanks for your work!

  • Aeternuss
    Aeternuss Year ago

    Would you be interested in doing a video about Patanjali Yoga Sutras ? and the The eight limbs of Yoga

  • Akhilesh Tayade
    Akhilesh Tayade Year ago

    This my favourite channel on USclip! I love the animations and your voice! Will you make a video on linguistic universalism and peripheral ideas?

  • Androkon
    Androkon Year ago

    "The School of Life" - A rare gem in a sea of self-deprecation and insecurities towards one self. Teaching not how, but rather why to do something, which has ultimately led to the ignition of a spark in myself to once again believe in humanity, the values of life and time and space as not limiting but freeing factors. Thank you!

  • Solomon Fung
    Solomon Fung Year ago

    Fantastic videos and content! How about an overview of Zygmunt Bauman?

  • wranglerwranglerwran

    Congratulations on 444 videos! They are all fabulous.

  • Adewusi Kolawole


  • Adewusi Kolawole

    Can you do one on only children

  • I'm just an Alien

    Could you do a video on having an Existential crisis?

  • Gonia
    Gonia Year ago

    Hi, I am very thankful for your content, it makes me more peaceful and understanding. I live in Poland and we do not have such materials to encourage people to practise self growth. I would love to translate some of your videos so people here had an opportunity to change their lives. Is there any way I could do that?

  • Slu p4life
    Slu p4life Year ago

    Hi people. I just discovered your channel and I must admit it is interesting. I am in the education sector in Canada. Could I have your permission to link some of your videos in my recommended material ? Also, will you do a History of Ideas video on Communism (I know you did one on Karl Marx, but I'd like one with a more historical approach) ? I'd like to be able to show the History of Ideas - Capitalism and History of Ideas- Communism to some students in the future.

  • K Kris Videos
    K Kris Videos Year ago

    Wow, your videos are awesome. The amount of effort you put into it is clear because of the way the videos are presented. Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. And thank you for everything.

  • Martin Kristensen

    such a great channel you have here. But you ought to buy a proper pop-filter for your microphone and/or EQ out frequencies below 70Hz. I have to mute my subwoofer in order to watch your videos ;)

  • giancarlo jarach

    love your videos, complex concepts made simple, i would love to see more philosophers discussed like Fichte or Herbert since i love the historical context in which they are place. btw loved the one on kant

  • tariq reingoud
    tariq reingoud Year ago

    love this channel!!

  • scramfarious scramfarious

    Do you think you would be able to add some common language subtitles. Particularly Chinese. More people could access them then.

  • Kimberly P
    Kimberly P Year ago

    Hey! I would love to see a Video about the ethics of eating meat! Please make one! PS: love your videos

  • Luka Đukić
    Luka Đukić Year ago

    Can you make video on Emil Cioran?

  • Sanket Limkar
    Sanket Limkar Year ago

    Of all the sections this magnificent channel holds, philosophy is my extremely dear to me. Since I'm from India, I'd love to watch your videos on Indian philosophers likely Ambedkar, Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Sawarkar or even Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Keep doing the great stuff. Cheers!

  • Mohsin Shan
    Mohsin Shan Year ago

    I believe I have found a gem. Thank You :)

  • Neuronautical
    Neuronautical Year ago

    Do Peter Kropotkin please!

  • Matías Braun
    Matías Braun Year ago

    I've just watched 4 random videos on this channel and Jesus always makes a cameo like the best guy on every subject. What's with that?

  • salud monsonis
    salud monsonis Year ago

    Amazing channel, so inspiring and deep. It would be great if you made a video on bullying and mental manipulation. Greetings from Spain, and thanks for the videos.

  • Tomas Draksas
    Tomas Draksas Year ago

    Awesome channel :) I love your work. By the way can do you a video on topics such as: men love vs women love./ how men love is different from women love. does unconditional love exist? can women have truly pure/ unconditional love for men as they do for kids? is men love more pure than women's love? womens love is not loyal

    • Tomas Draksas
      Tomas Draksas Year ago

      and Yes, I got cheated by a women I loved so much and could take a bullet for her. She did not even explain why or what happened. I hope your channel can explain it :D

  • Niskis
    Niskis Year ago

    these videos are more addictive than drugs

  • Ali elshelh
    Ali elshelh Year ago

    How do we go back to being Children?

  • Frederick Camus
    Frederick Camus Year ago

    I just wanted to say that this channel changed my life, your philosophy videos introduced me to the world of abstract thought and now I'm working towards a degree in philosophy, thank you.

  • Ivan Rotar
    Ivan Rotar 2 years ago

    I love you people, thank you for the best channel ever!

  • bastermaboy
    bastermaboy 2 years ago

    Hi School of Life,I'm a big fan of your work. This channel has greatly enhanced many aspects of my life, and for that I am most appreciative. Nevertheless, I face a difficult struggle today - multiple incurable, (painful) and only partially treatable health problems that will debilitate me for the rest of my life. Many friends and family members don't understand the magnitude and experience of my alignments, some genetically caused and thus out of my control. This has all hurt my aspirations, dreams, relationships, and general satisfaction and wellbeing of life. If there is time in your schedule, I kindly ask you to make a future video about the philosophy of health problems and difficulty. Thank you sincerely!

  • Jeremiah Lakstins
    Jeremiah Lakstins 2 years ago

    This is by far the best channel I've ever found. What this channel is attempting to do I believed couldn't be done. There's too much disagreement topic to topic or there hasn't been enough conclusive evidence. This channel is amazing because it believes in itself and it's ability to give accurate advice, despite the challenges that come with giving any advice at all.

  • Djibb Djinn
    Djibb Djinn 2 years ago

    Why do you have such an enormous ratio of dislikes in your videos?

    • Rudy
      Rudy Year ago

      Because they're brutally honest without being brutal is my guess. People are brutal and want to be lied to and told that they are not. No one likes getting called out for being anything less than perfectly great. Truth hurts.

  • Iam Eman
    Iam Eman 2 years ago

    Thank You

  • AdamBro
    AdamBro 2 years ago

    hello. I would love to discuss some life thoughts with you. Maybe even suggest some things for videos. I think your channel is great and I think I have some valuable knowledge/advice on these kind of issues. I'm sure you know much more, but isn't it great to discuss with someone else who can understand beforehand? Who knows, maybe you'll want to keep messaging me to further discuss some topics later. I've sent you a message over youtube, not sure if that's reliable but i tried. adam

  • SD donzori
    SD donzori 2 years ago

    Hello, wonderful and mind opening videos :) but... i was wondering can you guys expand your production to example, muslim, african and south american leaders and ideologists ? thanks again !

  • Sandy Ansari
    Sandy Ansari 2 years ago

    Truth Is Dead and We Have Killed Him. ~Ghazal

    • Iam Eman
      Iam Eman 2 years ago

      dude, What does this even?

  • Jim Richardson
    Jim Richardson 2 years ago

    Hi! No suggestions, just a word of appreciation. I accidentally found this channel a few weeks ago and absolutely Love it. Fantastic work, delivered with enough wit as to be disarming. With humor, I can let my guard down and accept some insights as these. Thank you so much. Every one is a gem.

  • Krishna Dixit
    Krishna Dixit 2 years ago

    Eastern Philosophy - Adi Shankaracharya. Please do one on him and his philosophy "Aham Brahmasmi" Would love to see your take on the topic

  • Shan tanta
    Shan tanta 2 years ago


  • orlando098
    orlando098 2 years ago

    Hi, love your videos. I'm interested in life extension/ longevity research. There are some serious avenues at the moment in terms of understanding the processes of physical aging and possibilities of reversing it so we can live much longer in good health and maybe one day indefinitely (in a 'prime of life' condition, not drawing out frailty). The result would be a big change of the human condition because of not knowing that our time is limited to some set period of at most around 100 years and not having to inevitably experience and be resigned to increasing frailty and illness and loss of the ability to do some of the things we enjoy. I wonder if you are aware of this and have reflected on it and would consider doing a video on your thoughts on it? I don't mean necessarily (or only) on some of the 'obvious' objections some people make (but overpopulation, but immortal dictators, but need death to make life have value and meaning and to incentivise us, but would get bored, but need to make way for young generations and new ideas) - because they come up a lot and there are reasonable answers to counter them all, in my opinion. But just if you have any insights as to what it would mean for the human condition. For a start some of the things adressed in some videos would be put in a new context if it happens, I guess. But then it's also a part of human nature to be able to adapt, and things don't have to stay the same, right? If you've not read it I would suggest also reading Nick Bostrom's fable of the dragon tyrant, about this. Thanks if you read this :)

  • Vegacast
    Vegacast 2 years ago


    • Iam Eman
      Iam Eman 2 years ago

      What's wrong with being alone? I like being alone.

  • Archer Samuel
    Archer Samuel 2 years ago

    Great channel. Very deep and informative content. Thank you.

  • Indra Wibisana
    Indra Wibisana 2 years ago

    Hi, Someone stole one of your video "Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich?", edited it and remove several points. I remember this video being yours because I disagreed with the points (this video is omitting obvious reasons) and had a discussion about it with some friends. Although I dislike this video, it is still yours and no one should stole it. I'll post the link in the comments.

    • Indra Wibisana
      Indra Wibisana 2 years ago

    • Indra Wibisana
      Indra Wibisana 2 years ago

  • Cherry Chapman
    Cherry Chapman 2 years ago

    Why do your videos only have one POV ? Do you not have any conflict of opinion in your organisation? Do all agree on everything?

    • Cherry Chapman
      Cherry Chapman 2 years ago

      maybe you could reflect that in some of your films....

    • The School of Life
      The School of Life 2 years ago

      Thanks for asking. We have many points of view, and that's why you will notice some differences between our films.

  • Uli Chorny
    Uli Chorny 2 years ago

    Could you do a video on guilt? I really feel like I feel this emotion more than it's warranted and it distorts my decision making process.

  • Aditya Anirudh T
    Aditya Anirudh T 2 years ago

    Hello. I have one issue with the recent change you've made. You started using background music in your videos. All the old videos were quiet with the narrator speaking the content of video. They were quiet and very easy to follow. Given that the content is heavy and narrator speaks fast enough, it'd be great if you do not add any background music to your videos. Unlike Sit-Com shows or talk shows, this content is something we don't want to miss a word of. Hope you change things.

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N 2 years ago

    Love your stuff! As a self declared Jungian, I would be interested in how you would tackle Carl Jung and if you think he is important to the school of life. Would y'all ever consider doing a Jung video?

  • x x
    x x 2 years ago

    This channel is fantastic!

  • Zoa Zorusson
    Zoa Zorusson 2 years ago

    ...also... Stirner, Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropoktin, :D

  • Matcha Mike
    Matcha Mike 2 years ago

    Very interesting topics but why so heterosexual in orientation?

    • orlando098
      orlando098 2 years ago

      Because the main person behind the School of Life (and main narrator) is Alain de Botton, who's heterosexual, maybe?

  • jess valentine
    jess valentine 2 years ago

    HELP! The song at the beginning of "love requires generosity" is beautiful and I would love to learn it but I can't figure out what it is! If i could get the name i would be eternally grateful.

  • haroun moujahed
    haroun moujahed 2 years ago

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      We'll add it to our list of possibles!

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      Thanks Katherine: we will definitely address this subject. For now, do read:

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      Thank you for this suggestion - and do also please read our book on RELATIONSHIPS, available from our store.

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    Richest Countries In The World Based On Purchasing Power Parity Of GDP Per Capita Country: GDP per Capita (PPP) 1 Qatar 140,649 2 Luxembourg 98,460 3 Singapore 82,763 4 Kuwait 73,246 5 Brunei Darussalam 71,185 6 United Arab Emirates 67,674 7 Norway 65,614 8 Switzerland 59,540 9 United States 54,629 10 Saudi Arabia 52,010 This page was last modified on September 19, 2016. Islamic Country is leading 5 of 10 is Islamic country And The first thing that really Important for them is The Religion/Observance to God

    • Ida Ströberg
      Ida Ströberg 2 years ago

      If you think that what happens in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan represents the whole muslim world, you need to go back to school. Or perhaps visit Egypt and make some muslim friends. They are just like you. (But more educated.)

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