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  • Fire_King99
    Fire_King99 2 hours ago

    I thought this was a Safiya nygaard video

  • When life gives you Oranges

    I didn’t know Nate could do voices

  • Clementina Ramirez
    Clementina Ramirez 2 hours ago

    Freeze dry fruits and try to make cotton candy

  • When life gives you Oranges

    Nate: today’s video is sponsored- Calli: not today satan I’m dead 😂

  • C_ogorman
    C_ogorman 2 hours ago

    Calley sounds not ok

  • Sam Home
    Sam Home 2 hours ago

    Yea....but can you make a glowing KITTEN!?! just dont taste it!

  • Peace
    Peace 2 hours ago


  • Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo

    0:28 i'm sure you do

  • Sir Francis
    Sir Francis 2 hours ago

    adding curry to scrambled eggs will make them glow in the dark. also, shake an egg really fast for a bit and you scramble them within the shell, boil it and you get a full homogeneous yellow egg.

  • eswims319
    eswims319 2 hours ago

    “That is some glippy gloppy soap”

  • Tea King
    Tea King 2 hours ago

    im disappointed nate didn't eat the glowing egg 🤬😡😠

  • MiMi
    MiMi 2 hours ago

    Will b2 shampoo make your hair glow?

  • Just Diggin It Detecting

    Just use a key

  • Nolan Swiger
    Nolan Swiger 2 hours ago

    If you still have any ink try to put it in a printer cartridge

  • Simranpreet 101
    Simranpreet 101 2 hours ago

    Give away

  • NigelConstant
    NigelConstant 2 hours ago

    “radioactive” “copyright strike”

  • Marnz
    Marnz 2 hours ago

    Intro:radioactive Me:radioactive ooooh ooooh im radioactive radioactive(i forgot the rest of the song🤦‍♂️)

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 2 hours ago

    Ahh yes. Pay 2 win game. Nice to know

  • fred Jefferson
    fred Jefferson 2 hours ago

    Attach it to the top of the pot

  • Blezma Mukosi
    Blezma Mukosi 2 hours ago

    I love the "hooo" after the glass breaks

  • Pr. Kalebbugy.
    Pr. Kalebbugy. 2 hours ago


  • iamdb1990
    iamdb1990 2 hours ago

    nobody: hipsters somewhere after seeing this video: we should open up a glowing egg cafe!

  • MrMelichor
    MrMelichor 2 hours ago

    You should try injecting the eggs and then leaving them in tge fridge for a day. The b2 might marinate through

  • Kristupmacker
    Kristupmacker 2 hours ago

    Now, put glowsticks in the eggs instead of vitamin b2

  • Bunch_of_weirdos :3
    Bunch_of_weirdos :3 2 hours ago

    Wait so.... can I eat it?

  • Grape Subliminals
    Grape Subliminals 2 hours ago


  • Madrid and Journey's Playhouse

    I thought you were dead

  • Brute Better
    Brute Better 2 hours ago

    Very illuminating! 😃 🌞

  • Dylan Dreisbach
    Dylan Dreisbach 2 hours ago

    Those dissolved seashells do look transparent to me.

  • Subscribe To No Content

    When I look at his logo the first thing I see is always Thor Anyone else?

  • Anawkwardmug Ofanxiety

    Maybe I shouldn't have watched this while hungry...

  • Pr. Kalebbugy.
    Pr. Kalebbugy. 2 hours ago

    Butane + coacacola=💥

  • Ieuan Griffiths
    Ieuan Griffiths 2 hours ago

    Get well soon Cali x

  • Oren Willford
    Oren Willford 2 hours ago

    What would happen if you made the fuel reservoir in three parts, so you could have three different colors at once, each in its own container? Would the colors mix, or stay separate?

  • Erica Garza
    Erica Garza 2 hours ago

    But dose the like mean yes

  • Dogs are great Bum
    Dogs are great Bum 2 hours ago

    hehehhrehhehehe green egg ham ehhehehe

  • fastlanefixer
    fastlanefixer 2 hours ago

    March 10 is my birthday lol

  • Jess O'S
    Jess O'S 2 hours ago

    “I do not like green eggs and ham”

  • Dusk Raccoon
    Dusk Raccoon 2 hours ago

    These are the most interesting eggs I've ever seen. Also Dragon City is an awesome game. Haven't played it in a very long time though.

  • Namjoon Crab
    Namjoon Crab 2 hours ago

    Rip man 🥺💜

  • Hannah Montana
    Hannah Montana 2 hours ago

    Green eggs and ham anyone???😁😂

  • Majoga
    Majoga 2 hours ago

    I believe you can scramble an egg inside the shell by putting inside middle of a long sock and spinning in one direction and quickly spinning in other direction as the sock twists from previous spin. Would have been neat to see this experiment done with that.

  • Mr. Moomoocower
    Mr. Moomoocower 2 hours ago

    Magical white powder 😂

  • JD - 05WL - Credit Valley PS (1653)

    Can you try hydrophobic water? Yes, I know what hydrophobic means!

  • hippyrick24
    hippyrick24 2 hours ago

    can you somehow turn tonic water into cotton candy?

  • Zombie Man2420
    Zombie Man2420 2 hours ago

    Lemon headsssss 🍋 🧒🏻

  • Victor Montenegro
    Victor Montenegro 2 hours ago

    Do you with to be my friend in Dragon city calley plz

  • mitchell thomas
    mitchell thomas 2 hours ago

    I do not like green eggs and ham

  • lawless vapors
    lawless vapors 2 hours ago

    The way the boiled eggs popped open was great, now I need to try it!

  • IamOmegaplay
    IamOmegaplay 2 hours ago

    I’m sitting here having dragon city for almost 3 years

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 2 hours ago

    probably last vid

  • Pat Vlogs
    Pat Vlogs 2 hours ago

    rip king

  • Shamya Haymer
    Shamya Haymer 2 hours ago

    People out here asking if callie is alright, I mean, she could either have a sore throat, is sick, or was yelling, I mean c'mon, its obvious.

  • Celeste Brusciano
    Celeste Brusciano 2 hours ago

    Yeah I tried the big merange thing and it was yucky!! Definitely won't try it again!!!

  • BG Nino
    BG Nino 2 hours ago


  • Random Gamerman
    Random Gamerman 2 hours ago

    What about cooking and eating the rubber eggs by themselves, how do they taste and what is the texture like?

  • Georgie Qwerty
    Georgie Qwerty 2 hours ago

    im disappointed nate didnt eat the b2 hardboiled egg he supposed to eat everthing

  • Zain Nasir
    Zain Nasir 2 hours ago

    hey guys can u freeze dry fruits like banana ,avocado,grapes etc...

  • david scalf
    david scalf 2 hours ago

    I want to see you build a shotgun pistol 12-gauge shotgun pistol pocket David

  • Eney One can watch
    Eney One can watch 2 hours ago


  • Andrew Henman
    Andrew Henman 2 hours ago

    Maybe next time, you go to a junkyard and try it in a car!!

  • fijs10 be like 2
    fijs10 be like 2 2 hours ago

    I love your video's and dragon cidy

  • JD - 05WL - Credit Valley PS (1653)

    Well, if you have the stuff to make the wood knife, I think you would have a normal, metal knife, so.... why Evan bother 🤔

  • Ari Mcleod
    Ari Mcleod 2 hours ago

    You guys should try and see what happens if you put cotton candy in liquid nitrogen :)

  • Kaitlyn Vanderzwan
    Kaitlyn Vanderzwan 2 hours ago

    I have dragon city

  • Peter Barkus
    Peter Barkus 2 hours ago

    Your too far from it

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie 2 hours ago

    CALI ARE YOU SICK???? (If you are plz get better)

    DMP XAPKAX 2 hours ago

    So when you are able to lay the original record underneath why in first place stealing it?

  • stefanie whiteman
    stefanie whiteman 2 hours ago

    I have the game

  • Martyna Tomczak
    Martyna Tomczak 2 hours ago

    I meant are

  • Namjoon Crab
    Namjoon Crab 2 hours ago

    Rip man 💔🥺

  • Martyna Tomczak
    Martyna Tomczak 2 hours ago

    OMG!cally arena You alright You dont sound right

    EC CREATE'Z 2 hours ago

    Nobody: UScliprs: But you’re not gonna feel uncomfortable playing raid shadow legends with Nord VPN while listening to an audio book from audible on a Casper mattress that you bought with honey on my website made with square space all while eating a delicious meal from blue apron.

  • Jonny B. Animations/Tutorials

    I imagine just how proud he is of both of you.You've carried on his legacy and maybe when his kids get older,they can too.

  • Clayton Sinclair
    Clayton Sinclair 2 hours ago

    Thats cool. Show your people the Homunculus now.

  • M8 BLK
    M8 BLK 2 hours ago

    Nate,but this smoke isn't a danger for nature ?

  • Tragiic Carnage
    Tragiic Carnage 2 hours ago

    You guys should mix a couple of candy’s by melting them and then use the dehydrator and try to make Cotten candy with it

  • a.h16
    a.h16 2 hours ago


  • Wolfie Bilinski
    Wolfie Bilinski 2 hours ago

    Nate: Lets use a bit of B2 Calli: What did you say (while putting in 10 syringe loads)

  • Namjoon Crab
    Namjoon Crab 2 hours ago

    Rip 💔🥺

  • Dominoes by me
    Dominoes by me 2 hours ago

    Can you freeze dry an egg

  • James Gamtz
    James Gamtz 2 hours ago

    I used the link

  • Chardino
    Chardino 2 hours ago

    Calli: Radioactive~ Nate: copyright strike

  • Thunderman2468
    Thunderman2468 2 hours ago

    Is it actually possible to make popcorn from a fresh cob?

  • Ian Neff
    Ian Neff 3 hours ago

    Try soaking them in corn syrup and then putting them in the highlighter/B2.

  • lawless vapors
    lawless vapors 3 hours ago

    Now let's figure out how to make them glow and still be able to eat them! Cali you sound like you have a cold, feel better!

  • Mathias Maes
    Mathias Maes 3 hours ago

    Holy Cow cool video😀😆

  • Skull Kid
    Skull Kid 3 hours ago

    is there marmite in the U.S?

    • Merrihootai
      Merrihootai 2 hours ago

      Rare, but yes, though usually found in an imported foods aisle.

    • 2K6 Evie
      2K6 Evie 2 hours ago

      Skull Kid marmite is mint

  • ConfettiPanda
    ConfettiPanda 3 hours ago


  • Anna Peachy
    Anna Peachy 3 hours ago

    lol i knew the spinach wouldn’t work because the shirts were different

  • eswims319
    eswims319 3 hours ago

    rAdIoAcTiVe Copyrightstrike

  • Barry Royal
    Barry Royal 3 hours ago

    It does not work I have tryed it

  • Dave Strider
    Dave Strider 3 hours ago

    Have you guys ever tried to make an egg glow by using glow sticks? If not, that would be cool to see.

  • Ciel phantomhive
    Ciel phantomhive 3 hours ago

    My parents brought home a bottle of hand sanitizer and I saw all the bubbles in it and wondered would it keep its shape in a vacuum camber? Would it still have that jelly feeling? Would it still have some air bubbles

  • ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions

    Come on all you need is a snow thrower

  • Nadrojking
    Nadrojking 3 hours ago

    You guys should test what happens when you put radio active eggs in your butts

    • 2K6 Evie
      2K6 Evie 2 hours ago

      Nadrojking 😂I’m slightly concerned

  • Alexis Whitehead
    Alexis Whitehead 3 hours ago

    It’s easier to break if you live in a cold area and have hot water

  • JD - 05WL - Credit Valley PS (1653)

    Speed .25 sounds like calli is sad? 12:17

  • I’m Crazyer than you

    You should Boil a membrane egg then vacuum it

  • Literally Nobody
    Literally Nobody 3 hours ago

    I have been playing for years