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  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 15 minutes ago

    I'm all about the tangents! :-)

  • Louis Turner
    Louis Turner 45 minutes ago

    I dropped almost 7 grand on my miller dynasty 220 for nothing! :@

  • William Lind
    William Lind 54 minutes ago

    Funny guy.

  • Thiago Medeiros
    Thiago Medeiros Hour ago

    This video is a masterpiece. Watching for the third time

  • Joseph Eberhardt

    "PPE on order 😂

  • Camron Cherry
    Camron Cherry Hour ago

    What the literature actually said according to Google Translate: “Name:_____ Inspector: 🈴 Model:_____ Date:______ This product is qualified by the school and allowed to leave the factory”

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata Hour ago

    You’re a good dad!

  • Robert stanley
    Robert stanley Hour ago

    time running out for the Christmas special

  • themusicmastera380
    themusicmastera380 2 hours ago

    Subscribed cos he deserves more credit for that eating his weld crust skit 😂😂😂

  • dhpundit
    dhpundit 3 hours ago

    lesson: build a bigger cart, put a sliding chair and an adjustable steering wheel :)

  • kahvac
    kahvac 3 hours ago

    This Old Tony siting @4:10......

  • Caught it Outdoors
    Caught it Outdoors 3 hours ago

    This old video

  • MrBogusgasman
    MrBogusgasman 4 hours ago

    Iv got one of them. It's a weapon

  • rustynut1967
    rustynut1967 4 hours ago

    You must feed your cat metal shavings. That's one way to get rid of them, The shavings that is.:)

  • Nate Dunlop
    Nate Dunlop 4 hours ago

    I thought this fucker was god when he touched that slag

  • Clive Haynes
    Clive Haynes 4 hours ago

    Another great video, you didn't need the taper bore as the tangs alone would hold the arbor for this purpose but good to watch.

    CALVIN L. NIKONT 5 hours ago


  • Robert Dickerson
    Robert Dickerson 6 hours ago

    I choked laughing with the "light your hands on fire ". Good video Old Tony.

  • Greger Holmes
    Greger Holmes 7 hours ago

    Wait how did you get the holes in the warsherrs?

  • jarno snoeck
    jarno snoeck 7 hours ago

    Hey tony! Could you possibly make a video about making serrated surfaces on nuts other various things?

  • khaled kin
    khaled kin 9 hours ago

    This old Tony HI I am khaled from syria I love your videos Special about lathe P. S your English is so bad I can't understand you wel😁

  • majid mahmoudi
    majid mahmoudi 9 hours ago

    what happened if wild without gas?

  • Mage Etherios
    Mage Etherios 9 hours ago

    Honestly he probably could've set up a counter balancing force and solved all his problems. You can see his difficulties coming from how the piece angles and shifts as he puts pressure closer to the edges.

  • Charlie D
    Charlie D 9 hours ago

    I ran a Maho universal milling machine similar to this in the late 1990’s. As I remember, programming it was very strange and tedious.

  • josh youngs
    josh youngs 9 hours ago

    So the case fans would be a lot more efficient up against the radiator. Other than that great job.

  • Steadfast The Renowned

    I have some hierloomed tap wrenches.

  • Ian Clot
    Ian Clot 10 hours ago

    Hey your videos are quality and fun to watch! But if you want to check a face with an indicator, you need to move the indicator and not the piece to get a good control Continue like this!

  • Nicholas R.M.
    Nicholas R.M. 10 hours ago

    Ok, you made me look up what a penguin sounds like... Boy was I not expecting that sound!

  • Steadfast The Renowned

    Maybe the sound would be different when the motor is at higher revs.

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine 12 hours ago

    How do you make grears *without* any expensive machinery?? Like … I’ve got a Dremel, a set of heads (one of them human, but that’s already in use), and … well, some wood, and $10 bucks.

    • This Old Tony
      This Old Tony 7 hours ago

      print them out, glue to wood, carve with Dremel. if you don't have a printer: math and a compass.

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 13 hours ago

    Hi tony--- Clough42 has a electronic lead screw for lathes it does Imperial and metric threads I think you would be interested check it out

  • Pete Johnson
    Pete Johnson 13 hours ago

    I once ate a foot long corn dog on a nude beach. I'll never do that again.

  • alan dento
    alan dento 13 hours ago

    Wow, you amateurs have the patience of a saint.

  • Ken Ameika
    Ken Ameika 13 hours ago

    Curious how you vent your home shop. Dying to get into TIG, but I am a little worried about Thoriated Tungsten..

    • This Old Tony
      This Old Tony 7 hours ago

      I just crack the door and window. tig isn't as bad as stick or mig but you still need ventilation. don't buy thoriated.

  • Grant Dinsmore
    Grant Dinsmore 14 hours ago

    So three days later. I take it as it took a a day to figure out you didn’t have those nuts then two days for them to arrive from prime?

  • Arman Hadi
    Arman Hadi 14 hours ago

    Amazing content as always.

  • Chris Balchin
    Chris Balchin 16 hours ago

    Hey TOT. Tottie Hot tottie... woops, sorry, wrong channel. Anyway; Just want you to know that I love you' you' you' YOUR vidios This old Toeknee. They is fantastic, and so fu- You look to young to be in a machine shop, but at my age, everyone does. But your glasses Tone? Can you really see to do your machining and welding? Or, do you have an oversized bidy double? Abom; Ave? Hmm. Your body doble with hairy hands keeps talking about your kids- er, as though, they're hisBUT YOU DIDNT HEAR THAT FROM ME!!!! 😳 KEEP EM COMING BUDDY THE VIDS, NOT MORE KIDS Chris from Lancaster England (but I cant help that

  • a d a m
    a d a m 16 hours ago

    it's pronounce _GIF_ not GIF

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind 18 hours ago

    I'd just put the main fan inside of a sand tumbler to take off the rough burrs. I also wonder if the main fan can still fit in there alongside the added case fans. It would be a super tight fit if so, but I'd definitely love to see it.

  • Jorge Posadas
    Jorge Posadas 19 hours ago

    Ok,now that my brain is scrambled eggs, I'm going to a bar with my new jokes, good trick.

  • Jorge Posadas
    Jorge Posadas 20 hours ago

    I'm going to regret this, I'll bite.

  • Randy McCauley
    Randy McCauley 20 hours ago

    humm... instead of adding the weld to the foot pegs.... why not the stop on the steel side....?

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 20 hours ago

    You could try doing a patent search for the commercial ones - if they put significant research into it there might be some patentable techniques on record.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 21 hour ago

    I see the blue spindle and the tan block - but where is the #GreenRoom?

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 21 hour ago

    So what is the precedence of the 'smooth' operator - and does it associate left- or right-ward?

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 21 hour ago

    Next instalment: 3D Printing a missing ON/OFF button for your Multimeter... :-/

  • Paul Proc
    Paul Proc 21 hour ago

    Nice job brother.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 21 hour ago

    So relieved to see you used BLUE coolant with your BLUE impeller :-) #NeverCrossTheStreams! :-)

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 21 hour ago

    16:49 ThumbWars Clamps... :-)

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 21 hour ago

    150:00 You made ABSOLUTELY the right decision on that.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 21 hour ago

    14:30 CAUTION: I tightened something with my big Chinese (yeah, I know... :'( ) torque wrench - and spiralled the bolt shank in two... NEVER EVER trust Brand X torque wrenches at the bottom end of the range (or slightly outside the markings even :'( )... Learned lesson; ordered smaller torque wrench and replaced bolts... fortunately nothing was broken off inside a casting.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 22 hours ago

    Clear coolant when draining? WAT??!!! No antifreeze? CORROSION!!1!! :-(

  • MrCoffeypaul
    MrCoffeypaul 22 hours ago

    Are you related to this old blondihack, or is she related to you?

  • Colin Aitchison
    Colin Aitchison 22 hours ago

    What a guy, your video ended with a smile on my face not a confused look like normal.

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind 22 hours ago

    I'd grind down those ridges slightly and put tethlon gasket rings or whatever in their place.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 22 hours ago

    So, HSS !== Tool Steel? Please explain...

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 22 hours ago

    ~03:00 : That sounds like a plot for BrBa but with machining substituted for Meth...

  • Timothy Ball
    Timothy Ball Day ago

    This is one of the few videos that I enjoy watching over and over.

  • Craig Burwell
    Craig Burwell Day ago

    you should get like $300 put it on a table and then put the little copier on and in an hour you would have $600 and so on and so forth

  • Krisley
    Krisley Day ago

    Sweet! A man of your capacity needs to just break down and make a ring roller.

  • Wesley Pipelayer

    Wait. I was wrong. My previous comment is now invalid. I have nailed-it down. The music makes me realize something.... It sounds like..... I’m just a little vagabond child in the ghetto. I must find scraps of meat to throw into my mothers “boot-soup”. Thanks tony! What a boost

  • Wesley Pipelayer

    This must be an old video. The music makes me feel like ...... Either “Ann Frank” or maybe “Charlie Chaplin”.... is about to be very disappointed. Then again.... Kinda sounds like “Lou Ferrigno” has finally found his way home. After all those purple sweatpants !!!!! Go get some Bruce B. !!

  • Jacked up
    Jacked up Day ago

    That's the biggest Allen wrench I've ever seen

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil Day ago

    700k ... almost there

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil Day ago

    The fuck did I just watch? Twice .. 😂

  • Jeremy Jakubek

    Tot, just wondering how to get ahold of you other than a public comment? I have some questions for you... something you maybe interested in.

  • Venture Electronics

    What the hell you mean "my welding skills aside. " that looks great to me.

  • Patrick S. Hafer Sr.

    Lolol😂😂😂🤪🤪😂😂😂🤪🤪All that for a flipping unripe pineapple. PRICELESS!!!!

  • Dolfocar Ali
    Dolfocar Ali Day ago

    I am not a machinist but just because of you i am looking to buy a lathe 😁

  • csakben99
    csakben99 Day ago

    I love this kind of video before going to sleep

  • Austin Bartose

    “Can’t be welded, don’t try” Immediately welds it

  • mike tabback
    mike tabback Day ago

    Great video give me more but you lost me at minuet # 2.

  • susan
    susan Day ago

    This is the first scary movie I actually liked , ... it is also the first 'scary movie I've watched all the way to the end.

  • E. C. jr.
    E. C. jr. Day ago

    Cool video.

  • JustAnAverageDude

    It's like a Star Wars vibroblade

  • TaPoK
    TaPoK Day ago

    там промелькнуло слово пиздец !!!! откуда он его знает

  • Rob Mckennie
    Rob Mckennie Day ago

    "surface gauge build video"

  • thomas corbett

    f*(*king great video!! yea I got an AC welder a little "buz box" thingy can I tig with that???? its better hugh? i'm a shitty welder ?? however? it comes up my dad used to weld with an acetalyn rig ??? 4 dc welding you can use a couple car batteries so iv'e seen on you tube university don't know how good the results are??????? thanks 4 putting your time and energy out there I appreciate the info Sir I've subscribed and liked BTW Muchos gracias Senior

  • Craig Sudman
    Craig Sudman Day ago

    Well you really went...balls to the walls on that video Tony. Thumbs up.

  • Techno127
    Techno127 Day ago

    Looking at those weird taper tool holders, my guess would be that they do hold a face mill and the spindle dogs fit directly into the slot atop the face mill. That seems like a really neat idea, more rigidity and a couple more inches gained on the Z axis just cause the tool is shorter with no shank

    DIY LIFE Day ago

    When i was looking minilathe. somehow i ended up with I will say at once, that this not and advertisement, but in my country retailers tries to get rich from one client per year... so the low end stuff is more expencive, than to order something little more serious from abroad. So instead to buy 1700EUR Bernardo and to wait 2 monthses, i ordered it from Germany little less, but twice as big capacity. Yes, not variable speed, but mechanical gearbox, but instant torque as well. I´m happy with it.

  • Robert Jordon
    Robert Jordon Day ago


  • Toroidal Zeus
    Toroidal Zeus Day ago

    There are different types of automotive anti frieze. I wouldn't be surprise if some of the types work fine. Likely the standard green anti freeze doesn't work but maybe the red stuff does work?

  • Steven Arango
    Steven Arango Day ago

    wow another cool video wtw nice bandaid great project

  • FoxAlex
    FoxAlex Day ago

  • Heather Willoughby

    Who else noticed the subscribe on the sharpie at 5:45

  • Ewodos
    Ewodos Day ago

    Lmfao@1:00 omg thats fuckin great.

  • Philip Wolf
    Philip Wolf Day ago


  • Coin
    Coin Day ago

    Robot rebellion of 2020 is coming!

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson Day ago

    Please get one of those eBay TIG welders and give it a try. It doesn't have to be the cheapest one, the best value would be better. (The best value based on what you would have tried years ago when starting out) I've got a little Lincoln MIG welder that love, so I've got a tank of Argon/CO2. I want to give one of those inexpensive TIG welders a try, but I don't want to buy a death trap. I only need TIG on rare occasions like welding a vintage car dash or repairing a transmission bellhousing ear. I'd use TIG less than I use my Oxy/Acetylene torches to weld. (I use gas torches to heat stuff daily though)

    • Steve Johnson
      Steve Johnson Day ago

      Also, the commenters on TOT channel are a hilarious bunch.


    I dont know if you will read this, but i just wanted to say thanks bud, i been think of diong something simular on utube for 20 years. thanks to some much needed motivation from you and a few others here, i have posted my first edumacationial vid, with many more to come, --love n respect bud !

      SMOKINSTINE Day ago

      this vid wont be highly useful for most, but it will help some more than a little

    • This Old Tony
      This Old Tony Day ago

      nice! post a link.

  • Ms. weld
    Ms. weld Day ago


  • aydin chevalier

    I love your works

  • Stephen Box
    Stephen Box Day ago

    I use Propane and bottled air, cleaner, safer and 1/3 the price plus you can buy the tanks and get them filled anywhere Propane bottles are filled.

  • Hans Moleman
    Hans Moleman Day ago

    If only Nicholas Cage had a quill.

  • Hans Moleman
    Hans Moleman Day ago

    Your wife was right.

  • Hans Moleman
    Hans Moleman Day ago

    Subtle edit at 2:05 with "causation fallacy" text. Fallacy appears before causation -- mimicking the fallacy itself. Or maybe I'm looking too much into it.

  • Stelios Posantzis

    I give it a year.or two You're a hero for tackling a ceramic valve faucet successfully or at least very brave for attempting it in the first place. It doesn't look you have hard water in your area so maybe a trap or two for debris/particles in the water supply might prolong the life of these things. If you had hard water, maybe a water softener cartridge might help too as long as you ensured everyone knew the water coming out is no longer drinkable - I don't know if you would want to use it for brushing teeth etc., probably not if there are kids in the house.

  • D.j. B
    D.j. B Day ago

    I work at a big home improvement store rhymes with knows, the combination square's they sell cannot come apart/ break in the way yours is. I would like to have the same model that you used! Where might i purchase one similar/ exactly like yours?

  • Kevin Hunt
    Kevin Hunt Day ago

    "That one's pretty" ha ha ha