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  • TheBoyBluu
    TheBoyBluu 3 hours ago

    What a guy

  • William Kinnunen
    William Kinnunen 4 hours ago

    The officiating in that game was a disgrace. Michigan got called for traveling on 3 stepbacks. Incidentally, they made the shot each time. Also, Michigan was getting fouled on a regular basis when they took it to the basket, yet received a no call on most. At one point, there were four consecutive no call fouls on four consecutive possessions in the second half. The officials turned what should have been a close-but-comfortable Michigan home win against a very game Oregon team into exactly what I've come to expect from B1G officiating when Michigan is one of the teams involved.

  • jimmy e
    jimmy e 4 hours ago

    On the plus side, Michigan is doing better than the Cavs.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 6 hours ago

    Still more room for improvement...cut down on turnovers and feed the big men inside. They definitely have the talent but need to be more consistent. Their Big Ten schedule looks good and can lead them to being in the upper tier record wise in the conference. Learn how to finish..start with finishing strong non conference schedule

  • Nate Lowe
    Nate Lowe 7 hours ago

    Atlanta Falcons

  • Joe Lam
    Joe Lam 7 hours ago

    eyeshield 21

  • Joshua Lynch
    Joshua Lynch 8 hours ago

    Seton hall was without 2 key players in powell and their big man

    • Clifford Dweller
      Clifford Dweller 8 hours ago

      Powell played most of the first half. He was in the game when the score was 28-7, at which time this game was already over.

  • mark94555
    mark94555 8 hours ago

    Totally different desanto, neutral looks great, no more one trick firemans, haven't watched much college yet this year has his bottom improved

  • Easy D
    Easy D 8 hours ago

    Dana Altman is Basketball, he is the greatest bball coach at this time....

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 9 hours ago

    Pritchard is a monster. The usual. Closer. With no props...

  • Chris K
    Chris K 9 hours ago

    Congratulations and THANK YOU, Badgers!!! Retired in Madison native!

  • Doctor X
    Doctor X 9 hours ago

    Wolverine tears taste so sweet. 😂

  • Ian Pruitt
    Ian Pruitt 10 hours ago

    42-13 TN

  • John Stacy II
    John Stacy II 10 hours ago

    It's a long season maybe thought we arrived. Got to get back to playing good basketball. The players of course. Coaching is good with the move to small ball getting us back in the game. Franz is here now. Go Blue!

  • JoJo White
    JoJo White 11 hours ago

    This was the first time I've ever attended a game in a dome. It was great not having to fight the temperature. I might be conservative in my prediction but I'd say the stadium was 90% OSU fans. I heard it'll be about 65% in OSU's favor out in the Fiesta Bowl.

  • ahhhAqua
    ahhhAqua 11 hours ago

    So Cocky! It's not competitive talk either.

  • RoyalNPoison
    RoyalNPoison 12 hours ago

    Nice win boys! Now let’s go beat Mizzou!!!

  • Quicksand Sr5
    Quicksand Sr5 12 hours ago

    Archie's needs to start benching players when they make bonehead turnovers like knight used to do. These kids lack discipline.

  • Alec Coleman
    Alec Coleman 12 hours ago


  • Donovan Mitchell
    Donovan Mitchell 12 hours ago

    Dudes built like a line backer.

  • Marselis Drane
    Marselis Drane 13 hours ago

    They not ready the Rutgers MSU beat both teams

  • cruelCalamity
    cruelCalamity 13 hours ago

    WE ARE!!!!!

  • HuskerPower1995
    HuskerPower1995 13 hours ago

    Joe Burrow...Joe Burrow!!!!DAMN COACH!!

  • Rome Nikol
    Rome Nikol 13 hours ago

    Gravina won they didn't give him the 2 points for the takedown

  • CaptainArt777
    CaptainArt777 14 hours ago

    This is so stupid. Why do idiots keep doing this? We all know he wants attention but this tells us he is just a jerk. Put himself before her.

  • Daniel Doyle
    Daniel Doyle 14 hours ago

    This announcer was obviously enjoying this defeat of Michigan as throughout the game made numerous snide remarks about Michigan. The last one of"victorious"was uncalled for.

    • Doctor X
      Doctor X 9 hours ago

      B1G Network announcers. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Chris Tesch
    Chris Tesch 14 hours ago

    Oregon missing Juiston and the new big guy N’faly this was a iffy (being gentle) win! Then again, look at UO losses...OT Gonzaga and by 2 against NC. Come tournament nation better watch out. Oregon going for a championship. Anything else will be a disappointment

  • Sam Malone
    Sam Malone 14 hours ago

    That last inbounds was poorly conceived

  • Allison Smathers
    Allison Smathers 15 hours ago

    Lets go Clemson

  • Justin HD
    Justin HD 15 hours ago

    I was there so happy about the result R U Rutgers almost lost my voice

  • jump puck11
    jump puck11 15 hours ago

    Creighton Blue Jay Nation. Know your role.

  • Jimmie Rustler
    Jimmie Rustler 15 hours ago

    It's OK, we're a tennis school anyways - University of Michigan fans '19

  • HS 73
    HS 73 15 hours ago

    Oregon only has two losses: Gonzaga and UNC, by a combined 5 points. They’ve done that and beaten 5 legit squads WITHOUT their 5 star center and most talented player lol. 🦆 are Dangerous and extremely underrated

    • HS 73
      HS 73 6 hours ago

      Rory Oliver next game I believe

    • kvng_louie
      kvng_louie 12 hours ago

      Rory Oliver scary sight

    • Rory Oliver
      Rory Oliver 12 hours ago

      Don't forget we have a top 10 nba prospect, N'faly Dante coming back in a few games.

    • Chris Tesch
      Chris Tesch 14 hours ago

      HS 73 I’m with you! They are nasty dangerous this year

  • djb djb
    djb djb 15 hours ago

    3:34 dat voice tho

  • Chris Owen
    Chris Owen 15 hours ago

    That’s a side of Tom brands you don’t see and it shows how much he really cares for his guys and there families and friends. The greatest day of those two kids lives to that point turned into their worst nightmare.

  • Daniel Prusa
    Daniel Prusa 15 hours ago

    Finally we’re relevant in a sport 😂

  • Cole Ellish
    Cole Ellish 15 hours ago

    I’m a Maryland fan. Rutgers is the most underrated team

    • Josh Johnson
      Josh Johnson 12 hours ago

      Illinois might be. This is coming from an Indiana fan (who grew up an Illinois fan).

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 16 hours ago


  • Jimmy Hayes
    Jimmy Hayes 16 hours ago

    19 should be 1

  • Ross Fisher
    Ross Fisher 16 hours ago

    shoulda been given to Ronnie Bell or Kody White

    • Will White
      Will White 10 hours ago

      Ross Fisher...... Bell? He had 1 TD this whole season lol. And White had 350 less yards and 6 less TD’s.

  • Christopher Carr
    Christopher Carr 16 hours ago

    Just wait until N'Faly Dante has a few games under his belt -- hope he's ready to work.

    • Aaron Medina
      Aaron Medina 15 hours ago

      Mite snag a top #2 even sneak #1 in the tournament as long as they win

  • CroaX On YouTube
    CroaX On YouTube 16 hours ago

    Would be a good football game to

    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      CroaX On USclip To be fair Oregon was playing handicapped without their most talented player lol. Their 5 star 7 footer hasn’t played all year, he’s coming in next game.

  • John-boy
    John-boy 16 hours ago

    Great win for the West Coast Oregon Ducks against the #5 Wolverines in their gym. Mathis made so many big shots and Pritchard huge. Michigan had nice comeback, maybe got worn out doing so.

    • Daniel Doyle
      Daniel Doyle 14 hours ago

      Missing 3 straight dunks is not gonna happen again. Wagner is starting to get in tune. DDJ will pickup more minutes. Losing this game will help solidify the team.

  • Adrian Best
    Adrian Best 16 hours ago

    Clemson by 10 points, LSU vs Clemson in the natty!

  • MemeBot7000
    MemeBot7000 16 hours ago

    MSU > Michigan

    • Doctor X
      Doctor X 9 hours ago

      Just Illinois. 😂

    • Eli Dik
      Eli Dik 14 hours ago

      At least we didn't lose to VT

  • Philip Rudy
    Philip Rudy 16 hours ago

    That slow start killed Michigan.

  • Kiran Szymkowiak
    Kiran Szymkowiak 16 hours ago

    Sloppy game but I am glad that we got the win. Also, the announcers said “Penn State” 11 times in this video

  • ScrappDa Producer
    ScrappDa Producer 17 hours ago

    what happened to Rocket Watts

    • MSU_ Miles
      MSU_ Miles 8 hours ago

      @Marselis Drane he was injured and thats why he wasn't performing the best.. yes I agre he was sloppy shooting alot of turnovers aswell however he was actually pretty decent defensively. I do agree Ahrens should play more

    • Marselis Drane
      Marselis Drane 13 hours ago

      Honestly I agree with you Athens has had more playing time they are improving he has hurt we don’t need him what has he done defense is sloppy why Izzo playing him more than Athens idk

    • Captain Table
      Captain Table 14 hours ago

      Allen Iverson He hasn’t been playing well because he had a leg injury all season so his jump shot was off He recovering at the moment

    • Allen Iverson
      Allen Iverson 15 hours ago

      I don’t know since high school never saw him play but since he has been at MSU he has done nothing now is barely playing and rightfully so. We need him to step up if he can.

  • maxwell foster
    maxwell foster 17 hours ago

    Michigan outplayed Oregon in the second half but the last play was not set up good took to much time to get to the basket

  • Glancy Outdoors
    Glancy Outdoors 17 hours ago

    This is the best penn state team I’ve ever seen for sure.

  • Dravin Murti
    Dravin Murti 17 hours ago

    Let’s go PSU!

  • Mitchell D
    Mitchell D 18 hours ago

    There were so many major programs just lined up to hire him

  • Eddy
    Eddy 18 hours ago

    Juwan Howard needs to go back to basic fundamentals. 1. The Center Castleton when the Oregon Ducks player was attempting a free throw shot he stepped into the lane and then the player missed the free throw but since this was a lane violation the player was awarded another shot and he sank it... the outcome of the game 79-78. 2. Also when bringing the ball up court for your guards in the 2nd half. This play was within 5 minutes left when Eli Brooks was taking the ball up the court. He had his defender on him and then he runs towards the center of the basketball court.... let’s stop right there for a second. He has the whole court! But he went towards the center of the court and at a 2nd defender now he has two guys guarding him. Where he goes wrong was when he got cute. He dribbles the ball behind his back. Normally this is a good idea if he is taking the ball away from the defenders but instead he brought the ball back to the defenders and they stripped him of the ball and this led to a Oregon fast break and eventually a Oregon 3 point play. This is basic fundamentals. You don’t have to be a professional to understand never to take the ball towards 2 defenders. These plays to me were costly in why they lost. Yes poor shooting cost them and also Give credit to Oregon they played great! Oregon has some great players who really can shoot the ball however Michigan blew a chance to win this game.

    • Nowhere Man
      Nowhere Man 6 hours ago

      @HS 73 also not saying they can't get to the Elite 8 or final4 . Time will tell us in about 4-6 week where all teams stand... Oregon had a good win tonight and it's never easy to go on the road and grab a W

    • Nowhere Man
      Nowhere Man 6 hours ago

      @HS 73 hey I don't hate, so I hope he gets back to 100%. I always like to see (even UNC lol) to be at full strength. So we will see what happen when he comes back. I just wanted to share me experience of what I seen in the past.

    • HS 73
      HS 73 6 hours ago

      Nowhere Man we’ll see if you’re right or not starting next week when Oregon is at full strength. Like I said keep that same energy in a few weeks when 🦆 show they’re true potential. They had sweet 16 talent before, could’ve easily been elite 8/final 4 bound. This ducks squad is more talented. They will finish the season as a top seed. Bet

    • Nowhere Man
      Nowhere Man 7 hours ago

      @HS 73 I mean, I can think of a particular season, it may have many years ago, but Duke lost Carlos Boozer, in 2001 with a broken foot. They beat Maryland with him in OT 98-96 and lost with him 91-80. Well in the ACC tournament they beat Maryland again without him. The point is, you don't know what the out come would had been with him in the line up.

  • Jacob Quincy
    Jacob Quincy 18 hours ago

    Two really good teams but I thought Michigan might be a bit ahead of schedule, ranking wise.

    • Hazem O'Neall
      Hazem O'Neall 8 hours ago

      I agree Big Michigan boy here and I think Top 15 to 20 was better than rank 5th overall

    • A1Googler
      A1Googler 13 hours ago


  • I BZ
    I BZ 18 hours ago

    At least the BIG10 Network doesn't disable comments like the Pac-12 Network does. Pac-12 is afraid to let fans speak their minds, what kind of bs is that?

    • Nowhere Man
      Nowhere Man 5 hours ago

      Pac 12 hasn't won a title , since 1998 either.

    • Logan Shuman
      Logan Shuman 16 hours ago

      I refuse to watch Pac 12 USclip stuff for that reason.

    • Matt Hummel
      Matt Hummel 16 hours ago


    • John-boy
      John-boy 16 hours ago

      I've also wondered why comment disabled as well, it's like they're the Ellen DeGeneres of basketball

  • Marselis Drane
    Marselis Drane 18 hours ago

    Why they didn’t play like this against duke

    • Captain Table
      Captain Table 11 hours ago

      Allen Iverson The knicks would destroy them

    • Allen Iverson
      Allen Iverson 15 hours ago

      Cause duke is like an nba team compared to Oakland. Little diff. Plus refs weren’t on the take in this one like duke game.

    KING WAUR 18 hours ago

    Roman bravo young going dark! Sounds like call of duty

  • I BZ
    I BZ 18 hours ago

    Oregon Ducks fan, good game could have went either way. These kinds of losses look good in March, no worries if Michigan reels off a bunch of wins and throws in some good wins over top in-conference rivals. The BIG10 is deep this year, Michigan is going to need to scrap it out in order to beat Ohio State, Maryland etc. but they can do it. From here on out I'm rooting for the Wolverines. Go Big Blue!

    • I BZ
      I BZ 7 hours ago

      @Fury PH X Oops! meant Blue.

    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      Just wait until we get our center back 😂

    • Fury PH X
      Fury PH X 16 hours ago

      Big Blue is Kentucky man

    • Dean Firnatine
      Dean Firnatine 17 hours ago

      Yes, Oregon lost the same kind of game to Gonzaga down to the wire as well as one to North Carolina

  • mnsman1
    mnsman1 18 hours ago

    Free fall to the bottom.

  • Captain Table
    Captain Table 18 hours ago

    Michigan had 2 good games

  • Captain Table
    Captain Table 19 hours ago

    Good job MSU

  • yayo badass
    yayo badass 19 hours ago

    I swear Michigan beyond over rated

    • Captain Table
      Captain Table 11 hours ago

      Sean Oconnor You said the first 12-15 teams can be number one That makes no sense no they cant

    • Sean Oconnor
      Sean Oconnor 14 hours ago

      @Captain Table you did not understand what it said ??? Sorry don't have time to sit here an be a teacher .....

    • Captain Table
      Captain Table 14 hours ago

      Sean Oconnor What

    • Sean Oconnor
      Sean Oconnor 15 hours ago

      Michigan is not overrated... the teams 12-15 in the rankings could be number one.....

  • Buckeye Troller
    Buckeye Troller 19 hours ago


    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      maxwell foster since we’re talking percentages n stuff, I don’t think Michigan gets half of those rebounds if Oregon has their 5 star center hogging the paint all game 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      maxwell foster lol you don’t think Oregon is better? They beat Michigan at their house WITHOUT their 5 star center playing lol.

    • maxwell foster
      maxwell foster 17 hours ago

      Matthew William Schmitz I don’t think Oregon is better michigan can’t shoot 15% from 3 in the first half

    • maxwell foster
      maxwell foster 17 hours ago

      Buckeye Troller Ohio will run out of steam and play bad against Michigan, Michigan state, and Maryland

    • Matthew William Schmitz
      Matthew William Schmitz 18 hours ago

      Buckeye Troller they won the battle for Atlantis tournament?? They are good but Oregon is better

  • Timothy Murphy
    Timothy Murphy 19 hours ago

    What a awesome game. As a Michigan fan im bummed but Oregon did great and they did it on the road. I love you Michigan. You had your chance and couldnt capitalize on you chance at the end. Keep your heads up. Go Blue. Hats off to Oregon. Fantastic game. Tim.

    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      Timothy Murphy 🦆 went sweet 16 last time and this team has final four talent. Not a bad loss for Michigan. Oregon should win the conference and be a top seeded team at the end of the year

    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      Timothy Murphy Oregon’s basketball program has been getting top 10 classes every year. They were number 4 last year. The freshman PF is a 5 star as well. Their 5 star 7 footer hasn’t played all year, comes back in the next game. Even without him their only two losses are UNC/Gonzaga by a combined 5 points lol.

    • Timothy Murphy
      Timothy Murphy 15 hours ago

      @Justin Butcher thank you friend.

    • Timothy Murphy
      Timothy Murphy 15 hours ago

      @HS 73 wow. I did not know you had a five star center as well. Good point on the points. I will be paying attention to you guys. Have a great year. That one guy who was scoring all the points was amazing as well.

    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      What’s crazy is they’ve only lost by 5 combined points to UNC and Gonzaga. Could easily be undefeated without their 5 star center.

  • Lucas Nein
    Lucas Nein 19 hours ago

    Terrible editing!!

  • Lucas Nein
    Lucas Nein 19 hours ago

    Why is it repeating after every play lol 😂

    • K Lents
      K Lents 18 hours ago

      No kidding! This is pathetic. Sorry BTN, big FAIL here.

  • Team Jesus
    Team Jesus 19 hours ago

    Good game. Still go blue

  • AlphaBuckeyeLion22
    AlphaBuckeyeLion22 19 hours ago

    *ichigan: goes from unranked to #4 Also *ichigan: loses 3 of the next 4

    • AlphaBuckeyeLion22
      AlphaBuckeyeLion22 12 hours ago

      @maxwell foster ok, my bad, I thought they were unranked, but when we beat them, North Carolina was #7

    • maxwell foster
      maxwell foster 12 hours ago

      AlphaBuckeyeLion22 Oregon is #10 and UNC is #17

    • AlphaBuckeyeLion22
      AlphaBuckeyeLion22 12 hours ago

      @maxwell foster dude. You just lost to unranked Oregon AT HOME; we beat (at the time) #7 North Carolina ON THE ROAD and #10 Villanova both by 25 points. Both the Buckeye football and basketball teams are doing really well this year

    • maxwell foster
      maxwell foster 12 hours ago

      AlphaBuckeyeLion22 not when both teams are playing bad right now

    • AlphaBuckeyeLion22
      AlphaBuckeyeLion22 12 hours ago

      @maxwell foster both by 25, and UNC in Chapel Hill. You can't tell me those are impressive wins

  • S O F T T E A R S
    S O F T T E A R S 19 hours ago

    Michigan overrated.

    • HS 73
      HS 73 15 hours ago

      I BZ pretty sure Oregon has had a top 10 class the last 5 years lol. Number 4 class last year with 2 5 stars and 4 4 stars lol. But to be fair Oregon was playing shorthanded. Their 7 footer hasn’t played all year. He’s coming back in the next game, 5 star, if he played game wouldn’t have been close

    • I BZ
      I BZ 18 hours ago

      Michigan played a very scrappy Oregon team and almost beat them at the last second. There's nothing overrated about that, play this game over 10 times and you'd probably come out on top 6 out of 10 times. You underestimate how good Oregon is and what kind of recruiting class they have. Top 15 recruiting class in the nation.

  • Nick Playzz
    Nick Playzz 19 hours ago

    2nd one to comment

  • Jared Awmiller
    Jared Awmiller 19 hours ago

    Sco ducks!!

  • MWB
    MWB 19 hours ago

    Michigan needs more of an inside game to complement their outside shooting. They should be a dangerous team towards the end of the season

    • sincityblue03
      sincityblue03 5 hours ago

      HS 73 all our players graduated or went pro and have a rookie coach. We destroyed the 2 teams that you lost to. And we weren’t even at Crysler

    • sincityblue03
      sincityblue03 5 hours ago

      HS 73 Yeah ok keep telling yourself that. Cry baby

    • HS 73
      HS 73 6 hours ago

      sincityblue03 lmao full strength Oregon beats Michigan in a blowout today. Game wouldn’t have been close my guy. Oregon was down a top 10 NBA prospect. Let’s be real here 😂

    • sincityblue03
      sincityblue03 7 hours ago

      Christopher Carr yeah I don’t think so. But good luck.

  • yayo badass
    yayo badass 19 hours ago

    Go green even doe I didn't get the chance to watch dis game I new for a fact that Michigan State will win

  • jason budrick
    jason budrick 19 hours ago


  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 20 hours ago

    Iowa probably has the most white boys on their team than the average basketball team

  • Brian Tracy
    Brian Tracy 21 hour ago

    Does anyone else find Vincenzo Joseph to be the most wildly overrated wrestler in the NCAA? He is good, but every match where he can't bully his way to success he plods around flatfooted. Usually he scrapes out a victory, but comparing him with Bo Nickel, Jason Nolf, Mark Hall... doesn't seem even in the same category.

  • The Travisvang Vang
    The Travisvang Vang 21 hour ago

    1 Ohio State 8 Wisconsin 7 Minnesota 17 Michigan

  • Mikey Murphy
    Mikey Murphy 21 hour ago

    🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 My Condolences to the Winston family.

  • Dan Crews
    Dan Crews 22 hours ago

    If they'd held on to beating Maryland, they'd probably be at least guaranteed a spot in March Madness (at least I hope so)

  • Kim Coates
    Kim Coates 22 hours ago

    JK All Day! He is the real deal watching Chase & Justin go to NY & hasn’t complained that I know of.. O-H!

  • Sofia M
    Sofia M 23 hours ago

    this is when wisconsin was terrible, and now in 2019 they’re one of the best teams in the nation

  • eric crittenden
    eric crittenden 23 hours ago

    Worst commentary ever in Div one wrestling.....just show the video only.

  • rapid13
    rapid13 23 hours ago

    While I usually approve of replay, part of wrestling is the non-stop effort required. Replay here is stupid and slows the sport too much.

  • Chuck Faris
    Chuck Faris Day ago

    Re-watching it you remember what a big play the fake punt was and what a gutsy call it was also.

  • max thorson
    max thorson Day ago

    I love Winfield he’s so good! ROW THE BOAT

  • Nolan Heaney
    Nolan Heaney Day ago

    the hawks better beat their buts

  • Andrew Cook
    Andrew Cook Day ago

    Pat's let's draft this guy

  • Surviv Dude
    Surviv Dude Day ago

    Well all that was for nothing

  • Al Van
    Al Van Day ago

    Are you guys needing a video editor? The first three plays were repeated. Terrible editing.

  • Robert from USA

    Why couldn't the camera crew find the Pillsbury Doughboy looking Wisconsin fan who was slapping his jelly belly (@ 6:25) after the game?

  • Ed Albanese
    Ed Albanese Day ago

    Damn the big ten looks tough this year!

  • Dion Pryor
    Dion Pryor Day ago

    who won

  • chris brunette

    MSU is the better basketball program along with Duke, UNC, Kansas, and Kentucky.

  • Ben Karas
    Ben Karas Day ago

    Taylor is playing with 3 star players on offense (excluding a good line) whereas Ohio state has all American receivers, heisman QB, and just as good of an offensive line. Dobbins runs through wide open holes whereas JT runs against a Stacked box

  • Parker t
    Parker t Day ago

    Hope we bring the second half team against Clemson

  • Lukedabeast 6
    Lukedabeast 6 Day ago

    Go hoosiers

  • gamer noob
    gamer noob Day ago

    Bro the black dudes leg

    • The Dude
      The Dude Day ago

      gamer noob He’s a regular SpongeBob isn’t he?? 😂

  • Ebenezer Asiedu

    JT >>dobbins

  • Bobby Schmurda

    Not archies smartest game

    • Alfonso Green
      Alfonso Green Day ago

      I got kinda worried they were gonna lose 2 Nebraska at home again. It was a dog fight. But it wasn't Archie's smartest game

    • RM K
      RM K Day ago

      It hasn't been their smartest games since after the Florida State game. Yes they have been winning but they haven't been playing too good, especially that disaster in Wisconsin.

    • Bobby Schmurda
      Bobby Schmurda Day ago

      Nathaniel Williams yeah i feel like we do better in bigger games with more fans like that fsu game i think we can be a home powerhouse team this year and average on the road

    • Nathaniel Williams
      Nathaniel Williams Day ago

      Bobby Schmurda At least we got the win

  • ThatAboyTrevor

    Do they do the three at the white mark line or the red line marking?

    • ThatAboyTrevor
      ThatAboyTrevor Day ago

      Did they change it last year

    • Adam Eaton
      Adam Eaton Day ago

      Red for men. White for women.

    • ThatAboyTrevor
      ThatAboyTrevor Day ago

      Black or red yah I not wear my glasses and my phone is iPhone SE snd my phone is dirty on my case.