5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
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  • Jayne Byars
    Jayne Byars 4 seconds ago

    That's on trom trom

  • Ramu Puvvadi
    Ramu Puvvadi 13 seconds ago

    9:32 why is she crying...

  • Annika Latimer
    Annika Latimer 15 seconds ago

    It's should be called "5 minute crazy people crafts" 😬😂😬 I only mean this as joke so don't take it personally please I'm not tryina be mean

  • Skill Dudes
    Skill Dudes 28 seconds ago

    I saw the same video last year!! Such a bad thumbnail you 5 minute crafts! How many times you are going to repeat the same thing.....???

  • The _Gacha_Elixer
    The _Gacha_Elixer 50 seconds ago

    Everyone complains about the Bobby pin thing. HAVE YOU EVER STABBD YOUR SELF WITH A BOBBY PIN 😂😂 that rlly hurts it almost broke my nail off my finger

  • xcarmen
    xcarmen 2 minutes ago

    Why did I think this channel was like 10 years old or something?

  • 이뷰티 leebeauty
    이뷰티 leebeauty 2 minutes ago


  • Anna Martin
    Anna Martin 3 minutes ago

    If you get think please respond back I love your USclip video

  • jazzy a'ok
    jazzy a'ok 8 minutes ago

    Want to know another way to remove permanent marker? Sun screen. It really does work

  • xxcat.lovers.nationxx
    xxcat.lovers.nationxx 9 minutes ago

    I've watched the candle one like 3 times and I still keep falling for it

  • david jones
    david jones 9 minutes ago

    Wow good creativity!

  • Krystal Long
    Krystal Long 10 minutes ago

    They have to say cocktail tube to not offend the turtles

  • Ayse Melek Kuscu
    Ayse Melek Kuscu 11 minutes ago

    5 minute crafts call these hacs “crazy” but I call them “trash”

  • Sapphire Tuesday
    Sapphire Tuesday 12 minutes ago

    She cut her hair to make a makeup brush tho

  • TropicaLizard421 Gaming
    TropicaLizard421 Gaming 13 minutes ago

    Ummmm..................................... Is it just me or did the tape just go “poof” 2:48

  • Pushpinder Kaur
    Pushpinder Kaur 13 minutes ago

    This sucks

  • A TO Z TO ME!
    A TO Z TO ME! 13 minutes ago

    Sub to my channel and I will sub and like all your vids to your channel

  • Amlani Nilesh
    Amlani Nilesh 13 minutes ago

    386 my comment number

  • Bella Martinez
    Bella Martinez 13 minutes ago

    Conditioner? Bro that's clearly fabric softener... The lies smh 😂

  • Spoonz
    Spoonz 14 minutes ago

    1:18 that is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen

  • The Talent Cocktail
    The Talent Cocktail 16 minutes ago

    Wow it's amazing, see how to clean your jewellery within minutes. usclip.net/video/VKjePeYnTZc/video.html

  • don't click on me
    don't click on me 16 minutes ago

    Person: *realizes you can't eat cereal with a spoon upside down* Also Person: *smashes the back of the spoon intensely with a hammer*

  • Evey Grace
    Evey Grace 17 minutes ago

    Did you hear the song it sounds like LET MY WAST YOUR TIME

  • Scarred Woods
    Scarred Woods 18 minutes ago

    6:14 you liars!!! You said that that DOES work in a different video!! You got caught red handed!! Edit: same with 7:24!! You SAID it worked!! Edit: same with 8:08

  • Evey Grace
    Evey Grace 18 minutes ago

    5 minute craft- it’s 5 minutes Us- more like 5 hour craft In a other video they say bake for 10 minutes!,

  • Sugar Puff Stuff
    Sugar Puff Stuff 18 minutes ago

    I’m literally just sitting here 11:07pm eating cereal and watching this I have school tomorrow

  • Scarred Woods
    Scarred Woods 19 minutes ago

    For the graphite turns into diamonds one, it’s not graphite that supposedly turns into diamonds, it’s lead. Try it. I wanna see if it works

  • Rileigh Copeland
    Rileigh Copeland 19 minutes ago

    My side profile could never

  • Matt Wick
    Matt Wick 21 minute ago

    Why the heck dose this man want to see somebody in the bath? Like if I agree 👇🏻

    • Matt Wick
      Matt Wick 20 minutes ago

      Ya plz don’t do that in real life people It’s very creepy And you could drop your phone

  • EhTheYou Paw
    EhTheYou Paw 21 minute ago

    Who use makeup when they are about to shower Like if u agree 👍🏻

  • Bro phanith Game
    Bro phanith Game 22 minutes ago

    Nice 😂😂😂 👇👌👌

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  • xxxmariafreal garcia14
    xxxmariafreal garcia14 24 minutes ago

    9:34 she was in pain

  • Jill Persinger
    Jill Persinger 25 minutes ago

    Love the musa doll 🎶 💜

  • Slime Lover
    Slime Lover 25 minutes ago


  • Owentertainment
    Owentertainment 27 minutes ago

    Dang it someone vomited blood all over the kitchen sink again

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 28 minutes ago


  • Wolf Original
    Wolf Original 28 minutes ago

    They pretty much exposing them self.. ded

  • CJ Productions
    CJ Productions 29 minutes ago

    I just realized. These are dumb on purpose so people keep coming back to them to make fun of them. It’s a marketing ploy. Duh.

  • Versache
    Versache 31 minute ago

    You may be looking for 2:18

    ICEYPANDA 32 minutes ago

    Aren’t you guys the viral internet hacks

  • Bunny & lovie
    Bunny & lovie 32 minutes ago

    They made headbands for a reason

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith 33 minutes ago

    Was that first person a boy??? It looked like that*

  • Gabby Silver
    Gabby Silver 34 minutes ago

    Uh I counted 43 shades what does that mean

  • Cathy Opal
    Cathy Opal 34 minutes ago

    I actually tried the hairband part with a put hot glue on the pencil but I couldn’t get the hot glue to slide off like I don’t even get how they did that.

  • Yara 10 f a v
    Yara 10 f a v 34 minutes ago

    Visiten mi canal

  • Sharuk Shaik
    Sharuk Shaik 36 minutes ago


  • Camu KILL epicarda
    Camu KILL epicarda 36 minutes ago

    si busco life hacks me aparecen memes osea todo menos esto pero si pongo laif haks *MALA ORTOGRAF* XD me aparece todo

  • MushroomCat_UwU
    MushroomCat_UwU 37 minutes ago

    Cute 🥰

  • Leah The Lollipop
    Leah The Lollipop 37 minutes ago

    Let me waste your time lol good song tho ❤️

  • Amber Taylor
    Amber Taylor 38 minutes ago

    Wait, how come you only sometimes tell us how much of something to put in????

  • Miah Melon
    Miah Melon 38 minutes ago

    I just wanna say NEVER put toothpaste on your acne, it doesn't work and burns your skin.

  • Gisele Daire
    Gisele Daire 38 minutes ago

    Am I the only one wondering why USclip is letting them encourage cheating

  • Alexandra Preston
    Alexandra Preston 39 minutes ago

    But her teeth were already Wite

  • Robert Romero
    Robert Romero 39 minutes ago

    Woh Miranda sings is that you

  • GalaxyLion RAWR
    GalaxyLion RAWR 40 minutes ago

    Because *OBVIOUSLY* everybody is going to rub a potato on their paintings

  • Charvi T
    Charvi T 40 minutes ago

    bruh they are high

  • Isabelle Jiang
    Isabelle Jiang 41 minute ago

    3:13 the chocolate is a little seized (it bothers me, don't mind me just another person browsing youtube)

  • ปภังกร ไพเรืองโสม


  • D G
    D G 41 minute ago

    These yoga methods are Indian and I am an Indian

  • 메지mezi
    메지mezi 42 minutes ago

    That's a good video😃

  • Canny Maharjan
    Canny Maharjan 43 minutes ago

    How many time you'll put same video?? Show some new also...

  • Sara Webster
    Sara Webster 45 minutes ago

    Or instead of doing that for your oily hair just wash your hair #stayclean. #hygienematters

  • Dakhshesh Mainthan
    Dakhshesh Mainthan 46 minutes ago


  • Annie Thiel
    Annie Thiel 46 minutes ago

    Who else gets annoying at 5-minute crafts because it’s always the same crafts in every video

  • Rosana Maciel
    Rosana Maciel 46 minutes ago

    Alguém 2019 ? Alguém que fala português?

  • Brian Li
    Brian Li 46 minutes ago

    Jesus Christ you people stop repeating all the same crafts I disliked all you videos

  • Rosana Maciel
    Rosana Maciel 47 minutes ago

    Vejo isso mas não fasso , é muito feio colar na prova

  • Freddy Anglerfishy
    Freddy Anglerfishy 47 minutes ago

    Dude I tried the egg tree hack and it doesn’t even work! 😡😡😡

  • Aquariums and more
    Aquariums and more 47 minutes ago

    0:55 why don’t you just put your makeup on AFTER you put your clothes on?!?!