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League of Legends
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  • 용띠
    용띠 4 hours ago

    서폿한테 발리노

  • Lorince Opeña
    Lorince Opeña 4 hours ago


  • Г_A_W_N
    Г_A_W_N 4 hours ago


  • nguyễn dũng
    nguyễn dũng 4 hours ago

    i think this song is bad

  • Spyfull Gaming
    Spyfull Gaming 4 hours ago

    Everyone: when will lee sin get his eyes fixed Me: what about godfist lee sin......

  • 서지웅
    서지웅 4 hours ago

    페이커는 사랑받아서 기분젛나 좋겠다

  • LiA
    LiA 4 hours ago

    28:06 True Damage

  • Thaiminh2022
    Thaiminh2022 4 hours ago

    666k like, omg !!!

  • Emperor of Lol
    Emperor of Lol 4 hours ago

    bi şimidki animasyonlara bak bide eskideki ahh aahh özledim eski günleri

  • DeadPool Deitado Relaxando

    This song overcomes everything. voices in your head saying: Stop now. Your reflection trying to bring you down. This song gets me inspired by the ranks ranked with those boring trolls

  • Freshly Memed
    Freshly Memed 4 hours ago

    So she shoots light and controls the mist. Somebody call Kalista the vape partys gotten wilder.

  • Emperor of Lol
    Emperor of Lol 4 hours ago

    senna kaç senedir geldi gelcek geldi gelcek ama gledimide tam geldi aa

  • 이공후
    이공후 4 hours ago


  • Đức Mạnh
    Đức Mạnh 4 hours ago

    1:45 im fire LOL

  • Mr. Leeds
    Mr. Leeds 4 hours ago

    This is so stupid, the flashbang and awp must be effective against the song writer masked gun guy.

  • Владимир Путин

    Ништяк. Реально круто.

  • 미달리 MIDARI
    미달리 MIDARI 4 hours ago


  • Toflizi Disco
    Toflizi Disco 4 hours ago

    Vi and jinx. . .

  • zуσи
    zуσи 4 hours ago


  • Daniel Sinclair
    Daniel Sinclair 4 hours ago

    What was that 3rd light (white) in the background at the very end?

  • Wings of Liberty
    Wings of Liberty 4 hours ago

    Wooooooooooooooooooooow 😱

  • Nghia Le
    Nghia Le 4 hours ago

    Hello 🙏

  • iris Nguyễn
    iris Nguyễn 4 hours ago

    Sister of Karma😂

  • xthetic
    xthetic 4 hours ago


  • Possuli99
    Possuli99 4 hours ago

    Good loot I'm missing because I'm in army. Oh well 🤷

  • Abbas Qamar
    Abbas Qamar 4 hours ago

    compare with phonix.. i would say this is the best v.meaningful video.. i still believe ambition is a beast

  • Delphinus
    Delphinus 4 hours ago

    Ghost rider

  • Michcio
    Michcio 4 hours ago

    4:58 I dont even know who you are

  • Pumpking
    Pumpking 4 hours ago

    Background song?

  • Chí Hùng HK
    Chí Hùng HK 4 hours ago

    Welcome ! Lol

  • Tedfistic
    Tedfistic 4 hours ago

    "Sees delerious" 1:20 KAAKAKAKA

  • tilazzz tiz
    tilazzz tiz 4 hours ago

    I am fan jinx :3

  • EternaL 2k
    EternaL 2k 4 hours ago

    Riot please fix the critical error

  • Kacxpickoxd
    Kacxpickoxd 4 hours ago

    ten delord xDD

  • ItsDarkAura Gt
    ItsDarkAura Gt 4 hours ago

    Is it lucian wife?

  • ian rodriguez
    ian rodriguez 4 hours ago

    La mejor de todas las cinematicas bldo que felicidad!

  • T_money_ THIRD
    T_money_ THIRD 4 hours ago

    So Kim Jung un really does have a thing for Leage. I wonder if he has a team

  • 만뚜TV
    만뚜TV 4 hours ago

    힘들때마다 듣는다

  • Gabriel Alan Salas
    Gabriel Alan Salas 4 hours ago

    Que groso se ve man!! saludos desde Argentina

  • Mariam Koridze
    Mariam Koridze 4 hours ago

    thats so cool:D

  • Saiful Bahri
    Saiful Bahri 4 hours ago

    alright jinx me in

  • furkan gülen
    furkan gülen 4 hours ago


  • Sthalez
    Sthalez 4 hours ago

    I'm Crazy.

  • Mr Sero
    Mr Sero 4 hours ago


  • Isis Machado
    Isis Machado 4 hours ago

    Happy 10th anniversary :33

  • Alex S
    Alex S 4 hours ago

    Wow, that's a pretty hefty nerf. They took away Thresh's 100% wifesteal.

  • Roberto
    Roberto 4 hours ago

    Chilling AF

  • Adam Chrzanowski
    Adam Chrzanowski 4 hours ago

    POLACY Meldujcie się! :) :D

  • Peter Gelacio
    Peter Gelacio 4 hours ago

    i guess you haft to be A. asian or B. a soyboy if you want to work at riot...

  • Burak Demir
    Burak Demir 4 hours ago

    Good old days

  • Blob and stuff
    Blob and stuff 4 hours ago

    Ah yes, the favorite game in Asia

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres 4 hours ago

    Mattsinlife fm

  • Bùi Biển
    Bùi Biển 4 hours ago

    oh 9 year

  • Rhaenarys Dane
    Rhaenarys Dane 4 hours ago

    This may get me to switch from ML tbh

  • minu tic
    minu tic 4 hours ago

    이노래는 꼭 한번씩 생각남 막 당시 프로들 매드무비가 머리속에서 떠오르면서 명곡인듯 ㅜ

  • zezinho ze
    zezinho ze 4 hours ago

    Girl's 💙

  • Tom Brousse
    Tom Brousse 4 hours ago

    That is literally EVERYTHING . WE . WANTED

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen 4 hours ago

    So does that mean thresh will no longer have an extra soul when playing against lucian?

  • anonymous task force

    ML:did you do it? LOL:yes ML:how much will it cost us? LOL:Everything

  • Dale14 The Silent Voice


  • zezinho ze
    zezinho ze 4 hours ago

    Essa musica foi postada no meu aniversario do ano passado...melhor presente ❤

  • Ritsuka
    Ritsuka 4 hours ago

    0:51 imaqtpie's nostalgic voice

  • Obliminal Gaymer
    Obliminal Gaymer 4 hours ago


  • Polka films
    Polka films 4 hours ago

    I know they are relaunching urf yt but thx for the reminder

  • 똘콩
    똘콩 4 hours ago


  • Elian Gonzalez
    Elian Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    que genero de musica es?

  • Jiaxuan Lee
    Jiaxuan Lee 4 hours ago

    Vainglory: cried in corner

    MUNDOGAMER 4 hours ago


  • Thuhuong Truong
    Thuhuong Truong 4 hours ago

    Rise is more view than warriors now!!!

  • tosee upload
    tosee upload 4 hours ago

    Communism intensified

  • 심판하겠다
    심판하겠다 4 hours ago

    어후...첫영상 내친구 오빠분인줄 알았네;;

  • 늪지대SWAMP
    늪지대SWAMP 4 hours ago

    이노랜 언제들어도 웅장함

  • sumishi
    sumishi 4 hours ago

    lucian adc and senna support?

  • Nazlı Gül
    Nazlı Gül 4 hours ago

    Harika bebeğimmmm

  • Nazlı Gül
    Nazlı Gül 4 hours ago

    Hastasiyim ohhhhhh

  • Nazlı Gül
    Nazlı Gül 4 hours ago


  • Plan_B
    Plan_B 4 hours ago

    0:12 0:16

  • Johan Sebastian Najas

    3 ahris, im HAPPY

  • [ byTomess ]
    [ byTomess ] 4 hours ago

    Is Senna a supporter or an adc?

  • Delia Leonte
    Delia Leonte 4 hours ago

    That moment after seeing the trailer when u realize that ur impatience will kill you until the series starts- :'3

  • Bonger Ronger
    Bonger Ronger 4 hours ago

    tbh I was hyped hoping for league mmo

  • Haiming Zhang
    Haiming Zhang 4 hours ago


  • For Future
    For Future 4 hours ago

    How about adc+support in this game?

  • Helton Williams
    Helton Williams 4 hours ago


  • Kasper Knudsen
    Kasper Knudsen 5 hours ago

    Soo, a mobile game where matches take 30-50 minutes? there are gonna be so many people leaving

  • Sincurex
    Sincurex 5 hours ago

    1:35 "LOL"

  • fok sid
    fok sid 5 hours ago

    I need this as a wallpaper

  • johnpaul martin
    johnpaul martin 5 hours ago

    Kneel before your sup you trash talking adc.

  • Moon river
    Moon river 5 hours ago

    서새봄 풍월량 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Bulbasaur: Seed Pokémon

    This is my new life inspirational song.

  • Łukasz Piękne
    Łukasz Piękne 5 hours ago

    3rd beacon is ION Cannon lulz sec :D

  • Katarina
    Katarina 5 hours ago

    This Couple is Better than Xayah And Rakan.

  • Łukasz Piękne
    Łukasz Piękne 5 hours ago

    Piękny film :D Nadal daje radę :D 31 lat a oklep sieję lepiej niż niektórzy pracownicy RIOtu :) pozdrawiam LOSIEK29KRK

  • WarRoninz
    WarRoninz 5 hours ago

    League of Legends no.1

  • tannermilo
    tannermilo 5 hours ago

    so who rekon's the fat kid is garen?

    • xD
      xD 4 hours ago

      It's not garen

  • João Victor
    João Victor 5 hours ago

    O que será aquela luz branca no final ?

  • Revenge The Accused
    Revenge The Accused 5 hours ago

    1:51 Megalavania Starts playing

  • Kai
    Kai 5 hours ago

    Ayyyy!! Sec black champion

    • xD
      xD 4 hours ago

      Ekko, Karma, Illaoi and Pyke

  • Kai
    Kai 5 hours ago

    When ADC can’t beat a support... aiyaiyai

  • Foxy
    Foxy 5 hours ago

    10 years !!