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  • Spiritual Entrepreneur

    I love this man, idk how he and madea does it. I can’t wait till to meet him

  • MiriamPlaysPiano
    MiriamPlaysPiano 7 hours ago

    now that's a bit exaggerated.

  • senhor Porto
    senhor Porto 7 hours ago

    i thought coastal redwood trees rely on coastal fog for macronutrients like nitrogen and moisture which it absorbs through tis roots and leaves for water. socal is so hot and polluted it’s crazy how they’ve been able to grow in that urban squalor.

  • Antonia Lyons Powell

    Mr Perry! Look out for the the haters!!!! We the people need to keep praying for or keep on building with Jesus Psalm 127.

  • Wolfix Motor Headquarters

    When he said “and this is daddy’s toys” I thought he was gonna show us something else...

  • Ms Chips
    Ms Chips 7 hours ago

    I wanna be rich so i can buy christmas decorations like that....but also buy toys for children who don't have any.

  • loniann Carusso
    loniann Carusso 8 hours ago

    Nice cozy comfort home! She knows how to live in luxury!

  • MetallicaLife4
    MetallicaLife4 8 hours ago

    10:27 the second I saw that blue box, I KNEW what was gonna be inside it. *Fangirl squeal*

  • Levani Abramidze
    Levani Abramidze 8 hours ago

    Устала ждать записи и пошла трахатца?по чаще прихадьи ебатца камне красатулья мая сладьинкая.бс зарбо

  • Arnav Konnur
    Arnav Konnur 9 hours ago

    They were in the closet for too long............ time to come out

  • Freeman
    Freeman 9 hours ago


  • Banana Cool
    Banana Cool 9 hours ago

    he is very humble

  • alexDaGirl
    alexDaGirl 9 hours ago

    😍❤️ so happy for her

  • Pop Korn
    Pop Korn 9 hours ago

    For sale : beautiful house, in good sailing condition, speed of up to 50 km/h with only 1000 km mark.

  • Asnimah Landua
    Asnimah Landua 9 hours ago

    1:16 they got the same art piece with Nicole.

  • Jeffrey Mar Tan
    Jeffrey Mar Tan 9 hours ago

    Closet tour nicole please..

  • Gpaderna
    Gpaderna 9 hours ago

    9:23 Ned used the garden hose to wash his mouth FILIPINOS: O m y g h a d ! W h a t t h e h e c k??????!!!!!! (Including me)

  • Lulu_ From_leschwab
    Lulu_ From_leschwab 10 hours ago

    “57 impala”🤦‍♂️ there is no 57 impala🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Ahmed Ismail
    Ahmed Ismail 10 hours ago

    She's hella pretty, but she needs some weight. Back in her prime--before the weight gain--she was a stunner...

  • Amerisha Sangma
    Amerisha Sangma 10 hours ago

    I want to see Kendall’s house 💕 pleaseeee

  • Catherine 36
    Catherine 36 10 hours ago

    I would not want to climb the fourth floor to sleep.

  • Byron Poliah
    Byron Poliah 10 hours ago

    His house looks almost close to bankrupt

  • rippermcguinn
    rippermcguinn 11 hours ago

    I was non-plussed until he mentioned that there's a separate cook's kitchen so that the staff doesn't have to interact with the family. That, and the leather ceiling in his office.

  • Pinter Anna
    Pinter Anna 11 hours ago

    This happens when you have money but no TASTE LOL - I cannot believe how many of you like this tacky house :D

  • Evgeniya Panagushina
    Evgeniya Panagushina 11 hours ago

    Love her voice.

  • Aaron V
    Aaron V 11 hours ago

    2:02 "thats what she said" ... Had to google this beezy cuz I didn't know how she became $rich$.

  • Kenny420
    Kenny420 11 hours ago

    Imagine banging her on that table...

  • Amelie Engelmaier
    Amelie Engelmaier 11 hours ago

    4:18 there's a car going backwards 🙃

  • His.Love.Casts.Out.All.Fear

    This looks like the house from Hands to myself by Selena Gomez

  • jasmine doley
    jasmine doley 12 hours ago

    The price shocked me silly but I gotta admit..the view is amazing!!

  • Matthew Chee
    Matthew Chee 12 hours ago

    All that money for, "I am not that often at home."

  • GyanPrakash
    GyanPrakash 12 hours ago

    Wayne Mansion is real.

  • MJCoCo
    MJCoCo 12 hours ago

    AHH, I could listen to her forever!

  • ProductSOS
    ProductSOS 12 hours ago

    Big house. But each room feels like another ordinary home.

  • Willy Milano
    Willy Milano 12 hours ago

    The only thing you can have more burdensome than a luxury home is a yacht. With this thing you get all the troubles at a high, high price.

  • Leon Watson
    Leon Watson 12 hours ago

    It's an amazing space, a tasteful beautiful house with lots of character and 0 tackiness. One hopes she has enough genuine friends and family members to share and enjoy it with as this is a communal home.

  • Bunny R
    Bunny R 12 hours ago

    im sorry but your wife seems to bossy!

  • Willy Milano
    Willy Milano 12 hours ago

    "The world's most seductive L.A. views". I'm sure he didn't think that statement through.

  • Zekoo
    Zekoo 13 hours ago

    $75 million, really... for this? I am thinking of the type of castle I could build for 75 million

  • Rocco Holt
    Rocco Holt 13 hours ago

    He really does like white and black clearly

  • Sebastian Toma
    Sebastian Toma 13 hours ago

    Why does zedd have such an close resemblance to Ali a

  • Rocco Holt
    Rocco Holt 13 hours ago

    I respect how much love this man has for his house like he knows everything about it it’s really cool

  • Abel-Bet- Maaka
    Abel-Bet- Maaka 13 hours ago

    Nieźle się urządził zbok jeden

  • Kolamaka
    Kolamaka 13 hours ago

    HA! 3:09

  • Ian Tonna
    Ian Tonna 13 hours ago

    one of the best houses!

  • VinsPortfolio
    VinsPortfolio 13 hours ago

    The legos rule are cute tho

  • Johann Timkang
    Johann Timkang 13 hours ago

    They haven't had the Santa talk yet. LOL

  • Goriphic
    Goriphic 14 hours ago

    Patrick, this is for you... *Seductively exercises*

  • Shaun Vic Nicholson
    Shaun Vic Nicholson 14 hours ago

    The cars are mean.

  • fangirls daydreams
    fangirls daydreams 14 hours ago

    It’s so crazy cuz it seems like just yesterday they announced they were pregnant now Wes is walkin & kind of talkin. Jeez time flies.

  • Karen Rogers
    Karen Rogers 14 hours ago

    This has to be one of my top favorites of AD. What she has turned it into is just stunning and the it looks like a real used home. The colors and pieces all work well in every space of the home. 👍👍

  • khushboo sirova
    khushboo sirova 14 hours ago

    i donno him but technically he has a face of women and when that makeup is on she looks so natural nt like typical drag queen face

  • Soleil S.
    Soleil S. 14 hours ago

    Put some plants in ...

  • Moonchild _of_Daegu93
    Moonchild _of_Daegu93 14 hours ago

    I hope to have this kind of relationship with someone one day. And I’m in love with the house. And I love their relationship it’s soo cute and comfortable. And Jensen is like Dean in so many ways. And of course his favorite thing in the bathroom is the toilet. I’m like not surprised at all. But that bathtub is really cool and the view of the lake.... my poor self wonders if I’ll ever get to be this cool in life. Like the house is so beautiful and every detail is art and is really inviting and homey. I love the additions of the guitars and the books because those are my two favorite things. So it has the kind of vibe I want for my future home.

  • Fireboy
    Fireboy 15 hours ago

    What's the difference between walking around a campus, or walking around Zedd's house?

  • My Journey
    My Journey 15 hours ago

    What’s wrong with dislike ???

  • Goran Seso
    Goran Seso 15 hours ago

    F y out have 12 kids and massive family this house is to small. And for that amount of money you can have nice haus little castle with 15 rooms and your own forest horses cars and you will have about 50mill in yo packet. This is said.

  • Lia P
    Lia P 15 hours ago

    All those sharp edges and unexpected nooks and crannies are giving me anxiety. Expect stubbed toes and accidental trips (yes tripping) to the pool.

  • Teunver
    Teunver 15 hours ago

    It doesn’t have any damn curtains tho

  • Lord Sinki
    Lord Sinki 15 hours ago

    “When girls come is what it is😂”

  • Tanjiro Bading
    Tanjiro Bading 15 hours ago

    Sana ol

  • Taylor Speed
    Taylor Speed 15 hours ago

    what a wholesome couple

  • estee harmonia
    estee harmonia 16 hours ago

    I'm glad that i don't like this house cuz even if i liked it, i would never have it in millions yearss....poor life

  • Latonia Cager
    Latonia Cager 16 hours ago

    I’m proud of you 👍 if I just own a house I would be happy just a little one lol I just love madea I have watched every show you have made including your plays stay blessed Tyler❤️

    XYZ LUCINA 16 hours ago

    Your back yards not that big. I would just lay down some fresh sod. If you go through a reputable sod company, they will install it for you and put you on a watering schedule. I think with the install, utilizing the existing sod it would only set you back about 3000. Sounds like a lot, but the results will pay off for years.

  • Marilyn Barnett
    Marilyn Barnett 16 hours ago

    Liv and house are so adorable.

  • I will just post random stuff

    His voice does not go with his face.

  • jira mito
    jira mito 17 hours ago

    That’s real Cool 😎

  • Deep Press ion
    Deep Press ion 17 hours ago

    nobody: zedd : 16 million dollar mansion that has a skittles machine me : 60 dollar rent that has a washing machine.

  • Jacob Kimble
    Jacob Kimble 17 hours ago

    As a man I have openly admitted for a while I am disgustingly jealous of Jensen Ackles.

  • yovany beltran
    yovany beltran 17 hours ago

    I’m not the only one that saw the car driving backwards on the street at 4:18 right?...

  • Vanya Jeftic
    Vanya Jeftic 17 hours ago

    Looks really old school

  • Romulus Buta
    Romulus Buta 17 hours ago

    Very good taste house !👍

  • mosyeslek
    mosyeslek 17 hours ago

    Eh, you’re house is cool and all but what about that skittles machine I heard about?

  • januka budhathoki
    januka budhathoki 17 hours ago

    what happens to the terrace when it rains or snows?

  • Kelly Chu
    Kelly Chu 17 hours ago

    When his candle is 470$

  • Vanilla C
    Vanilla C 17 hours ago


  • El Adams
    El Adams 18 hours ago

    Boss up

  • Yushi Kuang
    Yushi Kuang 18 hours ago

    It’s like an appart somewhere in Brazil....oups, i never put a feet in Brazil but you know what I mean. “Hey, what did you did lately?” “Pretty busy. Gardening every weekend and i need more compost tonight” “Where do live” “Central NYC . 6th floor apartment. Why?”

  • Laverne B
    Laverne B 18 hours ago

    This is great congrats. TP can you check out Season 02 Ep1 for some great acting and possibly financial opportunity

  • Anonymous Media
    Anonymous Media 18 hours ago

    cool house but looks like a home that some rich wife would be murdered in on CSI, right? you KNOW they're gonna ask her to shoot here and pretend it's vegas.

  • Yushi Kuang
    Yushi Kuang 18 hours ago

    You can feel that he choose any piece and object in his house...not a carte blanche of a extravagant designer jobs. What make a house unique is when you can feel the soul of the person who live there...too masculine for my feminine taste but bravo! it’s definitely a warm and beautiful house.

  • Furry Donkey
    Furry Donkey 18 hours ago

    1:40 but, carpet in a beach house ?........

  • botaique dream
    botaique dream 18 hours ago

    Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾🎉 Scott

  • Matt Lowrie
    Matt Lowrie 18 hours ago

    The indicator from planet money on NPR did a whole episode about Manhattan real estate right now and I’m pretty sure they happened to feature this property

  • botaique dream
    botaique dream 18 hours ago

    Pls helped homeless and poor people in the world 🌎! This is too much!

  • Furry Donkey
    Furry Donkey 18 hours ago

    1:49 w/ hurricane proof windows all around the penthouse, right ?.........

  • SydMint
    SydMint 18 hours ago

    It does suit her ......... showy, sterile and brash .... 😂😂😂

  • Smart Women
    Smart Women 18 hours ago


  • Santiago
    Santiago 18 hours ago


  • EngPMgt
    EngPMgt 19 hours ago

    My best part 0:04 😂

  • Misha Minute
    Misha Minute 19 hours ago

    Beautifully decorated home.

  • Manna G
    Manna G 19 hours ago

    What a crazy ugly world: so many starving and so few living with such luxury. Never ending desire & greed = Never ending conflict and wars.

  • H S
    H S 19 hours ago

    The owner of this house must be immortal

  • Housing
    Housing 19 hours ago

    2:14 When he said another cool feature, I was expecting the back drop to open up like the last one lol.

  • Parnit S
    Parnit S 19 hours ago

    both of them are so goofy! love em!

  • Pepper Pescatelli
    Pepper Pescatelli 19 hours ago

    Love 💕 Chrissy and John they are PERFECT HAPPY COUPLE

    HONEY CANDY 20 hours ago

    Well damn...home girl has some taste and money

  • Brittany Rose
    Brittany Rose 20 hours ago

    Finally a cat person!

  • Gabe
    Gabe 20 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the mango juul pod 7:36 ??