Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077
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  • VKA_CarvedSix09
    VKA_CarvedSix09 13 minutes ago

    Who will cross play ?????

  • 901hardsouth
    901hardsouth 34 minutes ago

    No hate but they could've show this at E3 , gamescon give us at least 40-50 minutes of some real gameplay with little narrator. But I already pre order the game so it's all g !!!

  • Пиня Гофман


  • Kalipso
    Kalipso Hour ago

    Dobra gra się szykuję

  • Gaymar Omar
    Gaymar Omar Hour ago

    Refused is the band, consists of woke male feminists.

  • Vadimir Po
    Vadimir Po 2 hours ago

    It's looks like *BREATHTAKING*!

  • Fir Uth
    Fir Uth 2 hours ago

    эх, ждееем

    Andy TOSKOVIC 2 hours ago

    The trailer came put when I was in 6th grade elementary, last year I graduated in high school. Lmao

  • MiR3K
    MiR3K 3 hours ago

    I don't think my Haswell-era Pentium and decade-old GeForce 9600 GT will handle this game well...

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 hours ago

    music is awesome

  • Александра Васильева

    0:46,май Литл пони.ссылка на поньк

  • Mat K.
    Mat K. 4 hours ago


  • Sub or GTFO
    Sub or GTFO 5 hours ago

    R.I.P Vocal cords (2019-2077)

  • privacy first
    privacy first 6 hours ago

    God damn I need to upgrade my PC so bad! I WANT THIS GAME!

  • m4nuz
    m4nuz 7 hours ago

    looks boring :)

  • Trip on Tube
    Trip on Tube 7 hours ago

    This is GTA : 2077

  • Golden Apple
    Golden Apple 8 hours ago

    Three things this game got me interested: RPG, Open-World and Cyberpunk theme.

  • CMDR Boom
    CMDR Boom 8 hours ago

    Somebody's been living in XYZ hell in the animation department. We're still with you CDPR, and from us to you, Hack the Planet! (circa 1995)

  • Vega Music
    Vega Music 8 hours ago

    4:11 NANI!? - You bet my cybernetic ass cheeks I'm gonna wear a red jacket with that shiny babe on day 1!

  • Stefan Weiberg
    Stefan Weiberg 9 hours ago

    Who would be crazy enough to be enemies with Keanu Reeves?

  • faisal habibi
    faisal habibi 9 hours ago

    Any game who released along this game are gonna dead on arrival, this game is like huge fucking star, that really really bright, that cast a shadow even to the nearest star...

  • 族 Bryan Lee
    族 Bryan Lee 9 hours ago

    If Placide sees what V sees , does he see John Wick?

  • EɑneGc
    EɑneGc 10 hours ago

    #Cyberpunk2077 is a love you! S2

  • Jip Jackson
    Jip Jackson 10 hours ago

    Christ the slow ass moving un-organic controller type movement is so ... hard to watch. Like a rusty robot with a neck-brace on. Sorry everyone but dual analogs is NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN meant for FPS control. It's as much an abomination as using a KEYBOARD for a racing game or a side-scroll platformer or an airplane or Dark Souls. Horrible! Just horrible. One of these just doesn't work like the other as the song goes. Long story short FPS is for M&K period, get over it or innovate! Sony and Microsoft haven't even tried to innovate in like 2 decades! It takes a PC game company, Valve, to even attempt this (steam controller) this is BULLSHIT as it doesn't have to be this way. Just cuz you own a console and want to sit on the couch shouldn't mean that a HUGE library of games are borderline unplayable to you (that is you know the difference). Humans are crafty and could have dealt with this by now (someone actually has in their basement but ran out of money) but here we are in 2019 looking at...IDK what this even is. I mean c'mon look at this movement! It's HORRIBLE. Look how ssslllloooowww and unnatural all because of analog sticks. Fuck that master race crap let's move forward and figure out a solution to this very real problem and stop fighting, we get enough of that crap in every other aspect of modern life.

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 10 hours ago

    FF7R gets game of the year EZ

    • Mark Watcher
      Mark Watcher 7 hours ago

      Remake can not compete for the goty.

  • Jip Jackson
    Jip Jackson 10 hours ago

    SWEEETT...although unfortunately there will be a ReShade incoming A.S.A.P...WTF is the deal with every game nowdays and the washed-out colors look? The weird un-contrasty filter over everything? Just give me a red that LOOKS RED. Blacks that look black and so on. I don't want reds to look like a washed out sun-bleached pink FFS! I just don't get it, anyway thank god there is something like ReShade to set everything back to normal. Shouldn't have to though.

  • hoodie 225
    hoodie 225 10 hours ago

    41:45 why we keep coming back to watch this

  • Default User01
    Default User01 10 hours ago


  • alex 193
    alex 193 10 hours ago

    my mom say that im gona get metro exodus (mom where is it ?) now i say my mom "can i have cyberpunk 2077" Mom - "yes".

  • Over Clock Motors
    Over Clock Motors 11 hours ago

    Thank you.

  • Goes Hidayat
    Goes Hidayat 11 hours ago

    stand up for heavy headbangers

  • Dilean
    Dilean 12 hours ago

    Bunch of soyboys hire drunkard, coalburning hard core feminist and remove gender in the hopes to get laid. Cybertranny 2077.

  • R.E.D Music
    R.E.D Music 12 hours ago

    Dude... I’m ganna be MIA when this game comes out😂

  • TheDude
    TheDude 12 hours ago

    I hope this has just as much sex as the Witcher did.. haha

  • Leonardo Leite
    Leonardo Leite 14 hours ago

    16/04/2020 we have city to burn

  • Fakka
    Fakka 15 hours ago

    I hope this game sucks, i really hope it fails. Because if it doesn't i'll never leave my home ever again.

  • Buzztronic
    Buzztronic 15 hours ago

    2:06 - Ah, a HowToBasic video :P Very cool BTS video, the track playing in the background is fookin dope as usual! Sounds like a remix of a song used in another trailer? Will we be able to buy this and other tracks we heard so far somewhere, possbly a CP77 OST ? <3 :]

  • ItzzzErl
    ItzzzErl 16 hours ago

    This game looks sick and dope.. Cant wait. Love CD Projekt Red

  • Syn Stark
    Syn Stark 16 hours ago

    Is Lord Keanu still going to look like a potato on launch day like in the last gameplay ?

  • Cathy Gnik
    Cathy Gnik 16 hours ago

    Can you make cyberpunk 2077 also 3rd person please and please make more restocks of your collector's edition

    • Mark Watcher
      Mark Watcher 7 hours ago

      A 3r person contradicts the concept of the game

  • unbridledenthusiasm
    unbridledenthusiasm 16 hours ago

    I cannot wait for this. This is everything we have been waiting for

  • 멘넹멩
    멘넹멩 17 hours ago

    i want to the 3rd view, cock suckers

  • Андрюс Закутаускас

    Thank you CDPR.

  • Asbjørn Olsen
    Asbjørn Olsen 17 hours ago

    What's going on with the omnimous music in the background?

  • Angry Karakuri
    Angry Karakuri 17 hours ago

    WE GET IT CDPROJEKTRED! *You're pretty good.*

  • Michele Manfredi
    Michele Manfredi 17 hours ago

    now we can see the game and not the dream...i hope in the last months they can increase the quality in npc movement, texture and IA ....i hope in a great story ..but for now i not see the witcher 3 magic....uff cmon cdproj you have months for build a great game :)

  • stormz media
    stormz media 17 hours ago

    Is this gone be good?

  • dodid0
    dodid0 17 hours ago

    Nos Videmus

  • HideousConformity
    HideousConformity 18 hours ago

    When do we get to see the gag reel?

  • Ballad2Grave
    Ballad2Grave 18 hours ago

    Best hardcore punk band on the planet making a music for a game called CyberPUNK. Can't get better than this! So glad REFUSED are getting the well deserved attention! CDPR RULLES!!!

  • Skiupp !!
    Skiupp !! 18 hours ago

    boring AF, already waaaaay overhyped lmao.

    • Skiupp !!
      Skiupp !! 5 hours ago

      @redd 77 eh i watched the 45 min gameplay, this trailer really doesn't do the game justice.

    • redd 77
      redd 77 17 hours ago

      Ur taste, ur opinion.

  • Ballad2Grave
    Ballad2Grave 18 hours ago

    I can't believe they managed to get the REFUSED to do the songs for their game! I'm literary stunned! OMG!!! Can this be more AWESOMEEEE?!!!

  • Catgurlz2
    Catgurlz2 18 hours ago

    this looks extremely interesting

  • curlyhair fag
    curlyhair fag 19 hours ago

    when i saw this the first time in 2013-14 i laughed "it simply wont look that good" i said. how wrong was i

  • JA Bognini
    JA Bognini 19 hours ago

    Please, can you guys release the song in this video? thanks... I guess...

  • Laurynas Tamošauskas
    Laurynas Tamošauskas 19 hours ago

    It's the next "gen" Deus Ex type game

  • Oleh Brony
    Oleh Brony 20 hours ago

    where can I find the music?

  • TT CC
    TT CC 20 hours ago

    its all sold out... :OOO

  • Erik Primaki
    Erik Primaki 20 hours ago

    Aqui estou eu, vendo esse vídeo de novo, só pra tentar segurar a ansiedade de jogar, pelas minhas contas, verei essa gameplay mais umas 5753468 vezes até chegar o dia do lançamento KKKKK'

  • david arias
    david arias 21 hour ago

    cyberpunk need a online multiplayer as a GTA online

    • Seun Johnson
      Seun Johnson 16 hours ago

      If the online in this game is like gta 5 then I won't mind the grind it'll actually be pretty fun

  • Nhy Tarhalys
    Nhy Tarhalys 21 hour ago

    Why would i care so much on customization if i won't be able to see my character, even cinematics are first person view.

    • JayJapanB
      JayJapanB 2 hours ago

      @Nhy Tarhalys "you can't enjoy something you cannot see" Well, it's based off a pen and paper RPG... Besides, they're claiming you can see it in the inventory and in a "photomode"

    • Mark Watcher
      Mark Watcher 7 hours ago

      @Nhy Tarhalys You do not see yourself in real life, probably you are very upset by this) This is a game where the player is the main character. If you don’t like it, you just don’t like the rpg genre, this game is not for you, so you should pay attention to action-rpg.

    • Nhy Tarhalys
      Nhy Tarhalys 15 hours ago

      @Mark Watcher Thing is, i love customization systems, but i hate them when i can't enjoy them. And you can't enjoy something you cannot see.

    • Mark Watcher
      Mark Watcher 17 hours ago

      just ignore customization?

  • Duffy x3
    Duffy x3 21 hour ago

    God i love refused

  • Logan Ortiz
    Logan Ortiz 22 hours ago


  • P S
    P S 22 hours ago

    The CDPR approach to this game has been up to the decade... This can't be fucked up :)

  • Nahk Ru
    Nahk Ru 22 hours ago

    2019 America: Every product is from China 2077 America: Every product is from Japan

  • Logan Ortiz
    Logan Ortiz 22 hours ago


  • wlodek bąk
    wlodek bąk 22 hours ago

    CDPR should take control over the world, music, film games, world would be better

  • Smail book
    Smail book 22 hours ago

    Просо шедевр! Жаль что я нищеброд и не в состоянии собрать нормальный ПК. Буду наслаждаться прохождением сие шедевра на USclip )))

  • glıtchəd
    glıtchəd 22 hours ago

    Coming: When it's ready

  • J. T
    J. T 22 hours ago

    The best game developer ever. Chwała!

  • Mike Price
    Mike Price 23 hours ago

    Errrr purchase!!

  • Joshua Flores
    Joshua Flores 23 hours ago

    Looks like future African gta

  • Exotic_Ghoul
    Exotic_Ghoul 23 hours ago

    Wow, thank you CDPR. You guys never let us down

  • WhyAreLess
    WhyAreLess 23 hours ago


  • Elan Lynn
    Elan Lynn 23 hours ago

    what’s the name of that asskicking bgm?? Love it!

  • Mr. Destruction
    Mr. Destruction 23 hours ago

    is it me or the game doesn't look that appealing? seems too dark & the open world features like the roads and buildings are kinda ..... "work in progress" style

    • Mr. Destruction
      Mr. Destruction Hour ago

      @Neca Stavasbriga yea , but this is a video game brother , it's suppose to be polished

    • Neca Stavasbriga
      Neca Stavasbriga 4 hours ago

      It is just you, believe me a lot of pacifica buildings look like buildings in my poor hometown, just add some neon lights on those buildings in my hometown and you get true cyberpunk feeling, cdpr nailed it, travel to some ex-communist country and you will see for yourself

  • judge sim
    judge sim Day ago

    ps3 graphics..

  • RedAlfa
    RedAlfa Day ago

    Boring video preview

  • The American Dude

    I cannot wait for the game's release date to get it! Everything about it is almost perfection for gamers! CD Projekt Red outdid themselves!

  • Dave Kitsune
    Dave Kitsune Day ago

    Anyone notice some parallels to Mr.Robot with comparing the relationship between Elliot-Mr.Robot and V-Johnny Silverhand. I predict that Johnny will try to takeover V near the end of the main story with V struggling to control him.

  • Rose Supreme
    Rose Supreme Day ago

    2:00 Dayum... removable jaws?

  • Jussi Virtanen

    No wonder the trailer was so good.

  • Jed Len
    Jed Len Day ago

    I'll have to fake my death when this come out

  • CANV4S
    CANV4S Day ago

    Shazam - "We didn't quite catch that" Me - >:(

  • Kozzi
    Kozzi Day ago

    может через лет 30 увидим такой графен((

  • Nadiq Khan
    Nadiq Khan Day ago

    The gameplay looks very good But the damn editing though !

  • Kalplay
    Kalplay Day ago

    The facial animations are crap tho

  • LuscaMolusco
    LuscaMolusco Day ago


  • Avenista
    Avenista Day ago

    I just know this soundtrack will be AMAZING

  • Alexey Delgado

    When a game use a CGI trailer is because the game isn't as cool as planned to be 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Ouppen
    Ouppen Day ago

    well I think this will replace my real life..

  • Fluesterkind
    Fluesterkind Day ago

    2:28 is he still alive?

  • Fluesterkind
    Fluesterkind Day ago

    watched this masterpiece x times and it still make me cry