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  • Rugged Individualist
    Rugged Individualist 2 minutes ago

    Oliver is channeling Limbaugh, Hannity and Trump at 5:00 .

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man 12 minutes ago

    They where not meant to work together. The father's didn't WANT A TWO PARTY SYSTEM! WHY doesn't the bloods and crips talk about this?!

  • Brandon Russo
    Brandon Russo 52 minutes ago

    To be fair I’ve known some people that have actually done pretty well with companies like ACN, I was with the company for a while and I did pretty well my only gripe about it is that I literally had no time to do anything else and I didn’t want to be selling essential services for the rest of my young adult life. But I probably spent around $4000 in materials and when everything was said and done I made back around 80,000 and some change so it wasn’t a pointless venture by any means. You need to research these companies though and unfortunately a lot of people don’t do their research and they just jump in like a bunch of morons. This is probably going to sound racist because of our current political climate but a lot of people who are having a hard time making ends meet, on educated see stuff like this as a saving grace. But if I came up to you and offered you $1 million for doing absolutely nothing would you believe me? If you said yes then you’re stupid Lol. A lot of people who come over here from other countries like Mexico, South America, Africa are usually not graduate of brown university. They probably don’t have a high school education, I’m willing to bet zero college and they probably look for quick and easy money because they have 4-7 kids to take care of and there’s probably one on the way and usually they live with other family members and some salesman that they meet through that third cousin who pulls up in a BMW that he’s leasing and is wearing a nice suit probably his only suit says “mida! Eh look Tia and Tio I got this car from selling cell phones!” And he probably has some story, sales pitch made up where he says that all of his success is due to this company when in reality his last paycheck went to buy the suit and probably the small little bullshit promotion lapel pin that he wears very proudly that says something like executive team leader or qualified team trainer, he has his family come over to his studio in South Oxnard California and says you know if we all do this we can make lots of money and we will be OK after a couple of years! “Oh mijo it’s a dream” And before you know it he recruited six out of 10 people that night probably got a little team cash acquisition bonus! His up line called him to congratulate him on a job well done. Now he’s got the whole family into it he maxes out earnings of that last paycheck he got most of his family members have quit three months later, none of his friends will talk to him, When all they had to do was research 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Bob Fischer
    Bob Fischer 54 minutes ago

    Orin Hatch is one of the truly evil people in US history. Nowhere near as evil as Moscow Mitch, but evil nonetheless.

  • Woody OFP857
    Woody OFP857 56 minutes ago

    Looking up the Marlboro mascot mainly results in Jeff, and I'm very happy about that.

  • Marin Morg
    Marin Morg Hour ago

    16:52 Yellow tie had me spilling my tea from my saucer. Thumbs up if u spilled urs too 😂

  • Robert Olmstead
    Robert Olmstead Hour ago

    And I thought Michael Scott walking into a warehouse was the most dangerous thing

  • Some user
    Some user Hour ago

    Damn it! Only left-wing news organizations are allowed to have a partisan tilt! How dare the right-wingers have a partisan slant! Everything must be left-wing!

  • Greg Ayad
    Greg Ayad Hour ago

    6:40 Saving this part for personal use. You can use that.

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 2 hours ago

    We need to boycott g👀gle.

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 2 hours ago

    "christains" dont impose their will or beleif on people.. Jesus never forced anyone to believe.

  • raerae7273
    raerae7273 2 hours ago

    Idk what I would do without my mom helping me with my car payments. I'm disabled and can't take public transportation. The nearest bus stop is a mile down the road. That doesn't sound like a lot but I can't walk without a cane or walker. And it's down a major road with a ton of traffic and no sidewalk, and I don't think a bus can take me to my specific doctors, I don't live in a city, so no buses go where I need to go. Places that capitalize on the poor have no soul.

  • Nikolai Sæthre
    Nikolai Sæthre 2 hours ago

    Honestly that baker didn't do anything wrong, and if he lost his business because of this then that's actually disgusting. I'm part of the LGBT myself, but I don't want a baker to be forced to provide one of the most important traditions to a wedding that they don't believe corresponds with their faith. Especially if he provdes everything BUT a wedding cake for gay people. It's obviously not based on hate, but on belief. You can get your cake somewhere else, can't you? I'm pretty sure most bakers don't mind, only the really devoted christian ones.

  • Damien Omen
    Damien Omen 2 hours ago

    Each morning Trump calls pence into the oval, and pence opens his mouth as wide as he can. Then Trump takes his morning dump in his mouth. After Trumps done , pence begs Trump.....” Thank u dear leader, may I have another?”. Apologies for the image.

  • Артём Кусачёв

    The russian guy said "touristic", not "wonderful"!

  • Malcolm Fernandez
    Malcolm Fernandez 2 hours ago

    Turkminstan you seriously need to get a reality on life and facts....

  • Neeraja Balachander
    Neeraja Balachander 2 hours ago

    John: 1. Jimmy Stewart is a treasure 2. Sipping coffee from saucer is a good thing, way better than pouring hot liquid and burning your lips 3. Cats are heavenly creatures

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson 3 hours ago

    Brpken Arrow is the military code phrase for accidents involving nuclear weapons. As of September 2013, the US Department of Defense has officially recognized 32 "Broken Arrow" incidents. Examples of these events include: 1950 British Columbia B-36 crash 1956 B-47 disappearance 1958 Mars Bluff B-47 nuclear weapon loss incident 1958 Tybee Island mid-air collision 1961 Yuba City B-52 crash 1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash 1964 Savage Mountain B-52 crash 1964 Bunker Hill AFB runway accident 1965 Philippine Sea A-4 incident 1966 Palomares B-52 crash 1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash 1980 Damascus Titan missile explosion, Arkansas References:

  • Sterteböker
    Sterteböker 3 hours ago

    I don't know why so many Americans honor the Confederacy. They were fucking traitors. It's like you were rooting for the English during the War of Independence. What the fuck.

  • Carolina Murtha
    Carolina Murtha 3 hours ago

    I want to go to Japan anyways someday but now I’m adding “searching for ChiiJohn in Susaski” to the list of things I want to do while there along with going to Mount Fuji and going to Tokyo Disney.

  • Malcolm Fernandez
    Malcolm Fernandez 3 hours ago


  • Howtz 44
    Howtz 44 3 hours ago

    Boycott Guinness World Records

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe 3 hours ago

    Yeah I worked at a 'Fulfillment' Center for a few months. It was all Yay! Go team! but in reality it was feed the robots and keep your TAC time as low as possible which was difficult to do because the people from the docks brought you product that didn't fit into the robots (which were just giant Roombas). So they would come by and tell you how much you sucked and write you up for being too slow. And here's the rub, occasionally you'd get product that was small and plentiful (like CD's or make-up products) which you could stuff into the robots quickly. Management called it 'shot gunning' and they would come by and tell you that the algorithm could tell you were doing that and to stop it. WTF? You want me to go fast but you don't want me to be too fast? I worked 10 hour days and was too exhausted to do anything else when I got home. And taking a piss definitely cut into your TAC time. I mean you could take a piss but you would likely get written up for it. Plus the Fulfillment centers were 14 football fields long. It took five minutes to get to the break room and by that time break was over. Bezos has destroyed the concept of the mall and alienated public interaction.

  • Sylvia. Mox
    Sylvia. Mox 3 hours ago

    This video is not available in New Zealand and I had to download a VPN just to watch this specific video. Damm.

  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 4 hours ago

    Marriage doesn't stop domestic violence , it just means that now you're trapped in an abusive relationship.

  • Tessa Rossa
    Tessa Rossa 4 hours ago

    The south is so bitter and so angry and so uneducated, they want to rub everyone's face in SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Oh but now they have Trump and he serves the same purpose. Not as a president. But as a wahy to say, "ya know what? Fuck you, we won THIS piece of shit!"

  • Jon B Baca
    Jon B Baca 4 hours ago

    I hate to say it, but in my experience the best way to let people die is to figure out a lethal dose of opiates, and let their lungs and heart slowly give out while they're unconscious and unaware, uncontious and in a certain bliss. As a former user, this seems to be the most gentile and kind death, much simpler than ten chemicals or a violent rope trick.

  • Auchus Pauchus
    Auchus Pauchus 4 hours ago

    3.2k financial advisers disliked this video.

  • Little Red Riding hood

    aaa, the balls, the balls :D a new Shakespeare we have.

  • ibn Saeed1
    ibn Saeed1 4 hours ago

    I think i will never support lgbt

  • Samantha Shipman
    Samantha Shipman 4 hours ago

    Your spider hands are actually very attractive John

  • Kelly Stephenson
    Kelly Stephenson 4 hours ago

    We had Rolf Harris, another sexual offender who we thought was wonderful once. His boomerang won't come back in prison. Also as a non-American, we hear civil war, we think slavery. How can any American not know that? Or choose not to know that? That's just fact. It's like Germany not acknowledging WW2

  • noah
    noah 4 hours ago

    Whatever. If you get raped there is one rule. You must report it at once otherwise it's too late. Sexual harassment is the same thing.

  • Tedd Armstrong
    Tedd Armstrong 5 hours ago

    Pence's rabbits book is coming out... America wants to know when Pence is coming out.... Of the closet!!!

  • shez wood
    shez wood 5 hours ago

    Growing up we did that with tea. Pour it into a saucer to cool down. I am from South Africa though and we have been behind the times with many things.

  • Gabe Segun
    Gabe Segun 5 hours ago

    As much as I love his show but why are most of his jokes about sex?

  • Plubilee
    Plubilee 5 hours ago


  • Laurence
    Laurence 5 hours ago

    I looked up Dwayne Johnson’s age. John wasn’t joking.

  • MsRefined1
    MsRefined1 6 hours ago

    I totally checked my SL balance after watching this. 😁 My story: I was fortunate enough to go to, what I consider, a great state university and only came out with $11K in loans. I worked and went to school, both full-time, just so I wouldn’t have to live off loans like so many others. I was able to get grants and the tuition wasn’t horrendous. Also, I was able to live with my parents during this time and didn’t have any children. But in the words of Dave Ramsey- I lived like no one else then so I could live like no one else later. I found my level of education was very comparable to other larger and more expensive institutions. After several years, I went to earn my MBA from a larger and more expensive university while working full-time, only this time my employer paid a portion. I now have a balance of $14k and will have this paid in full in the next year to year and a half. It’s been a struggle but I knew there was no chance at a reprieve because those in power don’t care. My advice for this seeking a higher education is: don’t fall prey to these for-profit institutions and go to a great local community college or state university that is accredited and you will save (do your research!) With education, you get out of it what you put in.

  • K C
    K C 6 hours ago

    The bus story is typically dishonest and is designed to come up in an internet search for Boris and buses instead of the "Boris bus" which he travelled around in during the EU referendum claiming we'd be £350m a week better off if we left.

  • christine harper
    christine harper 6 hours ago

    John Oliver you are sexy smart 💋

  • Jon B Baca
    Jon B Baca 6 hours ago

    Based on the current population distribution (and likely future distribution) of America, the Senate and the filibuster completely benefits Republicans and conservatives. Like the electoral college, it greatly benefits Republicans, at least now.. I think it mainly shows off the failure of the two party system in this country. We just need more diverse political parties, to break through this two party gridlock, so that coalitions can be formed between multiple parties to tip the scales and move past the immovable rock vs the unstoppable force dynamic. When no one will compromise, two equally powerful parties will always yield zero results. And even though the GOP only represents a quarter of the population but somehow holds at least half the power in the Senate, we could get around that by forming powerful third party groups that split up that dynamic and break the iron curtain of the right, and spread out the left as well. But for fucks sake, should Nebraska get a fully equal say as California, the 6th largest economy in the world? It's kind of stupid on its face. I think our whole Constitution needs a major retweeking for modern times

  • Damien Rafalowski
    Damien Rafalowski 6 hours ago

    Equal rights IS in the constitution. It's derived from the 14th amendment.

  • Erik Brock
    Erik Brock 6 hours ago

    Cases like this are why I think conservatives are full of s*** when they say they're against "big government."

  • Chris Portugal
    Chris Portugal 6 hours ago

    I do not like ted cruze at all, ted cruze can suck my balls

  • Walter Teigan
    Walter Teigan 7 hours ago

    How did they decensor this without reuploading the video?

  • The Moe Hawk
    The Moe Hawk 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or Monicka Lewinsky is cool af? Like for real, she is so effing cool!

  • William Ahner
    William Ahner 7 hours ago

    Don’t buy the book, agree with gay marriage or not. Don’t indoctrinate your kids thats just messed up.

  • Madeleine Waters Media

    Amazing piece and I love Wanda so much. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Serena Williams blood clot story tho- that was some insane racial/ sexist bias

  • Nikolai Sæthre
    Nikolai Sæthre 7 hours ago

    And yet again John Oliver proves he's an idiot :)

  • v S
    v S 7 hours ago

    Omg I laughed all the way through this.

  • Yogesh Khandke
    Yogesh Khandke 8 hours ago

    Profanity it is what is about being a developed country

  • Me3we3
    Me3we3 8 hours ago

    Fuck you Johnny that goat has horn you twat.

  • Joshua Wulfsohn
    Joshua Wulfsohn 8 hours ago

    My main takeaway from this is that Samantha Hoopes exists

  • Nataliia Chorna
    Nataliia Chorna 8 hours ago

    Love this show)) Привіт із України)

  • binomalia
    binomalia 8 hours ago

    Yes, Trump organization HAS been in human trafficking business. Maybe the wall should be built to increase Trump's income in that trade area... (They do not earn to have "the")

  • Fowsi Mohamed
    Fowsi Mohamed 8 hours ago

    filibuuster=mitch . the roadblock

  • Anthony Genzale
    Anthony Genzale 8 hours ago


  • Trondyne
    Trondyne 8 hours ago

    This is mainly Corporate Propaganda... The message here is: Don't expect to get anything (that you need) no matter who you think might win... You the people will get nothing from us (the ruling class), now go vote if you must but expect nothing by doing so... The reality., at least for Bernie voters is that he will actually continue to campaign across the country to build the support needed to get bills passed... This is his plan and he has been fighting for the last 45 years - that's how you know he will continue to fight as President -- he always did... The establishment wants you to believe that a better life for the working class is just a pipe dream because if you accept that, then power and profits to the ruling class can be extended as they have been for the last 40+ years... It's up to you to fight and not lay down to this kind of BS corporate programming... For background info read Noam Chomsky's: Manufacturing Consent...

  • Lily Monster
    Lily Monster 8 hours ago

    I'm so in love with John

  • Julie Klimko
    Julie Klimko 8 hours ago

    I love this interview! Monica is a stunningly beautiful person inside and out. I was always mad about how Monica took the brunt of all of the 💩, when she was single, and in a very tough profession at the time. I think it’s still somewhat difficult for women in the political arena. However, Bill Clinton was the one who was married, and also the one who lied about his affair with Monica. Seeing the beautiful person Monica is STILL after all that she endured, and her ability to be able to joke about it, especially her going as her younger self, complete with the bare’ to her friends 90’s themed party, is brilliant! Thank you, John, for this episode. I hope that people going through a tough phase in their life can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can recover and shine even though it feels like the end of the world right now.

  • TheMiningTeam
    TheMiningTeam 8 hours ago

    I wonder if Canada ever did anything about Oliver telling people to not vote for Harper, probably not because people in Canada would go full Norton on Olivier if Canada actually tried to prosecute. If you don't know what I mean by "Norton", then watch Sam O Nella's video on Emperor Norton.

  • John Chessant
    John Chessant 8 hours ago

    Justin Long should be thankful. This episode is so good, I've watched it so many times that I've now memorized his birthday.

  • shrews12001
    shrews12001 8 hours ago

    The dumbest thing I did at 22 was not to or with the most famous married man on the goddamn planet. I didn’t give a fuck about her then and I don’t now. She did that to herself and at NO point has she claimed she didn’t want to do it or said no and it was forced on her. That age is not an excuse. You know the differ nice between right and wrong by your third decade.

  • F5Storm1
    F5Storm1 9 hours ago

    Fucking Europeans we will remember not to respond when the Soviets attack you, , good look ass holes

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 9 hours ago

    Just goes to show how perverted and morally bankrupt the Senate is. Didn't we already know that Mitch?

  • Ryleigh Galer
    Ryleigh Galer 9 hours ago

    Ivanka has the equivalent job of "Assistant to the regional manager".

  • Rachel Dewinata
    Rachel Dewinata 9 hours ago

    It's... just sad. These people preached that richness means God's favor? That is only something God gave to you and by His power he would be able to take it back and you would be left with nothing. Those people believed if they donate for those rich liars they would get a 'seed' which they would be able to harvest later? No. Jesus would never teach that. I'm not a Christian, I'm a muslim. I believed we had a slightly similar teaching. Yes. God will return your wealth several folds if you *give* your wealth, BUT NEVER EXPECT IT!!! Or else it wasn't a good deed, it was a trade! God will not return it if THAT is your reason to *give*, that's what I believe. And furthermore, you DON'T GIVE it to the rich! Give it to the poor! To the people who struggled. Those people who could go for days without eating. Those who need it! Humility is the seed of virtue. I remembered one time, a friend told me. He saw a starved homeless guy, he only had one buck (One US dollar in my country, was like 5 bucks in America) in his wallet, it was his last money because he was also struggling with life. But he saw that homeless guy needed it more. Thinking he could go for a few more days before the paycheck with instant noodles he stocked at home, he gave it to the man. It was a pure sympathy and kindness. He never expected anything back even though he was a pious person. Only seeing that he lightened up the man's burden was a treat for him. The next day, it was almost like his yesterday's money was returned several folds. His friends treat him food, he was given a project even though it wasn't much, his rich friend gave him money just cause. THAT is the real deal. You gave it to people who REALLY need it and never expected anything out of it!

  • Jason Sloan
    Jason Sloan 9 hours ago

    Providing national defense is the responsibility of the federal government. After-school programs and rural airports should be funded by state or local governments. I just wish that all government spending increases would stop for a few years and then only increase at the rate of inflation until we manage to get our federal spending to 20% of GDP.

  • smith jones
    smith jones 9 hours ago

    Here's what you should know about Alex Jones: He's a lot funnier than Jon Oliver.

  • noah
    noah 9 hours ago

    Facebook and amazon are very dangerous and need to be rained in and monitored. They have more power individually than many countries do.

  • Ivy
    Ivy 9 hours ago

    I only care about those who didn't vote for trump and are affected by his bs..... anyone who votes for him deserves whatever happens. They voted for this he said everything he was going to do and his rhetoric has been hurting people and his proposed policies before he won and policies now since he's been pretending to be president are hurting people. Trump supporters didn't care and dont care until it affects them negatively and then they want people to care. Nope you got exactly what you asked for.

  • Erik Brock
    Erik Brock 9 hours ago

    This obsession with jobs is retarded. We haven't needed everyone working to meet society's consumer demands for decades. If companies stopped outsourcing they'd just automate instead. Capitalism is dying. Time to accept the inevitable and move on. It was a good system while it was viable, but it's not anymore because it depends on the demand for human labor, and that's being replaced by technology.

  • United Space Pirates

    Perhaps the federal government's real reason for taking the lady's child is suspicious?

  • XzTS
    XzTS 9 hours ago

    22:16 Karen-mode

  • M Tech
    M Tech 9 hours ago

    A 97% thing has been debunked and is one of those myths that doesn’t die because it’s a nice little catch phrase. None of the science takes into consideration all variables and how those variables have Gifford over the preceding thousand years and all the models overshoot the mark catastrophically. The models that actually add up surprisingly the ones done by The Russians which used the least impacting variable numbers and those ones the most mild other ones that are the most accurate. Climate always changes and not only is it a good thing because the world is greening it means that more of us can live on this earth.

    • Who Cares?
      Who Cares? 37 minutes ago

      @M Tech Fuming.

    • M Tech
      M Tech 40 minutes ago

      Who Cares? U mad bro

    • Who Cares?
      Who Cares? 43 minutes ago

      @M Tech Why do facts make you angry?

    • M Tech
      M Tech 48 minutes ago

      Who Cares? You’re up past your bed time, you have life skills to learn at the timmy van tomorrow. Don’t forget your packed lunch.

    • Who Cares?
      Who Cares? 53 minutes ago

      @M Tech “you’re deluded friend.” No I’m not. “Its hysteria.” No it isn’t. “No different than the y2k bug.” Yes it is. “Its all politicised.” Ok that’s kinda true. “Your response just tells me you haven’t explored the real science yourself.” No it doesn’t.

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 10 hours ago


  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 10 hours ago

    Wacky stick 😱🤣😘

  • Fishbiene
    Fishbiene 10 hours ago

    the game show scene looks like a nightmare someone would have in a children's sitcom

  • Nick
    Nick 10 hours ago

    Who’s this Senator McConnell? Does John mean Moscow Mitch McConnell the Russian supporter?

  • Actionbastard
    Actionbastard 10 hours ago

    Like pretty much every lever of government some people hate it when its not working for them and love it when it is.

  • PokeMageTech
    PokeMageTech 10 hours ago

    “We owe Puerto Rica for [Lin-Manuel Miranda]” - yes, yes we fucking do. Though Trump & co probably don’t like the race-blind casting they use.

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 10 hours ago

    The Majority of the reality of these Americas were built off of silly, off the cuff, coke induced ideas flaled out by rich, White, androgynous men. From the language to The names I'm streets towns and even animals. People act like they never had a rich a****** friend before who you thanked God was not running or in charge of anything important.

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 10 hours ago

    Goodbye jail bit was great. Thank you for this serious, important topic.

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 10 hours ago

    Nasty, inaccurate weight stigma joke about a shrimp...really John.

  • Eyesuck Overwatch
    Eyesuck Overwatch 10 hours ago

    It is billionaires meeting every May/June. They are called Bilderberg.

  • Affordable Solarguy
    Affordable Solarguy 10 hours ago

    A quacked out Quaker brought in by a con man, and Quakers love him? Religion needs to become private, illegal on public viewing media. It only causes wars because they all think their belief is the only true one, and they don't realize, its time to stop believing in Santa. Time to grow up, face reality, your beliefs should not negatively effect others , keep them to yourself if they are so great, you will be rewarded by Santa, and you don't need to prove yourself.

  • William Brown
    William Brown 10 hours ago

    Suess I’m pretty sure was leftist as evidenced by Yurtle the Turtle. Actually covered that book in school as it relates to union power.

  • The E machine
    The E machine 10 hours ago

    Watching this isn’t giving me flashbacks

  • Christopher Robin Garrish

    ' non coercive rodent bonification ' 5:40 The writers need to get out of NYC more often.

  • Son Brimmer
    Son Brimmer 10 hours ago

    Jimmy Stewart a bad actor!? Oof... No accounting for taste I guess.

  • Emilee Asa
    Emilee Asa 10 hours ago

    The contract is pretty f*cked up

  • Emilee Asa
    Emilee Asa 11 hours ago

    Never knew that WWE is a corrupted business and been doing these things for 30 to 40 years! Danm!

  • Timmy Stitch
    Timmy Stitch 11 hours ago

    I thank it could be good if it only used if like me i this thing were it makes special needs and hurts my body if I could have own kids with out haveing that 50/50 and know it’s 100% safe I would do it in heart beat

  • Melanie Ann
    Melanie Ann 11 hours ago

    Are there transcripts to his shows?

  • milmillington
    milmillington 11 hours ago

    WHY Bill clinton didn't go through public shaming as bad as Monica Lewinsky??? It needs two to tango

  • 334665eric 7788977
    334665eric 7788977 11 hours ago


  • fishbone3333
    fishbone3333 11 hours ago

    I have not had to produce voter ID once in 12 years, even though I live in a voter ID state. How? Absentee. No ID required for absentee voting. If you live in the same house for 12 years, you have more rights than people who are transient. By virtue of you owning the house and the ballot addressed to you gets to your house, then that is sufficient. No actual physical ID required. bias in these voter ID laws at all, huh?

  • R S
    R S 11 hours ago

    dear john -could you look ahead to the reelection and the possibility/probability that trump will not accept the results of the 2020 election when not in his favor - how will we get him/them out?

  • Steel Killin'
    Steel Killin' 11 hours ago

    You and your team are amazing