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  • Tatiana Rodregues

    tudo tudo tudo pra mim

    ARMY BTS Hour ago

    Agun BRASILEIRO ?? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 I love Hyuna 💚💛💚💛

  • Akali Jhomen Theti

    Honestly this sounds and looks like a mix between teen crush, girl crush, sexy and elegant/expensive/fancy. Your faves could never... 😂😂 (Its a joke btw take it with a grain of salt)

  • Jolee Kat
    Jolee Kat Hour ago

    Words can’t describe how much I love hyuna’s VIBES

  • George HD
    George HD Hour ago


  • Nada 1302
    Nada 1302 2 hours ago

    She looks very innocent without makeup

  • I'M FINE sorry
    I'M FINE sorry 2 hours ago

    Wop the bop Hyuna on fire I m addicted to flower shower

  • Thị Kiều Hương Hà

    Chị lột xác hoàn toàn luôn á mấy kiểu dễ thương nhìn chị rất đẹp và rất hợp với chị mong những siêu phẩm sau chị sẽ theo phong cách như vậy I LOVE YOU Huynna

  • Mosolife
    Mosolife 3 hours ago

    처음 댓글 달아보아요ㅎㅎㅎ언니 정말 멋있어요 ! 아프지 마세요 ㅠㅠㅠ 응원합니다!! 최고최고!!

  • elizavyetaa
    elizavyetaa 3 hours ago

    im never going to stop listening to this song 😔😔

  • crazyoldsuju
    crazyoldsuju 4 hours ago

    Kpop is getting boring. We need a hyuna and jessi collaboration

  • 陳宏瑜
    陳宏瑜 4 hours ago


  • Vanilla
    Vanilla 4 hours ago

    Well if i can't marry her.... I'll marry her dancers

  • 陳宏瑜
    陳宏瑜 4 hours ago


  • army:once:elf:exol multi

    I’m so happy for her I could cry, Hyuna has always been my ultimate bias and seeing her so free and happy is just amazing.

  • Dilara Akçe
    Dilara Akçe 5 hours ago


  • Dilara Akçe
    Dilara Akçe 5 hours ago

    I love this song !!! 💕💕💕

  • 섬비
    섬비 5 hours ago

    이렇게 솔직한 연예인이 있을까ㅠ 언니 자체가 사랑스러움 그자체예요....

  • Chantha Muong
    Chantha Muong 5 hours ago


  • Jaslyn
    Jaslyn 5 hours ago

    I’m so obese with her outfits💜💜💜

  • Haha Baam
    Haha Baam 5 hours ago

    Flower Shower

  • 개질려주접글
    개질려주접글 5 hours ago

    진짜 데뷔때 얼굴이 계속 보임,,,,, 존예ㅠ

  • 곰도리
    곰도리 5 hours ago

    쿠션 팡팡 소리가 안마기 소리가나욬ㅋㅋㅋ시원시원~

  • John Hung
    John Hung 6 hours ago

    Is one of the female dancers Viki?

  • Annazuu
    Annazuu 6 hours ago


  • song covers heddan. exe

    She is so happy now in p nation and im so happy for her❤️❤️

  • 신미소
    신미소 6 hours ago


  • Baymax Jem
    Baymax Jem 7 hours ago

    Me 1st time listening to FS: uhmmm, not really easy to listen to me 1000th time: "take a flower shower owhoo owhoo ..."

    ZHIMIN LAND 7 hours ago

    Should have had so much more views tbh

  • Jungkook Kookie
    Jungkook Kookie 7 hours ago

    هيونا تدعس الهيترز🌞💘

  • Sawyoon Sandi
    Sawyoon Sandi 7 hours ago

    I love yoy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Hằng Lý
    Hằng Lý 7 hours ago

    So good

  • Arif Uddin
    Arif Uddin 7 hours ago

    We love u hyuna.just do what u want.u need to know that

  • 최정미
    최정미 7 hours ago

    아무리봐도 생얼이 더 이쁨 매력터지는 현아씨!

  • MVP S
    MVP S 8 hours ago

    she's so pretty in this music video like even more pretty she's kind of like gleaming 😂😂😂 i can't help but smile how right the lyrics are "Imma be forever young." "I bloom in vivid colors" "flowers bloom again." 😂😂😂 RED MV used to be my favorite but this exceeds that.. everything about flower shower seems to be WAY better 😅😂🤙🥰💕 Loveyou hyunaaa~!!

  • 최정미
    최정미 8 hours ago

    생얼 대박 이쁨

  • MVP S
    MVP S 8 hours ago

    I love how this music video makes me love hyuna more, reminds me of the first time i heard her~! The lyrics, the visuals, her beauty inside out, she's a refreshing inspiration. A queen indeed, keep shining as you always do~!! I'm glad she can show off more of her colors now~~! 🥰😘💋❤️

  • HyunA France
    HyunA France 8 hours ago

    Où sont les fans français ? Aime ce commentaire si tu es français(e) ❤️

  • Audrey Diolata
    Audrey Diolata 8 hours ago

    Hope she releases the clean version without vocals 🙏🏻😭

  • Salsa S
    Salsa S 8 hours ago

    Love u queen

  • Valerie Cumpa
    Valerie Cumpa 8 hours ago

    Cube, you better take a flower shower now

  • meteor.y
    meteor.y 8 hours ago

    Not on Spotify...

  • maremo
    maremo 8 hours ago

    ヒョナちゃん、全てが完璧な可愛さ。 世界一可愛い。

  • 김예송pf
    김예송pf 9 hours ago

    5:30 머리묶는방법영상찍어주세요~~!!@.@

  • 猫のお母さん
    猫のお母さん 9 hours ago


  • 밍밍
    밍밍 9 hours ago

    현아 살너무 빠졋다 안쓰럽 ㅜㅜㅜ

  • nalgas con olor a caca


  • Babyzbeproud!
    Babyzbeproud! 9 hours ago

    sorry but lyrics by PSY????? WAT

    • Pilou Pilou
      Pilou Pilou 8 hours ago

      She is working under Psy agency now 😁

  • YuKyeong Lee
    YuKyeong Lee 10 hours ago

    연예인병없는 착한 우리 현아❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • YuKyeong Lee
      YuKyeong Lee 10 hours ago

      그치만 하고싶은대로 해도돼 사랑해

  • Sophia Balboa
    Sophia Balboa 10 hours ago


  • 황선영
    황선영 10 hours ago

    현아씨 넘이뻐요~솔직한모습도 공개연애하는 모습도^^ 신곡준비한다고 많이 피곤하고 지쳐보이는데 쉬엄쉬엄했음좋겠네요~ 응원합니다!이쁜현아씨♡

  • precious aurora
    precious aurora 10 hours ago

    we love u hyuna!!!!

  • Lucy Mendoza
    Lucy Mendoza 10 hours ago

    This is so sweet 💖I like this new side of her. Herself

  • 채 려
    채 려 11 hours ago

    김소금 . . ... 부럽다.... ..

  • SU PY
    SU PY 11 hours ago

    호엥 언니 아프지말기ㅠㅠ

  • 치킨사냥꾼
    치킨사냥꾼 11 hours ago

    진짜 개이쁨

  • Z A I
    Z A I 11 hours ago


  • Paul Sweeney
    Paul Sweeney 12 hours ago


  • Cynthia guadalupe Perez guzman

    queen !!!!

  • Cynthia guadalupe Perez guzman

    alaaa aaaahhh esta bien hermosaaaa, me encanto el viedooooooo alaaaa

  • netta leafay
    netta leafay 12 hours ago

    Did she just apply white clown makeup on her face!!??😂😂😵

  • Black Coffee7
    Black Coffee7 13 hours ago

    HyunA is Red ♥

  • Czarina Annika
    Czarina Annika 13 hours ago

    I did a dance cover! Check it out: usclip.net/video/I5O3ymauTG0/video.html ☺️

  • Tanisha Rawat
    Tanisha Rawat 15 hours ago

    this song was released on my birthday , best present ever 😭

  • Thư Thư
    Thư Thư 15 hours ago

    My love Queen My Dream Kim Hyuna and love you so much ❤️💋

  • Haha Baam
    Haha Baam 15 hours ago

    Hyuna did something really good this comeback ❤️

  • Sofia Castañeda
    Sofia Castañeda 16 hours ago

    Welcome back,truly queen.💝

  • Matthew PoP
    Matthew PoP 16 hours ago

    8M? First day is 2.5M already, now is 8m? Must be something wrong I am here fore 5 times at least per day

  • Dreamer Trần
    Dreamer Trần 16 hours ago

    You are flexible. In spite of any style you still wonderful

  • ruth peña
    ruth peña 16 hours ago

    cute! es muy bella..... la amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • nanometer
    nanometer 16 hours ago

    what are fans of hyuna called?

  • 킴희정
    킴희정 16 hours ago

    입술 성형 한거 아니고만 ㅡㅡ 햇다고 인터넷에 생난리 .. 화장 안 하는게 훨 이뽀여 내눈에는🥰👍💛❤💜

  • J.C. O.M.
    J.C. O.M. 16 hours ago

    Okay Ms.Songbird I see you 😄👀👏

  • Fandom Lover
    Fandom Lover 17 hours ago

    Wait did she leave Cube?? Halp me I’m in confusion guys

    • Pilou Pilou
      Pilou Pilou 8 hours ago

      Yes she did! She is working under Psy's company, P Nation 😁

  • Claudia Wierna
    Claudia Wierna 17 hours ago

    Bella Hyuna 👸👏👏💐💐💐💐🇦🇷

  • Jopersonica Lau
    Jopersonica Lau 18 hours ago

    Hyuna nunca me desepciona 😍❤️🤗

  • Tsukki ahr
    Tsukki ahr 18 hours ago

    todo se ve re genial pero la cancion no me termina de convencer la vdd

  • Ciara M
    Ciara M 18 hours ago

    The message in song is on point. 💛 You will def bloom again and YAS pave ur own flower path. 🌺

  • ꧁ 루시 나꧂
    ꧁ 루시 나꧂ 18 hours ago

    hyuna tus patrones hyuna mi amor hyuna mi esperanza hyuna mi sol hyuna idol fav hyuna mi tesoro hyuna diosa hyuna diosa hyuna hermosa hyuna mi cielo :3

  • 何宜純
    何宜純 18 hours ago


  • Jessica Tavarés
    Jessica Tavarés 18 hours ago

    she looks so pretty and bright 💫💜

  • Penelope Alcaraz
    Penelope Alcaraz 18 hours ago

    I really like the way how she talks ,seriously how can a fierce looking girl can be so cute while talking without even trying?? 😍😍😍😍

  • celeste
    celeste 18 hours ago

    hyuna queen !

  • Segundo Guijarro
    Segundo Guijarro 19 hours ago


  • ღSun Hee Chan 선희 ღ

    its aweme but lip & hip is better

  • Kim Yohan
    Kim Yohan 19 hours ago

    Encerio que la amo ✨❤️

  • 김문찬
    김문찬 19 hours ago

    진짜 이쁘게 잘 만든 뮤비를 ㅠㅠ 너무 못생긴 여자 댄서 하나때문에 완전 망쳤다 ㅠㅠ 완전 시선강탈 .... ㅠㅠㅠ 너무 아깝다 뮤비 ㅠㅠ

  • loona 1013
    loona 1013 19 hours ago

    hyuna looking the prettiest she has ever been and as powerful as always 🔥🌸🌹🌼🌷🌺

  • 라카라전
    라카라전 20 hours ago

    Yesss my girl😘😘💖💖

  • Nurul annisa maydina
    Nurul annisa maydina 20 hours ago

    Hyuna always love you so much

  • Tae Kook
    Tae Kook 20 hours ago

    Hyuna is my queen<3

  • PRod
    PRod 20 hours ago

    Wow 70% de los comentarios son en español !!!!! 화니팅 현아 누나

  • maira ahmed
    maira ahmed 21 hour ago

    I'm getting Alice and the Wonderland vibes and I'm in love with it. This song is a bop.

  • Winny Zhang
    Winny Zhang 21 hour ago

    I’m glad HyunA left cube and joined P nation

  • Victoria Cisneros
    Victoria Cisneros 21 hour ago

    OMG I missed hyuna

  • Rolando Sanchez
    Rolando Sanchez 21 hour ago


  • Caitlin Louise
    Caitlin Louise 22 hours ago

    Why is everyone speaking in Spanish? I can’t understand all of y’all, I need another English speaking person

    • Caitlin Louise
      Caitlin Louise 22 hours ago

      That made no sense, I meant I need a comment from someone in English so I can understand them

  • jaewon jung
    jaewon jung 22 hours ago


  • vcvbbvc gvcgh
    vcvbbvc gvcgh 22 hours ago

    Omggg whe she said “EXACLY” 😍😍😍😍😩😩

  • Lourdes Agramonte
    Lourdes Agramonte 22 hours ago

    Me gustó 💜. El outfit del muchacho es tan no se que xd vi el video y al toque reconocí que era el con el que Hyuna hacia el bailecito