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Taking Off | UCHealth
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  • Vanessa Quinoñes
    Vanessa Quinoñes 2 days ago

    I have a hard time breathing :c and it hurts it kinda burns my Heart it hurts so much :c And this happen when i got home from school i throw up feeling dizzy and sick and having hard breathing my back hurts when lm awake and lm kinda okay now but lm having problem with breathing now it hurts my heart like burn it and it feels like i dont breath alot and i get a little air when i breath through my nose and my mouth it feels like lm dying but idk it could be normal but i maybe will go to the hospital if i go too the hospital i will inform yall

    • Colton
      Colton 2 days ago

      just to find out what it is, might be nothing

    • Colton
      Colton 2 days ago

      id go to a really good doctor asap

  • Muhammad mighdad
    Muhammad mighdad 2 days ago


  • tHaKuR bOyS
    tHaKuR bOyS 2 days ago

    One of a person passed away yesterday who i think probably have ILD because he recently has been diagnosed with Dermatomyositis. It took him a couple of days to finally start feeling shortness of breath Dieherrea and weak immune system. Possibility of idiopathic pneumonia couldn't be ruled out. But here doctors have gone clueless and conducted various test but they proved of no avail. The cost of hospitalization and medicine for 1 week was so huge.

  • Yuyu Chan
    Yuyu Chan 3 days ago

    0:37 Carrot Cake Oats 0:41 Banana Bread 0:45 Chocolate Nut Butter 0:48 Berry Bliss You're welcome 😊

  • Lemur Brown
    Lemur Brown 3 days ago

    26 million dollars!!! Holy fuck bag!

  • henry glotz
    henry glotz 3 days ago

    I have exam tommorow

  • Bashir Ahmad
    Bashir Ahmad 4 days ago

    I am suffering from Uvietis from 24 years. I have done most tests and treatments but no control. If there is any permanent treatment Please?

  • Ashlee Ramey
    Ashlee Ramey 7 days ago

    I was born 4 months premature and have vision problems but it doesn't stop me 😎

  • Too Trill
    Too Trill 7 days ago

    Great videos !!!

  • Shahn Reyh
    Shahn Reyh 8 days ago

    Can I use the unheated milk?

  • Mackenzircon
    Mackenzircon 9 days ago

    Step 1: Poke a hole in the condom

    BRENT CASTILLO 10 days ago

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  • david winbag
    david winbag 10 days ago

    Hes cute

  • WeebaTheBoss !
    WeebaTheBoss ! 11 days ago

    What is this song called?

    • WeebaTheBoss !
      WeebaTheBoss ! 11 days ago

      UCHealth ok thanks

    • UCHealth
      UCHealth 11 days ago

      The song title is "Don't Worry About Me" by Frances.

  • CeCe
    CeCe 11 days ago

    So the oatmeal is cold when u eat it? The oatmeal is uncooked?

  • William Bishop
    William Bishop 13 days ago

    Is there any help for choroideremia? I have choroideremia and was recently told that there is no help for me. Not even gene therapy. Can stem cell transplant help me, because I have been told thats my only hope. Can you please help me? Please......

  • None Stop
    None Stop 14 days ago

    Thank you!

  • RobertLove
    RobertLove 15 days ago

    Half the families in this hospital elect to torture their newborn sons. There, fixed for you.

  • Poème d'Amour
    Poème d'Amour 15 days ago

    She seems to be a wonderful person. Sweet, kind and a brilliant athlete.

  • Malik Subhan
    Malik Subhan 17 days ago

    What is benifits this Recipes ?

    • Argi A
      Argi A 13 days ago

      Malik Subhan look up the ingredients you add into your oatmeal and their benefits. Google

  • Christopher Guzman
    Christopher Guzman 21 day ago

    Surgery? 🙂

  • Sourav Romy
    Sourav Romy 22 days ago

    My mother she is also ild patient .what can I do ??

  • Kidus Yenew
    Kidus Yenew 23 days ago

    1oq it is very helpful

  • The Making of the Morrison's

    this video has great information on postpartum depression and loving your baby in spite of it usclip.net/video/HjG5fhramcU/video.html

  • shmee padge
    shmee padge 25 days ago

    What the fuck did I just listen to. Ok, first off... you say that the cut rate at your hospital is 50/50. Do you fully inform parents of the repercussions of having this surgery performed? Do you tell them that literally NO medical organization in the world recommends routine infant circumcision? Do you tell them that circumcision is excruciatingly painful and permanently damaging? Do you tell them that your baby may scream so hard that his lungs will collapse, his eardrums may rupture, or he may go into shock or cardiac arrest? Do you tell them that over 100 babies die each year in the US from circumcision complications? Next.... you are NEVER I repeat NEVERRRRR supposed to retract an infant or child's foreskin. The foreskin is fused to the glans (head) of the penis at birth, and for many years afterward, just like the fingernail is fused to the finger. Forcing it back will CAUSE infections (in fact, its the main cause of infections and phimosis in intact boys). Do you seriously not know basic intact care? What an embarrassment for a medical establishment. Also, do you approach every surgery with the mindset that if the patient is in excruciating pain, that they might not remember it? That is absolutely disgusting. Performing unnecessary and cosmetic surgery on a non-consenting minor is a violation of all 4 principles of medical ethics and the Hippocratic Oath. Become a conscientious objector and say "no" to assisting or performing this surgery. There is no legal reason why you can't stop offering this procedure to parents.

  • Janet Tempest
    Janet Tempest 27 days ago

    No need to soak I often forget. cup of oats,oat milk,chia seeds,grated organic apple almonds walnuts and blue Berry’s 😇🦢🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Dee Simmons
    Dee Simmons 27 days ago

    DITTO interested

  • iTRY_ Mash
    iTRY_ Mash 27 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 wtf am i doing here 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • whiskyhotel199
    whiskyhotel199 29 days ago

    I always imagine dirty things

  • Kyle Witter
    Kyle Witter 29 days ago

    The music video for this song is incredibly emotional

    • UCHealth
      UCHealth 11 days ago

      Thank you Kyle for your comments.

  • Anthony Alba
    Anthony Alba 29 days ago

    You should ask the baby boy if he wants to be circumcised. You admit that it is not medically necessary but you do it anyway. Hospitals should not perform cosmetic surgery on unconsenting infants.

  • Bogs Binny
    Bogs Binny 29 days ago

    For the first time I'm having this pain. I played basketball till I was 19. I'm coming back at 23

  • J Balls
    J Balls 29 days ago

    I used albuterol and now I have been using more often because I have difficulty breathing what can be the cause

  • Queen Raichous
    Queen Raichous Month ago

    Im 23 weeks pregnant trying to get all my information together. Thank you for posting this!

    • Queen Raichous
      Queen Raichous 25 days ago

      @Hey itzcatalinaa I'm not doing anything to induce. I just like the information

    • Hey itzcatalinaa
      Hey itzcatalinaa 25 days ago

      Queen Raichous wait until 37 weeks for a safer delivery, goodluck momma !

  • Luna Roja
    Luna Roja Month ago

    This is absolutely beautiful!!! Great work Jim and family!!!!

  • Seven Black Swans

    They told me I had multiple nodules yesterday. They also said I have emphysema. I cough all day and faint a lot with the coughing. I coughed up blood last month. 5x in one day. Then only once again the other day. They found nodules on a CT Scan . Now they are sending me for an x-Ray . I’m scared. But it’s all my fault for smoking for 45 years and cancer runs in my family . Breast,lung, colon and skin cancers. SMOKING KILLS !

    VICKIE SILVA Month ago

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  • Opt Out
    Opt Out Month ago

    Well let's see here- they strap your newborn down spread eagle to a board, then they sometimes inject ineffective pain relief in the most sensitive area of the body, but often not. Then they take 2 steel forceps and clamp them down on the most nerve dense skin on your newborn and rip the membranes apart. Then they take a third forceps and create a "crush line" on this normal healthy functioning innervated tissue. Then they take a scissors and cut the crush line. Then they take the bleeding flaps of skin and pull them with the forceps into a clamp and apply 2500 pounds of force to crush the skin further before cutting it off with a knife while this conscious sentient human is screaming in agony while having sugar water put is his mouth. Hundreds die in the US and thousands are maimed every year for a completely unnecessary cosmetic procedure to "prevent masturbation" while removing 75% of erogenous nerve endings- but it's "OK" cuz he "won't remember"?

  • Steve DeMello
    Steve DeMello Month ago

    Finally a video that is clear, gets to the point🤘

  • I came. I saw. I made it awkward.


  • The Bonzootoo Review

    A big impersonal company

  • Scott B
    Scott B Month ago

    What if you just hold your breath while swimming or something?

  • Saleha Alvi
    Saleha Alvi Month ago

    Learned nothing from your video for my intense throat pain left side only

  • Kermet the frog
    Kermet the frog Month ago

    Can I use instant oat meal for overnight oats???????

  • Waqas Nawaz
    Waqas Nawaz Month ago

    How much of 1/2 cup in grams?

  • Camara Rhodes
    Camara Rhodes Month ago

    it hurts so bad

  • Edie Bruehahn
    Edie Bruehahn Month ago


  • Budok Klate
    Budok Klate Month ago

    Its all good. Except SALT. Try to eat NO SALT. Our tongue will adjust/adapt itself into natural flavour.

  • magesh babu
    magesh babu Month ago

    Shall we eat on fever time

  • elmer fudd
    elmer fudd Month ago

    If its OK to circumcise a baby boy because he has no memory of what happened .. is it OK to drug rape a woman because she will have no memory of what happened?

  • Saira’s Kitchen

    Check out this healthy oats recipe tps://usclip.net/video/jUEfqJNX-pM/video.html

  • Proud to be Moroccan

    Do you cook them or no?

  • Mister Carnitas
    Mister Carnitas Month ago

    It only happens to me when I’m a passenger at some Obed car specially at the freeway

    • Muhammad Meraj
      Muhammad Meraj 26 days ago

      @Shayla Moore I am also facing same like when I'm on bike, a bus I become nervous and short of breath

    • Muhammad Meraj
      Muhammad Meraj 26 days ago

      Same I think it's anxiety, phobia of crowd etc...

    • Shayla Moore
      Shayla Moore Month ago

      Thata anxiety and panic attack symptom trust me I know from personal experience

  • Manish Arora
    Manish Arora Month ago

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  • Tim Jaxson
    Tim Jaxson Month ago

    Who sings this song.. I need to know

    • Kyle Witter
      Kyle Witter 29 days ago

      UCHealth be careful with the original music video, it’s incredibly emotional

    • UCHealth
      UCHealth Month ago

      The song title is "Don't Worry About Me" by Frances.

  • Dustin Nunyo
    Dustin Nunyo Month ago

    If the best you've got for me is; "Take a Claritin"; Rhinitis is NOT treatable... Ugh...

    • miffy may
      miffy may Month ago

      True . ..mine is Lorotadine but mostly I'm attacking this kind of allergies.

  • Joel Decoster
    Joel Decoster Month ago


  • g
    g Month ago

    Why would they lie about the baby having no memory of it when studies say they do

  • Sonu Kalakar
    Sonu Kalakar Month ago


  • carada07
    carada07 Month ago

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  • James
    James Month ago

    Its all well and good until you ade at a dinner party with your new client and it fucks up and you are sticking your tongue out at your guests

  • Andy JS
    Andy JS Month ago

    There are no valid medical reasons for this procedure.

  • Rachana Srey
    Rachana Srey Month ago

    Probably a dumb question, but can you eat it straight out of the refrigerator or do you need to warm it up? I’ve only had warm oats so I don’t know if it effects the nutrition or whatever. I’m no expert. Any advice would help thank you

  • Rocky Mountain Plecos

    All i get out of this is........ She should get a fine for littering. What a stupid commercial.

    • UCHealth
      UCHealth Month ago

      We appreciate all the love and support for Tonya and this new spot. We at UCHealth are so proud of everything this remarkable woman has accomplished. We hope this celebration of strength and empowerment helps encourage others - because it’s the drive inside each of us that leads to success. We want to clarify that nothing was left behind after filming the commercial. The gadgets and clothing were used to demonstrate that an individual’s success isn’t a result of those items, but instead it’s a result of your strength and the fortitude to keep moving. We hope this message helps celebrate all patients.

  • NwTy NatAsHa
    NwTy NatAsHa Month ago


  • In and Around
    In and Around Month ago

    ArMD sux.

  • Worldwide Fairness

    www.cirp.org/pages/anat Foreskin is an important functional part of natural sex and removing it reduces sexual function and overall pleasure...This is why evolution still includes it as standard mamal penis design

  • Rawest
    Rawest Month ago

    Caption says eccentric but they’re doing a concentric movement lol

  • YSWG1
    YSWG1 Month ago

    Do we need the chia lmao

    • Thelma Nguyen
      Thelma Nguyen Month ago

      YSWG1 nah all goods dude. Happy to help✨

    • YSWG1
      YSWG1 Month ago

      Thelma Nguyen thanks for That

    • Thelma Nguyen
      Thelma Nguyen Month ago

      YSWG1 I think you can make variations but if you do end up leaving chia seeds it out, It’s best to incorporate less milk/water as chia seeds tend to be rather absorbent. From personal experience, a tablespoon on chia seeds soaks up roughly 1/2 a cup of milk/water.

  • Ǥιʀλ θαʍεʀ

    Stfu u big ugly fat sucks another queer cock. You don't know shit

  • Ydd Abe
    Ydd Abe Month ago

    Im just gonna get surgery for it

  • alorr4uz
    alorr4uz 2 months ago

    hiking boots? wrong. unless you have weak ankles otherwise you might break your ankle. trail runners do the job. make sure you have plenty of room for your toes. Go a half size to a whole size bigger. I wear two thick wool socks when trying on shoes. I will wear one pair with sock liners while backpacking and still have plenty of room for my toes to spread out. More than not having any bug spray on s hike, the wrong shoes will be excruciating and you still have to hike back to the car.

  • Zeba Baig
    Zeba Baig 2 months ago


  • Lisha Gallegos
    Lisha Gallegos 2 months ago

    Song title? Who sings that song?

    • UCHealth
      UCHealth Month ago

      The song title is "Don't Worry About Me" by Frances

  • Stephen Koenig
    Stephen Koenig 2 months ago

    Imagine if she was running with a partner, handing her the items that she’s shedding along the way instead of throwing them to the side of the road. A partner that’s pacing her, with her every step of the way, rather than discarding to the side of the road. Fire your agency. You can do better.

    • UCHealth
      UCHealth Month ago

      We appreciate all the love and support for Tonya and this new spot. We at UCHealth are so proud of everything this remarkable woman has accomplished. We hope this celebration of strength and empowerment helps encourage others - because it’s the drive inside each of us that leads to success. We want to clarify that nothing was left behind after filming the commercial. The gadgets and clothing were used to demonstrate that an individual’s success isn’t a result of those items, but instead it’s a result of your strength and the fortitude to keep moving. We hope this message helps celebrate all patients.

  • J Evanoff
    J Evanoff 2 months ago

    Just what we need a commercial that shows a "cool" way to litter up the roads. What a terrible way to make a point.

    • Ahmya *-Goddess Of Poverty-*
      Ahmya *-Goddess Of Poverty-* 17 days ago

      It's the message behind it. Maybe, try reading the description and then, you'll start to feel bad.

    • UCHealth
      UCHealth Month ago

      We appreciate all the love and support for Tonya and this new spot. We at UCHealth are so proud of everything this remarkable woman has accomplished. We hope this celebration of strength and empowerment helps encourage others - because it’s the drive inside each of us that leads to success. We want to clarify that nothing was left behind after filming the commercial. The gadgets and clothing were used to demonstrate that an individual’s success isn’t a result of those items, but instead it’s a result of your strength and the fortitude to keep moving. We hope this message helps celebrate all patients.

    • Amy Clemons
      Amy Clemons 2 months ago

      Way to COMPLETELY miss the point - because it's NOT about littering roads.

  • Terry Killa
    Terry Killa 2 months ago

    LMAO! 😂

  • Alhan Nawaz
    Alhan Nawaz 2 months ago

    I have this wierd problem in which I have to take sudden deeps breaths only when I am aware that I am breathing, it feels like my lungs don't expand enough Can anyone suggest me what to do? It is happening from last night

  • myrandomlife
    myrandomlife 2 months ago

    Do they have something like this for central sleep apnea? I read today that my bradycardia can be causing my central sleep apnea

  • Ashley Hodgson
    Ashley Hodgson 2 months ago

    Circumcision on a minor is genital mutilation by another name. Nobody but the owner has a right to decide it for a boy. Its only a personal choice for him to decide when he is old enough to know about it and done his own research.

  • Yokyto Lakaca
    Yokyto Lakaca 2 months ago

    Tell me something i didn't know? I want a treatment that works

  • Introvert
    Introvert 2 months ago

    It happens to me almost 2 months

    • Introvert
      Introvert 19 days ago

      @Anime Tummy jUst avoid to much eating fatty foods and high acidic food also do not eat faster make sure you grind the food properly with your teeth before you swallow

    • Anime Tummy
      Anime Tummy 20 days ago

      How did you got rid of it it's so hard to breath for me i am still breathing with my mouth it started happening to me like 1 or 2 months ago

  • Mahmood Ahmad
    Mahmood Ahmad 2 months ago

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  • Lia T
    Lia T 2 months ago

    This looks yummy

  • Doctor Okougbe
    Doctor Okougbe 2 months ago

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  • kahkansas
    kahkansas 2 months ago


    • UCHealth
      UCHealth Month ago

      Thank you for sharing your feedback.

  • uma shrestha
    uma shrestha 2 months ago

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  • Stefan Stoykov
    Stefan Stoykov 2 months ago

    This shit did not tell us anything

  • dr marcus
    dr marcus 2 months ago

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  • Hafsa Rehan
    Hafsa Rehan 2 months ago

    hi maam,, can breech baby turn its position after 38 weeks?

  • CuntNoTopic
    CuntNoTopic 2 months ago

    I was 24 weeks seeing this is amazing

  • Roemello Douglas
    Roemello Douglas 2 months ago

    She’s cute

  • DX GI
    DX GI 2 months ago

    I had a sleep study that showed severe sleep apnea and I would not use CPAP. So, opted for a Somnoplasty or ablation done on my tongue which reduced the its size and eliminated my obstruction. This was done in the doctors office. It has been more than 10 years since my procedure with no apnea or snoring. If interested search for ENT doctors and Somnoplasty/ablation.

  • jesijess933
    jesijess933 2 months ago

    I'm suffering. Had to leave the military and I have them in both my wrist I'm so scared to have surgery in my dominant hand

  • Catastrophe X
    Catastrophe X 2 months ago

    Did he say easy?

  • MrZipperMerge
    MrZipperMerge 2 months ago

    She should say if wish to cut off sensitive sexual tissue from your baby's penis, we can do that to.

  • Rathod Mahesh
    Rathod Mahesh 2 months ago

    Give me address of the clinic

  • Anne Belarmino
    Anne Belarmino 2 months ago

    hello I have suffer Rhinitis almost 5 years it will attack early in the morning when I wake up....what is the treatment of this

    • Beast Incarnate
      Beast Incarnate Month ago

      Same here but living with it for 15 years

    • jitendraverma
      jitendraverma Month ago

      I m also dying ,living on montelukast levo cetrizine.

    • David W
      David W Month ago

      Might be bed bugs or dust

  • Zomb
    Zomb 2 months ago

    cold oatmeal?!??

    • Tornado Warning
      Tornado Warning 2 months ago

      Zomb You can warm it up for 45 seconds in the microwave!

  • shayan malik
    shayan malik 2 months ago

    Does the bone which is drilled healed and joins back along with tail of the tendon to bring it back to its natural state after 4 months or may be more or less....or it remains like this and doesn't get back naturally?