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True Stories About Chimps
Views 2.8M3 months ago
Obscure Obsolete Inventions
Views 3.7M4 months ago
Improbable Tales of Survival
Views 3.7M8 months ago
Dead Body Hijinks (Part 2)
Views 3.2M9 months ago
Dead Body Hijinks
Views 3.3M10 months ago
Origins of Phrases
Views 4.2MYear ago
The Journey of a Beef Cow
Views 4.6M2 years ago
Plant Diseases
Views 3.7M2 years ago
The Banana Republics
Views 4.7M2 years ago
Animal Weaknesses
Views 5M3 years ago
A Few Announcements
Views 333K3 years ago
The Great Emu War
Views 3.8M3 years ago
Cicada Broods
Views 2.6M3 years ago
Baby Superpowers
Views 4.3M3 years ago
The Bombardier Beetle
Views 2.7M3 years ago
How to Read Fire Diamonds
Views 2.9M3 years ago
Dog Breed Deformities
Views 7M3 years ago


  • Kyle Rivera
    Kyle Rivera 6 hours ago

    It is actually true that if you keep on drinking milk you will eventually die. It is also true that you will eventually die regardless.

  • Milquetoast Eugenicist

    🇬🇧 _Rest in Peace _*_Laika_* 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 _Покойся с миром _*_Лайка_* 🇷🇺 Circa *1954,* Moscow, Russia - *3 November 1957,* Low Earth Orbit, Aboard *_SPUTNIK II_* RUS: "Лайка" ENG: "Laika" Translation: _Little Curly One_ *_May Your Sacrifice Never Be Forgotten. GLORY TO LAIKA!_*

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh 6 hours ago

    3:14 What the fuck . im gonna report this.

  • Random Xenomorph With Wifi

    As a black man managing this account, I hereby give Salmonella the n-word pass

  • H Fio
    H Fio 7 hours ago

    Somehow I found his voice is so attractive, and I am really enjoying it. So sexy~

  • Disappointed Dictator

    Honduran: Read history textbook "And then we were bought by the banana people"

  • Abdelhak Smara
    Abdelhak Smara 7 hours ago

    US World Politics ...

  • Andros The Conqueror

    This guy is literally a living shitpost You know it's annoying but you Can't help it but feels amazed by how surreal it is

  • DeNattekomkommer
    DeNattekomkommer 8 hours ago

    4:20 in this moment, I am euphoric

  • Timochat
    Timochat 8 hours ago

    So why don't we use thorium instead of uranium ?

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 8 hours ago


  • Eklipzik
    Eklipzik 8 hours ago

    Sam has a enough knowledge and power he can say the n word

  • legohead 8
    legohead 8 9 hours ago

    Wana spritw cranberry

  • aminoacidcereal
    aminoacidcereal 9 hours ago

    tarrare: *ate disgustingly* me: oh ok tarrare: ate a cat me: *FIGHT ME MATE*

  • Lancetier
    Lancetier 9 hours ago

    You are suffering from a serious condition of Corporate Consumerism

  • Mighty Mone
    Mighty Mone 9 hours ago

    Killing for bananas

  • Kaleb Diaz
    Kaleb Diaz 9 hours ago

    When’s the new video!!

  • Mighty Mone
    Mighty Mone 9 hours ago


  • Mighty Mone
    Mighty Mone 9 hours ago


  • Mighty Mone
    Mighty Mone 9 hours ago


  • Mighty Mone
    Mighty Mone 9 hours ago


  • D-boi gamer
    D-boi gamer 9 hours ago

    frogot the bannana boat song but ok

  • Humor Productions
    Humor Productions 9 hours ago

    Fit fucks>fat fucks

  • Peter Sharpless
    Peter Sharpless 9 hours ago

    "Worldstar!' -Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953

  • Parker Knowlton
    Parker Knowlton 10 hours ago

    He sounds like a cross between a human and a Google text to speech

  • Duncan Connell
    Duncan Connell 10 hours ago

    Why the hell does his hair keeping changing color

  • Spyder Rain
    Spyder Rain 10 hours ago

    I'm surprised you dont have an episode on how King Edward I died

  • Emy Rose
    Emy Rose 10 hours ago


  • Spyder Rain
    Spyder Rain 10 hours ago

    "one of the Pep Boys is pulling a Spanish Inquisition on this poor wayward harlot" dead

  • Miku-Chan Animations
    Miku-Chan Animations 10 hours ago

    Blue is for health hazards because fuck you

  • white wall
    white wall 10 hours ago

    2:12 haha siflis

  • Mary Potter
    Mary Potter 10 hours ago


  • Bo LAN
    Bo LAN 10 hours ago

    Every time I think of thorium I think of terraria

  • Oscar Goodwin23
    Oscar Goodwin23 10 hours ago

    Socking comes from putting rocks inside a sock and hitting people with them.

  • ItalianHusky
    ItalianHusky 11 hours ago


  • Shafolly Shafolly
    Shafolly Shafolly 11 hours ago

    Journey of a pig?

  • Artur Arsenyan
    Artur Arsenyan 11 hours ago

    I got a third nipple

  • Kool Aid Queen
    Kool Aid Queen 11 hours ago

    I think I’m vegan now

  • Spooky Ghosty
    Spooky Ghosty 11 hours ago

    I didn't know I had an opinion on nuclear energy until now

  • XVR Hydra
    XVR Hydra 11 hours ago

    2:24 it’s two in the fucking morning could you not be this funny

  • SomeOddUsername
    SomeOddUsername 11 hours ago

    Ok, but ocean sunfish skeletons are so baddd

  • SyrianGod 123
    SyrianGod 123 11 hours ago

    Do one about babies!

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R 12 hours ago

    Why did I watch this? I don't own a unicycle nor am I interested in getting one any time in the near future

  • Robodisboy YT
    Robodisboy YT 12 hours ago


  • Nick Torchio
    Nick Torchio 12 hours ago

    Please cover the Defenestrations of Prague

  • Sub Ripper
    Sub Ripper 12 hours ago

    You gotta make more videos, I've watched all of them too many times 😭😭

  • AGgirl77
    AGgirl77 12 hours ago

    This is my favorite video on USclip... and the only one that really makes me laugh

  • Constantly_Creative
    Constantly_Creative 12 hours ago

    The ONCE gave me the giggle dick

  • That sensitive psychopath

    Technically speaking you cannot refer to him as Dr. Shaprut since the Ibn in his name refers to him being the son of some guy named Shaprut, his name would be Hasdai, Sam you have made a severe lapse of judgment and I am not sure we can trust you based on this one mistake.

  • 8-Bit Ninja
    8-Bit Ninja 12 hours ago

    Turn The Yule Lads into a horror game.

  • Kelsey Mixer
    Kelsey Mixer 12 hours ago

    *furiously takes notes* Right right... meat...milk.....pussy...BS... ...Wait

  • Dietchapstick
    Dietchapstick 12 hours ago

    Is there any credit to any of this

  • Communist Rooster
    Communist Rooster 12 hours ago


  • Dominico 18
    Dominico 18 12 hours ago

    No one could keep a straight face if they heard that big Bird was a casualty on the fucking challenger incident!

  • cool goggles kid
    cool goggles kid 12 hours ago

    Poor guy :( he deserved to live, I mean I guess he was already like 60 but still

  • consciousnick -
    consciousnick - 13 hours ago

    How the hell do you swim in 0 gravity?

  • BatimArtistFan
    BatimArtistFan 13 hours ago

    "sometimes my appetite is ERERILY ERRACTIC give me your dire expectations and I'll consume perfection YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AFTER ALL..."

  • Ethan Breyer
    Ethan Breyer 13 hours ago

    And it still managed to be better than communism.

  • Itz Been Dakav Gaming
    Itz Been Dakav Gaming 13 hours ago


  • Anything 4 Subs
    Anything 4 Subs 13 hours ago

    So that’s why I got sick when I ate chocolate covered almonds

  • cranky fuck
    cranky fuck 13 hours ago


  • I’m already Sans Undertale

    The story of Malina and Anningan is the original "What are you doing step bro"

  • Flaming Tortilla
    Flaming Tortilla 14 hours ago

    We had a chiuaua I dont know how to spell it but he was the best he'd wolf out the door on his own to crap and pre and close it by himself and everytime you cover up he'd crawl under the cover and lay on your chest his name was little man but he got shot

  • Lonewolf12251
    Lonewolf12251 14 hours ago

    Tarrare, look at me. Did you just.... *EAT A FUCKING BABY*

  • chlorine-l
    chlorine-l 14 hours ago

    0:39 the wine is older than the graphite

  • Wafflebreakfast
    Wafflebreakfast 14 hours ago

    I'm in the clear

  • Butter Boi 1234
    Butter Boi 1234 14 hours ago

    3:24 I replayed this like five times

  • BeastlyMussel61
    BeastlyMussel61 14 hours ago

    2:14 it's a shame he killed himself

  • Intars Lapselis
    Intars Lapselis 14 hours ago

    Oh my god this is guano insane!!

  • kingkocher
    kingkocher 14 hours ago

    Broooo this got me rollin!

  • woaini1i
    woaini1i 14 hours ago

    I just searched him on google because of a comment saying he looked like he shat himself in every picture and noticed that you can BUY parts of his BRAIN????

  • Jaynersol
    Jaynersol 14 hours ago

    these people are like Kerbals. literal. stronger. than. a. ROCKET.

  • Table Lover
    Table Lover 14 hours ago

    0:40 i lost my shit, i haven't laughed this hard in ages

  • Lachie E
    Lachie E 14 hours ago

    I love how he probably has a folder with a png of a cow he reused for the Castro video

  • dj INK BENDY
    dj INK BENDY 14 hours ago

    "Motherfucker asked for another one." And "Cuz apparently he's the fucking juggernaut" are the vest 2016 Sam O'Nella quotes

  • Elijah Payne
    Elijah Payne 14 hours ago

    Ok Boomer

  • LetsGoMemes v1
    LetsGoMemes v1 14 hours ago

    I feel bad for this cuz even though the animation is *cough* bad *cough* it still is very time consuming but could you try to post more often i looooooove your videos

  • LetsGoMemes v1
    LetsGoMemes v1 14 hours ago


  • Logical Snorlax
    Logical Snorlax 14 hours ago

    The pronunciation is so wrong, it is E, Myu

  • PorcupineCowboy Y’all

    Pretty good actcent

  • Stabilizer2238
    Stabilizer2238 15 hours ago

    _That moment when the priest takes you down to the basement_

  • Justin E. L.
    Justin E. L. 15 hours ago

    How boring must one's life be to have supposedly fifty words for snow.

  • Casey Danson
    Casey Danson 15 hours ago

    I think you just took thetalentlesswriters idea but didnt copy it You god damn genius

  • Araknair
    Araknair 15 hours ago

    That Ohm logic is solid, praying is pretty conceited

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross 15 hours ago

    maybe I was supposed to be a mermaid....

  • Gabba Gandalf
    Gabba Gandalf 15 hours ago

    there are no elk in europe. it must have been a moos.

  • Sky stanlake
    Sky stanlake 16 hours ago

    Samuel Nutella.

  • Demetrius Price
    Demetrius Price 16 hours ago

    Skips the 1969 moon landing, Me: I knew It

  • Casey Danson
    Casey Danson 16 hours ago

    0:46 I AM DEAD

  • Couldn't think of a Youtube name.

    God sake of course alcohol flooded in ireland

  • Demetrius Price
    Demetrius Price 16 hours ago

    If you follow this with no pauses, are you an alcoholic. Asking for a friend

  • Abuzz singer83
    Abuzz singer83 16 hours ago

    (this is a meme dont take me seriously) 2:33 if we estimate that this watermelon is its average size at 24 inchest tall and see that it takes roughly 2.5 of these watermelons to be as tall as sam. multiply the two together and prove that sam is 60 inches tall of 5 feet or one inch shorter than mario if the math is right (again im not being serious here this is a joke)

  • Kaige Barnes
    Kaige Barnes 16 hours ago

    I love this shit Liquify it and pump it into my veins

  • Casey Danson
    Casey Danson 16 hours ago

    1:13 shouldnt he... y'know eat it for food that he probably doesn't get

  • Kaige Barnes
    Kaige Barnes 16 hours ago

    I swear every couple months I come back and watch all these video and piss my self I always save Swiss miss for last though it’s my favourite

  • Casey Danson
    Casey Danson 16 hours ago

    5:50 No?

  • grishhung
    grishhung 16 hours ago

    There’s a random cut at 2:40-wonder what it was for.

  • Casey Danson
    Casey Danson 16 hours ago


  • PorcupineCowboy Y’all

    The inconvenience that Swiss miss outs is through 🧀🧀🧀

  • Mason Maples
    Mason Maples 16 hours ago

    I have one word for you, FUCK YOU