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  • HeyItsSaun
    HeyItsSaun 2 hours ago

    “Don’t turn around” Me laying in bed: “ok”

  • Micah Nichols
    Micah Nichols 2 hours ago

    Not only thst aboyve those words on 3:53 it says the worst part of having a mental illness is (havent finished watching video so dont know if he pointed that out

  • Rupene Skipper
    Rupene Skipper 2 hours ago

    Wait but if one for all could give his quirk wouldn't he have given Deku the transformation quirk? Please answer this for me



  • justin hudd
    justin hudd 2 hours ago

    My only issue with this theory is in the Second movie, the happily ever after potion. He doesn't become a human just a horse. I don't know everything else was solid just that potion bothers me.

  • Fubertub Slime
    Fubertub Slime 2 hours ago


  • The Annomous
    The Annomous 2 hours ago

    Kong is that big cuz he was never bothered (besides from skull crawlers) so he ate and ate to get that BIIIIGGG

  • Fubertub Slime
    Fubertub Slime 2 hours ago


  • Screeching Toad
    Screeching Toad 3 hours ago

    There's also a talking donkey in the Bible. The story takes place during the Exodus

  • notmynamelolol Stillnotmynamelolo

    i betted with my brother and I won! yayayayayayayayayayayayayyayaya

  • Benjamin Kingston
    Benjamin Kingston 3 hours ago

    Graphine batterys started coming out, so batterys have the potential to start becoming better

  • Said Cadena
    Said Cadena 3 hours ago

    Sorry bout this but...i just watched it 2 and no shining happens in the movie AT ALL soooo...i guess this was a theory killer😰😰😰

  • Zombie Brain
    Zombie Brain 3 hours ago

    Oh! Matt. I love your naïvité. This happens all through the world not just the USA.

  • Isac Söderlund
    Isac Söderlund 3 hours ago


  • cypress blanco
    cypress blanco 3 hours ago


  • Goaty Games
    Goaty Games 3 hours ago

    Welp this theory is ruined about it being about the whole series it’s supposed to be the pilot

  • K B
    K B 3 hours ago

    @ Film Theorists, Could you give us some comedy lessons on risky humor?

  • Derrick Hardee
    Derrick Hardee 3 hours ago

    Great video, I was just trying to figure out what is down The Red Brick Road on The Wizard of Oz. You guys should let us know your theory on it. :) Anyways thanls for the fun theory videos.

  • CooperCan
    CooperCan 3 hours ago

    *"I'M MATPAT, THE USclip CLOWN"*

  • BENZYT // benzmcpe1234

    Can we demonitize hiimmarymary?

  • Pi
    Pi 3 hours ago

    India just need to fucking cap their population, at least like China did

  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts 3 hours ago

    Welp another movie/comic ruined ..... the usual

  • K B
    K B 3 hours ago

    It may be fairly easy to mess up when trying to do political comedy. Maybe that's a lesson to remember if you ever get monotized on USclip.

  • Hailstorm Death
    Hailstorm Death 3 hours ago

    Some of those ouiji rules are true. ALWAYS say goodbye. It sounds like a stupid rule, but if you don't say goodbye the interaction is not over, even if you put the board away.

  • Alanna
    Alanna 3 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that the music in the beginning is a more techy, upbeat version of the tinlerbell music

  • Joshua Leonard
    Joshua Leonard 3 hours ago

    There have been 5 Robins. Everyone forgets Stephanie Brown

  • Yuri Lynn
    Yuri Lynn 3 hours ago

    Sonic looks like he just escaped from area 51.

  • Gin-chan Jared
    Gin-chan Jared 3 hours ago

    How did Jason know his mom is the fake one

  • ʇsoɟd uɐɥʇɐu
    ʇsoɟd uɐɥʇɐu 3 hours ago

    I wonder if milo from Atlantis is related to Hercules.

  • slayz13razor
    slayz13razor 3 hours ago

    11:13 Hey! I sell that at my ice cream bissness btw i 10 old

  • Noah P.
    Noah P. 3 hours ago

    If they would have raided Area 51, then they would have found Shrek 5. 😭

  • eeveeongirl
    eeveeongirl 3 hours ago

    Its a nice theory but a completely unnecessary one. Shrek is loosely based off the storybook of the same name by William Steig (and when i say loosely i mean like How to Train Your Dragon loose). Shrek in the book is told that a donkey would take him to find a princess. This donkey is actually able to talk as well and coincidentally serves as Shrek's steed.

  • Rosa {IDGAF}
    Rosa {IDGAF} 3 hours ago

    My last name is Dickens also I found Salad Fingers weird but very interesting 😶🙃

  • Catherine Lardizabal


  • Navi Musics
    Navi Musics 3 hours ago

    Ahh I see, that's why it is named "US" not "Us".

  • Bob Mift
    Bob Mift 3 hours ago

    Did no one notice how at the start the mom hand cuffed her self on one hand to the table or something. Then when the movie goes on both hand is hand cuffed🧐?? And used the chains to choke the real one😱

  • Gitana Arteaga
    Gitana Arteaga 3 hours ago

    Where’s part 2?!?!?!????

  • taher charrad
    taher charrad 4 hours ago

    Spoiler alert Tony dies hahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Draegon
    Draegon 4 hours ago

    What I am trying not to do is go to the toilet

  • opsiedopsie
    opsiedopsie 4 hours ago

    Trolls trolled them

  • Poison Wolf
    Poison Wolf 4 hours ago

    Animetube peeps

  • Akira Orfanos
    Akira Orfanos 4 hours ago

    what really happened is that the empire went in a civil unrest and then all the top genrals joined the rebels

  • dark pit
    dark pit 4 hours ago

    I love katsuki bakugo

  • Taylor Zamora
    Taylor Zamora 4 hours ago

    Maybe Donkey had PTSD and can't bring himself to talk about it or can't remember

  • Jamais Vu
    Jamais Vu 4 hours ago

    matpat: "Joker is NOT REAL!" me: "duh. he's a cartoon character."

  • Muhammed Waqas
    Muhammed Waqas 4 hours ago

    WTF you just scared the heck out of me

  • 14XenonGaming14
    14XenonGaming14 4 hours ago

    Can someone point me in the direction of the dancing cat mvine? im in a feverdream phase and need to seer it>

  • K B
    K B 4 hours ago

    Wasn't that something that was supposed to be set before those OSHA codes?

  • Mira Miracle
    Mira Miracle 4 hours ago

    Paaarrrrrtttttt ttttwwwwoooo pppplllssss....

  • Everguan S
    Everguan S 4 hours ago

    I got a Joker ad when mat said the last line of the trailer. It was the same line in the ad. Coincidence? I think not

  • This other guy Likes some fandoms

    That whole theory was obvious

  • Sohaib Sana'an
    Sohaib Sana'an 4 hours ago

    It could be that as it takes things from the king of comedy and the killing in which after describing the whole joker origin he just says " Sometimes I remember it one way and sometimes I remember it another . If I am gonna have a past I prefer it to be multiple choice."

  • PJ de Wet
    PJ de Wet 4 hours ago

    Isn't sending out the scouts closer to population control

  • FreezeMayhem
    FreezeMayhem 4 hours ago

    If all might had a quirk that let him control one for all almost right off the bat, it would have been passed on to Deku...

  • dark pit
    dark pit 4 hours ago

    I saw this and was so happy to see my fave youtuber talk about my fave mha

  • Bailey Doyle
    Bailey Doyle 4 hours ago

    I did not come here for science

  • Joohan Olsson
    Joohan Olsson 4 hours ago

    or u can just downlaod the anime in better quality then what crunchyroll can deliver and u can watch them alot earlier as well with amzasing subs

  • Chris Roser
    Chris Roser 4 hours ago

    When Luke and Ben first get to the ship Luke calls it a piece of crap. And Han says "she's got it where it counts".

    EMMA MARTINEZ 4 hours ago

    I am 10 turning 11 in 2 days and salad fingers was not that scary

  • DragonHorizon89
    DragonHorizon89 4 hours ago

    OMG! I’ve been saying that for years

  • kylejiahsmith
    kylejiahsmith 4 hours ago

    Yeah, took 12 year old me a couple of goes to wax off properly too...

  • Super-KID Critic
    Super-KID Critic 4 hours ago

    Hermione: Smart, hot, and the real hero of the Wizarding World

  • Creeps Jr
    Creeps Jr 4 hours ago

    Yeah i was right look inside not outside

  • Tyler Wong
    Tyler Wong 4 hours ago

    Just read a bit of Chapter 16.5 and *NO*

  • Apostoles Theodosopoulos

    This is so dumb, my head literally hurts...#victimofclickbait

  • SirGouki
    SirGouki 4 hours ago

    I've seen all these so far, and not once did you bring up the fact that a Morty just showed up out of one of those portals in a lab coat with what looked like his own portal gun. As if that Morty WAS a Rick.

  • Jordan Rodgers
    Jordan Rodgers 4 hours ago

    Bills not even included in the picture

  • Jordan Rodgers
    Jordan Rodgers 4 hours ago

    Did anyone realize he pointed to stan instead of bill

  • DEATRiD _
    DEATRiD _ 4 hours ago

    I jst feel bad for whoever is having "It" with their lover and they got turned into stone

  • Puppy Poo
    Puppy Poo 4 hours ago

    please do a theory on the history of the beldam in Coraline

  • adam bump
    adam bump 4 hours ago

    Can we get a Game Theory about the Blair Witch Game I wanna know if it's all in Ellis head or if it's all real.

  • Confession Guy
    Confession Guy 4 hours ago

    hey when I was nine Pinocchio was my favorit movie and now I'm 12

  • Planet Devin
    Planet Devin 4 hours ago

    I have a theory listen in the Stan childhood flashbacks it seems as if They’re the only siblings so that would mean stanford is dipper and Mables dad

  • TheAkward Onions
    TheAkward Onions 5 hours ago

    maybe all the companies just didnt want to be associated with the movie

  • Herb Coswell
    Herb Coswell 5 hours ago

    Plot for the fifth shrek movie?

  • Sans
    Sans 5 hours ago

    God,makes crazy deals,breaks time,space,and matter,almost ended the world,turns most of the population of gravity falls into stone,can pretty much never die,makes impossible cyphers. *GETS CALLED A DORITO*

  • Reaper The Kitsune
    Reaper The Kitsune 5 hours ago

    Hey Mat Pat, Love this thorey, also I want to know is fear gas from the batman franchise possible?

  • The Worlds of Laura TWoL

    Can you do a theory on lights out? I just watched it and now I want to know what Diana was. Also I kind of think that she might be a metaphor for depression Bc she 1. Exists inside the mom’s head 2. Met her at a mental asylum that she was in for depression 3. Only comes out when the Mom’s at her worst, and 4. Caused the mom to kill herself. I’d like to see your opinion. Thanks for the consideration.

  • C4nada 246
    C4nada 246 5 hours ago


  • Hailey Snow
    Hailey Snow 5 hours ago

    Warner bros should take this video down for spreading misinformation. This theory is a waste.. You are delusional and mentally ill Bich

  • Nick S
    Nick S 5 hours ago

    Let's shout it again for the man in the back to hear. The Dinosaurs In JP Are Engineered. None of your temperature arguments apply.

  • Lj Toothless
    Lj Toothless 5 hours ago

    If recorded at night, wouldn't we hear crickets?

  • cheniya pollitt
    cheniya pollitt 5 hours ago

    Matpat can you do a theory on the movie K-12 by Melanie Martinez please

  • Fletcher Brousard
    Fletcher Brousard 5 hours ago

    I will only say that to counter your argument Matt Pat, is that in Pinocchio the time is nearly the 1800's, Shrek is in Medieval Times (1300-1500)

  • Jr Rangel
    Jr Rangel 5 hours ago


  • Daemon Asylo
    Daemon Asylo 5 hours ago

    No matter what other people say i love the vids you make. Keep it up matpat

  • zendrop -
    zendrop - 5 hours ago

    Just so you know! Almost everyone in my school knows you! 🤗

  • Wilkozox.
    Wilkozox. 5 hours ago

    Hey does anyone know what the music is starting around 3:19?

  • Suiki
    Suiki 5 hours ago

    I hope they take this video down fck you lame ass Bich boy

  • Harpritam Dhaliwal
    Harpritam Dhaliwal 5 hours ago

    These joke headlines are funny

  • Kingdavid824 YT
    Kingdavid824 YT 5 hours ago

    Fun Fact! The Paul’s suck...not sorry

  • Mileena Cut
    Mileena Cut 5 hours ago

    Blocked you and I hope they take this down.. Bc Im fcking puking.

  • A person
    A person 5 hours ago

    Simple answer: really rich, like *really rich*

  • king killa
    king killa 5 hours ago

    How to fix this easy Step 1:go to space Step 2:sell the vibrainium in space Step 3:get them space dollas

  • Catherine Raas
    Catherine Raas 5 hours ago

    Lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame.

  • Ashley San
    Ashley San 5 hours ago

    Fck you ruining my day wtf is this irrelevant garbage

  • zendrop -
    zendrop - 5 hours ago

    XDDD LOVE the opening

  • Blinsky the Barbarian

    If Shrek 4 was when Rumpel Stilsken changed Shrek's timeline, then maybe Shrek 5 could be when Donkey changes Pinnocio's timeline.

  • Discount Panic
    Discount Panic 5 hours ago

    He mind b r o k e Wig SNATCHED

  • PYCDyuki123 MLBB
    PYCDyuki123 MLBB 5 hours ago