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  • Matthew Rivett
    Matthew Rivett 2 hours ago

    Wait, is this why Nate had the Katana in the Wax Bottle video?

  • Yo Rothy
    Yo Rothy 2 hours ago

    I mean... At least mention guga tho

  • SuperKoolW Boss
    SuperKoolW Boss 3 hours ago

    Guga foods has been doing this for awhile before this

  • Caros 92
    Caros 92 3 hours ago

    Could you guys show us how to make weather proof boxes for geocaches?

  • Junaid Hussain
    Junaid Hussain 3 hours ago

    Anyone from South Africa as the juice is Ceres from the ceres Valley

  • Lala Fernandez
    Lala Fernandez 3 hours ago

    Can you freeze dry cotton candy

  • Nicky Fabian
    Nicky Fabian 3 hours ago


  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    Why does the girl make everything uncomfortable

  • yoo dead
    yoo dead 3 hours ago

    Why didn’t they just hydrologic press the skittle

  • Liza Shami
    Liza Shami 3 hours ago

    I think i like the intro where nate is juggling hammers and cali has an axe and i like the intro of this vid and also the one with cali had a ball tossed it and nate busted it with a bat and dust and glitter went everywhere

  • Panduh 13ear
    Panduh 13ear 3 hours ago

    Those small pineapples are so cute!

  • eric mclellan
    eric mclellan 3 hours ago

    You can make a copper colored quarter by heating it up with a torch and dipping it in heat.. it is gas line antifreeze in a yellow bottle

  • OceanBagel
    OceanBagel 3 hours ago

    A side effect of the pineapple enzyme thing is that you can't use fresh pineapple in jello because it won't set properly. You can heat the pineapple first to break down the enzymes, or use canned pineapple instead because canned pineapple is already treated with heat.

  • thememe 7274
    thememe 7274 3 hours ago

    Can you full the blender with water and.drop the lithium ion batteries in there.

  • bobington 12345
    bobington 12345 3 hours ago

    5:19 does this remind anybody of dr seus' green eggs and ham

  • 20% Overused Memes
    20% Overused Memes 3 hours ago

    have they made fun dip into cotton candy? if not try that!

  • Saphire Tiger
    Saphire Tiger 3 hours ago

    What no one is talking about the pokemon reference in the end

  • 尸ure7丨SIŁENT Clips

    Always skipped over your videos, this actually pretty lit stuff fam

  • Xaverderschnitzelfan

    Where can I buy kno3?

  • Marty Harless
    Marty Harless 3 hours ago

    A floating oil lamp is far superior

  • Force Of Elements
    Force Of Elements 3 hours ago

    Aren’t you suppose to soak pineapple in salt water before eating it? Everyone I know does it??!!!!!!!

  • Gene Twombly
    Gene Twombly 3 hours ago

    Guga foods

  • tr6ut
    tr6ut 3 hours ago

    It should be swimming in the meat and should just be blended as whole with skin but not the top part. Like so they can see!!!

  • Patryk Kowal
    Patryk Kowal 3 hours ago

    Watch gugas video he covers the steaks fully and also blends the skin that’s why you’d didn’t work as well. Do it again! 👍🏻

  • Devilish Jester
    Devilish Jester 3 hours ago

    Try putting a sponge in a vacuum chamber, or try it with some food to see what they taste like after

  • Tobi UwU
    Tobi UwU 3 hours ago

    I thought this is Guga's video xD

  • Dos Wheeler2307
    Dos Wheeler2307 3 hours ago

    Can you melt fibre glass into normal glass?

  • Tiki369
    Tiki369 3 hours ago

    Human fruit ninja, hmmm where have I seen this go horribly wrong *sad nigahiga noises”

  • Roblox lover 0654
    Roblox lover 0654 3 hours ago

    *"long live the king"*

  • The Lynx Unseen
    The Lynx Unseen 3 hours ago

    Use a meat injector with the slurry next time for better results loved the video

  • Lukasa
    Lukasa 3 hours ago

    Hi did they not try the energy drink pineapple

  • KensKnightStalker
    KensKnightStalker 3 hours ago

    Who else got a flashback to when lance Stewart cut his finger almost off from real life fruit ninja?

    BHN MOB 3 hours ago

    Idk why but y’all changing shirts really caught my eye

  • MemeCage
    MemeCage 3 hours ago

    Not gonna lie they don’t seem like they get along

  • Deuce 1027
    Deuce 1027 3 hours ago

    Bromiline,thats why your mouth is always raw after pineapple,h*ckin bromiline!

  • AYOOB Ismail
    AYOOB Ismail 3 hours ago

    Cold cola test

  • ツMarcos
    ツMarcos 3 hours ago

    I thought this was guga wtf

  • David DDAYZED
    David DDAYZED 3 hours ago

    You guys forgot to blend the pineapple skin with it. The skin has more Of the enzymes. Maybe that is what went wrong

  • Dominique Baggett
    Dominique Baggett 3 hours ago

    11:00 this part gave me anxiety

  • General Spots
    General Spots 3 hours ago

    Josh is a mad lad

  • cindy coss
    cindy coss 3 hours ago

    48 hr live stream of a freeze dryer, yes please!!! Seriously, I'd love that.

  • Malik Manson
    Malik Manson 3 hours ago

    Lmao I really thought guga posted I was like didn’t guga already do steak with a pineapple?🤣

  • d3g3n3r4t3
    d3g3n3r4t3 3 hours ago

    What kind of katana plz?

    ASHRAF ALI 3 hours ago

    When experimenting with sound, please don't use background sound...

  • Jean-Lou
    Jean-Lou 3 hours ago

    Freeze dry honey please. see what will happen.

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez 3 hours ago

    Next time you swing the kitana make sure the leg in which the blade is headed towards is in the rear of your stance. Don't wanna see you cut your leg on accident

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa 3 hours ago

    Why not shot hot to plant a pineapple?

  • Danasiah Nay
    Danasiah Nay 3 hours ago

    she said cran

  • 66 bala
    66 bala 3 hours ago

    most of the pinapple enzimes are in the leaves! You should put that+the pinapple meat in the tenderising thing!

  • bobbycone2
    bobbycone2 3 hours ago

    Will always be the king! RIP

  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays says 3 hours ago

    I suggest that you infuse Propelyne Glycol based candy flavouring with freeze dried fruit, especially pineapple. I suggest using Lorann brand flavors particularly Watermelon, Blueberry and Pomegranate. - dreadthedays Puree fruits together and freeze dry that instead of turning it into leather. ( You can also try the suggestion above with it. ) I grew passion flour fruit. I processed it and made pure juice from it... It was amazingly delicious.

  • Danasiah Nay
    Danasiah Nay 3 hours ago

    its cray-on , lmao nate wins

  • Austin Vanhorn
    Austin Vanhorn 3 hours ago

    Try freeze drying different fruit and make cotton candy. :)

  • Damoude Lane
    Damoude Lane 3 hours ago

    Diy freeze drier tutorial

  • MSM Master
    MSM Master 3 hours ago

    can you make a arrow or dart that freezes the thing it hits maby with liqued nitrogin or dry ice

  • Dan
    Dan 3 hours ago

    Callie is so sexy

  • Lily Drinkwell
    Lily Drinkwell 3 hours ago

    Grind freeze dry pinapple and put it in your candy floss machine

  • Stephen 2006
    Stephen 2006 3 hours ago

    I like to see you guys put dry ice in molten iron any other metal

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 3 hours ago

    Claire is my favourite too !! Claire's tempered chocolate is my favourite.. 😂😂

  • Dustin Noaks
    Dustin Noaks 3 hours ago

    That intro is HORRID I can’t, LMAOO and the little acting bits that we aren’t suppossed to know are acting, ew haha

  • d3g3n3r4t3
    d3g3n3r4t3 3 hours ago

    Wut about the energy drink pineapple chip? Did they skip that?

  • TheRoyalGallade [TRG]

    Ryan Higa played fruit ninja. it ended very well

  • JhurelZim YT
    JhurelZim YT 3 hours ago

    If u use a long neck water bottle how fast will you be able to shoot?.???

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube 4 hours ago

    Inflatebale floating house, let’s go

  • mark logallo
    mark logallo 4 hours ago

    Credit Guga

  • Uncle Bastiado
    Uncle Bastiado 4 hours ago

    Bet you won’t deep fry custard

  • R1p 7URTL3
    R1p 7URTL3 4 hours ago

    I swear yall have a new intro every video

  • Kathy Thomas
    Kathy Thomas 4 hours ago

    10:22 weird face 😖

  • Click
    Click 4 hours ago

    Cali is totally my inner girl. I feel like I would totally act like her if I ever was part of the show!

  • I_am_no_name
    I_am_no_name 4 hours ago

    Do everything a battery says not to do plus freezing and heating

  • Ryuji Gallardo
    Ryuji Gallardo 4 hours ago

    donest really cook it. just melts the protease but making it tender

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall 4 hours ago

    I am thinking they are just copying guga

  • Billy Richardson
    Billy Richardson 4 hours ago

    Cotton candy with Raman noodle packets

  • I_am_no_name
    I_am_no_name 4 hours ago

    Can A smoothie of different freeze dried fruit dust make a drink mix?

  • snagh
    snagh 4 hours ago

    Didn't mama tell you not to play with your food

  • Viper_ Sniper
    Viper_ Sniper 4 hours ago

    What if you grinded up the dried pineapple pieces into dust and put them into cotton candy machine?

  • console
    console 4 hours ago

    R.I.P my dude

  • ImRoblox Station
    ImRoblox Station 4 hours ago


  • Noah Lillie
    Noah Lillie 4 hours ago

    Can you guys make wine it would be cool you just need sugar yeast and grape juice

  • RaZoR InStiiNcZ
    RaZoR InStiiNcZ 4 hours ago

    The other girl doesn’t look at all like Calli and she couldn’t possibly imitate her attitude and character. Didn’t like this very much guys.

  • Battlefungus 221
    Battlefungus 221 4 hours ago

    What happens when you freeze dry whole fruit?

    TURANT FEMTO 4 hours ago

    U hv vaccumed the water and then exposed it to became nrmal again and air was again trapped in it

  • Geno Breaker
    Geno Breaker 4 hours ago

    Hey TKoR, compare and contrast freeze dryers vs food dehydrator?

  • Adam Danny
    Adam Danny 4 hours ago guys should blend with the skin to tenderize the meat..... You can see Guga Foods how to do it

  • Robert herrall
    Robert herrall 4 hours ago

    Insect coins in a freezer

  • Timothy Liu
    Timothy Liu 4 hours ago

    10:13 anybody else thought about Ryanhiga's fruit ninja accident when this momment played? 😰

  • Sancia M
    Sancia M 4 hours ago

    I just came from watching Steve-O list off every drug he has ever taken, to watching someone make big skittles.

  • Ava Mae
    Ava Mae 4 hours ago

    Do things with watermelon and cucumber used to anything that’s possible to them and try turn coming worms into fairy floss🥺🥺👍🏻👍🏻

  • Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen 4 hours ago

    Person: Why do you have a katana again? TKOR: to be a real life fruit ninja!

  • Jooshbag
    Jooshbag 4 hours ago

    Hey Callie, you should read Macbeth.

  • Rahul T
    Rahul T 4 hours ago

    3:27 what is that rocket searching equipment ?

  • bento Teck
    bento Teck 4 hours ago

    What happens if you dropped a lithium ion battery with a piece of red hot lead with a string around it from the top of a ladder

  • Yugino Plays
    Yugino Plays 4 hours ago

    Please dehydrate eggs and make egg cotton candy

  • MrNormieTron
    MrNormieTron 4 hours ago

    Try the same with ginger

  • NICKY Abraham
    NICKY Abraham 4 hours ago

    Will citrus fruits nutrilize in baking soda solution?

  • Tfue ‘
    Tfue ‘ 4 hours ago

    @gugafoods ftw

  • john Schultz
    john Schultz 4 hours ago

    You should make a big m@m

  • Keshav Jamnasingh
    Keshav Jamnasingh 4 hours ago

    When we buy pineapple 🍍 we put salt 🧂 on it so the pineapple doesn’t make our tongue itchy

  • Stephen 2006
    Stephen 2006 4 hours ago

    Can we drink it the oxygen

  • Nosajness
    Nosajness 4 hours ago

    Why are they copying guga ‘s video and not giving credit