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  • rianna yong
    rianna yong 3 minutes ago

    Diana is amazing all prayers to her she is so talented and addy should go to Diana. Diana deserves to live!

  • rianna yong
    rianna yong 11 minutes ago

    I wonder how gia watches jojo all I hear if aisdjnncijpcnsdapijvavijpfevnavpijefanvpeifjavbpui jojo diughvfauiovhwqdciotwhdqcitoh I’m sorry but it’s true

  • Shafira Laquisha
    Shafira Laquisha 16 minutes ago

    There is no more dreading of going to Ohio

  • Corinne Dolan
    Corinne Dolan 48 minutes ago

    What's with that lady and always pointing 😂

  • Ava J
    Ava J Hour ago

    I found a hidden emoji its a light or an acorn i think

  • BlackWolf Gacha
    BlackWolf Gacha Hour ago

    Lilly: you cut my hair Abby: what is that Everyone on the team : *laughs* Lilly : I LOST HALF OF MY HAIR Abby: I brushed it and it came out and out Abby: ah brush in or your face will get baggy Me: Im sick

  • BlackWolf Gacha
    BlackWolf Gacha Hour ago

    “Let Lilly be Lilly “ But What If Lily Wants The growth Shots

  • this is cool
    this is cool Hour ago

    I am only crying because I miss christy...

  • Yasminシ
    Yasminシ 2 hours ago

    Sara’s right hand looks like it cut off in the thumbnail lmao

  • this is cool
    this is cool 2 hours ago

    Kamryn could litterly be a model

  • this is cool
    this is cool 2 hours ago

    I love Yolanda’s outfit..

  • Rukia Rukia
    Rukia Rukia 2 hours ago

    But gias mother she's an believable she caused her loss the solo

  • this is cool
    this is cool 2 hours ago

    Elliana is so kind❤️💫

  • this is cool
    this is cool 2 hours ago

    “We are not looking at Elliana we are looking at me” hahahaha...I’m dying!

  • Georgia G G
    Georgia G G 2 hours ago

    She’s such a crybaby ughhh she’s sooo annoying

  • this is cool
    this is cool 2 hours ago

    I love elliana..

  • Deja Marvels
    Deja Marvels 3 hours ago


  • jinan saab
    jinan saab 3 hours ago

    Without abby dance moms would have been nothing she might be a mean and horrible person but she is an amazing person and the fact that she still wants to continue her job is just brilliant she is one of a kind i love her so much although she is sooooo mean but ABBY LEE MILLER deserves love and kindness and she was very yorrible to all the dancers bcs she wanted them to get educated in dancing i now know that she is a very strong and powerful woman and without her the world of dancing would have been trash. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Bonnie Breen
    Bonnie Breen 3 hours ago

    Sry don’t want to be offensive but isn’t the title into the video supposed to be episode 15??

  • Izzwizz Films
    Izzwizz Films 4 hours ago

    Tbh I much rather Abby in this season

  • Sangyeol Kim
    Sangyeol Kim 4 hours ago

    Lily and Brady are so cute together they look like a family sister and brother

  • Lulu’s Life
    Lulu’s Life 5 hours ago


  • Natalie SUN
    Natalie SUN 5 hours ago

    These moms acting like teenagers 😒

  • Aditi Mishra
    Aditi Mishra 5 hours ago

    Thats Chrsti Seat

  • natasha Walsh
    natasha Walsh 5 hours ago

    Is Brady Abby’s new boyfriend

  • Isla McLellan
    Isla McLellan 6 hours ago

    Abby, we aren't strangers. We're just friends you haven't met yet

  • Dancer Girl
    Dancer Girl 6 hours ago

    This is why the girls haven't been winning because of their moms arguing before they go onstage

  • Charlotte Griffin-Brown

    Brady's the best and the sweetest

  • Lacey Etchells
    Lacey Etchells 6 hours ago

    Hannah is so shy and she just SCREAMED?!?

  • Lulu’s Life
    Lulu’s Life 6 hours ago

    BTW that was the bad apples dance and Brady is probs gay

  • Lulu’s Life
    Lulu’s Life 6 hours ago

    Where was paris

  • Sarah Pettus
    Sarah Pettus 6 hours ago

    These moms are so desperate and annoying !! They look pathetic

  • cindy lou
    cindy lou 6 hours ago

    stacey needs to go

  • Rory Woloschyn
    Rory Woloschyn 6 hours ago

    Aww liliana blocking her ears when the mums were fighting. It shows how responsible she is

  • Bridget Hansen
    Bridget Hansen 7 hours ago

    Abby: “I don’t care who wins. As long as someone from the Abby Lee Dance Company wins.” (A few weeks later) GiaNina beats Brady. Abby: GIANINA SHOULD NOT HAVE WON!”

  • JxyUp n0w
    JxyUp n0w 8 hours ago

    Liliana catching an attitude.

  • SavvySlime 123
    SavvySlime 123 8 hours ago

    Stacey: I haven’t even seen Lily’s costume Me: so savanah is just sapposed to practice without wings????? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Heidi's Home videos
    Heidi's Home videos 8 hours ago

    I love Brady he is like right?.... Riiight

  • DivaDuo
    DivaDuo 8 hours ago

    Brady: I missed everyone equally Brady's eyeballs: r u sure about that m8?

  • Rory Woloschyn
    Rory Woloschyn 9 hours ago

    My dance teacher made me do push-ups a lot! I’ve done hundreds because when someone else makes a mistake turns out it’s everyone’s fault

  • Luna Lopez
    Luna Lopez 9 hours ago

    I Sarah reminds me a lot of chloe

  • Lilly Cook
    Lilly Cook 9 hours ago

    I love Brady lol

  • Olivia Catherine
    Olivia Catherine 9 hours ago

    I feel like Stacey was trying to blame it one others and kept naming people so she wouldn’t get the bad attention. It takes two to fight and clearly both sides just need to work together.

  • Itz Liya!!!
    Itz Liya!!! 10 hours ago

    Im not trynna be mean but, presley has a big forhead lmao.

  • Lynn Kerber
    Lynn Kerber 10 hours ago

    That’s what boys do

  • {french blooms}
    {french blooms} 10 hours ago

    I feel bad for Michelle,shes literally is getting hated by the moms because studio19 isn't leaving Abby's team alone.Like they should be asking them selfs,How would Michelle be able to tell studio19 to leave them alone??Like why would they listen???

  • {french blooms}
    {french blooms} 10 hours ago

    Idk why..but the kids act more mature than their moms😐

  • Kylie Aprilante
    Kylie Aprilante 10 hours ago

    1:31 Gianna looks so amused by the drama. lol

  • SP Sk8s
    SP Sk8s 11 hours ago


  • Kathy CR
    Kathy CR 11 hours ago

    I love Brady.

  • Lidia Martinez
    Lidia Martinez 11 hours ago

    Only thing I love is gias hair

  • Esther173 S.
    Esther173 S. 11 hours ago

    It's sad that nobody goes " ugghh " when she mentions ohio cause of cathy ahh the good old times

  • Liv_Happy 808
    Liv_Happy 808 11 hours ago

    Jess is right about the Moms go to 3:05 to 3:32

  • Sofia Paita
    Sofia Paita 11 hours ago

    I’m gonna be honest, my opinion Sarah exaggerated.

  • simply.rylee
    simply.rylee 12 hours ago

    Ashley reminds me of Kira

  • Catherine Solis
    Catherine Solis 12 hours ago

    At this point Ashley and Stacy are pissing me off

  • pizzacat 04010
    pizzacat 04010 12 hours ago

    Pressley looks like a yellow pine cone or a pineapple to me

  • SavvySlime 123
    SavvySlime 123 13 hours ago

    Lily: I screwed up the dance Bradey: You didn’t screw up the dance Abby: Lily screwed up the dance

  • Fortnite Queen!!!
    Fortnite Queen!!! 13 hours ago

    See Brady is so nice like he is the only one who can actually get through the draw and breath and say that everyone is going to be ok he is my favorite

  • Yoselin Moralez
    Yoselin Moralez 13 hours ago

    I felt like Brady and lily had the lead and they were great although giannina was also really good

  • DA emo girl
    DA emo girl 13 hours ago

    ewww jojo siwa🤢🤮

  • Pëachÿ Gåcha
    Pëachÿ Gåcha 13 hours ago

    2011-2017 Not 2016 that much Abby Lee Dance Company v.s. Candy Apples 2019 Abby Lee Dance Company v.s. Studio 19 Studio 19: *yells that they did good on there dance* Cathy: *touches Abby and says shhhhh*

    ALEKZA LEDEZMA 13 hours ago

    Wow nationals that’s crazy 😝

  • Sophie
    Sophie 14 hours ago

    Wtf was Lilly’s face tho...sis your trying too hard

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy 14 hours ago

    *_I'm not sure what just happened_*

  • Mery Hernandez
    Mery Hernandez 14 hours ago

    Who else released that this dance is from the old cast called (Bad apples)

  • Angela Parrott
    Angela Parrott 14 hours ago

    The way all the girls heads went up when they were announced as the winners

  • Kathryn Hammond (Student)

    Who else agrees that Lilly and Brady are so cute!

  • Yolo Carrot 260
    Yolo Carrot 260 14 hours ago

    No offense but why is this season so white and Better quality 😭

  • Danna Castillo
    Danna Castillo 14 hours ago

    Paris is good but shes not good enough for dance moms but shes really sweet and good but shes seems to calm for the drama😂

  • Norah loves Asher
    Norah loves Asher 15 hours ago

    0:55 I'M DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Saidu Rahman
    Saidu Rahman 15 hours ago

    Sarah by miles is my favourite.

  • Liza Guerra
    Liza Guerra 15 hours ago

    0:51 that face is so cute🥰🥰

  • Daring Diamonds
    Daring Diamonds 16 hours ago

    First it was Kathy, then Studio 19.. WHA?

  • this is cool
    this is cool 16 hours ago

    Brady is my fav

  • Maggie Garduno
    Maggie Garduno 16 hours ago

    The one boy in the team is the sweetest thing ever there should be more loving boys like that

  • Jillian Muglia
    Jillian Muglia 16 hours ago

    I love Brady he tries to make everything better

  • Yazzy
    Yazzy 16 hours ago

    So I personally don’t believe that Yolanda really “chocked” her but I do believe that she physically assaulted her and that was wrong...but It just doesn’t really look like she “chocked” her to me😬..but it was still wrong of her to do👎🏻

  • Itz_poppy Sparkle23
    Itz_poppy Sparkle23 17 hours ago

    Am I the only one who really wants to know what this song is 😂 No. Just me Ok

    SIP SIP LIL KIDS 17 hours ago

    ew, pressley is becoming just like her mum, what she said to sarah was so rude.

  • Ash Hale
    Ash Hale 17 hours ago

    Prayers for abby's continued health!

  • Taylor Harvey
    Taylor Harvey 17 hours ago

    I hope you all know that this was extremely staged and she was told to say this and all these fights are started by the producers.

  • Anne Phelps
    Anne Phelps 17 hours ago

    Michelle is being bullied by everyone it's disgusting

  • Anna K
    Anna K 17 hours ago

    Brady: "Right?....*complete silence*...Right!"

  • Miracle West
    Miracle West 18 hours ago


  • Amber-Rae Andrews
    Amber-Rae Andrews 18 hours ago

    JoAnne: "I don't know why your crying she has a great dance" hahaha

  • xWajihah Zainabx
    xWajihah Zainabx 18 hours ago

    ok but like pressley went off

  • Morning dream
    Morning dream 19 hours ago

    Sorry to pop your bubble guys, but Savannah and her mom were kicked out from the by producers because they thought her mom did not contribute to the drama.

  • Holly Buxton
    Holly Buxton 20 hours ago

    is it only me or does anyone else feel like shes the only child that cares about her mom getting attacked

  • Maisie .Meehan
    Maisie .Meehan 20 hours ago

    i'm sorry but Presley went looking for a fight there- she didn't need to expand the argument to the kids.

  • Audrey M
    Audrey M 20 hours ago

    Abby needs to stop. Why are you rude to here?

  • Celeste Julian
    Celeste Julian 20 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Ann is annoying...

  • Sam Marsh
    Sam Marsh 21 hour ago

    Is Cj corrine?

  • Ichigo Neko
    Ichigo Neko 21 hour ago

    Man all these moms do it cry. It’s only the 4th episode. This is crazy the OG moms never cried this much.

  • Chloe Lewis
    Chloe Lewis 21 hour ago

    Love the air pod Presley

  • this is cool
    this is cool 21 hour ago

    That always where the same clothes..

  • this is cool
    this is cool 21 hour ago

    “Girls, and..Brady..»

  • LittleMissTee
    LittleMissTee 22 hours ago

    It’s funny of how dirty lily is compared to the others in the photo of the video lol 😂

  • cindy lou
    cindy lou 22 hours ago

    Petition for Stacey to be kicked out of the aldc ⬇️

  • educanba1
    educanba1 22 hours ago

    Abby she touched she touched omg she touched meeee 💢💢💢💢😡😡😡