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What If You Ate Mold?
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  • YTuber Cabaco
    YTuber Cabaco Hour ago


  • Chatsworth Aguirre


  • Mr Bingo
    Mr Bingo Hour ago

    Flat Earthers oppose with this theory.

  • Logo Siaosi
    Logo Siaosi Hour ago

    Thanks for teaching us everything that is wrong for us or good for us .too sapphire sulia fire Webb ❤❤❤🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Karlien Muller
    Karlien Muller Hour ago

    And I’m in South Africa

  • Bunny kookie
    Bunny kookie Hour ago

    Any kpop fan here ?? Who wants to lose weight for their Oppas ??? ~well, I think only me.

  • manikyam 000
    manikyam 000 Hour ago

    I failed stage 4 first time when watched the video but I passed second time

  • Adithyan Nandhu
    Adithyan Nandhu Hour ago

    I am an Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Luni• Pie
    Luni• Pie Hour ago

    What do you use to edit

  • Jakob Richmond-Bailey

    My dog does all off them randomly but even the ones wich might mean it is scared it does it when it is happy and playing.

  • ruhan allrounder

    Stage 3 was easy than 2 for me

  • Arthur Sapino
    Arthur Sapino Hour ago


  • Karlien Muller
    Karlien Muller Hour ago

    My eyes are like silver and blue mixed

  • Ar Pak Reaction
    Ar Pak Reaction Hour ago

    where name of pakistan Pakistan is 4th intelligent nation in world

    PRITU PATEL Hour ago

    3 wrong in 4th stage!! 😅😅

  • ruhan allrounder

    From stage 4 no 2

  • Kirankumar shetty

    BRIGHT SIDE:teachers dot hav any favourite chidren ME:in my school some teachers are partial

  • iam Asnab
    iam Asnab Hour ago

    Stage 4 last one

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  • Ravada Sruthi
    Ravada Sruthi Hour ago

    Mom:why are you looking so tired??... Me:I just came from trip

  • Maricon Saradpon

    I got earth i have the score 330

  • Hyper Marshmello

    Liee fuel and it would've been on the news

  • arvidn04
    arvidn04 Hour ago

    The Elfaro ship didn’t just disappeared, it was sailed into a hurricane, and was found October the 5th. What do you get all your fact from?

  • Grace !
    Grace ! Hour ago

    I’m saving up for airports

    • Grace !
      Grace ! Hour ago

      Airpods 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣not airports it was autocorrect 🤣🤣

  • Music Network
    Music Network Hour ago

    30 10 30 20 50 40 30 10 10 30 20 50

  • Ortal Kaufman
    Ortal Kaufman Hour ago

    Bright side: “Don’t wear Black” Also Brightside: “Wear Black”

  • Anchal Gupta
    Anchal Gupta Hour ago

    I love brown rice😋😋😋😋

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith Hour ago

    Really good video for kids!

  • Sikenjoy 18
    Sikenjoy 18 Hour ago

    Me on the last part: Nah, not falling for it.

  • Saint Michael Secondary School

    I got an ad and remembered what the guy said and turn on airplane mode

  • Gacha and stuff Gangster

    I've seen a man of war

  • Lethal Doses
    Lethal Doses Hour ago

    THE VIDEO REPEATS BECAUSE ITS A LIVESTREAM *pin this because i feel like people need to know*

  • Three Amigos
    Three Amigos Hour ago

    Imma gonna be 7,5

  • Yehudah Rudack
    Yehudah Rudack Hour ago

    Failed stage 4

  • Abilla Shofi
    Abilla Shofi Hour ago

    Stage 4 part 2 i didnt pass

  • rainbowy roblox girl

    My friend in school has grey eyes :o

  • Dave Gallagher
    Dave Gallagher Hour ago

    Well I just passed this, and I'm colour blind 😂 9% of males are..

  • Richard Pahang
    Richard Pahang Hour ago

    We have question... Where is MH370.. please make this video.. thanks

  • Christine ishere

    This made me angry

  • Jeric Ph
    Jeric Ph Hour ago

    I have a dream in my dream that my dream,dreams the dream the dream was great

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar Hour ago

    Still Pkmkb

  • Lindokuhle Ndlangamandla

    I would step 150ft from the volcano ledge

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar Hour ago

    You forget to add If you travel 180 km you found over 550 varieties of mango

  • Lonely RL Lerille

    I wish I have multi coloured eyes

  • Alexa Claire Woat Gamer

    Almost all this signs say my crush likes me BUT I'M TO SHY AND HE IS TO SHY SO WE WOULD BE STAREING AT EACH OTHER FOR THE REST OF OUR LIFE'S not TELLING EACH OTHER WE LIKE EACH OTHER! Most of my friends are dating someone... I'm stuck single for ever...One of my friends like this one guy on the first day of school and in 1 OR 2 MONTHS THEY ARE DATING SUNNGLING EACH OTHER?! How does she do it? 😒😑😑😅🤤🤔

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  • Jorge RA
    Jorge RA Hour ago


    ANKIT MISHRA Hour ago

    Give At least 5minutes for yoga in your morning routine. It will be amazing.

  • Just Another Human

    I took an IQ test and its 5 in the morning and I scored 111% better than average. That good? Also 7 of these apply to me. I'm not tall tho, my index is longer than my ring, I'm the youngest, noise doesn't bother me, I'm very skinny and ye.

  • Godiya Moses
    Godiya Moses Hour ago

    Was the flag of Norway made intensionally to mimic other countries flags or was it just a coincidence??

  • Figaro Lindskog
    Figaro Lindskog Hour ago

    pandas är SO CUTE!!!!

    RUDY MINOR Hour ago

    Very interesting

  • Malik Umar jann!

    I am 26 bt it's tells me 25

  • any thing
    any thing Hour ago

    All clear I'm a super human

  • Dean Sarek
    Dean Sarek Hour ago

    I won all 4 stages.

  • Anthony Serna
    Anthony Serna Hour ago

    Easy the lightbulb is on the right hand corner on the bottom from 0:00 - 9:03

  • T90
    T90 Hour ago

    Ez because the earth is flat

  • the diamant
    the diamant Hour ago

    Quesqui raconte ceux là?!😂😂n'importe quoi😭😂

  • Claren Dennis
    Claren Dennis Hour ago

    That is a great question because the earth is flat therefore I should be getting to LA from Texas in about 30 minutes...

  • Tathoi Moni
    Tathoi Moni Hour ago

    OMG!!!!!!! When I visited India I bought a weird looking black Diamond, and shaped like a square. 🇮🇳

  • Sarah Brittain
    Sarah Brittain Hour ago

    Passed all 4

  • abigail dumos
    abigail dumos Hour ago


  • Vie
    Vie Hour ago

    Next: Our earth's molten core

  • Prakriti Maharjan

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    Son Tung Phan Hour ago

    I have black eyes

  • Terry-Alan Cilia

    16720 No I'm not kidding

  • Just Jesse
    Just Jesse Hour ago

    Deer ticks have lines desease, my arnty got bit by a deer tick when she was 8 but she’s alive and 20

  • Rev Khan
    Rev Khan Hour ago

    Air is mine what you guys

  • Hello there Darkness

    My battery saver says “fast charging” but it’s slow charging

  • panelboardnz
    panelboardnz Hour ago

    I have brown eyes I wish I had violet eyes 😢

  • Sakshi Tawari
    Sakshi Tawari Hour ago

    Hi indians! See... it's navratri and here's bright side telling about walking bare foot Guys we indians usually have these types of fast which include walking barefoot (specially in navratri) So.. happy navratri!!

  • LadyQueenPapas BBG

    Thanks! Loved the exercises about to go watch my childhood favorite movie on mute :)

    WE_ TOGETHER Hour ago

    I only got one Correct I'm not really Genius I'm useless . Thanks God 🥰

  • Maurice Taylor
    Maurice Taylor Hour ago

    My score was one thousand three hundred

  • Team Kitty
    Team Kitty Hour ago

    What a blue-bottle

  • DAMPU DULOM vlog

    That is soooo me..

  • Eunice Kariuki
    Eunice Kariuki Hour ago

    269so true

  • Fyy
    Fyy Hour ago

    oh nice we’re still first

  • Jane Ennis
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  • Joanne Trembath
    Joanne Trembath Hour ago

    When someone leans there chair in front of me I breathe loudly into their ears

  • dark sky
    dark sky Hour ago

    Faild on 4 stage last 2 no

  • Jai Ryan
    Jai Ryan Hour ago

    Ahhh I just hate how Americans say Australia and Australians

  • Akhand Gamer
    Akhand Gamer Hour ago

    who thinks the dylan is Hyper l \/

  • mayank kedia
    mayank kedia Hour ago

    Failed on stage 4

  • caleb escora
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  • Anthony Moss
    Anthony Moss Hour ago

    You can fly from LA, USA to Sydney, Aust. Also for no-fly zones there is a area in Australia called Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility.

  • Monica Manzon
    Monica Manzon Hour ago


  • Saiprashanth VS
    Saiprashanth VS Hour ago

    Before becoming millionaires what did they did.

  • Imogen Lee
    Imogen Lee Hour ago

    He didn’t mention the AFL 😢

  • Husnayn
    Husnayn Hour ago

    I passed the stage 4 but only 1 was incorrect

  • Sarai Production


  • Kyan Mazzella
    Kyan Mazzella Hour ago

    Boi I’m an Ozzie and who calls koalas drop bears this guy is so rude towards us

  • Haydad Ali
    Haydad Ali Hour ago

    Video is useless. Only evolutionists believe it so you should have mention about it. If they are going to be disappear then 1000 years ago people would have long toes and large wider nipples but those were the same then how can it be possible to completely diminish in 500 years if all the people born before and after me have same kind of toes .