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  • Mark Durando
    Mark Durando 8 seconds ago

    Cowboy is the man no crying talking about retirement he's already thinking about another fight

  • Andrew p
    Andrew p 33 seconds ago

    I love cowboy and I wish he was the champ, but he needs to get out while he’s in one piece. He likely has CTE already

    NYC RAT TRACKER 39 seconds ago

    Strangest fight ever seen?? Cowboy gave that fight away? That was to easy.

  • microtechmachineshop
    microtechmachineshop 40 seconds ago

    How u going to win the title cte cerrone lol

  • Justin Kovach
    Justin Kovach Minute ago

    It looked like Tristan was a Lightweight fighting a Middleweight in there. What an incredible underdog performance!

  • Antoine Ones
    Antoine Ones 3 minutes ago

    Cowboy... stop lying in front of the camera my man. You don’t want the title. You dodge every chance you get. Latest was against Tony. You’re telling me that a fight veteran like yourself just happened to forget that blowing your nose in that instance would cause your eye to swell up? You wanted out of that fight because Tony was about to give you the razors bruh. Retire, be an awesome dad like you are, ain’t nobody mad at you. CTE is no joke. Save yourself before you end up like BJ Penn.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 minutes ago

    love ya cowboy but youre kinda washed up now

  • Emerson Silva
    Emerson Silva 4 minutes ago

    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho cara vc etrou pra lutar e li pra dasa mais não é ra foro kkk

  • Khlaif Alazmi
    Khlaif Alazmi 5 minutes ago

    I don't know why I remember Jesse pinkman in the breaking bad:

  • Ryan Beseke
    Ryan Beseke 6 minutes ago

    But tony did stop cowboy. The eye didn’t swell up on its own. The doctor may have called the fight but it was because of the damage that tony had inflicted on cowboys face. Edit: I just remembered tony submitted Edson barboza too... These fools trippin.

  • kentucky windage222
    kentucky windage222 6 minutes ago

    This guy's face is what you should see, if you look up the word underdog.

  • Express yourself
    Express yourself 8 minutes ago


  • * Mako *
    * Mako * 9 minutes ago

    A down to earth fighter. He has worked very hard and proved that dedication and humbleness can take you very far. By the way. I agree with his Khabib-Tony prediction. The lightweight division is very exciting at the moment.

  • Emerson Silva
    Emerson Silva 11 minutes ago

    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho caboi seroni que nene dupai lido mais e melhor para é coti a sua família vc sepri va se ufc combati 👍

  • utmag
    utmag 11 minutes ago

    Justin gets Khabib. Those leg kicks plus his striking is enough to combat khabib and stop his power on the takedowns.

  • taylor siwik
    taylor siwik 12 minutes ago

    He’s not gonna win the title. How?

  • JMurphy
    JMurphy 13 minutes ago

    Cowboy is more dominant at 170 the 155ers are to fast for him sometimes. Justin surely was.

    WIZZLE 15 minutes ago

    Cowboy needs to quit fighting spend time with your boy enjoy life training others

  • Steve Kent
    Steve Kent 17 minutes ago

    Cerrone is a true sportsman. Love the attitude.

  • callu onurbulshit
    callu onurbulshit 18 minutes ago

    U r not the best in the world !! U r a delusional dumbass

  • Jonathan Velder
    Jonathan Velder 19 minutes ago

    I love gaethje but I hate seeing Cowboy lose that's. tough for me to swallow I want to see him with a belt. maybe he can tap fight for the BMF belt

  • Martin Falcon
    Martin Falcon 19 minutes ago

    How do you guys feel about betting on Gaethje as an underdog if he fights Khabib I feel like it would be a good risk, Khabib gets hit & that means Justin could sleep him 💵🍀

  • Mike Tilley
    Mike Tilley 19 minutes ago

    Super happy for this guy!!

  • Conor Sedgwick
    Conor Sedgwick 21 minute ago

    Till finished cowboy....

  • Dirafv3
    Dirafv3 25 minutes ago

    cowboy just stop man....u gonna get hurt man

  • イジェイク
    イジェイク 25 minutes ago

    Danger wants to fight the retired Irishman

  • Jonny2Hotty
    Jonny2Hotty 25 minutes ago

    Ngannou vs Alistair was also a premature stoppage

  • Mr. Nonsense
    Mr. Nonsense 27 minutes ago

    Seriously though, nothing but, love for you Cowboy!

  • Oscar Silva
    Oscar Silva 28 minutes ago

    Cowboy has been finished before

  • Morgasm172
    Morgasm172 28 minutes ago

    To make a quote from the simpsons “ stop it stop, he’s already dead!”

  • Casey Brigham
    Casey Brigham 29 minutes ago

    In what world did Tony not finish Cowboy?

  • Jonny2Hotty
    Jonny2Hotty 31 minute ago

    Alex Hernandez? I thought that's the chick who's always tries tight yoga pants

  • klundin2000
    klundin2000 34 minutes ago

    Cowboy already has the "Father of the year" title. You can see how much he loves that little boy.

  • Doja Smokers Club
    Doja Smokers Club 39 minutes ago


  • Ifuaintfirsturlast
    Ifuaintfirsturlast 40 minutes ago

    Good father u are.

  • Smokier Sundew
    Smokier Sundew 40 minutes ago

    Justin Gaethje the type of guy to have more post fight bonuses than fights.

  • midwest sylva
    midwest sylva 42 minutes ago

    He beat Santos with a Broken foot First round broken foot Hall is the future The video about him letting out his inner truth by the alpacca thesauruswas incredible

  • Davieboy
    Davieboy 42 minutes ago

    He doesn't beat McGregor either. McGregor would KO Gaethje as quick as Gaethje KO'ed Cerrone. No doubts about it.

  • locking paul
    locking paul 44 minutes ago

    cerrone the IA tola of the true grit of a fighter....even in loss he sees the next battle...real man! take a look everyone you can learn something.

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 44 minutes ago

    Might be the cutest baby ever!

  • This Dude’s A Dick
    This Dude’s A Dick 45 minutes ago

    I mean......the dude has a man-bun.

  • Baghuul
    Baghuul 46 minutes ago

    He sure loves that kid

    PINKACÄDĒMY 46 minutes ago

    When this man stops fighting we gonna miss living in the world where cowboys was scrapping every weekend

  • Nic Hume
    Nic Hume 47 minutes ago

    Of all the microphones for little cowboy to pull out he pulls out “the Mac life” even he wants the Conor fight haha

  • MrCharlie 420_
    MrCharlie 420_ 49 minutes ago

    Did cowboy det his face kicked in? Sure hope so

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 50 minutes ago

    This guy's been fighting since I was in the 3rd grade. I'm a senior in college now. Think it's about that time Cerrone.

  • Y.O.I Mirul
    Y.O.I Mirul 53 minutes ago

    Im feel bad for him.. cuz he never be champion.. man.. he loss so many times..

  • Redwolf Media1
    Redwolf Media1 54 minutes ago

    He needs a Shaman! He's one of those dudes that genuinely nice,giving and now he's got a kid it's only distracted him more! I mean I know he's built his life around Fighting but you gotta have that Hunger and Cerrone's the type he'd take 2nd so you could have it,ya know! If he really wants it,he needs to move away from Home and get alittle uncomfortable again and find People that won't yes sir him or play to his Virtue signaling. M.F's need to be like Bullshit,let's work!

  • Lxrd Pxths
    Lxrd Pxths 56 minutes ago

    Kelvin gastelum & henry cejudo are amazing, i wish they just asked KG all the questions though drunk kg is funny as hell

  • Charles Gasko
    Charles Gasko Hour ago

    Respect cerrone but he wont be a champ in ufc. Hes a champ in the cool mother fucker category

  • MultiBearsfan54
    MultiBearsfan54 Hour ago

    TBH I was a little worried after that octagon interview.

  • Arjun Sivanesan
    Arjun Sivanesan Hour ago

    Ran right into his huge ass right hook

  • Vincent Anthony
    Vincent Anthony Hour ago

    I love Cerrone, and he is definitely a first ballot hall of famer but his best chance at getting the belt at 155 was when he fought Dos Anjos.. now it will be extremely hard but the dude has a true fighting spirit.. hope nothing but the best for this man

  • Neil Coolon
    Neil Coolon Hour ago

    All cerrone was thinking about during the fight was cracking a Budweiser lol

  • Leo Kovačić
    Leo Kovačić Hour ago

    Cerine doesn't belong in there with top lightweights, bum fighter stiff as a dildo

  • 27retrodaze
    27retrodaze Hour ago

    I think Tristan Connely should fight Lando Venatta for his 155 debut... Great matchup.

  • Falon Marin
    Falon Marin Hour ago

    Mad respect cowboy

  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 Hour ago

    He looked so happy when holding his son!

  • Aaron Peniata
    Aaron Peniata Hour ago

    It's time to hang it up

  • Dan Farmer
    Dan Farmer Hour ago

    Man mma has the most toxic community. Full of armchair wankers that tell fighters they should do this and that. Why can’t people just enjoy the fights without having some negative bullshit to say all the time.

  • Brandon Irizarry

    I think Cowboy should take his charm and start his transition to commentator. I think he should retire. I nothing but respect for that man but if he really wants to win the belt he can’t take every fight that comes your way The comp in that division is crazy and the same can be said for 155lbs.

  • Outdare Outdoors

    ⏰ to retire

  • daniel balcazar
    daniel balcazar Hour ago

    is and always will be a badass but he's already looking like all the back to back fights are taking a toll, some one needs to make him take break.

  • Joseph Underwood

    2 fight losing streak or not I think he would smash McGregor like a roach.

  • My Channel
    My Channel Hour ago

    The only component for Khabib is the bear at this point.

  • Cory Ayers
    Cory Ayers Hour ago

    I love the sportsmanship we've been seeing lately and the focus on competition instead of the drama leading up to the event. It's refreshing. We need role models for the young fans out there, not bombastic loud mouths hyping fights with vitriol and hatred..

  • Ashe Adel
    Ashe Adel Hour ago

    I hope khabib defeat Tony and then, take on Justin, that would be fucking awesome

  • Joseph Underwood

    There should be a 165 lb division just because...cowboy.

  • s k
    s k Hour ago

    Maybe try at bellator

  • Milos Lazic
    Milos Lazic Hour ago

    Cowboy is that type of guy that can inspire you with being ko'd.

  • Johan Salvador
    Johan Salvador Hour ago

    Time to hang them up.

  • Simon Masson
    Simon Masson Hour ago

    Sad he is too good to be out of the top 15 but when he get. In the top 5 he loses ... I remember the Lawler fight. I taught he won.. he would have been close to fight Woodley by then

  • Daniel Callahan
    Daniel Callahan Hour ago

    This racist molester Donald Cerrone is deluded lol maybe his brain damage is kicking in this bum will never be champion

  • Andrew Mckeown
    Andrew Mckeown Hour ago

    Sorry Cowboy, no more fighting guys you dont HATE. You come out different when youre pissed. IE: Platinum

  • Muff Slayer
    Muff Slayer Hour ago

    Wise words from a great bet of the sport and life

  • Paks Karate Palm Coast

    He’s to good at taking a loss lol

  • steve cantin
    steve cantin Hour ago

    Awesome performance!! The size difference was big but his technique was on point so was his cardio. I am very happy for you man!!!

  • Shikyatae Comae
    Shikyatae Comae Hour ago

    My son’s around that age. I love it. Best time of life

  • MrKiddDiamondsTV

    Tyron looks 6 feet tall next too Faber lol

  • Brennan Brown
    Brennan Brown Hour ago

    Cowboy rules!

  • Bo Ho
    Bo Ho Hour ago

    Did he just pretend to tie a shoe?

  • UFC 3 Tips And Tricks

    #1 pick for CTE

  • azah quinn
    azah quinn Hour ago

    tony finished Edson and made cowboy quit, so what u talking about Justin but here's a fun fact, Justin been knockout twice in his short time in the ufc and Tony has never been knocked out, sorry people Tony and Khabib are a mountain above the rest of the division and thats the only fight to make for MMA

  • john John
    john John Hour ago


  • JumpDiffusion
    JumpDiffusion Hour ago

    poor old man is delirious....should retire or take a solid time off.

    AWE SUM Hour ago

    ...poor we fella hasn’t got a chance of not having a potty mouth has he

  • 치킨박사님
    치킨박사님 Hour ago

    tye dillinger

    AWE SUM Hour ago

    Get rid of the fucking kid you douche bag hardly the place

  • Mully Barr
    Mully Barr Hour ago

    Retire..You've done enough..Let's not scramble your brain anymore..

  • Mista J
    Mista J Hour ago

    Mad respect Cowboy ! But you fight way to often bro. Rest and heal and enjoy life a little bit

  • Meghan Dalton
    Meghan Dalton Hour ago

    Best guy in the world. Cant root against the cowboy. Especially not with danger in the picture now! God damn what a good guy! Not mention amazing fighter, incredible.

  • JS
    JS Hour ago

    Perfect gameplan

  • Tariq Timol
    Tariq Timol Hour ago

    Really starting to appreciate this guy holistically.Amazing skill set,straight talker

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce Hour ago

    Cowboy is a cool guy man, even Justin knows that. I hope he heals soon.

  • Jason Smiley
    Jason Smiley Hour ago

    Let it go cowboy, spend that time training with your son

  • Tyler Kelly
    Tyler Kelly Hour ago

    This fight was not that good. Michel was an idiot for doing what he did. And Tristan’s performance was good, but he didnt even look THAT good! I’ll need to see Tristan fight again to see whether he’s any good

  • Pat Martin
    Pat Martin Hour ago

    Cowboy up!!!!

  • Edward Becker
    Edward Becker 2 hours ago

    I bet on Tristan Connelly. #underdog$$$$$payout

  • YourRepliesWon'tComeThruLOL

    His son got big fast. Win or lose Cerrone & Poirer will always be in the top 5 for me.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 hours ago

    A California kid wants to renegotiate his contract the only reason he came back is because he sees all the millions that everybody else is making and he wants a piece of it it’s a shame he doesn’t have the talent or the age any more he’s 42 years old no one wants to see a has been get knocked out you should hang it up while he still has some sort of legacy intact he would get absolutely killed by TJDelashaw The PED loving cheater the guy will be hungry as fuck when he comes back your eye a favour was never anything special he was good At wrestling but he’s not much of a fighter. And I personally wouldn’t pay to see him headline anything and I’m sure many people feel the same way yes I would watch him in a fight if it was on TV but I wouldn’t pay for a paper view just to see this guy he’s over the hill is 10 years past his prime why does he think he deserves more money renegotiate the contract that’s another way of saying he made a deal and now he’s not happy with it LOL too bad little boy that’s not how life works