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  • Anika Singh
    Anika Singh 4 hours ago

    Debbie unsnapping can undo much more than the blip like thanos' birth

  • C
    C 5 hours ago

    do jackfruit burrito!!

  • L
    L 5 hours ago

    I feel like what we all learnt from his is julien can cook so well, he cannot however bake

  • Lillian Marie
    Lillian Marie 5 hours ago

    11 mins of jenna being a crackhead

  • swanqueenofmyheart
    swanqueenofmyheart 5 hours ago

    Seeing the slimy cake and hearing the crunching when Jenna took a bite was an experience

  • Harley Addams
    Harley Addams 5 hours ago

    _Does Julien know that he's pronouncing "fondant" wrong I-_

  • Erika Nyberg
    Erika Nyberg 5 hours ago

    Julien: If we ever learned anything it's that bAKing is NOt a pReCIsE aRT No one: Julien: *Serves "lava cake" with ice on the side*

  • GLobDeli
    GLobDeli 5 hours ago

    Stuffed Vine Leaves and stuffed stuff!

  • chloe x
    chloe x 6 hours ago

    Julian and Collin, is Aries and Aries

  • Clara Rupp
    Clara Rupp 6 hours ago

    did y’all see the flying bug and then Julien following it with this eye 👁 😅

  • SteviiLove
    SteviiLove 6 hours ago

    This reminds me of my first attempt to make a vegan baking recipe. I went back to eggs and milk because I can. I feel bad for you Julien, your options are extremely limited all things considered. At least you tried! And that box jump, 👌

  • Kenziloo
    Kenziloo 6 hours ago

    Nailed it

  • Boldana Brašević
    Boldana Brašević 6 hours ago

    I thenk yeer Cermet iz naw felly grawawn. Feet yar Cermit, it helpz dem graaw.

  • Emily An
    Emily An 7 hours ago

    12:23 Jenna: "What is thaaat?" Julien: "This is layer cake, baby" 😃😃😃

  • Lilly BANKS
    Lilly BANKS 7 hours ago

    bAKinG iS nOT a PreCISe aRT

  • braxton woodruff
    braxton woodruff 8 hours ago

    why is watching jenna eat satisfying?.

  • graypetcoyle
    graypetcoyle 8 hours ago

    Bruh, fuckin repaint your nails if you’re gonna do close up shots

  • Jessica Castaneda Acosta

    12:18 soft Julien for the rest of the video💀

  • Michele Pilco
    Michele Pilco 9 hours ago

    The fact that Julian wasn’t lying about box-jumping in Jenna’s video🤣🤣 the way I LAUGHED I’m going to need new lungs this is the content that I signed up for😂😂💜💜

  • Damian starr
    Damian starr 9 hours ago

    I love the video. Good job Julien 👍🙏🙌 it might not have turned out the best but it was fun. Watching your videos always brighten my day.

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face 9 hours ago

    Can anyone else hear Jenna's voice say: 1. Julien. 2. ....julien! 3. Julieena! 4. Oh my god, julien! ...STOP! In some parts because I can.

  • Jessica Aguirre
    Jessica Aguirre 9 hours ago

    i never comment on youtube vids but goddamn this a beautiful kitchen lol every time i watch these vids i fall in love with that kitchen!

  • Sara Grace
    Sara Grace 9 hours ago

    My biggest question with this video is why did he use "vegan" marshmallows, Julien, normal marshmallows are vegan

    • Hannah T
      Hannah T 8 hours ago

      Gelatine (cow/pig bones) is in all non-vegan marshmallows, they arent even vegetarian let alone vegan unfortunately :(

  • Megan Legal
    Megan Legal 9 hours ago

    first question why are you wearing shoes inside

  • Charlie Mason
    Charlie Mason 9 hours ago

    The most relateable thing about this video is Jenna taking comfort in hugging her own boobs for like 3 mins. Actually me

  • Kiyomi Hetrick
    Kiyomi Hetrick 9 hours ago

    It's not a philly cheese steak without steak, it's in the name

  • Moxxy Rogers
    Moxxy Rogers 9 hours ago

    Julien, you should go on the Netflix show, Nailed It!!!

  • H
    H 9 hours ago

    you missed the bbq sauce and you didn't cook it long enough!

  • dayna
    dayna 10 hours ago

    how did he not know what fondant is wh

  • Elizabeth Hansen
    Elizabeth Hansen 10 hours ago

    As a baker this has me absolutely dying with laughter, you need help

  • Elle Handley
    Elle Handley 10 hours ago

    Omg the food dye on the marble countertop😵

  • Elle Handley
    Elle Handley 10 hours ago

    I find vegan baking really difficult

  • Nikki Gladbach
    Nikki Gladbach 10 hours ago

    he should have just put it in a tiny bucket and then it would have been perfect

  • Blizzard the Icetalon
    Blizzard the Icetalon 10 hours ago


  • realSnickerShine
    realSnickerShine 10 hours ago


  • Christina Rush
    Christina Rush 10 hours ago

    i’m wheezing and CRYING so hard 😭😭😹😹💖💖

  • ttalgi
    ttalgi 10 hours ago


  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan 10 hours ago

    You know what I found out the other day? I don't like rice crispies that much. I thought I really liked them when I was a child, but they taste really boring now. It just tastes like crispy sugar.

  • Pranjal Sharma
    Pranjal Sharma 10 hours ago

    lol couldnt believe he uploaded this :D

  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan 10 hours ago

    I refuse to turn off my AC at this time because I'm not a pussy, but I'm cold.

  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan 10 hours ago

    Those ice cubes should have been either made of hardened icing or jellow aka yello jellow. Actually, the whole thing would have been better if made with just jellow and red-jellow.

  • americandevil
    americandevil 10 hours ago

    it was fukin perfect, till that Jenna girl RUINED it!

  • Sydni Palmer-Washington

    Omfg. You GOTTA remake this in like 5 years or so 😭

  • Erin Driscoll
    Erin Driscoll 10 hours ago

    Julie honey this is a bloodbath

  • Kamie Vaughan
    Kamie Vaughan 10 hours ago

    Haven’t been able to see a lot of vids recently but THIS IS MY FAVORITE YASSS #ARIESKITCHENEVENTHOIMAVIRGO

    • Kamie Vaughan
      Kamie Vaughan 10 hours ago

      I had such high hopes but it’s still gourmet quality

  • Izaahization
    Izaahization 11 hours ago

    You had to make green fondand and make it a greenscreen so it will actually look like lava ha ha

  • Miranda0elfje
    Miranda0elfje 11 hours ago

    I fond it amazefond that you never heard of fondant

  • aubreydink
    aubreydink 11 hours ago

    I appreciate them having a google home so much, because I don’t have to worry about it setting off my alexa 😂

  • Mary Sandy
    Mary Sandy 11 hours ago

    i just graduated from culinary school with a baking and pastry degree and wow i was triggered by this video but what type of gluten free flour blend did you use??

  • Brittany hutt
    Brittany hutt 11 hours ago

    Ummm can we say divorce damn support ur man girl 😂😂

  • Ann Kolosionek
    Ann Kolosionek 11 hours ago

    Uhhh this is truly Aries kitchen

  • Danika Mentzos
    Danika Mentzos 11 hours ago

    *cringes in baker*

  • Renee Getty
    Renee Getty 11 hours ago

    Litterally looks like poop with corn in it hahahahah

  • Some nights I don’t know

    The first time I watched this video was the day it came out. I did it while I was putting my make up on so I couldn’t really pay attention. But even just hearing it was crazy enough. Now I’m fully watching it today and I feel so concerned 😂😂 what is you doing, Julien!!!

  • Marcus Garcia
    Marcus Garcia 11 hours ago


  • Emmanyal
    Emmanyal 11 hours ago

    Creepee awwwwww man

  • Lachie Rolton
    Lachie Rolton 11 hours ago

    This is triggering my fight or flight response

  • SNLyons
    SNLyons 11 hours ago

    Is this an episode of Nailed It? Lol 😂

  • Kayla Schultz
    Kayla Schultz 11 hours ago

    You should make homemade pop tarts that are gf and vegan. That will really do it to em

  • Emmery Mitchell
    Emmery Mitchell 11 hours ago


  • rebelsouljaz
    rebelsouljaz 11 hours ago

    why is she trying so hard to cover up her saggy deflated flat chest? It's not like she's busty and we wanna see those orangutan titties.

  • PerrBear
    PerrBear 11 hours ago

    Why not cover the pool tho?

  • Jenn Gale
    Jenn Gale 11 hours ago

    i thought it said lasagna cake

  • Ashlyn Branch
    Ashlyn Branch 11 hours ago

    A for effort

  • Deidre Calabro
    Deidre Calabro 12 hours ago

    Jenna you are so tall in Japan no need for high heels or hair sprayed spike hair...

  • Jade
    Jade 12 hours ago

    when jenna came to roast julien's baking I laughed SO HARD

  • laura dorris
    laura dorris 12 hours ago

    the entire fondant portion gave me anxiety

  • Elisabeth What
    Elisabeth What 12 hours ago

    Why am I sooo late 2 this party? 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🙆🏼‍♀️

  • taebaebay
    taebaebay 12 hours ago

    It really shows that he’s never seen fondant before lmao

  • chrsrzc
    chrsrzc 12 hours ago

    Yup, a hot dumpster fire mess. lol

  • Mystic Llama Mama
    Mystic Llama Mama 12 hours ago

    Julien's next upload needs to be the "sitting on the floor in a hoodie apology video."

  • Kariinschii
    Kariinschii 12 hours ago

    Jenna... get off!!!!

  • I Am In Extreme Pain
    I Am In Extreme Pain 12 hours ago

    You make me so uncomfortable

  • Phillip Aderhold
    Phillip Aderhold 12 hours ago

    You need to be on Nailed It, julen

  • Moosie Goose
    Moosie Goose 12 hours ago

    you should make a cake that looks like a cake from minecraft

  • JenneralStar
    JenneralStar 12 hours ago

    You need to be supervised 😅😅

  • Seraphina McStuffle
    Seraphina McStuffle 12 hours ago

    idk if anyone can hear this or i'm just crazy, but there's a high frequency that the portable stove top thing gives out when it's on and i get minor headaches from it but i still watch because i love his cooking videos.

  • cronchywater
    cronchywater 12 hours ago

    can i come over for dinner? i'll bring wine and beer.

  • Emma Cook
    Emma Cook 12 hours ago

    the 3rd of July is my birthday

  • Mackenzie Gillespie
    Mackenzie Gillespie 12 hours ago

    julien u look like luigi

  • Jasia-san6937
    Jasia-san6937 12 hours ago


  • Ashley Young
    Ashley Young 13 hours ago

    Jenna is fully prepared for kids. This is exactly what they do!!!!! Lol

  • Jasia-san6937
    Jasia-san6937 13 hours ago

    I went all the way down to Jenna's account 😘😅😅😅😅😅 😘😘💜💜💜from the very first video and young marbles and young Kermit😅😅😅 the crying started when he was born

  • Little_BitNeon
    Little_BitNeon 13 hours ago

    Jenna when Julien box jumps on counter | V T R I G G E R E D

  • anonymous cool dude
    anonymous cool dude 13 hours ago

    watching him make and color that “fondant” gave me anxiety

  • Big Sad
    Big Sad 13 hours ago

    We love a king shouting out Feast of Fiction.

  • Ashley Koenig
    Ashley Koenig 13 hours ago

    “Just support me” 😂😂💀

  • Karen Afante
    Karen Afante 13 hours ago

    wats the last song!!

  • siena mcgovern
    siena mcgovern 13 hours ago

    It really bothers me to see someone put shoes on a kitchen counter 🤢

  • Mz Sneaky Sneaky
    Mz Sneaky Sneaky 13 hours ago

    Ironic that it's a lava cake, yet every component is WET 😂

  • evi92largo
    evi92largo 13 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 yeah this looks disgusting 😂😂😂😂😅 baking is too exact for Aries kitchen.

  • tiramisu ?
    tiramisu ? 13 hours ago

    I....I... *cries in virgo*

  • Dillon O'Neill
    Dillon O'Neill 13 hours ago

    Msg really isn’t bad for you. Some really bad science done by a bad doctor and too much media attention

  • CMT777
    CMT777 13 hours ago

    Wtf happened to the cake??

  • Leah Ericksrud
    Leah Ericksrud 13 hours ago

    Julien always adds just a little bit more than what he’s supposed too, so instead of getting ratios wrong, he just gets a little extra in every recipe.

  • Kaylum Rae
    Kaylum Rae 13 hours ago

    Beautiful 10/10 jenna is done with him lol

  • breanna burrell
    breanna burrell 13 hours ago

    Watching this man cook gives me so much anxiety, but I keep coming back.

  • Richy Trader
    Richy Trader 13 hours ago

    It's an airplane numbnuts

  • samuel sandeen
    samuel sandeen 13 hours ago

    the fact he doesn't use a guard with that madalin is so Aries i cant even be mad...

  • Pelican74
    Pelican74 13 hours ago

    It does look like a Picture