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  • Thanks Kris
    Thanks Kris 22 minutes ago

    Go watch Deerfield Beach high school we going to states come watch our opening tomorrow

  • ClutchGotClout Aye
    ClutchGotClout Aye 35 minutes ago

    What’s the old town road song

  • DJ C2g
    DJ C2g 51 minute ago

    The real foul was DDG not honoring the bet.

  • Char Hurley
    Char Hurley 57 minutes ago

    11:52 instant karma

  • TrapPhone Prod.
    TrapPhone Prod. Hour ago

    go to south pointe high rock hill sc they RAW

  • Chris Rozens
    Chris Rozens Hour ago

    I have Cam in fantasy. Has yet to score a touchdown. Maybe tell him he’s trash.

  • Trent Atkinson1
    Trent Atkinson1 Hour ago

    14:32 this man did a cartwheel

  • Mark Cambron
    Mark Cambron Hour ago


  • Austin Mesheski
    Austin Mesheski Hour ago

    Lookin like Radio on the sidelines lmfao

  • G III
    G III Hour ago

    Big deal. There are tons of guys that can kick on a practice field. If you could kick under pressure you would be there NFL. Obviously you are not doing something right. Typical arrogant and brash bullshit. Tone down the attitude and get in full gear and kick. Then if you get a tryout we will see if you can do it under pressure.

  • UTBaller22
    UTBaller22 2 hours ago

    Notice, deestroying doesn't see Trubisky's work... Less than 15 fantasy points in two weeks combined... SMH.

  • Myron Alcide
    Myron Alcide 2 hours ago

    I talked to the jets to try to get you on the team

  • Hunter Hall
    Hunter Hall 2 hours ago

    You need a nfl agent and a nfl free agency camp behind you

  • Kenny Ray
    Kenny Ray 2 hours ago

    Hay can kid drick bang

  • Kenny Ray
    Kenny Ray 2 hours ago

    Hay can kids drick bang

  • Jackson Registre
    Jackson Registre 2 hours ago

    Dutchtown High School. October 25th. Guaranteed littest game in the state of Georgia 💯‼️

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 2 hours ago

    my brothers school is making a playoff run this year. western reserve in ohio they looking real good!!!

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon 2 hours ago

    When he kicked the ball omg

  • Raid Masters
    Raid Masters 3 hours ago

    Put on full gear and do it. Not doubting you but more people may notice

  • Todd m
    Todd m 3 hours ago

    Would have been epic if she beat u at ur own game n went along like not only is it okay but she got n***** lined up already. N got a shower dressed super nice af n didnt come back for 2 days lmao

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 3 hours ago

    yo birmingham alabama got some great teams feeding auburn and bama

  • Will tui
    Will tui 3 hours ago

    Ddg a pussy ass bitch

  • Battlelands Beast
    Battlelands Beast 4 hours ago

    Richard Sherman is my favorite player

  • Battlelands Beast
    Battlelands Beast 4 hours ago


  • TFBz_KiLlEz
    TFBz_KiLlEz 4 hours ago

    Come to owasso to watch the 2017 state champs!!

  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore 4 hours ago


  • Franchise
    Franchise 4 hours ago

    Almost 2 mill

  • toroha7
    toroha7 5 hours ago


  • Peanut Peeden
    Peanut Peeden 5 hours ago

    I play tennis in high school and we have plays for doubles and I always end up forgetting the play (lucky enough my partner is a god)

  • Jayden LeeScott
    Jayden LeeScott 5 hours ago

    I need a shoutout

  • Xxc Point
    Xxc Point 5 hours ago

    That negro looks old than you nigga

  • Dakota Valdes
    Dakota Valdes 5 hours ago

    Hahaha who is pick

  • Shi_Flame -_-
    Shi_Flame -_- 5 hours ago

    What's the song @ 7:17

  • Aneil Bedasie
    Aneil Bedasie 5 hours ago

    9:08 i wanna play with them do baddddd bruhhhh

  • Isaiah Hicks
    Isaiah Hicks 5 hours ago

    Can you do a Friday night lights here in Indiana to lapel bulldogs look them up

  • mark douglas
    mark douglas 6 hours ago

    Its not all about distance.....launch angle is important! The ball needs to be over the standing defense.....nice kicks, but may not be good enough....

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    west nassau

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    west nassau

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    west nassau

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    west nassau finna win state

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    west nassau high school

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    west nassau callahan fl

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    west nassau

  • Samuel Proffit
    Samuel Proffit 6 hours ago

    West nassau high school

  • Shae Fields-Warren
    Shae Fields-Warren 6 hours ago

    Do one in Tampa

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 6 hours ago

    Buddy looks like hopsin

  • Jonathon Lang
    Jonathon Lang 6 hours ago

    Oh btw your XFL bound

  • Captain RonRon
    Captain RonRon 7 hours ago

    You gotta go to a mater dei CA game and a Edna karr LA game

  • Skip TheDishes
    Skip TheDishes 7 hours ago

    9:26 🤣 soon as Destroying said "get that nigga", the "nigga" in JUJU came out immediately; my man used the side eye. Survival instincts or PTSD 💀

  • Jwis456ix
    Jwis456ix 8 hours ago

    #2 definitely left early

  • slaveforaudio622
    slaveforaudio622 8 hours ago

    Do Texas high school football next.

  • killer daniel
    killer daniel 8 hours ago

    This niggah high as a mf u coulda invited my to the session

  • Perro Culero
    Perro Culero 8 hours ago

    Played myles garrett in HS I was 5”9 160 to his 8’9 360 all muscle best believe I was diving for his legs every time.

  • DyingForPie
    DyingForPie 8 hours ago

    Your teeth are extremely close to your skin. So it's an analogy basically meaning it was Hella close.

  • koda hale
    koda hale 8 hours ago

    When my ex try’s to hug me 2:20 2:29

  • Deborah Logan
    Deborah Logan 8 hours ago

    I was the last comment so if you see this like it to know u were here

  • cash drennan
    cash drennan 9 hours ago

    Someday I pray I will find out what that outro song is

  • Mortality -_-14
    Mortality -_-14 9 hours ago

    Bruh i just watched this man kicking money balls big time how he not signed already at least 2nd in line to start or be a starter damn it that leg is a whole other beast attached to an animal of man. Bro i hope you get to live your dream someday and being a starter for a NFL team.

  • Alexander Collin-Larmen

    Ay where do u get ur gloves bro

  • Chief Peato
    Chief Peato 9 hours ago

    Ayo frfr dock was going off

  • Kule Aid master
    Kule Aid master 9 hours ago

    Dock was controlled anger u saw immaturity and lack of control from dee I mean damn he started going reckless first

  • TNB RO
    TNB RO 9 hours ago

    come to West Memphis, Arkansas West Memphis games will be the littesht shit ever

    AWKWORDONE 9 hours ago

    You stay burning dude then running back into coverage??! Dont make no sense?? You could have smoke dude way early if the QB was on and you stop running back into coverage?? Lmao 😂😂

    AWKWORDONE 9 hours ago

    QB is trash. Lol

  • mr kazen
    mr kazen 9 hours ago

    Anyone correct me if I’m wrong but is the YT channel getting in the way of his NFL career

  • Ozcar Wilkinson
    Ozcar Wilkinson 9 hours ago

    You are so fast

  • crazy codes
    crazy codes 9 hours ago

    Kickers can’t wait 30 seconds before kicking lol he has no rush this is not even close to accurate he is way out of his league lol

  • Skip TheDishes
    Skip TheDishes 9 hours ago

    So ain't nobody 'gon talk about King Troy aim huh 💨🤣 Bull's-eye headass nigga

  • Survival
    Survival 9 hours ago


  • Jacob Davidson
    Jacob Davidson 10 hours ago

    You should try to hit up Pat McAfee to do a kicking competition to see which entertainer has the better leg

  • Haley Thomas
    Haley Thomas 10 hours ago

    bro that team gaslighting you so bad theyre using you for clout, if they dont start you next year then its obvious why theyre wasting your time.

  • Gaming Whith bryce
    Gaming Whith bryce 10 hours ago

    Bro he Soccer skin from fortnight

  • Sa Go
    Sa Go 10 hours ago

    Good job bro. Hard to tell which ones wouldn't have been good in the NFL with that camera angle though. But if you really want a call do a video where you slap on the pads and helmet, and let the weather be a factor because it's rare during football season were the weather is perfect, and the humidity let's the ball travel further. Showing you have control when the weather is a factor and you have pads and a helmet will get you a call.

  • DominatorPro11
    DominatorPro11 10 hours ago

    Dude literally kicked 6 yards over the nfl game record, like damn son

  • Haley Thomas
    Haley Thomas 10 hours ago

    Jets & chargers need to stop playing, lol im starting to think they just don't want no black kickers lol we already taking over QB

  • dozey0
    dozey0 10 hours ago

    fuk the rematch i woulda whooped his ass. fuk that hoe nigga ddg that was some hoe ass shit man!

  • dozey0
    dozey0 10 hours ago

    camera guy needs to pull up his damn pants.. its 2019 real men pull up their pants

  • Tucker Jones
    Tucker Jones 10 hours ago

    mans on the phone with youtube

  • Joey PA
    Joey PA 10 hours ago

    Lakeland high school Florida. They super nice

  • Joey PA
    Joey PA 11 hours ago

    Booker t Washington , Naples, st. Thomas, IMG academy.

  • Gaming Whith bryce
    Gaming Whith bryce 11 hours ago

    It Look like he kick that bug off screen

  • john r
    john r 11 hours ago

    11:12 bro #73 on the home team gettin tossed all game lmaoooo

  • Double Pumbed Her Hole

    Dee u ever think about just givin up on the NFL and try with the NBA instead

  • Dylan Crnic
    Dylan Crnic 11 hours ago

    more stories

  • John Woodall
    John Woodall 11 hours ago

    Evertyime i fast forward i see pushups..... no way. The guys in the league with guys rushing, live snap, NFL posts... crowd... change the whole game. NFL guys hit everything in practice.Respect tho some bombs for sure and potential.

  • Mike Watson
    Mike Watson 11 hours ago

    2:55 P.K. Subban??

  • PURE_AM51
    PURE_AM51 11 hours ago

    i didn’t know tobi was running

  • Cash Ducharme
    Cash Ducharme 12 hours ago

    bro that guy suck ass bro you till him deestroying i like your vids bro you sick at football

    YRN GAMING WIT Nik 12 hours ago

    If you want real action go to travis high school Houston Texas

  • joshua bailey
    joshua bailey 12 hours ago

    go watch Alcoa High school in Tennessee . x17 state champions

  • Texas Ag
    Texas Ag 12 hours ago

    Dont worry. He's trash too

  • Miles Durvasula
    Miles Durvasula 12 hours ago

    He so close to 2 mil

  • chargermom
    chargermom 12 hours ago

    rip #3 parents

  • J.D. Williams
    J.D. Williams 12 hours ago

    Bahaha, he is ready to retire.

  • PlanetaFutbol_MX619
    PlanetaFutbol_MX619 12 hours ago

    The jets?? THE CHARGERS needed u in Detroit last Sunday! U can make 70yr field goal? The bum that the chargers had missed a 39,41 yr field goal. IN A DOME STADIUM on top of that!

  • Sodaygo
    Sodaygo 12 hours ago


  • Xavier Martin
    Xavier Martin 12 hours ago

    What’s the outro song??

  • Defaulty Boi
    Defaulty Boi 12 hours ago

    DDG sounds like another version of flight😂

  • Steve Han
    Steve Han 12 hours ago

    Not so easy when you’re kicking in front of 50,000 people and being broadcast live to millions of people with the game on the line.

  • Impulse Storm
    Impulse Storm 12 hours ago

    NFL teams don’t care about a USclip video of you kicking without pads on