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  • TheEXGamemaster
    TheEXGamemaster Minute ago

    Golden Eye 007?

  • Koen does stuff
    Koen does stuff Minute ago

    101 in 1 was also on the kindle fire i remember when i was 3 or 4 i used to play it all the time. that brings back lots of memories

  • Rob Cadena
    Rob Cadena 3 minutes ago

    Have a Megaman battle network Edition GBA from JP

  • LewecusGame
    LewecusGame 5 minutes ago

    Don't talk about big battlefield like that.

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb 5 minutes ago

    You mustve wasted a lotta money on videogame consoles your destroyed

    BASKETBALLJEZUS 6 minutes ago

    Dude the playstation 2 was my sh*t when I was aged between 12 and 17. I also used to have a original xbox but didn't care as much about it as my playstation 2. On my playstation 2 I literally spend hours playing FIFA and NBA LIVE. I became actually a xbox person sinds the 360. As matter of fact I still play on my playstation 2. Because it's so nostalgic to me. And the original xbox not really. But if I have to choose between the playstation 4 and xbox one. I prefere the xbox one. I never liked the playstation 4. I can remember I sold my playstation 4 to buy me a xbox one.

  • AdamFra
    AdamFra 8 minutes ago

    Fun fact: If my memory is correct, the PS3 Super Slim is the first game console I ever used.

  • Will B
    Will B 10 minutes ago

    The rarest game I own is an authentic Earthbound cart... Not super rare, and it's only worth like $100, but it's something.

  • Luis Guardado Henriquez
    Luis Guardado Henriquez 11 minutes ago

    everybody gangster til the landmaster goes into all range mode

  • Kekitto Rektus
    Kekitto Rektus 11 minutes ago

    mfw smb/duck hunt carts are being sold for 15$+. I fucking hate retro hipsters. As soon as normies consumers invade a market they turn it into pure shit. Just look at the prices of PS1 games, WHAT THE FUCK?! I remember paying 2$ for my GT copy and 5$ for MGS 1.

  • Anova Inc
    Anova Inc 12 minutes ago

    Did you die from this?

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney 13 minutes ago

    Polybius didn't actually do that. The suicidal depression and nightmares is disinformation. That stuff was added into the story years later.

  • Steph M
    Steph M 14 minutes ago

    1 Animal crossing new leaf 2 Zelda breath of the wild 3 Stardew Valley 4 The Sims 2 5 Pokemon omega ruby

  • Crimson King
    Crimson King 18 minutes ago

    I wanna play N64 and GameCube games on the Switch!

  • Shinku Quickman
    Shinku Quickman 19 minutes ago

    the only reason any of these games have anything in the double digits is because a 100 is a 10/10 and a 10 is a 1/10, and many review sites don't actually go below 1/10

  • topkek4589
    topkek4589 19 minutes ago

    I will comment everyday on Scott's most recent video until he releases a video about the L button. Day 2.

  • Buzzcut
    Buzzcut 19 minutes ago

    Only box I get is a hot sauce box every 3 months. A new bottle of small-batch hot sauce, mmmm.

  • Logan Benton
    Logan Benton 23 minutes ago

    The big AR card was cool cause you could sit on your roof and shoot monsters the size of your car.

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb 24 minutes ago

    I also really started in 2007

  • FroakieTrainer54
    FroakieTrainer54 24 minutes ago

    I own a new super Mario Bros 2 2ds p much the only thing I have that’s a limited system unless you count the platinum gamecube

  • David Ortega
    David Ortega 28 minutes ago

    White people problems.

  • mr. finley
    mr. finley 28 minutes ago

    Scott is my favorite nerd.

  • hamsandwich 25
    hamsandwich 25 31 minute ago

    I would love a star fox game where you start alone on your home planet, find a ship, explore the local solar system, go to a central hub and learn about bounty hunting, catchc bounties for money and upgrade your ship, eventually join a faction and upgrade your team until you are the most renowned squad in the galaxy. Almost like an action rpg/strategy game.

  • Koh Dean
    Koh Dean 36 minutes ago

    The sonic forces mobile music genius scott

  • Adam Hughes
    Adam Hughes 37 minutes ago

    Lol dude just say people look more fondly at the Gamecube than the Ps2? Okay then.

  • UltraCheesy Studios
    UltraCheesy Studios 40 minutes ago

    I found a kinect adventures in the woods, lol

  • Michael Olberding
    Michael Olberding 45 minutes ago

    1993: “Wow, Nintendo is such a wimp. They won’t even allow violence on their consoles.” 2019: “Wow, Sony is such a wimp. They won’t even allow anime tits on their consoles.”

  • Isai Avila
    Isai Avila 52 minutes ago

    I'll buy you ps4

  • MJKO 42
    MJKO 42 53 minutes ago

    I never knew you could play game cube games on the original wii

  • Daood Zafar
    Daood Zafar 53 minutes ago

    Could you do a. Video on dsiware maybe

  • Iamsii _
    Iamsii _ 56 minutes ago


    CAMZAB Hour ago

    Poop slingers are like opinions...

  • Stuff We Play
    Stuff We Play Hour ago

    Some of these games are gems, but the real gem here is Scott <3

    CAMZAB Hour ago

    You got Gravity Rush Remastered you say? Wanna hang and be friends? *steals Madden 93 in cheap box*

  • 8bitRetroTrackerBR


  • JJ // iiKnightCore Roblox & More!

    Scott peeling off a GameStop sticker perfectly is a better story than the Sword and the stone

  • T h e S e c o n d C i t y S a i n t

    Metal Slug anthology My local k-mart were selling that for $5. Same for galactic wrestling, fire pro wrestling returns, chib chi bi robo

  • hamsandwich 25
    hamsandwich 25 Hour ago

    I would love to see Geno as a playable character. He was my favorite from super Mario rpg

  • Archon105
    Archon105 Hour ago

    I believe there's only one confirmed copy of Hong Kong '97

    PANZERFAUST90 Hour ago

    Turok: Rage Wars grey cartridge

  • Dark Blu Mate
    Dark Blu Mate Hour ago

    Well. You got links awakening!

  • insert inconspicuous name here

    Wii sports and Wii resorts made childhood memories.

  • CPMdonnor
    CPMdonnor Hour ago

    Question why does Scott hate RPGs so much their great

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    Wait, Megaman came out in 1987. Hmm. !987, robots. Megaman is a robot. Hmmm. MEGAMAN IS THE BITE OF 87 VICTIM.

  • Aaronatorr
    Aaronatorr Hour ago

    Jake paul: "ay yo check out my cigar bruuuuuh, hey kids, smoking is great"

  • Chris Safronsey
    Chris Safronsey Hour ago

    Actually the GBA version of Yoshi's Island is better graphically. The SNES was a 16 bit system while the GBA was 32 bits, so BLAM!

  • CPMdonnor
    CPMdonnor Hour ago

    I hate it that Scott probably never played persona 5

  • I’m Back
    I’m Back Hour ago

    Scott’s donkey kong barrel blast addiction is getting out of hand

  • Mr Mobbs
    Mr Mobbs Hour ago

    Sonic last game released on Sega master system. Is that correct?

    PANZERFAUST90 Hour ago

    So this guy just has a bottle of Pepto Bismol at the ready at all times?

  • Xyriax
    Xyriax Hour ago

    Unpopular Opinion: the kinect was fun, ESPECIALLY with friends and neighbors

  • H-Play’s
    H-Play’s 2 hours ago

    Banjo because he was originally in diddy Kong racing I think it will be a good through back

  • john giguere
    john giguere 2 hours ago

    Love my SP, but I recently bought an original GBA with a modded screen and it’s definitely the way to go 😎👌🏻


    This was just a *BREAD BOX!*

  • maxxpls
    maxxpls 2 hours ago


    AUSTOBIOM 2 hours ago

    “You couldn’t pay me to pay this much!” -Scott the Woz.

  • Jim Harrington
    Jim Harrington 2 hours ago

    "You couldn't pay me to pay this much" lolol

  • Qadir games
    Qadir games 2 hours ago


  • Kaiko
    Kaiko 2 hours ago

    So I noticed greninja's amiibo is toys r us exclusive? Yet that year when I went to gamestop for my birthday I completely remember seeing greninja's amiibo there...might be due to toys r us not being around here anymore or I dont know

  • shatterjack
    shatterjack 2 hours ago

    Protip: play BotW with literally any of the non-English dubs. I played it in German, and it was such a better experience, not having to listen to English Zelda.

  • Eric Husayn
    Eric Husayn 2 hours ago

    I like marble zone. Especially the music...

  • thumper5555
    thumper5555 2 hours ago

    Tetris on Genesis is available on the genesis mini.

  • mino
    mino 2 hours ago

    as someone who does not collect games i appreciate this very much thank you scott the woz

  • Rui Pratz
    Rui Pratz 2 hours ago

    Here in Europe we don’t have half the prizes in america

  • Shade Pizza
    Shade Pizza 2 hours ago

    0:33 he looks like the asian version of a mix of Keanu reeves and Tommy weisau

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis 2 hours ago

    Looking at the TG16 swan songs, I think some of those are the best the system had.

  • TN NT
    TN NT 2 hours ago

    new old super mario bros ultimate deluxe u

  • Owen Hendershot
    Owen Hendershot 2 hours ago

    I get that the black shows more dust, but (now hear me out) have you tried.... dusting?

  • ziashock
    ziashock 2 hours ago


  • Pathetic Sealion
    Pathetic Sealion 2 hours ago

    I'm quite lucky as my dad got me gotcha force when I was a child and i still have it to this day

  • Daan Time
    Daan Time 3 hours ago

    0:21 u never played tuber simulator

  • Norm
    Norm 3 hours ago

    2:10 are we just gonna ignore that article about Croc gloves up there

  • TravellingShoes
    TravellingShoes 3 hours ago

    Just go outside for a run.

  • Eross Van Leer
    Eross Van Leer 3 hours ago

    wasn't every game GOTY? lol

  • Keelerkumster
    Keelerkumster 3 hours ago

    If you want a clusterfuck of a box art you should look at monster hunter generations ultimate for switch. You get the armor of the flagship monsters and the big boi flagships valstrax but it’s in a jumbled mess and you usually don’t know what your looking at.

  • Nathan Sukonik
    Nathan Sukonik 3 hours ago

    one word: pokemon

  • PresidentBanana
    PresidentBanana 3 hours ago

    5:07 Why is this German?

  • The Pigs Are Rebelling

    Do a full video on the gizmondo

  • Makinto05
    Makinto05 3 hours ago

    Yo! I love your videos dude. Keep them going!

  • Randominator
    Randominator 3 hours ago

    Last Of Us did it right, perfect mix of gameplay and story.

  • The Pigs Are Rebelling

    4:55 from the tinder video

  • Pav Tyler
    Pav Tyler 3 hours ago

    _S H O U L D E R B O P_

  • Happyface 182
    Happyface 182 4 hours ago

    I got a genesis does commercial before this xD

  • Bachir Laid
    Bachir Laid 4 hours ago

    And im team skull kid

  • knotter UwU
    knotter UwU 4 hours ago

    You forgot the mobile version Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

  • K B
    K B 4 hours ago

    You and your voice are fucking annoying

  • Wild James D
    Wild James D 4 hours ago

    You forgot about the Sega Nomad. It was a portable Genesis with a full color backlit screen.

  • Gothboy Rari
    Gothboy Rari 4 hours ago

    I used to have Clay Fighters is that game worth a lot of money or something?

  • Thane Eternick
    Thane Eternick 4 hours ago

    What was that? A new Castlevania? Aside from Bloodstained? Harmony of Dissonance II: Grimoire of Souls! Because Konami realized that no one liked the God of War-style games, especially not Lords of Shadow, but now they're scared to release anything original without Iga!

  • retrogamerfan
    retrogamerfan 4 hours ago

    I have a copy of sculptors cut complete grabbed it when they were closing down best investment ever 😁

  • Joseph cavagnaro
    Joseph cavagnaro 4 hours ago


  • Abel Perez
    Abel Perez 4 hours ago

    I have the American Gals Fighters for the Neogeo Pocket Color

  • Fear Searcher
    Fear Searcher 4 hours ago

    *Laughs in Hori*

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 4 hours ago

    Don’t diss MKWII

  • Bossk
    Bossk 4 hours ago

    the 2ds looks like the true og console, leapfrog

  • Hayden Northcutt
    Hayden Northcutt 4 hours ago

    S H U T D O W N B Y E A

  • Scrambles the Death Dealer

    Well that was unexpected... Yeah kids, don't smoke... after 20 years of "4:20," and almost 18 years of cigarettes... Smoking cigarettes is bad... and you can always eat edibles 😀

  • IamTheBiggs
    IamTheBiggs 5 hours ago

    Don't just check ebay for listing "highest first", but also sort out by "sold" items to get an actual price that people are paying. SOOO many times I've seen people try to sell something for an exorbitant (read: unrealistic) amount and their listing simply languishes.

  • MickTheMan
    MickTheMan 5 hours ago

    But Scott, how will you play such games as trivial pursuit and Halo Combat Evolved without a controller?

  • Majespector Kuro
    Majespector Kuro 5 hours ago

    The fire emblem games for game cube and OG Wii, are two that are ridiculous. (The former being more so.)