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  • Lauren Clement
    Lauren Clement 6 minutes ago

    Please do Lili Reinhart! Sorry if I spelled it wrong!

  • Camila Moll
    Camila Moll 26 minutes ago

    I'm basically a walking chicken mcnugguet jskdjsjsjs

  • Eduard Gherasim
    Eduard Gherasim 30 minutes ago

    They did her hair like crap

    • Ave Odom
      Ave Odom 4 minutes ago

      Eduard Gherasim that’s what I thought!!!

  • Quantum Mystery
    Quantum Mystery 37 minutes ago

    Do one with the kardashians/ Demi locator/ Selena Gomez/ hailey Baldwin

  • Madhusha Nathan
    Madhusha Nathan 43 minutes ago

    do one with kristen bell

  • Evelin Lazaro
    Evelin Lazaro 49 minutes ago

    Channel your inner sharpay

  • Tauan Gomes
    Tauan Gomes Hour ago

    Watch her new show Merry Happy Whatever na Netflix ❤️

  • Almu Farriol
    Almu Farriol Hour ago

    Bring Emma Watson!!!

  • Brandy Davis
    Brandy Davis Hour ago

    Ariana Grande

  • Jagoda S
    Jagoda S Hour ago

    Paris Hilton needs to do this.

  • Anica Petrovic
    Anica Petrovic Hour ago


  • Helena Nicole
    Helena Nicole Hour ago

    Bring Chrissy Tegan!

  • Varduhi Suqiasyan


  • Sitandshop Id
    Sitandshop Id Hour ago

    they are so beautiful without make up. 😍😍😍

    MPQ4CHRIST Hour ago

    Gene is so...professionally wise

  • omar saucedo
    omar saucedo Hour ago

    New cover with her

  • BrooklynnStreet
    BrooklynnStreet Hour ago

    lighting though.......

  • Sharmin Jahan
    Sharmin Jahan 2 hours ago

    Whenever I hear her voice, she reminds me of Candace

    • Carlos V
      Carlos V 2 hours ago

      Sharmin Jahan well she does the voice for candace so that would make sense

  • Cheez Queen
    Cheez Queen 2 hours ago

    Please do one with Cardi B!! Other ppl: Harry Styles Tom Holland Billie Eilish Steve Carrel Just some ideas😊

  • Estrella Santos
    Estrella Santos 2 hours ago

    Bring Emma Roberts, Lili Reinhart, and Paris Hilton!

  • Nycole Pruett
    Nycole Pruett 2 hours ago

    Wait didn’t she get the fries right...?

  • ChickenNuggets
    ChickenNuggets 2 hours ago

    The lighting is homophobic

  • bryan
    bryan 2 hours ago

    I would love to see Iggy back for a round #2 with more than 6 tests

  • Kaitlin Lee
    Kaitlin Lee 2 hours ago

    wait didnt she get the fries right? or they put them on the wrong side

  • bryan
    bryan 2 hours ago

    We need one with Emma Roberts, Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Zendaya, and Kim Petras !

  • Ruby Gregory
    Ruby Gregory 2 hours ago

    Love her 💕

  • drewbrooks
    drewbrooks 2 hours ago

    Her nose looks gross

  • amran307
    amran307 3 hours ago


  • Chowder !
    Chowder ! 3 hours ago

    Cole is so hot

  • Ashleigh CHIGUYE
    Ashleigh CHIGUYE 3 hours ago

    I literally love this.😂

  • Chowder !
    Chowder ! 3 hours ago

    Best thing love this video

    DOLCHE VITA 3 hours ago


  • 미정이TV
    미정이TV 4 hours ago

    우왕!! 이건 뭐 눈을 뗄수가 없네요 멋져요~~😍😍😍

  • Maricela Elizabeth Loredo

    Le hechas mucho ritmo pero te pintas horrible

  • PHT Tran
    PHT Tran 5 hours ago the reason why Alaska not huuurrr is because she dead???

  • Jordan Gauthier
    Jordan Gauthier 8 hours ago

    this is one of the reason I fucking love you Kesha

  • Sven Dayola
    Sven Dayola 9 hours ago

    Can’t hate her anymore!

  • Karen Botasoli
    Karen Botasoli 10 hours ago

    Antigamente Drag Queen era homem ator que interpretava papéis femininos de cantoras. Atualmente Drag Queen em geral é um homem afeminado, que foi enganado pela agenda global que disse pra ele que ele pode ser uma bela mulher. A agenda global mentiu pra VC! Isso interessa só a ela! São os donos do mundo quem escreveu essa agenda e nela VC encontra tudo que é contrário ao que nosso Pai do Céu nos ensinou. Eles querem que você anule sua condição masculina porque isso facilita o andamento de seus planos . Deus te fez homem porque Ele tem propósitos pra vc. Ele te ama e quer o melhor pra VC e não o submundo. Ele tem vida integra pra VC, VC não precisa se humilhar para ser feliz. Os conflitos existenciais existem para todos mas Deus nosso Criador nos ajuda a vence los todos. Busque por Deus e Ele te responderá. Te amo no Amor de Jesus.

  • Aly Woods
    Aly Woods 14 hours ago

    I wish I had a friend like her to play with

  • Jarlin Castro
    Jarlin Castro 15 hours ago


  • _ Vxx :D
    _ Vxx :D 15 hours ago

    Omg boob sweat 😭

    GOD'S FRONTLINE 15 hours ago

    Your magazine does MORE to the detriment of women, than any man ever could. So STOP be so hypocritical!!!!!!!!

    GOD'S FRONTLINE 15 hours ago

    Feminism means to the females today, male subservience, NOT equality. Can't wait for the younger female contributors to you trashy magazine to hit the age 40! They will be ALONE. I hope they like cats. Abortion IS murder. If you stop anything with a heartbeat on purpose, you killed it. Fact!

  • Жека 2401
    Жека 2401 16 hours ago

    Ска вот нахуя?

  • DragonSoul_757 Hello
    DragonSoul_757 Hello 16 hours ago

    How does John know how to make a cosmopolitan?

  • Morgan Horton
    Morgan Horton 17 hours ago

    The video that ruined everyone’s childhood...

  • Angelique Hogan
    Angelique Hogan 17 hours ago

    Is Hunter married?

    • Angelique Hogan
      Angelique Hogan 17 hours ago

      Nigh Yggdrasil I thought she was married to some blonde girl idk maybe they not married 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Nigh Yggdrasil
      Nigh Yggdrasil 17 hours ago

      Angelique Hogan no, I don’t think so

  • Avatar Thanos The Titan

    Thing 3

  • Ольга Заливина

    Это некрасиво,а жутко страшно

  • blondssstrrrma 14
    blondssstrrrma 14 18 hours ago

    He is so hot

  • Dancingqueenplays 09
    Dancingqueenplays 09 19 hours ago

    The first girls bangs honestly don’t look half bad

    AHMED KHALID 19 hours ago


  • Collin Margason
    Collin Margason 19 hours ago

    I seen cute kitty kitty's my hol life and I don't cry I just being friendly to the kitty kitty's every time I see them.

  • AN Dromeda
    AN Dromeda 20 hours ago

    Watching these are not just satisfying for the makeup. But it reminds me that both femininity and masculinity are preformed. Hence, I think that being masculine or femenin doesn't define the essence of a male or a female... they're just cultural ideals we create to define the roles of the biological male and female, the roles that not only govern societal statuses, family structures and work positions, but also dress code, body language, and the over all performance

  • Rosangela Alves
    Rosangela Alves 20 hours ago

    Parece Nani People 😂

  • Derek Illy
    Derek Illy 20 hours ago

    WOW 1 gun, 2 guns, 3 guns thats weak very very weak

  • Raymond Suman
    Raymond Suman 20 hours ago

    It’s He why everyone is saying She 🥴

  • Norwave999
    Norwave999 20 hours ago

    Amazing 😍

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    1:40 wait what's wrong with that?

  • نضوري الطيب

    ازلمه زربه خررب اكول ما عندك شارب

  • Spicy Panda203
    Spicy Panda203 21 hour ago

    Am I the only one that likes the edges?......

  • littlesimper
    littlesimper 21 hour ago

    Would be awesome to be part of this...if I wouldn't live too far away 🤣

  • Mel Zee
    Mel Zee 21 hour ago

    Oh brother. The"babyhairs".

  • Nancy Barajas
    Nancy Barajas 21 hour ago


  • dougspidermanhappy
    dougspidermanhappy 22 hours ago

    Plaid shirt man is a thing

  • sugasdurag yu
    sugasdurag yu 22 hours ago

    i love herrrr omg

  • Millarr
    Millarr 22 hours ago

    This hairstyle is so so damaging to the roots. It pulls far too tightly and WILL cause traction alopecia if not stopped. Do not do this to your hair. Keep your scalp healthy and leave your roots loose.

  • G P
    G P 23 hours ago

    I love you Mimi ! You are the best! Today and always the queen of Christmas ♥️

  • RainbowArt
    RainbowArt 23 hours ago

    imagine being an inniconcent kid going to the park only to see some girls trying out sex positions in the middle of the grass

  • Saida Alimbayeva
    Saida Alimbayeva 23 hours ago

    Erke bo'yansa oxirat unda yaqinakan

  • chow sinaka
    chow sinaka Day ago

    Seriously water?

  • La Infalible
    La Infalible Day ago


  • La Infalible
    La Infalible Day ago


  • June Jun
    June Jun Day ago

    Can we just focus on the fact that he just said they had sex in the same room 😭

    • June Jun
      June Jun Day ago

      My childhood has left the chat Austin has left the chat Ally has left the chat

  • Laura Unanue
    Laura Unanue Day ago

    Quisiera tener esa habilidad para maquillarme :D

  • love 240315 hate

    Does it work?

  • divaquana
    divaquana Day ago


  • ام راشد الوهب

    ابن حرام

  • Amaeliss
    Amaeliss Day ago

    0:45 true friendship is when everyone steals food from each other

  • Елена Тупало

    У Ж А С

  • Boom Bang
    Boom Bang Day ago

    Why isn't Josh featured on the thumbnail?

  • jjguk ;
    jjguk ; Day ago


  • Angelgurl2
    Angelgurl2 Day ago

    Off topic., I bet her dad's name is Norman.

    • Angelgurl2
      Angelgurl2 9 hours ago

      @Yasmine Rolle I'm right lol! I knew there was a Norman somewhere!

    • Yasmine Rolle
      Yasmine Rolle 9 hours ago

      Angelgurl2 it’s not, her dads name is Derrick. she’s named after her late uncle Norman

  • SHANTEL Nhavene


  • Giraffe1504
    Giraffe1504 Day ago

    He was fly with the lipstick

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Day ago

    I get that everyone is obsessed with “the 90’s” but COSMO.... Listen Normani and I are the same age and the 90’s ended when we were 3! All of these things were trends in the early 2000’s too so just call this video what it is!!! You know damn well Normani didn’t have no Walkman at 3 years old! I had mine from 2003-2006 lol

  • Selmi Ismsyilova


  • Jelly Y
    Jelly Y Day ago

    Tinashe and Doja Cat look like twins

  • ابوهاجر ابو هاجر

    تحب تجي واتساب ٠٧٧٨٥٨٩٠٤٢ احبهه

  • Sandra Coffie
    Sandra Coffie Day ago

    I don't like the hoho

  • Jassmin Halawi

    this has never happened to anyone I know In London and Sweden...

  • Ольга Алефирова

    Это парень?Ужас!

  • La Infalible
    La Infalible Day ago


  • Sofia Macosky
    Sofia Macosky Day ago

    Arrasou nossa tô passada .....

  • Jean D
    Jean D Day ago

    Just remember Gene, every chick you screwed in your rock star career was someone's daughter too.

  • Таня Яцко

    Фуфуфу! 😭👎🏻🙅🏻‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥🌏🇺🇦

  • m i
    m i Day ago

    Wow she is beautiful!

  • Миа Океан

    only gold hands can make it

  • Carlos Martinez


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