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  • Mosi Bora
    Mosi Bora Minute ago

    I just realized Ebro and Drake share the same ethnic mix. Ebro ain’t a punk tho.

  • Alexander Mcmanaman
    Alexander Mcmanaman 2 minutes ago

    Bring back the old Gucci

  • ItsThat Productions
    ItsThat Productions 3 minutes ago

    These dudes corny af on this show 🤦🏿‍♂️ they trying to hard !

  • Melvin
    Melvin 3 minutes ago

    Hate when they interrupt on a good topic for a random ass question. Some of us out here actually enjoy picking up game from people who are successful like this, they drop gems that move people different ways

  • Mosi Bora
    Mosi Bora 4 minutes ago

    Drake is that Jewish kid with a black dad that white america households don’t mind taking there white girl to the prom.

  • Saint Longstride
    Saint Longstride 4 minutes ago

    Best Ever.

  • Jay Neal
    Jay Neal 4 minutes ago

    98% convection rate the other 2% didn't have anybody to tell on

  • laron Muhammad
    laron Muhammad 5 minutes ago

    Gucci is a GOAT PERIOD!!!

  • Battling Dad bod
    Battling Dad bod 5 minutes ago

    Gucci 🔥 dope transformation

  • BCFHardHitterz
    BCFHardHitterz 5 minutes ago

    Gucci Lebron James

  • Good and Great
    Good and Great 5 minutes ago

    He went awfffffff on the smooth tip

  • Curtis.Campbell JM
    Curtis.Campbell JM 5 minutes ago

    This man loves Nick's to the bone 😭😭😭😭

  • NHB Zoe
    NHB Zoe 5 minutes ago

    @B.A._ZOE and Gucci will make a song in 2020!!!!!!

  • owen daboss
    owen daboss 8 minutes ago

    Agent don self goes off on hot 97

  • DSG
    DSG 12 minutes ago

    His schtick is just as bad as the Knicks...I rather watch Dennis Smith Jr and Julius over his corny schtick any day

  • john harper
    john harper 13 minutes ago

    Klay is right there.

  • ItsThat Productions
    ItsThat Productions 13 minutes ago

    She goated for sure 💪🏿 much respect to her #KeepGoing #Elevate

  • CinnamonSlick
    CinnamonSlick 13 minutes ago

    3:25 how does chance speak on the mic and chill in the back with a blue shirt at the same time?? :s

  • willie kimbrow
    willie kimbrow 15 minutes ago

    And they said this man was a clone. HA!

  • mansa musa
    mansa musa 16 minutes ago

    He cut Gucci off when he had maore to say bout Nip ? These dudes interviewing style is trash

  • Dangle Berry
    Dangle Berry 16 minutes ago

    THE MOTHER FUCKING GOAT!!! Gucci's comeback make me feel good, send tingles throughout my body!

    APPLE MAN 16 minutes ago

    MEEK MILL CANT RAP STOP GASSING THAT DUDE UP, I have always been a fan of Michael works

  • TRAnwarD24
    TRAnwarD24 17 minutes ago

    Before I clicked on this I was like (Deep breath) " here we go, let me hear the bullshit"

  • Giancarlos Stacks Hernandez

    The dude is blessed! Keep up the grind and believing and trusting Jesus Christ our Lord and savior!🙏🏼☝🏼💪🏼 Much Love, - From one of your Supporters "Stacks" over here in Central Florida, (Co-Founder of KQ 93.7 FM) (Radio Personality/Producer/Humanitarian on the rise)✔️ Add me on Social Media: Instagram: StacksOficial Facebook: Giancarlos Hernandez Snapchat: StacksNotorious

    YOGABEYO 18 minutes ago

    It’s really fucking annoying how often they play that Khaled drop.

  • benjamin minued
    benjamin minued 18 minutes ago

    So well spoken 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Tosha Crooks
    Tosha Crooks 19 minutes ago

    Could u send Robert Greene ..Sr,Jr,1,2,3(aka) spice 1.......a total of 5 esscense subscriptions from card number Visa ending 2199+exp.07/21.......*cvv no.#407.......xx

  • Saint Longstride
    Saint Longstride 20 minutes ago

    'Push me off the edge, you know that I'm rock climbing'

  • Tom Mathew
    Tom Mathew 20 minutes ago

    Good bye Rikers. It will take ten years. Thousands of people put in jail to give high paying jobs to NYPD chiefs.

  • buggaba
    buggaba 22 minutes ago

    Gucci is too real for this trash hot 97

  • Stl Mar
    Stl Mar 22 minutes ago

    What he said about being a fan of teams is exactly how i feel..

  • Saint Longstride
    Saint Longstride 22 minutes ago

    I'd pay for whatever she selling.

  • jamie walter
    jamie walter 23 minutes ago

    We love T.i , we love Jeezy buhh gucci mane is da most influential Atlanta rappper of thia generation🙌🙏💯👊✊ this man has put in da work and put on alot of these young artist and doesnt take no credit for it💯💯 king GUCCI

  • james kristel
    james kristel 24 minutes ago

    Heeey anybody what BEAT is this?? It is toooough...👌

  • Abraham Moskowitz
    Abraham Moskowitz 25 minutes ago


  • Grizzlyシ
    Grizzlyシ 30 minutes ago

    i told yall he the best free styler

  • Davin Jones
    Davin Jones 30 minutes ago

    Tekashi was 22 when he got locked up & he was facing 47 years jail time...So Tekashi was gone be 69 when he got out. Boom Tekashi 69 🤨🤔

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 33 minutes ago


  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 35 minutes ago

    This clone one more time

  • Cane Gang
    Cane Gang 37 minutes ago

    Who let remy on the show. Hope security checked him for his sniper rifle

  • Philly Phil
    Philly Phil 37 minutes ago

    Whats the name of that book he said

  • Nicholas Donohue
    Nicholas Donohue 37 minutes ago

    gucci a goat

  • Fred Lopez
    Fred Lopez 38 minutes ago

    Who gave this guy his hip hop credential? He's not credible in that particular subject. The thing I dont like is his public criticisms on hip hop. There is a time and place for every type of artists in this world. This dude is no one to speak on these subjects. There's room for everyone. If u dont like something...then move on and respect the space. We cant please everybody.

  • Slime Gang
    Slime Gang 39 minutes ago

    Where's that energy at that you had when you recorded the rant huh flex? Now you trying to dance around everything foh dude

  • iam will
    iam will 39 minutes ago

    call me the key-lord i even got some fiends on the internet to snort a whole line off your KEYBOARD. look, harlem aint safe - aint no keyboards, there's no way you can ESC. stop it - we don't slap box nigga. i make ya body SHIFT when the CAPS LOCKed and ENTER. beef with clips? you don't need it - i'll BACKSPACE ya mind til ya thoughts get DELETED. look im at the dealership, im trying to get a wraith y'all... no steeringwheel - you gotta drive holding SPACEBAR im out of this world, why race y'all? ya mind's on earth.... well mine's in space y'all

  • Hana Payne
    Hana Payne 41 minute ago

    I really didn’t expect for this interview to be inspiring so big ups to Gucci like fa real man you the goa🐐PeriodT

  • konikuz
    konikuz 42 minutes ago

    Rosenberg favorite word last couple interviews "fascinating"

  • Kaseim Ezell
    Kaseim Ezell 43 minutes ago

    You Must Be Inspired After Watching This Interview 💯

  • INFINITE 2020
    INFINITE 2020 43 minutes ago


  • cunt alert
    cunt alert 46 minutes ago

    Lol Ebro tryna act tough too a young gun 😂 hold this “L”

  • Lisa Marcelle
    Lisa Marcelle 47 minutes ago

    He is an ass. People really need to walk in the shoes of an correction officer. Mostly people of color, single mothers , people of color who are working hard for their families. Rickers Island was an hell hole in the eighties during the crack era. Also past years because how the world was. But Rikers change a lot during the late 90’s. The system is truly about protecting the inmates. Not all but there is a movement where the inmates really run the jails. Correction Officer are being assaulted in enormous amount. These are not the same officers from 80’s and prior. You praise the police department and villainize correction department. Why is that .....because of the number amount of people of color on the job. It is a known fact that the pay is the same as the police department, but overtime is abundantly more. Which they (NEW YORK OFFICIALS) have always hated. This is about money,making sure people of color stay on the lower end of the pay spectrum. WAKE UP TRUST and believe. The police department and fire department (please look into) have figured a way to make sure not to hire so many people of color by making sure they fail the Psych test. There have been a great number of educated black women in particular who have pass the written exam but seem at enormous amount to fail the psychological test. You go to college, get a degree, come back home but no one is hiring you in your educational field. So the next best option is to take those city exams. Fire department and police department are very bias. Correction department has always been the place especially for people of color that would hire them. Where you actually make a decent living. Closing Rikers is just another way to figure out a systemic plan to keep people of color at bay. Meaning under the middle class spectrum. Don’t get me wrong there are always improvements to be made. Corrupt officers to get rid of. But POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENT is way way more corrupt then DOC..........Think about it.

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi 48 minutes ago

    man this guy a goof

    WDBMODDINGTEAM 50 minutes ago

    Ny for life go knicks 90s knicks lets gooo patrick ewing ,john starks, oakley,


    Cube sitting here , lookin to ko his ass hahaha


    I don't find meek mills sick either

  • Abdoo B
    Abdoo B 53 minutes ago

    This made my day!!!! #Peace

  • Saint Longstride
    Saint Longstride 53 minutes ago

    Proceeding to search for more Mickey Factz content.

  • Cinemachoice
    Cinemachoice 53 minutes ago

    Legend, look at the growth.

  • Gabriel P
    Gabriel P 54 minutes ago

    This is unwatchable.

    SCAM- LIKELY 55 minutes ago

    she can rap her ass off!!! she's dope!!!

  • Rodney Rucker
    Rodney Rucker 55 minutes ago


  • Jimmy Ritner
    Jimmy Ritner 56 minutes ago

    Bro look like nick Chubb lowkey

  • robert hennings
    robert hennings 57 minutes ago

    What’s this beat

  • I am him not-them!
    I am him not-them! 57 minutes ago

    I grew up the same way I been taught accountability it's not the officer who pulled you over it's not the gun itself it's what you do and how you do it, no matter you responsible for your actions

  • trusoldier77
    trusoldier77 57 minutes ago

    This dude has come a long way. Man he is a different man than before. Salute to him

  • Rodney Rucker
    Rodney Rucker 57 minutes ago


  • Aaron Irons
    Aaron Irons 58 minutes ago

    When people want to downplay things they say "its just politics"

  • Gainz R Us Fitness
    Gainz R Us Fitness 58 minutes ago

    Legend... It’s no other way to describe Gucci Right Now, His Career is Legendary... If you’re old enough to know where Gucci Was around 15 Years around and to see him now, it’s a Legendary Rebrand

  • Dos
    Dos 59 minutes ago

    Nobody; Peter Rosenberg; being in prison is kinda like when I don’t walk my doggy

  • Eric Murcia
    Eric Murcia 59 minutes ago

    Your a joke !

  • Elijah Ashman
    Elijah Ashman Hour ago

    “Shawty went A wall She Used Be My Soldier”.

  • yousound dumb
    yousound dumb Hour ago

    If you heard one meek verse you heard them all, all he rap about is the same thing, and has anyone noticed meek don't give a damn about prison reform and helping Nigga's in jail anymore since he got out of his problems with the justice system

  • In Zamasu We Trust

    So his plan to eradicate crime is to release every inmate and not arrest anyone. Dude sounds like a batman villain.

  • Jamal Elliott
    Jamal Elliott Hour ago

    Young Lyonne is getting interviewed on Hot 97 LETS GOOOOO 🔥🔥🔥 PS Cinnamon Toast Crunch of Cheerios always! lmao

  • George Burgess
    George Burgess Hour ago

    How many bars was that....

  • Mike Larry
    Mike Larry Hour ago

    After watching this interview I have the up most RESPECT FOR GUCCI 💯 🔥

  • Stephen Keppel
    Stephen Keppel Hour ago

    Woptober 2 is 🔥

  • Ricky Tan
    Ricky Tan Hour ago

    They finally credit him 🤣🔥🔥

  • Jay Jizzle
    Jay Jizzle Hour ago

    Compounded Interest🤯my boy dropping gems

  • Brian Burchett
    Brian Burchett Hour ago

    goddamn one of the GREATEST ever. love to hear his insight on how he moves

  • ike7816
    ike7816 Hour ago

    Gucci Great!!!

  • Lisa Love Ministries

    Netflix series is funny.

  • Jermain Scott
    Jermain Scott Hour ago

    Faces of death was actually bone thug n harmony 1st album


    Dude so nervous

  • Zahavah Malka Capello


  • Martin Lucio
    Martin Lucio Hour ago

    Danng DNA word play is crazy

  • Danniel Dubz
    Danniel Dubz Hour ago

    Haven't even started the interview but just hade to put a like

  • Rick Cross
    Rick Cross Hour ago

    Most entertaining interview this year!!!!

  • Rodney Rucker
    Rodney Rucker Hour ago

    Pussy feels good but it dont feed u like food nigga

  • Jonathan Mcduffie Boyd

    That's Cassidy

    KING OF HARTS Hour ago


  • tRimm 11
    tRimm 11 Hour ago


  • tRimm 11
    tRimm 11 Hour ago

    Keef can’t go chiraq. Facts

  • Andy Velasquez
    Andy Velasquez Hour ago

    This man is a very lucky individual!!! He was actually there standing next to Tupac when Pac and Snoop actually met for the 1st time!!!

  • Adelain Derosin
    Adelain Derosin Hour ago

    Tip Rat 🐀

    D BLACC Hour ago

    Sad thing about this that people won’t watch this or applaud this bcuz it’s positive.This is inspirational to see a guy who was so lost find himself and do a 360 I’m proud black man and keep that positive energy going!

  • Stephon Burgess
    Stephon Burgess Hour ago

    He a clone

  • Brinson Matthew
    Brinson Matthew Hour ago

    hell nah this aint gucci tfoh

  • Jermain Scott
    Jermain Scott Hour ago

    The law of attraction work

  • Jermain Scott
    Jermain Scott Hour ago

    Bone thug n harmony is the definition of determination and perseverance