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  • Jason G. Clauß
    Jason G. Clauß Minute ago

    Revolutionizing the movement of awful people.

  • Bukhori Muslim
    Bukhori Muslim 13 minutes ago

    Global 7500 still the best private jet

  • Jeffrey Hinman
    Jeffrey Hinman 16 minutes ago

    Ahhh, watching videos of thing I wish I could afford. What a life.

  • paulo sergio
    paulo sergio 23 minutes ago

    I have no idea why YT recommended me this video? I think YT is being sadist against me.

  • C Rex
    C Rex 24 minutes ago

    If all the LCD screens short out do I have a new episode on why planes crash?

  • Airport Chronicle's
    Airport Chronicle's 32 minutes ago

    Gulfstream never catches up w any company....

  • Michael Berg
    Michael Berg 33 minutes ago

    Nobody who is watching this can afford this

  • Abe
    Abe 34 minutes ago

    Perfect transportation for all the hollyweird and corrupt politicians that scream from the mountain tops about climate/environment

  • TheRusschannel
    TheRusschannel 36 minutes ago

    It only costs 10,000 people to go homeless to pay for one of these! sleep well at night if you can afford one!

  • Lloyd Mildon
    Lloyd Mildon 37 minutes ago

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just get a BBJ or similar AirBus. But, very nice.

    • 777jones
      777jones 10 minutes ago

      These cruise faster and higher. If you have 5 people or something, the added space is not of benefit. And you cannot use very small airports without air stairs. A gulfstream you just climb in.

  • TheRusschannel
    TheRusschannel 38 minutes ago

    The salesman sucks, hire a better one lol

  • Windtee
    Windtee 41 minute ago

    It's a classy design and a fine revenue generator! Land in NY, stay for the FBO.

  • Mohamed Faliq
    Mohamed Faliq 46 minutes ago

    If I stay single and homeless and eat bread everyday I would be able to afford this plane before taxes in 2000 years.

  • Jorge Salinas
    Jorge Salinas Hour ago

    Anybody who sees this message, I wish you all success and prosperity to get one of these beasts.

  • untouchable360x
    untouchable360x Hour ago

    Does it come in black?

  • Harry Fishnuts
    Harry Fishnuts Hour ago

    I need something more exclusive and expensive.

    COLBY A. GRAVES Hour ago

    I can’t even afford Wingstop... yet here I am🥴

  • Jack Dolah
    Jack Dolah Hour ago

    How much???

  • Skandar
    Skandar Hour ago

    Where is windover at

  • Jon
    Jon Hour ago

    Wouldn't a "first-class dinning experience" be a downgrade in this thing?

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell Hour ago

    You blew up the whole video with the point of being ecology friendly. Just goes to show how much you are trying to be P.C. LOOZERS...

  • Karlos Khaos
    Karlos Khaos Hour ago

    Its cool Can u make a drones design for putting out bush firez we have a massive problem with them in Australia im sure they would buy them they would be tripping over themselves to buy them and an aircraft carrier to land them so they can up n down the coastal regions

  • Dan kny
    Dan kny Hour ago

    Lovely jet now lend me this for test for free for one year

  • Bill Carp
    Bill Carp Hour ago

    All these previous commenters work for Bombardier. So obvious....LOL.

    • 777jones
      777jones 12 minutes ago

      Bill Carp Gulfstream is amazing (I even got to ride on a couple). But Bombardier one upped their interior. It happened. Bombardier also sells a fine product. It is a good manufacturer.

  • David Richardson

    I’m buying one as soon as the Nigerian Oil Minister sends me $100M as promised.

  • Fortunato Wenceslao

    Greta Thunberg will love this plane for her long journeys to attend various environments protests all over the world.

  • Windtee
    Windtee Hour ago

    I feel the need, the need for speed... and comfort too!

  • ActiveDodger
    ActiveDodger Hour ago

    My dad is getting one for my birthday! I hope he remembers to get extra batteries for the remote control!

  • Dan Wally
    Dan Wally Hour ago

    Finally think I picked out my next ride.

  • Tushane Williams

    Why is he stuttering every other word?

    • Bruce W.
      Bruce W. Hour ago

      Tushane Williams yeah there has to be someone better at physical presentation

  • Ed Sunderland
    Ed Sunderland 2 hours ago


  • Johnny Mitch
    Johnny Mitch 2 hours ago

    $70 mill for the Aircraft and they uh, they uh, um, can only afford a $50 Presenter. ------ FAIL.

  • HoldMyBeerPls
    HoldMyBeerPls 2 hours ago

    ok I'll take 3.

  • CaptainWafflez
    CaptainWafflez 2 hours ago

    Comment for G700 Like for Global 7500

  • SuperSportsCars
    SuperSportsCars 2 hours ago

    Let's be honest, they're playing catch-up with the Global 7500; especially with the dining table & the fourth zone. Also, why would anyone want a divan in the galley? It's too narrow and not a place where passengers would relax and have a conversation. Best to have a seat in that area for crew rest.

    • 777jones
      777jones 18 minutes ago

      SuperSportsCars the Bombardier interior with the aft stateroom, the home theater section and the dining table was a total game changer. Your hunch that this product is a response is probably right.

  • ninjarawr21
    ninjarawr21 2 hours ago

    Anyone watching this will never fly in this machine. 8 passengers. Autonomous electric cars make more sense. This is stupid.

  • ninjarawr21
    ninjarawr21 2 hours ago

    99%+ of the population will never fly in this plane. 8 passengers is a complete joke.

  • ninjarawr21
    ninjarawr21 2 hours ago

    8 passengers? This is a farce. Space X for planetary travel, at this rate - hands down.

  • stradivarious hardhiantz

    Great great content as the NBAA-BACE 2019 coming....perhaps this kind of contents continuously uploaded on the upcoming months/ years 🛫 Thank you for this great content🎥🎬📲🛫🤓

  • Ron Hunter
    Ron Hunter 2 hours ago

    Thank you. I'm thinking this might make a great air ambulance.

  • nai727
    nai727 2 hours ago

    The Learjet isn’t single pilot certified, it does not have good range, it’s not very pretty, and it’s almost a million more than the top of its category. I’ll take a PC-24/Cj3/4 any day over a Learjet. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Just saying bombardier the Learjet isn’t competitive when you price it that high.

  • Ruben
    Ruben 2 hours ago

    Looks like Bombardier is keeping Gulfstream on its toes.

  • tony francesco
    tony francesco 2 hours ago

    Oh boy here we go again now all the televangelist will want one they'll be begging the flock for more money claiming they need this to spread the Word which they don't personally believe in but it brings in the money.

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall 2 hours ago

    Rubbish video - show is the landimgs.... morons

  • sashidemedia
    sashidemedia 2 hours ago

    Well, we'll be ordering one then !

  • Sozin91
    Sozin91 3 hours ago

    Whoever picked out that carpet should be taken out back and shot. Looks like a 90's bowling alley in there.

    • Johnny Mitch
      Johnny Mitch 56 minutes ago

      @Secret 13 Take the boxing gloves off before you type please. Try again.

    • Secret 13
      Secret 13 Hour ago

      Their will shot their designer after you buy one!!

    • Johnny Mitch
      Johnny Mitch Hour ago

      The guy a, the um, guy who's trying to um, talk um, is responsible. He's as good at interior design as he is at presenting.

    • John M
      John M 2 hours ago

      I actually think it looks quite cozy but to each their own.

  • jimmy matho
    jimmy matho 3 hours ago

    150 million?

  • Larry Smorgasbord
    Larry Smorgasbord 3 hours ago

    PLEASE someone tell that guy to STOP UP-TALKING with every sentence? A little more social? Crew rest? A bulkhead? Indirect?

  • psychiatry is eugenics

    Hope there’s a Black Friday sale

  • Jaskirat Singh Takhar

    Bombardier 7000 global did it in 1380ft . So shut the fuck up😁

  • Jaskirat Singh Takhar

    Copy of Bombardier

  • Rob C
    Rob C 3 hours ago

    You'd have to make a deal with the devil and sell your children and grand children's soul to be able to afford this bird. Holy cow. What's the MSRP on this thing?

  • Bill Daniels
    Bill Daniels 3 hours ago

    That Devan up front makes a bed too right or wrong

  • Don Quixote
    Don Quixote 3 hours ago

    "Is the is the is the"

  • Rocco T
    Rocco T 3 hours ago

    I’m in, in theory!

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior 3 hours ago

    Perfect for short landings and take off in drug cartels!! Really smart of them to be thinking about their clients

  • Black Toof
    Black Toof 3 hours ago

    Just ordered 3🤘🏽

  • Hammerschlägen M
    Hammerschlägen M 3 hours ago

    Seems to be a lotta aviation people here....so why does this American company use Rolls Royce engines? Can Pratt & Whitney or G.E. not make as good a product as Rolls Royce? Does Pratt & Whitney even make non-military turbofans? PS I am NOT bashing Rolls Royce at all. I really like the company.

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 3 hours ago

    Someone tell the girl who sang the G6 song to update the lyrics.

    • mayank raj
      mayank raj Hour ago

      @Chosen One cant tell if thats a joke, you just might have a few days before you drop dead, jk

    • Chosen One
      Chosen One 2 hours ago

      @mayank raj Old enough to be your father, son!

    • mayank raj
      mayank raj 3 hours ago

      If you dont mind me asking how old are you

    • mayank raj
      mayank raj 3 hours ago


  • rob379
    rob379 3 hours ago

    That’s a bunch of my taxpayer money that bailed “bomb 💣 bardiaire” out. When do I see my dividends in the company... or fractional share.... just wonderin’

  • Andrea Prodan
    Andrea Prodan 3 hours ago

    Amazing piece of technology!

  • Nicolas Habash
    Nicolas Habash 4 hours ago

    Test the stopping distance at load capacity! Then make the video again.

    NGEPRONE GEMING 4 hours ago

    How much? I'll buy it 100dollars cash

  • Victor K
    Victor K 4 hours ago

    I wish I was a billionaire. We need communism so I ca I mean so WE can buy this glorious airplane

  • vdubbin64
    vdubbin64 4 hours ago

    Ultimate luxury flying to and from miserable, high stake, make or break meetings. Instead of oxygen masks it has blood pressure med I’vs that drop during descent

  • s2v8377
    s2v8377 4 hours ago

    Really what a joke. Has the world gotten so crazy that the privileged really need this extravagance. I thought one of the biggest pluses of private jet flying was minimal time spent at the airport.

    • ewar
      ewar 2 hours ago

      Exactly! Get in an get out. We need space on the ramp for more inbound aircraft. This makes a "quick turn" into an hour two hour stop. That affects the people who actually want to get in and out because now we serviced a "quick turn" first and possibly delayed someone else because of it.

    • ArconisDeusEX
      ArconisDeusEX 3 hours ago

      Worlds always been crazy.

  • Ryan Schwinghammer
    Ryan Schwinghammer 4 hours ago

    I opened USclip because I was going to watch something. Saw this video as a recommended video. Sounded interesting. Now I’m finished with the video and I have no idea why I originally opened USclip. Damn you, USclip. You win again.

  • Flight 737-200
    Flight 737-200 4 hours ago

    It has high lift generating devices so it can fly slower on landing. (flaps/slats) Why do you think back in its day, a Boeing 727 was so popular for short runways? Same concept.

  • Leaetta Hyer
    Leaetta Hyer 4 hours ago


  • payam Moslehi
    payam Moslehi 4 hours ago

    Trijet config is somehow has a lot of disadvantages especially for safety issues ,fuel efficiency is higher , lifespan of air frame, noise issue, operating costs ... etc... for example: safety issue : if the middle engine catches on fire , it will probably affect other engines too lifespan of the air frame : in trijet config the vibration in the small area of the tail section is considerably much higher than twin jet config and it makes high momentum due to S duct and the air frame is in high tension forces and it would have a lower life span and higher operating costs comparing to twin e.g. there are plenty of air worthy twin private jets made in 70's on the market but few reliable trijet on the market and yet no customer to buy even for late models. noise issue: S duct makes huge amount of noise in the cabin so manufacture should solve this issue by adding more isolation in the tail section till half of the cabin so it will cause more extra weight and reducing cabin storage space... just do a compare! trijet is known and very famous for higher fuel consumption by over 30%. operating cost of trijet is a least 25% higher than twin e.g. imagine if a mechanic should check 3 fuel pumps rather than 2 at the end the only reason Dassault’s Falcon makes trijet is that they don't need to go to a lengthy and costly processs of designing,manufacturing and certificating a new twin jet model so they improve their previous trijet models and try to look for the advantages of trijet config

  • Taylor Swinford
    Taylor Swinford 4 hours ago

    Awesome, something else I will never be able to afford

  • ezgold4u
    ezgold4u 5 hours ago

    Put me down for two :)

  • FELiPES101
    FELiPES101 5 hours ago

    Audio out of sinc after a couple minutes

  • nmarkose
    nmarkose 5 hours ago

    Why is this recommended to me? Why you doing this to me USclip?

  • Dan Frederiksen
    Dan Frederiksen 5 hours ago

    75 million dollars... that's a borderline expensive plane

  • Fluterra
    Fluterra 5 hours ago

    Nice. But I wouldn’t want to be one of the first customers. Looks like a lot of new tech, that is undoubtedly going to have glitches.

  • Ben Abbott
    Ben Abbott 5 hours ago

    Who the heck edits these videos? Please give them a final watch before they're uploaded.

  • ThinkingOutLoud
    ThinkingOutLoud 5 hours ago

    I love aviation, so I watched this video. At some point in the video, I realized I had stopped being impressed with the aircraft and started being depressed with the life I lead that will NEVER let me walk onto one of these, let alone fly anywhere on one. I think I need to stop watching videos like this.

  • white zebra
    white zebra 5 hours ago

    Honeywell's engines?

  • white zebra
    white zebra 5 hours ago


  • Phillip Saunders
    Phillip Saunders 5 hours ago

    I thought Mitsubishi bought the company?

    • Wan Luqman
      Wan Luqman 2 hours ago

      Only the CRJ program, but not even for the plane More for the experienced personnel & maintenance system that will aid the MRJ

  • Harry Gruber
    Harry Gruber 5 hours ago

    Gulf Stream should make the same cockpit but a jumbo jet with more passengers. I like the speed the style. The jet seems like it glides on ice . Looks very smooth

    • C J
      C J 4 hours ago

      It would become a CRJ then and which airline would utilize it? Just charter it from NetJets.

  • SeasideMan
    SeasideMan 5 hours ago

    Looks like an innovated plane. Hope they sell a lot but remember this is a climate change madness era!

  • gfdsaasdfg1
    gfdsaasdfg1 5 hours ago

    How can it make sense to have the Private Jet industry Booming while we are facing Global Climate Crisis.

  • VanCity
    VanCity 6 hours ago

    I just want to pick my seat assignment without having to pay extra. Why am I watching this???

  • Dan Ordel
    Dan Ordel 6 hours ago

    Not bad at all, we'll see what the new Falcon has to say about this

  • NorthernLite
    NorthernLite 6 hours ago

    Let Business/Corporate Aviation enjoy their last decade of existence. As the planet is going to hell, all the fuel consuming toys will have to disapear, leaving place for only the very usefull tools untill another source of energy is discovered that is less polluting than fossile fuels. This my prediction, unfortunately, there will bepeople to yell at me and call me all sorts of names and qualifying me with all sorts of attributes, but if not you, your children or your grand children will come to that very same conclusion within the next 10 years or even less...

    • C J
      C J 4 hours ago

      NorthernLite industry will start to incorporate personal drones and electric aviation but private jets aren’t going anywhere.

    • Shaun
      Shaun 4 hours ago

      airplanes are not ruining the planet...

  • GamePro0012
    GamePro0012 6 hours ago

    Now I'm feelin' so fly like a G...7?

  • Interests Not to Indulge

    What are the typical ROIs on aircraft, the services, and the facility(take-off and landing fee, hangar and lounge, and parking fees)?

  • mbigboyny
    mbigboyny 6 hours ago

    I just got a call today from Gulfstream for mine being complete. We discussed to payment plan. I told them to put it in my mama name😖😖

  • spliceon charlie
    spliceon charlie 6 hours ago

    Nice facility. Reminds me some lodges here in western Canada. I love to visit just to experience the atmosphere. Grab a cup of joe, sit in one of those comfy chairs and enjoy. Make it too nice and no one wants to leave.

  • friscofreeze
    friscofreeze 6 hours ago

    Just wow.....

  • vipan puri
    vipan puri 7 hours ago

    Let me win the jackpot

  • carl blair
    carl blair 7 hours ago

    Great video of this incredible jet

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z 7 hours ago

    Maybe it was just me but first thing at hearing about the new G700, I immediately had to find a pic to count how many windows-- "7,8,9,10! ohhhh boy!"

  • james buckmaster
    james buckmaster 7 hours ago

    I need four of these but for now I am only able to buy two!

  • Juliette Symonette
    Juliette Symonette 7 hours ago

    I'll have one of those. Thanks

  • 0 subscriber with no video just comments

    Sorry Gulfstream im stickin to Global 7500

  • Webetripin 4725
    Webetripin 4725 7 hours ago

    Damn, and I just saved up enough for the 650 now I need to wait

  • biryanikebab
    biryanikebab 7 hours ago

    Thanks, just placed the order today.