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  • Vasu D
    Vasu D 20 minutes ago

    who have watched this video after playing restaurant story

  • Gussie Wondriska

    OMG! The music. Loud, annoying, distracting.

  • Poonam smart kitchen


  • Jens
    Jens 2 hours ago

    Pure cinnama masterpiece love you girl

    • Jens
      Jens Hour ago


  • nanijean12
    nanijean12 2 hours ago

    You are fabulous! Do you have your own USclip?? I could watch you all day

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 2 hours ago


  • Archana Singh
    Archana Singh 5 hours ago

    Can we eat it ?

  • Sharon Swaney
    Sharon Swaney 7 hours ago

    why not add chicken rice with salsa mix and add cheese after one laryer then top .

  • Grace Decker
    Grace Decker 7 hours ago

    peppa pig

  • Xianad
    Xianad 8 hours ago

    T U N A N O O D L E M Y F A V O R I T E

  • Zamora Blake
    Zamora Blake 9 hours ago

    Fricken THANK YOU! I've told so many ppl about what red velvet cake is supposed to be. Love the video.

  • lukngud
    lukngud 9 hours ago


  • Priya
    Priya 11 hours ago

    Was she in Masterchef? Because she looks so familiar.

  • Fray Jay
    Fray Jay 12 hours ago

    Making now. No salt tho? Hopefully the sausage adds some savory salty kinda thing to it. Didnt have the cajun spice. Still excited

  • Canii peopleperson
    Canii peopleperson 12 hours ago

    No more music over her talking!!!!!!!!

  • Julett Fullerton
    Julett Fullerton 14 hours ago

    Looks Yummy !!!

  • Kat F
    Kat F 14 hours ago


  • George Texstel
    George Texstel 15 hours ago

    the devil dragged me here...droolin

  • Aimee Thomson
    Aimee Thomson 16 hours ago

    Entwined were they

  • LRN andoyalerds
    LRN andoyalerds 16 hours ago

    That look like raw shrimps. Did you forget to add the words. “Oven bake” somewhere?

  • Lemme Smash
    Lemme Smash 17 hours ago

    Is the batter supposed to be alittle too liquidy?

  • trini
    trini 18 hours ago

    I can see why obesity is a national problem.

    • Lee Van Den Akker
      Lee Van Den Akker 16 hours ago

      Just put chicken with seasoning, put the chicken or mix it in with a salad or vegies yummm I'm losing wieght

  • Joshua Gabriel
    Joshua Gabriel 18 hours ago

    It's so very easy to cook this recipe are brilliant!👍😉

  • Joshua Gabriel
    Joshua Gabriel 18 hours ago


  • christopher tran
    christopher tran 18 hours ago

    200 farenheit or degrees.......

  • Tanishq Ahluwalia
    Tanishq Ahluwalia 19 hours ago


  • Bermy Ninja
    Bermy Ninja 19 hours ago

    I just clicked on the link because she looks like shaggy

  • Venus Lawas
    Venus Lawas 19 hours ago

    Where is the ingredients not post?

  • gabbyliciousable
    gabbyliciousable 20 hours ago

    Great recipe, but omg, that 12 minutes of salting and peppering the cod, and all the slow motion going on. I fried a whole chicken, made macaroni salad, homemade macaroni and cheese, homemade biscuits, ate, cleaned my house, and mowed the lawn all before this video ended. Think I grew a few grey hairs too.

  • Speville Marie Christine

    Too white

  • Shlutty Mc'Shlutface
    Shlutty Mc'Shlutface 20 hours ago

    That chef seemed like the easiest guy to interview and that weirdo made it really odd

  • josé roberto
    josé roberto 22 hours ago

    Hi. May I translate this video to Portuguese and re-up it in my channel??

  • Lisa Boban
    Lisa Boban Day ago

    Great recipe - I LOVE Elise. But who the hell produced this? They should be fired. The music is WAY too loud and the sound is completely unbalanced. Elise is your next great AR star. She deserves a better producer.

  • Lea
    Lea Day ago

    Nutmeg? O.o wha-

  • AngryPenguin
    AngryPenguin Day ago

    the music is a bit distracting during the parts where she's talking ngl

  • Heather Paterson

    Remember your dog does not taste its food it smells, so the vanilla or even cinnamon can be used.

  • Gacha Rainbows

    Do you have to use the baking soda??

  • Junior17
    Junior17 Day ago

    Just ate mine, they were good. Thanks

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  • Linda Segraves

    I loved the cake presentation but really No Music Needed. Especially when she is talking, the music is very loud.

  • Amilie W
    Amilie W Day ago

    Omg I love you so much!

  • Queen Satus
    Queen Satus Day ago

    Wtf did I just watched 🤢🤢

  • anna jespersen

    looking good, umm

  • Mono
    Mono Day ago

    Thank goodness this is the legit Red Velvet Cake. Some channels claims that their recipe are the REAL Red Velvet since they didn't use any red food coloring but instead they used beets for *natural* red color. YOU STILL USED SOMETHING TO DYE YOUR CAKE.

  • Wayne C
    Wayne C Day ago

    Who edited this video man? Are they deaf that the fking background is sooooooooooo loud?????

  • Elaine Zaleschuk

    Where do you buy Cacao ?

  • David G
    David G Day ago

    You can use beet juice.

  • Josh Ross
    Josh Ross Day ago

    im not gonna make mine with vinegar let see how the turn out im excited

  • Bey's Bugg
    Bey's Bugg Day ago

    I'm trying this recipe tonight.

  • Regina Harris
    Regina Harris Day ago

    I will try I like original old SCHOOL EVERYTHING. EXCELLENT!!!

  • Kim Edwards
    Kim Edwards Day ago

    Your upbeat personally is amazing! Thank you for the awesome video!

  • Shanice F
    Shanice F Day ago

    I love how entertaining you are ❤ plus the recipe and history of this lovely Red velvet cake

  • God's Obedient Child-Psalm 46:10

    Love, love, love your personality😄 💕❤🙌👍!!!

  • mrbigman006
    mrbigman006 Day ago

    All these ignorant ass Hispanics on here making us look bad by talking shit just cause this recipe isn't how their momma would make it

  • My Life Chronicles with Tamara Jones

    She is too hilarious!

  • West Coast Experience

    I made this today and it just wasn't great, too much buttermilk in the batter and the coating did not stay crispy at all, also the measurements for the gravy are way too much gravy for the amount of steaks. Half as much would be fine or even less. I had never heard of a buttermilk coating for chicken fried steak so I decided to try it. I think some of the recipes from Texas are much better using flour egg and crushed crackers or flour egg flour. I've never dipped breaded meat in egg first before flour but some of the recipes do that as well and I'm going to try it to see how it works out. But I wasn't really happy with this recipe. and I also don't think it's that necessary to use vegetable shortening which is basically 100% palm oil

  • Dolly Perry
    Dolly Perry Day ago

    I love her :)

  • Brett Felsman
    Brett Felsman Day ago

    All the people crying over this video is hilarious

  • Tiffany Tarnowski

    That girl was awesome and I'd watch her all day. Hysterical and cute. More please.

  • Ire Ma
    Ire Ma Day ago

    Wonderful recipe!! Imma make some original red velvet cake

  • Isabella Agbashe

    The original Cacao, is it still available?

  • lukngud
    lukngud Day ago


  • Donna Noe
    Donna Noe Day ago

    It is not red at all. It is chocolate.

    • Priya
      Priya 11 hours ago

      Just add red food coloring. And there Red Velvet cake.

    • Wayne C
      Wayne C Day ago

      No shit Sherlock.

  • Black Jill
    Black Jill Day ago

    The "Fact of the day" sound was too loud, makes it hard for us to hear her over it. Edit: In fact, all of the music bits are too loud. I didn't come here to hear the music, I want to hear her.

  • Donna M. Schmid


  • Gerard Johnson

    Wonderful recipe and the enthusiastic young lady presenting makes this video enjoyable to watch. I really liked the history lesson about "red velvet" cake.

  • Reem Muzahem
    Reem Muzahem Day ago

    Looks delicious but it’s brown not red

  • FuckYouProbably

    Fuck you for not updating the video!!!!!!

  • Natalija paradiso

    Wonderful recipe ❤❤❤

  • elizabeth marie

    CACAO !! 🔥☄ 😆

  • april
    april Day ago


  • berry
    berry Day ago

    I still hear Linda 😂 she’s so pretty

  • Nadia Turner
    Nadia Turner Day ago

    I love your channel so much

  • tLove4
    tLove4 Day ago

    Made with Love!!!

    TENE BAUM Day ago

    that is going to be one unseasoned lame "cuban" steak. GTFOH.

  • Sylvia Learningtoheal

    I bake the potatoes, use pineapple juice instead of orange juice, and put a brown sugar, butter , flour and peacan topping with a couple sprinkle marshmallows in the middle, I also added eggs and condensed milk

  • treasure rescue

    looks so good!

  • obbzerver
    obbzerver 2 days ago

    *"There's nothing this homemade soup can't cure"* They're right! I had gout, hepatitis C, rickets, rabies and sciatica - this soup recipe cured them all! :)

    SKYLLAN 2 days ago

    THIS NAMED KIKLIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerry Alga
    Gerry Alga 2 days ago


  • aisha zafar
    aisha zafar 2 days ago

    In the end have to applied whipp cream??

  • B4 S3R
    B4 S3R 2 days ago

    Bake it for an hour at what temp?

  • Jason White
    Jason White 2 days ago

    Am I the only one bothered by the gap in the saltine crackers?

  • dannybflat
    dannybflat 2 days ago

    She'll be a mess by 16.

  • Perri the mantis keeper

    I make this recipe always but use cheddar cheese

  • Dina Walters
    Dina Walters 2 days ago

    I actually enjoyed this a lot! Well done 👏🏾 #SoFancy 👠👗📿

  • jrocweezy
    jrocweezy 2 days ago

    very good

  • Ardent *
    Ardent * 2 days ago

    Has anyone ever eaten a rock :-/

  • Cam Jarrell
    Cam Jarrell 2 days ago

    I was quite confused because I don’t recall the title being how to make a cake

  • Suzanne Szárai
    Suzanne Szárai 2 days ago

    15-20 minutes? Nothing happened in 20 minutes. I had to cook it at least 2 hours.

  • Jennifer Delgado
    Jennifer Delgado 2 days ago

    Thanks for the recipe! So easy to follow. I had never made banana bread and it was yummy!

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L 2 days ago

    OMG. That's mainly sugar! :O

  • TypicalDaniel Yt
    TypicalDaniel Yt 2 days ago

    1 star

  • Chelle Smiddie
    Chelle Smiddie 2 days ago

    I use golden mushroom soup it's better I think with chicken stock ,celery ,onions,& fresh mushrooms or mixed vegetables & plenty of cheeese

  • The Cosh
    The Cosh 2 days ago

    Nice & Easy to do! I found a good measuring spoon & cups set:

  • Rosey Lynn
    Rosey Lynn 2 days ago

    Yes nice and simple not a whole bunch of an expensive ingredients thank you

  • raised n virginia
    raised n virginia 2 days ago

    I should have watched this before poaching my salmon. It still came out ok.

  • VosZy
    VosZy 2 days ago

    jezus! chopsticks? i mean ur rice isnt even sticky

    RUCHI BADCHARYA 2 days ago

    Made these today...sooooo delicious😋😋simply fantabulous ❣