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  • A B channel
    A B channel 12 minutes ago

    Do some indian food challenge plzzz

  • CRZpotato
    CRZpotato 27 minutes ago

    My favourite pop tart is cookies and cream

  • Jonah Bucy
    Jonah Bucy 47 minutes ago

    I like when you literally say, “Oh wow” after taking a bite of something but it isn’t a W-O-W moment 😂


    Do indian food challenge

  • Jay Hector Castro

    ur making the spicy worst by drinking soda lol

  • Unicorn Power
    Unicorn Power 2 hours ago

    How His mood change from 😄😊🙂😕😞to 😩 this

  • Shadia Barake
    Shadia Barake 2 hours ago


  • Mustafa Barqadle
    Mustafa Barqadle 2 hours ago

    Wow that's a lot of chocolate🍩

  • Håkon Toresen
    Håkon Toresen 2 hours ago

    Hash Brown

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 2 hours ago

    100$ Burger king

  • D Bone
    D Bone 2 hours ago

    "This is a fortress, this is a wall, this is a mountain of McGriddle sammiches." Ah... So *that's* the wall Drumpf was talking about building... Makes sense now.

  • Brett Tolan
    Brett Tolan 3 hours ago


  • 맘마타임 Meal time

    so awesome👍👍👍

  • jusu kamara
    jusu kamara 3 hours ago

    Definitely team 🥓 bacon

  • Brett Tolan
    Brett Tolan 3 hours ago

    Mine is 20 piece nuggets

  • D Bone
    D Bone 3 hours ago

    Domino's Mango Habanero wings are triple fire.

  • Majdplayz
    Majdplayz 4 hours ago


  • Sarthak Ghosh
    Sarthak Ghosh 4 hours ago

    Does anyone actually enjoy the WOW moments? IDK I just get annoyed

  • emomushroom45
    emomushroom45 5 hours ago

    TIMMY! they've closed all of the tim hortons in MN. including the mall of America! Canada must have taken it back....:( * cant say anything for other states tho id always wanted to try them! great job! that was A LOT of breakfast haha

  • Griffin Spencer
    Griffin Spencer 5 hours ago

    Del Taco supercharged menu challenge

  • MegaAtomKarinca
    MegaAtomKarinca 5 hours ago

    Vegan challenge please!

  • Mohamad Hijazi
    Mohamad Hijazi 5 hours ago

    The issue is he looks like he is 150 pounds

  • Gohst_ops
    Gohst_ops 6 hours ago


  • Humayra Bhatti
    Humayra Bhatti 6 hours ago

    15:55 Kevin Mahoney from The Office is looking great now 😂😂

  • nhoj rindle
    nhoj rindle 6 hours ago

    team catsup!

  • Dalton DeMoss
    Dalton DeMoss 7 hours ago

    Your thumbnail gay af

  • Marco Parham
    Marco Parham 7 hours ago

    How do you eat all of this

  • Francis Langdo
    Francis Langdo 8 hours ago

    Taco bell

    LUCY OAKLEY 8 hours ago

    Smarties and Aeros are british

  • Let's Talk Beauty with Dezi Queen The Queens

    What no poop cup???

  • Abie Pareja
    Abie Pareja 9 hours ago

    Five-O donuts challenge

  • J W
    J W 9 hours ago

    Poutine needs to be fresh and fried

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson 10 hours ago


  • gina c
    gina c 10 hours ago

    Erik, for another food challenge idea.. why not an oatmeal challenge. I know it seems strange. But theres oatmeal cookies, oatmeal, oatmeal ice cream, oatmeal snacks, oatmeal cereal, maybe stretch it into granola options? Oatmeal/Granola challenge? It would actually be kinda healthy with lots of fiber. haha OR just the largest bowl of oatmeal and see how much you can eat? just ideas.

  • Katey Rinehart
    Katey Rinehart 11 hours ago

    i’m vegan!! still love you man :)

  • Elvin Afa Vlogs 3
    Elvin Afa Vlogs 3 11 hours ago

    He said waffle after he ate a pancake

  • Ayanda Mthombeni
    Ayanda Mthombeni 11 hours ago


  • Jonahlyn Capillas
    Jonahlyn Capillas 11 hours ago

    He is totally a food Monster!!!

  • Keith Powers
    Keith Powers 11 hours ago

    I honestly don’t believe this is real.

  • riley stidfole
    riley stidfole 11 hours ago

    I challenge you to eat 300 cheeses bugers

  • chop boss
    chop boss 11 hours ago

    Tim’s poutine is garbage. And you need to eat it when it’s hot

  • Lillian Ng
    Lillian Ng 11 hours ago

    Hash brown

  • Aaqil Shariff
    Aaqil Shariff 11 hours ago

    poor pancreas and liver...

  • Lemma Dogman
    Lemma Dogman 11 hours ago

    team no fuckin pickles lmao

  • Roger Charles
    Roger Charles 11 hours ago

    White people love their mayo

  • Expresstube 57
    Expresstube 57 12 hours ago

    Yall ever tried costo veggie pizza wit ketchup and mustard 😂😂😂

  • Colby Corbin
    Colby Corbin 12 hours ago


    QUIN ROAN 12 hours ago


  • Mikeeo Gaming
    Mikeeo Gaming 12 hours ago

    This man deadlifting 405

  • Charlie Raww
    Charlie Raww 12 hours ago

    The way he he feels about ranch, I feel about the cane sauce , or chick fil a sauce. It’s saucastional.

  • Charlie Raww
    Charlie Raww 12 hours ago

    The fries are bland , but that cane sauce is 🔥. No canes sauce ! That’s illegal

  • Garey Reagan
    Garey Reagan 12 hours ago


  • trevcon 3
    trevcon 3 12 hours ago

    Ooooh this a good new twist challenge aye

  • valeria troc
    valeria troc 13 hours ago

    Hey anyone reading the comments that is from the us, im from chile and i know this sounds really weird but is anyone down to send me some american candy that i choose? i know i can buy it from amazon but is really expensive, id pay for the shipping and everything, anyways if you are interested let me know by replying to this

  • G Unit
    G Unit 13 hours ago

    Arby's or Dairy Queen

  • Alexis Coco
    Alexis Coco 13 hours ago

    My italian's eyes are bleeding anytime i see pineapple ontop a pizza

  • Ani Boswell
    Ani Boswell 13 hours ago

    You should share

  • Arianna
    Arianna 13 hours ago

    My stomach hurts from watching this

  • David Radalov
    David Radalov 13 hours ago


  • RelentlessNebula
    RelentlessNebula 13 hours ago

    makin us canadians proud

  • Isaiah Barrera
    Isaiah Barrera 13 hours ago

    WHOEVER paused the clock... shoutout to you for hitting 31:50 on the dot at 11:32... haha

  • Brandon Howard
    Brandon Howard 13 hours ago


  • esther
    esther 13 hours ago

    how could u not get their chilli

  • jo h
    jo h 13 hours ago

    Asking for a friend.... How much food scraps are hidden in all those napkins??? 😜😜😜

  • Scott Loessel
    Scott Loessel 13 hours ago

    Do they have those Soup Plantation places?

  • Rose Tyler
    Rose Tyler 13 hours ago

    I'm an OG vegan subscriber!!

  • Nolan Stiverson
    Nolan Stiverson 13 hours ago


  • Pugg 14
    Pugg 14 13 hours ago


  • Kodiak
    Kodiak 14 hours ago

    You should have tried there Fruit explosion muffin..

  • Mamcbeck Yt
    Mamcbeck Yt 14 hours ago


  • Michelle Phillips
    Michelle Phillips 14 hours ago

    please do moes southwest grill im from bristol tennessee and id love to see you do there resteraunt we hae alot here

  • BiggestPogger TTV
    BiggestPogger TTV 14 hours ago

    that syrup was probably the best damn syrup hes ever had

  • Snooze Junkie
    Snooze Junkie 14 hours ago

    dude, how can you survive eating this? Sugar makes me miserable.

    SQU3AKY P3NGU1N 14 hours ago

    What’s better a w o w moment or a fire 🔥 moment?

  • a-artzycrafts 101
    a-artzycrafts 101 14 hours ago

    I saw that video

  • Remi Akinwale
    Remi Akinwale 14 hours ago

    Only 6k left to 1 million subscribers! You deserve every last one of them and more, Erik!

  • Shemarrie Stephens
    Shemarrie Stephens 14 hours ago

    i like your vids them soda things iscwax i the out side

  • camibabii fav songs
    camibabii fav songs 14 hours ago


  • Mikey Bilello
    Mikey Bilello 14 hours ago

    Eric The Electric I’m Wishing you a Happy Birthday 🥳 And Stuff your Face with Food

  • Mikey Bilello
    Mikey Bilello 14 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Eric

  • LukiePookie
    LukiePookie 14 hours ago

    He said please more then food names

  • Mae Woods
    Mae Woods 14 hours ago

    Mango.......great job!!!!

  • Mamcbeck Yt
    Mamcbeck Yt 14 hours ago

    Erik pulls up to the drive thru... Worker : aw shit here we go again

  • Mae Woods
    Mae Woods 15 hours ago

    Great try!!!

  • Jimmy Penguin
    Jimmy Penguin 15 hours ago


  • J and A gaming
    J and A gaming 15 hours ago


  • emma rose
    emma rose 15 hours ago

    Love the Canada tour! My country! This video was great :))

  • Jimmy Penguin
    Jimmy Penguin 15 hours ago

    Mountain of Jack in the Box tacos.

  • Tyler Wakelam
    Tyler Wakelam 15 hours ago

    You went to timmies and you didn’t get a double double smh

  • Tim Bishop
    Tim Bishop 15 hours ago

    taco johns

  • Fatou Sarr
    Fatou Sarr 15 hours ago


  • David Crittenden
    David Crittenden 15 hours ago

    How about zaxbys

  • Shake N' Bake
    Shake N' Bake 15 hours ago

    You threw some food away when you got the hash browns out the bag at 8:23

  • MK SQUAD mksquad
    MK SQUAD mksquad 16 hours ago

    McChicken Meal

  • Tom Ciaccio
    Tom Ciaccio 16 hours ago

    check your order at the store - you won't get ripped off?

  • miles teller
    miles teller 16 hours ago

    Pizza overload ??

  • Wayne Schonthaler
    Wayne Schonthaler 16 hours ago


  • Corben Russow
    Corben Russow 16 hours ago


  • Julianna Percoco
    Julianna Percoco 17 hours ago

    I LOLED when he said salty and savoury! That’s how u know ur full. Great video, Eric! Ur awesome🎉🎉happy birthday

  • jaime fernandes de soares

    Bro ur brows are extremely feminine 😂💩