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  • Joshua Doll
    Joshua Doll 4 hours ago

    "That's quite a lot to take in there" he says while in a combine using a 20 foot header. He needs to see the 45+ foot headers that get used.

  • J D
    J D 5 hours ago

    I watched this guy be amazed at rocks for 18 minutes

  • Matjaž Čeh
    Matjaž Čeh 5 hours ago

    Whos FDA and why would i care what they allow. They killed off Wilhelm Reich and Violet Rays and weed and shrooms. So infact, this means this is not good.

  • bot TINYBOI0_0
    bot TINYBOI0_0 5 hours ago

    Just like my dad

  • Daniel Boudreaux
    Daniel Boudreaux 5 hours ago

    The fact that all of this is fake and the content of this video. Followed by the outro! What a great place USclip is 😂

  • Paul Ferrante
    Paul Ferrante 5 hours ago


  • jocelyn esmeralda
    jocelyn esmeralda 6 hours ago

    Major anxiety

  • Saugus SNN
    Saugus SNN 6 hours ago

    My ego just got stroked so hard

  • Ysla Burn
    Ysla Burn 6 hours ago

    how about if there's no oxygen

  • Gabriel Cabrera
    Gabriel Cabrera 7 hours ago

    I was watching with a friend. I wanted to watch Marks channel before continuing but Savvanah Marie Reynolds said no.

  • Montana White
    Montana White 7 hours ago

    Where’s the uncut of him hitting these all in a row with no misses. You make it seem like he never missed but where’s the proof.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 hours ago

    A thing to note here is that the "modern" computer guy is an information technologist. He's not a computer engineer. I don't think he really has an appreciation for how those old computers (or new ones) work.

  • dka13
    dka13 7 hours ago

    Idk how other people are seeing this cuz I've never seen this happen before

    A J BARBHUIYA 7 hours ago

    Hello sir can I know this book name

  • Muhammad Danial
    Muhammad Danial 7 hours ago

    Samurai me during cutting my enemies : 3:05

  • Dawson O'Keefe
    Dawson O'Keefe 8 hours ago

    Destin, man, you look amazing in that helmet at the end

  • Jordon Stubbs
    Jordon Stubbs 8 hours ago

    You won't believe your eyes, HE'S WEARING A RICHLAND BOMBER SHIRT. That's my schooooooollll!!!!!!!

  • Eben RT.
    Eben RT. 9 hours ago

    This is like the best music video I’ve see in my life

  • peace tubers
    peace tubers 9 hours ago

    it should be called the 'ectosanchiesoque condomer spider"

  • Electro Magnetic
    Electro Magnetic 9 hours ago

    *I fail till I succeed !*

    SASI DHARAN 9 hours ago

    counter , counter , counter , counter , counter measureeeee !!

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw 9 hours ago

    *It's a flowbee*

  • D Madd11
    D Madd11 9 hours ago

    watching this after knowing all the training you've been through brings the point on home. whats shocking is the speed with which this sets in. . .

  • NeutronX101
    NeutronX101 9 hours ago

    Why not contact the original scientist? What did I just learn? Nothing! Was this done for 9 million views? I guess its a good motivational message. I guess.

  • Plush Adventures
    Plush Adventures 10 hours ago

    i need coordinates, it is not on google maps :(

  • Kenneth see
    Kenneth see 10 hours ago

    Leave it alone let nature take it's course deer been around for thousands of years. Maybe the common flu may wipe out the population, deer will not be afraid of humans will get shot by a hunter. Nature has a way of working itself out just fine let nature evolve and don't interfere

  • James Watson
    James Watson 10 hours ago

    This is interesting except Google/USclip Facebook, and Twitter are doing their own manipulation that is devious and on sided politically and with a social ideology that is dangerous. I'm with you on preferring people talking rather that computer generated. However many companies including Google uses computer generated voice. All these platforms are being used for dangerous puropses. They are trying to control your decisions. Who is doing it? The platform controllers them selves. Think about these platforms blocking stories about Laura Engles Wilder. Seems odd. But they called it racist. They block good stories about Trump & promote stories that are negative about Trump. Also across the board the favor the left over the right. The algorithm is programed with bias. You made me very smart in engineering but when it comes to understanding the manipulation from Big Tech you are very naive.

  • brennen green
    brennen green 10 hours ago


  • THC Kingdom 808
    THC Kingdom 808 11 hours ago

    One day the World will see magnets will power the future. Far superior renewable energy with zero emissions. No nuclear needed.

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw 11 hours ago

    *ats why owl ears are of asymmetrical heights to get the up/down as well as L/R*

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw 11 hours ago

    *could be the weight of the thicker band is heavier & consumes some of the P-energy*

  • The Wolf Tutorial
    The Wolf Tutorial 11 hours ago

    When you walk it sounds like a tank behind you

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 11 hours ago

    amazing talent but its obvious he is reciting learned segments put into words and even phrases at times.

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw 11 hours ago

    *Descartes used cow eyeballs in his erroneous speculations about optics // light*

  • wayne rickard
    wayne rickard 11 hours ago

    youtube has taken down all or most of the flat earth videoes WHY? Too scary?..btw..question everything that the wizards of the web tell you..WWG1WGA,, let all speak

  • Mike Fee
    Mike Fee 11 hours ago

    Can the 50 cal go through a cops skull 🙏🙏?!

  • YoSoyOsyXD Velasco castillo

    Noh g fcgyvsvxhTtfdhhili.jobsa😃😅🤣😁😍

  • Marineairsoft 2008
    Marineairsoft 2008 11 hours ago

    I came here from donut operator and was curious now I’m terrified

  • YKTVwitTrinity
    YKTVwitTrinity 12 hours ago

    oh yeah .

  • ASalt Nado
    ASalt Nado 12 hours ago

    Hey have you ever done a tower of laminar flow? Basically multiple cones on one pipe?

  • yorusuyasoul
    yorusuyasoul 12 hours ago

    I used to play minecraft with inverted controls

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw 12 hours ago

    @ 6:44 ... he could increase the thickness at the flanges that bowed; providing greater rigidity... he could also degrease the intrusion of the flanges, decreasing the pressure right there..?

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    at the end of masturbation I witnessed Laminar Flow for 2 seconds twice 😐. why the capital F I even thought about Laminar Flow? I'm gonna hate USclip soon!

  • Sumtingwong Richard
    Sumtingwong Richard 13 hours ago

    Now this is cooool

  • Alek Martinez
    Alek Martinez 13 hours ago

    Those suppressors are trash

  • Jar-Jax Binks
    Jar-Jax Binks 14 hours ago

    trash channel

  • Derek Eckenroth
    Derek Eckenroth 14 hours ago

    Do things change when you are on the other side of the equator? Like the fact that when you flush a toilet it rotates differently depending on what side of the equator you're on?

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti 14 hours ago

    No it's .gif destin... not .jif... But this is the best visualisation of a fourier series i have ever seen.

  • Link Plays Okay
    Link Plays Okay 14 hours ago

    My dad's belt can beat 100x sound barrier

  • Christopher OBrien
    Christopher OBrien 14 hours ago

    Okay, this guy might actually be cooler than Elon Musk, with his cowboy hard hat and kerbal space program analogies

  • eminusipi
    eminusipi 15 hours ago

    Trick or Treat---Zap!

  • shailendrakadari
    shailendrakadari 15 hours ago

    I thought it was like light at the end of the tunnel type of thing, I mean when the bug sees light it thinking thats the way out !!!!

  • Zakari Ward
    Zakari Ward 15 hours ago

    I have had malaria at least to times.

  • Tyrell Nelson
    Tyrell Nelson 16 hours ago

    They use meters in Alabama?

  • Ben Malu
    Ben Malu 16 hours ago

    This answers my question to when I noticed the same thing, when I was turning the shower the shower.

  • Rowan Jackson
    Rowan Jackson 16 hours ago


  • MrPbip
    MrPbip 16 hours ago

    Now I have the perfect tool I can build in my garage my house keeps getting robbed I'm going to stall one of these above the door

  • Louis Spinelli
    Louis Spinelli 16 hours ago

    A year later.. still no answer??

  • Mark Nesselhaus
    Mark Nesselhaus 17 hours ago

    Woah, just came across this vid and could not stop grinning :-)

  • Xhanka siwaX
    Xhanka siwaX 17 hours ago


  • Vlady Veselinov
    Vlady Veselinov 17 hours ago

    I almost died from peritonitis, I can guarantee you it was not fun for Houdini

  • HughMungus
    HughMungus 17 hours ago

    Except that when it crashes its going WAY FASTER THEN THAT and the impact usually kills everyone This is more like a .... training you so you dont fear crashing in a helicopter

    INSTALL GENTOO 17 hours ago

    is this legal ?

  • Bruno
    Bruno 17 hours ago

    05:28 like cat on the shelf

  • riffrocker
    riffrocker 17 hours ago

    I see why they dont call it a "skillsaw" anymore

  • Bart Van Tine
    Bart Van Tine 17 hours ago

    Incredible video. Thanks for showing me this awesome invention and explaining how things work. I love your videos and love showing them to my high school physics classes. I miss the changing verse at the end is it just too hard finding a verse specific for every video? I am always impressed by the ones you find to match a video! Anyway, thanks again for all you do man!

  • Ebru Tuna
    Ebru Tuna 17 hours ago

    its so funn

  • Petr Mareš
    Petr Mareš 18 hours ago

    What difference does 20 mil. trees actually make? Can it be somehow quantified? I mean something like a life cycle of 20 mil. average trees and their yearly CO2 consumption compared to CO2 emissions of some state? Should this be perceived just as a symbolical gesture of responsible individuals (valuable as it is) or is it a real step for improvement?

  • Andrew Knox
    Andrew Knox 18 hours ago

    Omg, cant wait for this to come out! Is that correct?

  • kil296ler
    kil296ler 18 hours ago

    Gulf club: and here comes the giant fist! Gulf ball: PATRICK NO!

  • Abdulrahman Abalkhail
    Abdulrahman Abalkhail 19 hours ago

    super villain in making

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown 19 hours ago

    awesome video

  • Brett Boschma
    Brett Boschma 19 hours ago

    Hahaha, I love the sync!! What a great idea to learn a topic. Keep up the good work, Destin.

  • Abdulrahman Abalkhail
    Abdulrahman Abalkhail 19 hours ago

    he sounds like a Russians

  • David Karssenberg
    David Karssenberg 20 hours ago

    12:35 Close your eyes and imagine you are in a horror city...

  • bogen broom
    bogen broom 20 hours ago

    Space is Fake........ The Earth is Flat and Motionless.......Fact...

  • bogen broom
    bogen broom 20 hours ago

    Space is FAKE......... THE Earth is Flat and Motionless..............Fact

  • King Dusty
    King Dusty 20 hours ago

    Same I'm Italian y u ruin spaget

  • Kirian Dantin
    Kirian Dantin 20 hours ago

    Next step: adding a stair system. Good luck.

  • Mark H
    Mark H 20 hours ago

    This is the video that got me hooked on Destin!

  • Kelly Walker
    Kelly Walker 20 hours ago

    I immediately knew what was going to happen as soon as he put the balloon down. My knowledge is ascended

  • ליאור תממו
    ליאור תממו 20 hours ago


  • Mukul Munda
    Mukul Munda 20 hours ago

    Hindi alapabets

  • Pulled Pork
    Pulled Pork 21 hour ago

    A little birdy told me that you would have to plant 40 million trees per day to make any difference. Is this true?

  • David Pace
    David Pace 21 hour ago

    I really appreciate the insights you shared on all three of these videos. Fake identities sharing fake NEWS is the cancer of the internet, as you pointed out very well. This topic shouldn't go away, I'd be interested in a follow-up. Anyone else?

  • Derpdude 101
    Derpdude 101 21 hour ago

    My god ur lucky

  • Jamy4ya
    Jamy4ya 21 hour ago

    Just one word "OUTSTANDING".. 👍

  • Java Script
    Java Script 21 hour ago


  • ただの視聴者
    ただの視聴者 21 hour ago

    やあ、日本人だ。 わかるよ、わかる。 謎の安心感

  • Flame
    Flame 21 hour ago

    Imagine getting 🙌 wool by that

  • XxmeguxX
    XxmeguxX 21 hour ago

    5:42 とても為になりました。 とにかく諦めないで繰り返す事が大事なんだ。

  • Voxized
    Voxized 22 hours ago

    I could be missing something but a glider exercise machine connected to a circle that could spin seems to be way cheaper, less complex and more native to walking.

  • LaksuTTaja
    LaksuTTaja 22 hours ago

    Yes spaghetti the most unrealistic object known to man

  • remco kokkelkoren
    remco kokkelkoren 22 hours ago

    Are you from Amsterdam i am

  • Heto Yeps
    Heto Yeps 22 hours ago

    Who else remembered turbo after seeing those power in slow motion?

  • Ludvík J. Roubíček
    Ludvík J. Roubíček 22 hours ago

    I can barely hover helicopter in ArmA

    PLANE TRUTH 23 hours ago


  • Micro Gaming
    Micro Gaming 23 hours ago

    Thanks for calling me a genius

  • moises brea
    moises brea 23 hours ago

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  • Ryan Pickering
    Ryan Pickering 23 hours ago

    Well I certainly feel smarter. Thanks for this.