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  • ArtisticVids
    ArtisticVids Year ago

    usclip.net/video/Q9KgoG9zrRA/video.html New Special:The Voice Audition Covers!Sky Nguyen, Amazing Christmas Carols Remake!

  • AbuTupolev
    AbuTupolev Year ago

    This vid worst and funny usclip.net/video/TEFcPt7bC3Q/video.html

  • Mordechai Newman

    and if there isn't, is it possible to bring it back?

  • Mordechai Newman

    I forgot, is there still an x factor usa?

  • Liam Herdman
    Liam Herdman Year ago

    If any one is willing to listen to my stuff I would really appreciate it.

  • Liam Herdman
    Liam Herdman Year ago

    I'm liam from Belfast I write songs and sing will be great just bmneed foot in door.

  • Mr. Check Yourself

    Do best of Janet Jackson

  • Juraj Janekovic
    Juraj Janekovic Year ago

    Hey im just amazed at the different type of people there are and am wondering if you can make a mashup of swearing auditions

  • devon wilder
    devon wilder Year ago

    for the rap god video they fucked up badly that was lose yourself at the end not rap god XD

  • Odysseas Odysseos
    Odysseas Odysseos 2 years ago

    Bravo to all you all and especially to Simon. I didn't believe my eyes watching you making fan of contesters who obviously were a bit or a lot problematic. do you do this for money too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough is enough but you definitely cross the line. even you made fan of a eighty year old woman.

  • Syauqi Zaka
    Syauqi Zaka 3 years ago

    hi admin, x factor indonesia has been started...

    • Syauqi Zaka
      Syauqi Zaka 3 years ago

      please, also update the latest videos from around the world...

  • Ciprian Hanga
    Ciprian Hanga 4 years ago

    Was about time! Do you guys know we've been hunting down like maniacs the whole YT for these little gems! Great idea to have everything on one channel, with all the best performances collected from all around the world! Congrats!

  • Byroteck M
    Byroteck M 4 years ago

    Why don't you launch X Factor World? It would be awesome if you could present to the world the best talents from around the world. Perhaps, Ilma Karahmet from X Factor Adria, who had three million views on USclip could be presented to the world in this way? Btw, why didn't you put her on this list?

  • Byroteck M
    Byroteck M 4 years ago

    Yeah, but you forgot Ilma Karahmet, the girl who has an extraordinary talent!

  • Ilyas Nopansyah
    Ilyas Nopansyah 5 years ago

    How about X factor Indonesia ? on The Official The X Factor Global, theres no X factor Indonesian performance? How about it? Add please. U should listen to Fatin Shidqia or Novita Dewi or even Nu Dimenson...

    • X Factor Global
      X Factor Global 4 years ago

      We'll be creating some fab X Factor Indonesia mash-ups soon!

  • João Pavão
    João Pavão 5 years ago

    x factor Portugal she's amazing her 1º single Pearl In The Rain Mariana - Pearl In The Rain (Audio)

  • Maya
    Maya 5 years ago

    you should put 4U's performance of 'Summertime Sadness' in that xfactor adria playlist..they are really really really good ^_^

  • MikeEgypte
    MikeEgypte 5 years ago

    I don't know who to mention this to, maybe here is good. I would like to see all the winners from around the world get together for a worldwide contest to pick 1 overall winner. Can this be done with out making it Political?

    • X Factor Global
      X Factor Global 4 years ago

      Great idea! X Factor Indonesia recently aired "World's X Factor" where contestants from around the world competed for 1 overall prize. Check out the playlist on our channel page!

  • Kristina Ivanovic
    Kristina Ivanovic 5 years ago

    Lukijan's performance of Sve moje zore by Tropico band is one of the best live performances in X Factor Adria. I think that you should include him in featured channel: X Factor Adria.