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  • Eli Egbert
    Eli Egbert 2 minutes ago

    4:05 Why did he have a glue bottle on his desk?!!?

  • Eli Egbert
    Eli Egbert 4 minutes ago

    the eventual unemployment problem is going to be worse if we keep jacking minimum wage up to, say, 15 dollars an hour.

  • memememe
    memememe 39 minutes ago

    Fun fact: It is believed that a dwarf with a bike with colour-smoke tires that is put over the papers.

  • Phantom
    Phantom 56 minutes ago

    I am the left brain, I am the left brain I work really hard till my inevitable death brain.

  • Phoenix Y37 Phoenix Y37

    Houffff! What a history! Poor studend that they have to learn all that.

  • Evan Plays
    Evan Plays Hour ago

    Remember this if Trump gets elected for a second term

  • Eric Bergeron
    Eric Bergeron Hour ago

    pure propaganda.. the defense of the 10 largest city's is wrong NY city metro population 21 million when you add in Manhattan Brooklyn etc...Heck Manhattan alone is 9.8 million and its not on his list as the top 10 city's with the highest pop....L.A. metro is 15 million and Chicago is 10 million metro ...nice try though If everyone would read the constitution they would better under stand it. We are a country of different people of different needs. We are a constitutional republic not a pure democracy. To go to a popular vote would be like 3 animals picking whats for supper and it being 2 wolves and one sheep deciding.

  • Yeo Jee Keng
    Yeo Jee Keng Hour ago

    Another way , add one more DOOR

  • Sean Hannon
    Sean Hannon Hour ago

    James James James James James Mary Queen Of Scots James Bahahahaha 😂

  • King Utopus
    King Utopus 2 hours ago

    I was fascinated by this videos creativity. Then i read prince from Machiavelli

  • RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more

    The Philippines don't do the Boarding Groups. This is the first time I heard that.

  • Daniel TEM
    Daniel TEM 2 hours ago

    Nice Magic The Gathering reference

  • Euan Stokes
    Euan Stokes 2 hours ago

    Right Argentina are taking the piss now

  • Can I get 1000 Subs?

    What about the Philippine Plate?

  • Eli Egbert
    Eli Egbert 2 hours ago

    I got a trump ad before this video

  • Jim Spurlock
    Jim Spurlock 3 hours ago

    Ireland is a country with part of the island being stolen by the UK. The brits need to go home

  • Lauri Snipes
    Lauri Snipes 3 hours ago

    Too fast

  • Jim Spurlock
    Jim Spurlock 3 hours ago

    The speaker talks way too fast to be understood.

  • Kinda_.Maybe
    Kinda_.Maybe 4 hours ago

    finally someone that acknowledges wales omg

  • Daryl Pettiford
    Daryl Pettiford 4 hours ago

    I’d prefer dealing with a robot they’re not rude or spiteful.

  • Felix Warren
    Felix Warren 4 hours ago

    epic fun and very educating! thank youu

  • Rais Shaikh
    Rais Shaikh 4 hours ago

    Amazing amazing what a fun way to understand Neural Network.

  • Loring Lopez
    Loring Lopez 4 hours ago

    Not every child matters

  • Angela Tucker
    Angela Tucker 5 hours ago

    The pope wears a fish hat

  • McGusder
    McGusder 5 hours ago

    3:35 LIES!!! what about the the HISTORICAL half penny

  • MaxPower
    MaxPower 5 hours ago

    States should just redraw their state lines around the federal lands, just for giggles.

  • Julie_ Chua
    Julie_ Chua 5 hours ago

    The only thing I remember is from boyinaband’s song saying that King Henry Divorced,Beheaded,died Divorced,beheaded ,survived His wives

  • Memey Bullet
    Memey Bullet 5 hours ago

    Dang, this vid’s become important recently

  • 3. 14
    3. 14 6 hours ago

    What about noone of the those. Why wouldn't there be new relationship made only for purpose of Brexit? If Switzerland has special treatment why wouldn't UK have it too.

  • Xaverderschnitzelfan

    Uranus in russian means ourAnus.

  • ImNotSkilly
    ImNotSkilly 6 hours ago

    so nullification is just another word for lying about what you think in order to (in most cases) save the defendant?

  • Blopa Blop
    Blopa Blop 6 hours ago

    This is one reason why you shouldn't yell angrily to the guy in front of you to *"hurry the fuck up"* like he was responsible of most of the delay, when it is the choice of the slowest algorithms by flight companies

    -SOOPERBOOMERGAMER- 7 hours ago

    Why it look like a heartless?

  • seb959
    seb959 8 hours ago

    voting for a smaller party will change the actions of the larger party as they want to please everyone

  • Jason Douglass
    Jason Douglass 8 hours ago

    Nice straw man. You talk about the cities but not the most populous states. You mention that the small states can band together to vote in a president but ignore the actual voting results from our elections. It is mathematically possible for your scenario but electorally impossible. This born out of the actual data not your scare tactics. All of the elections that the popular vote was lost had a margin of less than a percent difference. These elections were so close that without the electoral college we would have had to vote again or face riots everywhere, from the losers and the winners. We are a nation of sovereign states, they are not just districts in like within the states themselves. Stop this bull, you are better than this.

  • PeshoTheKaiser
    PeshoTheKaiser 8 hours ago

    The UK just fucking died

  • Paiks
    Paiks 8 hours ago

    Jesus, i'm feeling extremely uncomfortable after watching this video. And my mood is changing very fast. I'm not really sure that i should know all this stuff. It's interesting but also i hope that it's all fake at the same time.

  • Halima Aliyech
    Halima Aliyech 8 hours ago


  • Rowan Tree
    Rowan Tree 9 hours ago

    This is not nearly as complicated as it should be! You didn't mention scotland's deal

  • King JoBo
    King JoBo 9 hours ago

    Did Boris Johnson choose the wall inside the UK, with his new deal with the EU?

  • Юлия Страхова

    worry - a feeling of concern about something bad that might happen : the state or condition of worrying about something : anxiety burglar - a person who illegally enters a building in order to steal things : a person who commits burglary 01:23 plow - to dig into or break up (dirt, soil, land, etc.) with a plow: The soil was freshly plowed. 01:38 mankind - all people thought of as one group

  • dm nare
    dm nare 10 hours ago

    It won't work if you have a wife whose name is Cercei.

  • Venky Wank
    Venky Wank 10 hours ago

    A deal was agreed upon between UK PM and EU 2 days ago.

  • IVeon 07
    IVeon 07 11 hours ago

    I... I can’t understand anything why can’t I take this seriously!?!

  • Mark Garao
    Mark Garao 11 hours ago

    3:23 How come God’s commandments were to be restricted from them. Hmm...

  • Salazryl Ismail
    Salazryl Ismail 12 hours ago

    Friend: Ok its time to go. Me: Wait one more video

  • Bobsss1
    Bobsss1 12 hours ago

    This is nice and all but, humans are dicks, the end

  • Kole Musgrove
    Kole Musgrove 13 hours ago

    That was so oddly fascinating to follow. I love this channel.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 13 hours ago

    everyone heard of leap years this ONE day extra... wrap your head around this one...... work for a company that is open 7 days a week and not close for holidays this been a fast-food restaurant. this restaurant pays fortnightly... just out of the blue you got paid weekly then back to fortnightly... WHY "EXTRA WEEK this year"

  • ShxdyNeo
    ShxdyNeo 13 hours ago

    Or make an aisle that can fit two people at once insteas of an aisle that can only fit skinny people

  • meilovemeo
    meilovemeo 13 hours ago

    I am a student but with a decent job so i will sign up, thank you for being an awesome creator. Any of your new upload will make my day and the next many days when i rewatch

  • Professional Retard
    Professional Retard 14 hours ago

    Im holding my pennies for the next 40 years see how much its worth

  • Anthony Notarnicola
    Anthony Notarnicola 14 hours ago

    Bruh,this shit is trippy AF

  • Sparkle Specialist
    Sparkle Specialist 14 hours ago

    Mexico: am I a joke to you

  • Daniel Bernoulli
    Daniel Bernoulli 14 hours ago

    i wish we died in 2012

  • J. Montrice
    J. Montrice 15 hours ago

    I board last even when I fly first class, less time on the plane the better

  • J. Montrice
    J. Montrice 15 hours ago

    You must have been inspired to make this this after flying Southwest

  • Celtic Barry
    Celtic Barry 15 hours ago

    Brexit won't happen, they will agree to extend the wait by like 8 months and will have more elections and referendums and the people will vote against brexit bringing an end to one of the biggest political embarrassments in centuries and making it a complete waste of several years.

  • GoannaCS
    GoannaCS 15 hours ago

    There is an easier way. 1. Ignore the Bible. 2. Create your own church. 3. Call yourself pope and rely on history that you recreated the original church founded by.. Let's say.. John.. 4. Take money from everyone. 5. Spend all the money in churches, temples, expensive robes and your own wealth. Dang it. Just create your own state with 1000 members and call it holy.

  • TriX Ta
    TriX Ta 15 hours ago

    0:38 aight imma head out

  • Æsir Chaos
    Æsir Chaos 16 hours ago

    "Very good." *"But not good enough."* Asian parents in a nutshell.

  • SquidGirl Inkvader
    SquidGirl Inkvader 16 hours ago

    #NoDealBrexit is fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hans, get ze flammenwerfer

    8:05 I don't know if this is just a Canada thing of if I am lucky, but when the flights I am on have all passengers in the aisle go in, and exit the plane, then middle does the same, than window

  • squidplaysSTUf
    squidplaysSTUf 16 hours ago

    Does anyone know what model and hear that Tesla is? I didn’t hear if he stated it in the video.

  • Wilson Foster
    Wilson Foster 16 hours ago

    4:00 ahh yes alone

  • H3ckn0
    H3ckn0 16 hours ago

    You're forgetting the main solution Anti-Karen system

  • v Bremont
    v Bremont 16 hours ago

    / President MADURO UN / you the men to do the job/ 1967 borders for /ISRAEL/ "surprise" "have faith nothing will go wrong /😇/ ISRAEL/ MADURO LIBERATES PALESTINE/ ? Israel returns to its 1967 borders / "excitement " 🧐👽 new global reserve// currency IRELAND /BREXIT ISRAEL PALESTINE 🤔 IRELAND /BREN👽President Maduro/ 👽 GODS will 😇👽 🍾🍾

  • Graciela Cazenave
    Graciela Cazenave 17 hours ago

    France own it, they paid so well they can take it back.

  • Baconnoodles 1738
    Baconnoodles 1738 17 hours ago

    I never even been on a plane

  • Muffinbite 203
    Muffinbite 203 17 hours ago

    What if your... Nickname... Is... Pope? Am I automatically the pope?

  • plant fizz
    plant fizz 17 hours ago

    Seee like I live in the Summerlin area and like shut up cuz paradise pays our state tax

  • Zach Neesen
    Zach Neesen 17 hours ago

    Genetically modify yourself so you can be the closest genetically related person to the queen

  • Charlie Yang
    Charlie Yang 17 hours ago

    Random Island in the Atlantic: **exists** America: You're my property now.

    • Silent_Striker66
      Silent_Striker66 17 hours ago

      Charlie Yang Hippity Hoppity This Is Merican Property

  • Dharsh Srinath
    Dharsh Srinath 17 hours ago

    You forgot Saint Pierre and Miquelon

  • Alex Zetsu
    Alex Zetsu 17 hours ago

    Wait how is random better than front to back? I don't see how random increases pullaways (which don't seem to be a commonly used word since the word combined with planes on a search usually leads to comments about this video or the video's sources).

  • darkknight fallen
    darkknight fallen 18 hours ago

    Nooooooooooooo not the penny

  • Dani G. Barreto
    Dani G. Barreto 18 hours ago

    Best updated video ever. The way you did nothing to it. Genius.

  • GamerLord The Best
    GamerLord The Best 18 hours ago

    Who else here after odd1sout

  • Briahna Jensen
    Briahna Jensen 18 hours ago

    Shit it dood

  • Reese Morgan
    Reese Morgan 18 hours ago

    "Afro-Eurasia" Does that mean someone stook an eraser in their afro?

  • Goku17yen
    Goku17yen 18 hours ago


    TRENTON HAMMONDS 18 hours ago

    I mean U.S.A

    TRENTON HAMMONDS 19 hours ago

    Im A TEXAN and i do want indipendance,too racist here in america...

  • Goku17yen
    Goku17yen 19 hours ago


  • Joseph Leonard
    Joseph Leonard 19 hours ago

    the ECVs should be proportional to the popular vote in each state

  • WitheringVirus
    WitheringVirus 19 hours ago

    You lost me at “this is you”

  • Jolteon 07
    Jolteon 07 19 hours ago

    Play Pictionary with yourself. BOOM

  • Mora
    Mora 19 hours ago

    0:09 Arizona, excluding Navajo county, doesn't participate either.

  • Afrosack
    Afrosack 19 hours ago

    Bruh playing guitar would be hella easy for those discontinued brain surgery patients. Left brain, press these strings at songs tempo. Right brain, pluck on these strings with this pick.

  • MKU 630
    MKU 630 19 hours ago

    U aint lying

  • Caution
    Caution 19 hours ago

    You have exactly 4 million subs

  • Sharma ji ka launda
    Sharma ji ka launda 20 hours ago

    IDC make more vids and get sponsored

  • God
    God 20 hours ago

    Shit, for real?

  • uHasioorr
    uHasioorr 20 hours ago

    Oh boy I'm here yet again. And im sure that i was here before because i left a thumbs up last time.

  • Drama The Good Boi
    Drama The Good Boi 20 hours ago

    4ce now, Hillary won.

  • AnimationDude
    AnimationDude 20 hours ago

    7:21 anyone see that creeper?

  • Jackson Harris
    Jackson Harris 21 hour ago

    I like the electoral college

    • I Ya
      I Ya 3 hours ago


  • altareggo
    altareggo 21 hour ago

    "completely assimilated into the Santa Collective"..... i guess resistance truly IS futile when it comes to Coca-Cola Santa :-=).

  • Shady Dave
    Shady Dave 21 hour ago

    What a hero. I wish all people were this dangerously curious.

  • mets fan
    mets fan 21 hour ago

    lol, people actually WANTED staten island?!?!????!?!??!?!?!?!