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sad lofi for lost souls
Views 85K3 days ago
towerz - to be here
Views 158K20 days ago
Deyaz - My Worries
Views 53K21 day ago
i still dream of you
Views 158KMonth ago
hashir - hurricane
Views 57KMonth ago
Views 39K2 months ago
Addict. - You're Gone
Views 82K2 months ago
Resident - Polaroid
Views 67K2 months ago
late nights above the city
Views 158K2 months ago
slipfunc - so into you
Views 124K2 months ago
hashir - dead end
Views 71K2 months ago
i can't sleep without you
Views 243K2 months ago
woven in hiatus - still
Views 68K2 months ago
david - talk it out
Views 73K2 months ago
jhove - with you
Views 70K2 months ago
its 2am and i still miss you
Views 2.8M2 months ago
kokoro - delusions
Views 103K2 months ago
SEA - all night long
Views 61K3 months ago
Kayou. - On The Run
Views 124K3 months ago
late nights thinking of you
Views 184K3 months ago
Resident - Halo
Views 77K4 months ago
its 5am and i still miss you
Views 3.4M4 months ago
i'm afraid of being lonely
Views 83K4 months ago
david - i don't care
Views 585K4 months ago
i still think of you
Views 864K4 months ago
Kayou. - i know it's not you
Views 234K4 months ago
LAN Party - some ppl
Views 100K4 months ago
at night i miss you the most
Views 171K4 months ago
Views 133K4 months ago
The Aether - Always
Views 102K4 months ago
Madson. - Feeling Better
Views 139K5 months ago
Kayou. - i don't wanna be
Views 255K5 months ago


  • All music
    All music 33 seconds ago

    Anyone kill me I'm so cowardly I can't kill myself

  • All music
    All music 2 minutes ago

    Anyone kill me I'm so cowardly I can't kill myself

  • All music
    All music 3 minutes ago

    Anyone kill me I'm so cowardly I can't kill myself

  • Iris D-N
    Iris D-N 5 minutes ago

    *everyone* : sad, beautiful, and meaningful comments about love and lonliness *me* : hehehe the clock says 4:20 hehehehe for real though, hope you all feel better soon! thanks for posting this music <3

  • Mike Day
    Mike Day 6 minutes ago

    I truly love life. True love and true happiness can only be found if the juxtaposed has been experienced. Sun doesn’t shine without rain. Comfort doesn’t feel right without having felt pain. Get through it, if no one else tells you this - you WILL do it. Don’t take it from me, put yourself through hell and you will make it over the seemingly infinite path to - total happiness - I Love Life.

  • honey :3
    honey :3 12 minutes ago

    *sends virtual hugs to everyone* you are safe. don’t worry it will all be okay❤️ you are not alone u got me ╰(*´︶`*)╯

  • Mia Cassie
    Mia Cassie 22 minutes ago

    This is a remix of the song "Medicine" by Daughter and I promise you the original will definitely make you cry just as much as this one, if not more.

  • Raysa Farcas
    Raysa Farcas 27 minutes ago

    Omg 🤤❤

  • ReZy
    ReZy 28 minutes ago

    Lyrics: Tell me the shit that you've been through Tell me about all the lies Tell me about other guys How they stabbed you in the back and How I say everything's fine Oh at the end we all perish my darling So wouldn't the tape pass the time and rewind This is the part where I hurt all your feelings It seems that I'm breaking your heart every time Cold hearted I'm never sober Life is a game I lost my controller Don't want the fame Do what I wanna Honestly go do the shit that you fond of I feel like nobody listens At times my best friend might as well be a wall Say that I'm better off dead Fuck I wish you were right But I've tried and turns out that you're wrong So, now I stay up while you sleeping I know it's late but I'm finding these demons Blow me away, drip so hard that you leaking Riding my wave, but you don't know the meaning I act insane, turn this body to pieces Don't really love me, just seeking the feeling Save me some more, tell me shit I believe in Laugh on the floor, while I'm broken and bleeding Tell me the shit that you've been through Tell me about all the lies Tell me about other guys How they stabbed you in the back and How I say everything's fine Oh at the end we all perish my darling So wouldn't the tape pass the time and rewind This is the part where I hurt all your feelings It seems that I'm breaking your heart every time Sorry that my heart is cold Sorry that my touch is too hot Sorry that the darkness stays Sorry that it rains in one spot I'm really trying harder to listen 'Cause I know if you leave Imma miss this I don't want to end up like your exes I want you and me twenty-four seven Feels like we fell from the same sky Happy that we landed in the same pool Heartbreaks, I guess yeah I've had those I'm the one that sat alone in the background Nobody knows the pain we've been dealing But your soft red lips seem to heal me I'm sorry if I wreck your year I understand if you leave me here Tell me the shit that you've been through Tell me about all the lies Tell me about other guys How they stabbed you in the back and How I say everything's fine Oh at the end we all perish my darling So wouldn't the tape pass the time and rewind This is the part where I hurt all your feelings It seems that I'm breaking your heart every time

  • Sans_The_TimeTraveler
    Sans_The_TimeTraveler 29 minutes ago

    i'm the only one here that sees birthday as -1year of your life instead +1 year? like... there's no point at all... you born, then grown up only to work, get old and die... i don't think i'll be able to get that far...i can fell... the only thing keeping me safefrom myself is my own instinct.

  • alex T U R N T
    alex T U R N T 31 minute ago

    I've been holed up in my home town for my whole life. There's so many places I want to go. But I'm afraid I'll get a dead end job that won't get me enough money to travel.

  • TaKeDa 157
    TaKeDa 157 38 minutes ago

    QUEM É BR DA LIKE!!! Pra essa musica deliciosa

  • Spac3F1sh
    Spac3F1sh 43 minutes ago

    Just gonna throw this into the Aether. You know when you shake a pop bottle and it gets super tight and all the bubbles fill every bit of space inside? It's like, the gears in my head are spinning faster than they should be, faster than they can take. Pressure. Stress. Pushing on every inch from inside and out. It hurts, man. It hurts. Long hours staring at the ceiling. These sounds of lo-fi like a soothing aloe on the burn of the grind. A shocking cold, but some sweet relief. The easy beats and relaxed comments a sharp contrast to the harsh ringing in my ears, in my head. Thanks for the relief, my friends.

  • eskeeiit -
    eskeeiit - 43 minutes ago

    I fkn miss her..

  • Sunshine Idk
    Sunshine Idk 45 minutes ago

    Dear C: I hate what I feel, for a week I can't stop dreaming of you, it's quite frustrating. I hate you for not loving me the same way I do. I miss the nights we talked until dawn, now you can't even answer my messages, it's obvious that you already got bored of me. I'm really starting to hate you.

  • Jaiden West
    Jaiden West 51 minute ago

    i can’t do this i give up :/

  • • mxumble •
    • mxumble • 51 minute ago

    this song makes me cry too much

  • SR. triste
    SR. triste 53 minutes ago

    E br é ??

  • Indica Blue
    Indica Blue 56 minutes ago

    There is always something to say

  • Kevin Mencia
    Kevin Mencia 57 minutes ago

    Muy depresiva

  • Christina Miller
    Christina Miller 58 minutes ago

    Say my fuckin name

  • Mia Tv
    Mia Tv 59 minutes ago

    I hate me and mi crush dont love me 😭

  • Greysen Jerry
    Greysen Jerry Hour ago

    If u guys are reading this just so you know that I love and care for you all ...don't bully or do anything to people I'm probably be gone but just hear this don't fall in depression kids it will kill you

  • Allison C.
    Allison C. Hour ago

    i wish i cld

  • Maren Hartley
    Maren Hartley Hour ago

    If I’m not nothing I’m scared and sad:(

  • Armyx blink
    Armyx blink Hour ago

    This used to be the song my girlfriend sang to me ...last month she broke up with me and moved on fast on our 8 month anniversary love is a lie

  • Andy Gansello
    Andy Gansello Hour ago

    can you put your voice on soundcloud? can you put your voice on soundcloud?can you put your voice on soundcloud?can you put your voice on soundcloud?can you put your voice on soundcloud?can you put your voice on soundcloud?can you put your voice on soundcloud?can you put your voice on soundcloud?can you put your voice on soundcloud?

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole Hour ago

    September 16th 11:19 pm It’s a school night. Monday night. You miss your friends and they way you all laughed on Saturday afternoon while watching the rain from a coffee shop. You miss the kid you met at summer camp only a few months ago and how he talked to you by the fire. You miss old friends from 5th grade when all you wanted to do was grow up. You miss your dog that passed away 2 years ago and how you were too oblivious to life that you had no idea what had just happened. You miss that time where you lost it all and ran out of the house on a warm May night at 12 all alone. Watching the stars. The sky smile back at you. You miss that time you lolled in the rain with your closest friend talking about things so far away. You miss a lot of things. So many memories that at the time felt so real but now appear very distant. Live in the moment. Do what you love. I’m 14 and have a whole damn life ahead of me but instead I’m laying in bed crying to this music like the rest of you. Just a bunch of losers crying to somehow meaningful sounds while the world still turns away from all that we miss. You can’t get any of it back. Tell your friends you love them, take chances, and don’t worry about the 70 you got on your math quiz... okay? ok. Goodnight losers.

  • couchGod
    couchGod Hour ago

    "I love you, but not the way you need me to love you"

  • Maicol diaz
    Maicol diaz Hour ago

    I like voice es beaitiful

  • SparklSeoul17080

    This my favorite including... listening to lofi on your own at a party. Very relaxing... Thank you for this upload I love it! This playlist calm me down. 😊✌🏾 thank you.

  • A Girl who is bored

    It’s so crazy. One minute I was cuddled up with you and the next i was walking through the streets of downtown by myself. The feelings I dragged with me all those days still drive me crazy. Until I realized I didn’t and couldn’t love you anymore.

  • SkyeBolt625
    SkyeBolt625 Hour ago

    Lofi is one of the best things I've got. If I feel sad and alone I can listen to Lofi, if I'm bored, I listen to Lofi, if I am studying or reading, I listen to lofi. It's truly an amazing thing. It connects to the soul <3

  • Marcelo Rosa
    Marcelo Rosa Hour ago

    Im so in love 😔

  • Gangster Free Fire

    Brasileiro ?

  • Michelle Alanne
    Michelle Alanne Hour ago

    Whos here after watching the viral video in fb singing a happy birthday to himself? ☹

  • Dead___
    Dead___ Hour ago

    lofi keeps me busy away from my thoughts because of how lonely i feel around a lot of people i seriously wish social anxiety wasn't a thing, because it's keeping me from enjoying the most important part of my life

  • Rosie
    Rosie Hour ago

    I’m so sorry for everything.

  • gustavo hd
    gustavo hd Hour ago

    Top d+.... grave legal...

  • Rosie
    Rosie Hour ago

    I love you so, so much. I don’t deserve you.

  • Cody
    Cody Hour ago

    Thanks everyone <3

  • Joshua Striegler
    Joshua Striegler 2 hours ago

    (my) body’s on the ground but my mind’s spinning round and round did i have too much to follow to the sound glassy eyed, cant be trusted now can i walk you home? to me you’re just an empty soul would you take me home if i needed you to let me know i know you’ve got a girl waiting for you back at home but could you hold me close like you’ll never let me go i know you’ve got a girl waiting for you back at home but could you hold me close like you’ll never let me go x2

    PRØ_ ꧁MURYLLO꧂ 2 hours ago

    Alguém BR?

  • Joselyn Brown
    Joselyn Brown 2 hours ago

    My heart has been broken by someone I can’t help but to keep loving and sometimes I think about him and can’t help but to feel my happiest. Yet I know I deserve more.

  • Kailane Rocha
    Kailane Rocha 2 hours ago

    Mano eu choro ouvindo essa musica sem entender nada que o cara ta dizendo

  • Rahim Afghano
    Rahim Afghano 2 hours ago

    *Wish I never met you babygirl* 😞

  • Businessdog
    Businessdog 2 hours ago

    turn that frown upside down ( : But seriously, whatever struggles you are going through, there are people out there that feel the same. No matter how lost you feel, someone has always felt as adrift as you now. It's ok to be sad, for now, but I know that eventually you will find your way out of the darkness. You will find your happiness.

  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza 2 hours ago

    Cadê os brs

  • Daniel Ferraz Lima
    Daniel Ferraz Lima 2 hours ago

    Quem veio pelos memes do Brasil ai ?

  • Biju Life
    Biju Life 2 hours ago

    Recently broke up with my girl. Life just hasn't been the same. If anyone needs someone to talk to add me on SC: hiimbiju

  • Jeremiah Boothe
    Jeremiah Boothe 2 hours ago

    this is so good

  • Rômulo Cezar
    Rômulo Cezar 2 hours ago


  • jhonata Silva
    jhonata Silva 2 hours ago

    Melhor música

  • Bobby Hampton
    Bobby Hampton 2 hours ago

    The fact I love her, Even though she lies to my face every single day.

  • FraughtCape 5
    FraughtCape 5 2 hours ago

    I think of lofi as jazz for people that don't like actual jazz

  • Chailyn Snavely
    Chailyn Snavely 2 hours ago

    Sad times boiii

  • M C
    M C 2 hours ago

    Me: We can play tomorrow? Her: Of couse! Bye! Me: Bye! Her: Last time online - *_4 Years_* 1 like if you identified or cried

  • Christina NAC Music Help

    My heart is beating in unison with the song. It's so peaceful.💔😔

  • Z WolfDZN
    Z WolfDZN 2 hours ago

    0:00 ●----------------------------3:08

  • オークエアトン

    D E P R E S S I O N

  • MrPingeee
    MrPingeee 3 hours ago

    Aggressive voice 9tails the hardest shit I've ever heard

  • eallison9
    eallison9 3 hours ago

    The perfect mix for when you get home after staying late at your 8th day of work and just want to crash. 😴

  • Star Woodridge
    Star Woodridge 3 hours ago

    i haven't istened to lofi in a few months, i forgot just how good it made me feel

  • Danielle Denicola
    Danielle Denicola 3 hours ago

    Sam..I miss you ❤️:(

  • Max Queen
    Max Queen 3 hours ago

    wait why and how are the keys just sitting there, is the car not moving?

  • dark shadowz
    dark shadowz 3 hours ago

    Anyone want to be friends 💜💫

  • Paranormal Pandomness

    *Best Friends Forever* 💔

  • Speedy Gamer
    Speedy Gamer 3 hours ago

    O NO P' MANO:(

  • Parazyte Yt
    Parazyte Yt 3 hours ago

    If u like someone, simply ask yourself this. Live with embarrassment, Or live with regret?

  • game-sweetchaos Fox
    game-sweetchaos Fox 3 hours ago


  • natalie pacheco
    natalie pacheco 3 hours ago

    あにょんだ 位の 2019?

  • Subscribe if you like chairs

    720p? looks like 4k

  • Marcel Lemos
    Marcel Lemos 3 hours ago


  • Ashley Lagunas
    Ashley Lagunas 4 hours ago

    I’m pretty upset :( I almost hanged myself Saturday night but I couldn’t and I’m still attempting

  • Ari Notary
    Ari Notary 4 hours ago

    I want to cry but whenever I cry before I sleep I look horrible the bags u see my eyes the puffiness... I just force myself not to cry during the week because that's when I go to school and I let it all out on the weekend it sucks bottling everything up to only let it out on the weekend but the past 2 weeks I've been busy with so much I just forgot I can't let people see me like that I just can't

  • El Jonny
    El Jonny 4 hours ago

    reasons to stay alive 1. Ur mommy will be sad. 2.Ur dog will miss u 3.Ur crush exist 4.Something else.

  • MotivatEM
    MotivatEM 4 hours ago

    Ahh just opened another tab and put some rain sounds on while listening to this...PERFECT combo! Much love to everyone!

  • Indoor grass
    Indoor grass 4 hours ago

    The beginning was cring

  • melon boy
    melon boy 4 hours ago

    RIP etika my nigga

  • RedCannonBusterXL4
    RedCannonBusterXL4 4 hours ago

    Bruh why is everybody talking about death and suicide

  • Izabel
    Izabel 4 hours ago

    My ex and I dated for four years. When we broke up, he told me that I was nothing but a test subject for his feelings. He's dating my sister now, and I've never seen him so in love.

  • Joseph Nowak
    Joseph Nowak 4 hours ago

    remember that 100% of human life happens here on earth

  • Drittle skittle
    Drittle skittle 4 hours ago

    "I will wait just for you" A Promise my Crush gave Do guys think he will wait till grade 10? (I am in Grade 7)

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 4 hours ago

    Hey if your listening im sorry

  • all you need is love

    *You heard this song in September*

  • Brisa MORBECK
    Brisa MORBECK 4 hours ago

    Alguem do brasil 😞

  • Midoriya Izuku
    Midoriya Izuku 4 hours ago

    if i listen this at night, will my sleep paralysis chill tf out

  • Kayleigh Nicole
    Kayleigh Nicole 4 hours ago

    Damn whenever I try to be happy I know deep down I’m never gonna be what’s the point anymore😪

  • Saja soso
    Saja soso 4 hours ago

    listenin to this music with this ambience while reading the comments ............. it made me cry

  • I like To read Memes lol

    Tired of living, but afraid to die..

    SPEECHLESS 4 hours ago

    Hope everyone is doing well, glad you all are still enjoying the mix <3

  • PTK T.
    PTK T. 4 hours ago

    So sad🙂🖤

  • L E T - M E - D I E - A L O N E

    I have a rlly problem, i have a huge crush on someone, but they dont even like me. 😭

  • Josiah Phunkulh
    Josiah Phunkulh 5 hours ago

    Why are the simpsons so sad

  • Padloxyt
    Padloxyt 5 hours ago

    I'm a gamer and I am sick of being oppressed!

  • George
    George 5 hours ago

    thank you 💗

  • Mr. kewl
    Mr. kewl 5 hours ago

    Lucid dream into mah heart ❤

  • Dariela Lozano
    Dariela Lozano 5 hours ago

    This song makes me realizes the sadness that is deep with in me and make me happy that everything that has happened to form the person I am. plus love that it is a male voice that is calming and pleasant to hear. so in love. <3

  • Science of Kaya
    Science of Kaya 5 hours ago

    I imagine a young lad walking home from a party an hour before the sun will go up and he had fun on that party and he kissed a girl and he got the attention he wanted but he is drunk and he is crying while walking home and he doesn’t know why.

    DUKI SSJ 5 hours ago

    💔Like si siempre te lastiman💔