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A.I. Learns To Walk
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A.I. Learns to DRIVE
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  • Matthew Bassett
    Matthew Bassett 8 hours ago

    Hey so I have an interesting idea... Do you think you can build a teaching and attention mantience bot? Some thing that uses a front facing camera to monitor the eyes, looking for way to keep the eyes focused and ways to present information that induces high quiz scores.... I see its possible in my minds eye, but I am no coder.

  • Mark Elder
    Mark Elder 9 hours ago

    Whyd it look lile it was going backwards for a bit

  • Lily Dailey
    Lily Dailey 9 hours ago

    a novel concept: please use the singular "they" when referring to your creations

  • Samuel Wiley
    Samuel Wiley 9 hours ago

    7:13 the squid had been born

  • Ngov Thavrakboth
    Ngov Thavrakboth 10 hours ago

    Don't mad at him I think he don't know what is computer and ai.

  • ghost Xd
    ghost Xd 10 hours ago

    Please code a helicopter that acutely works using a engine only using code😈

  • Josephsky0077
    Josephsky0077 10 hours ago

    No way. That's not possible

  • George Tsiros
    George Tsiros 10 hours ago

    i think that AI, considering it took out a squad, a tank and a heli, was not actually a snake-game AI after all. CB, what did you copy from stackoverflow?

  • George Tsiros
    George Tsiros 10 hours ago

    is an AI necessary to beat snake, tho? I would think the only information needed to beat it is starting position and map size, where the apple is located every time is irrelevant, unless i'm missing something

  • Titanic
    Titanic 10 hours ago

    10:45 D-Class during a containment breach be like

  • Ƶø៣乃îє Ĺóřđ

    AI: beats 1 level Also AI: this was just the beginning ;-;?

  • TheReck
    TheReck 10 hours ago

    LMAOO can't believe you wasted all that time coding that. Here's my super efficient code. If hit tail: Don't

  • Titanic
    Titanic 10 hours ago

    When AI takes over the planet, they will hail this guy, and CB will be their leader

  • carlos gonzalez
    carlos gonzalez 11 hours ago

    i don`t undertand ... why don`t put the snake follow the food and his tail in the seen time, if he can`t do that only put follow the tail until he can?...

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones 11 hours ago

    People wanting more levels:( ╹▽╹ ) Code bullet: (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

  • JacobLZP
    JacobLZP 11 hours ago

    Just cover the whole map over and over again edit: oh nvm i finished the video

  • JacobLZP
    JacobLZP 11 hours ago

    The pngs of a characters fad is cancer shit that people in the future will call us stupid for doing

  • JacobLZP
    JacobLZP 11 hours ago

    I no see this in my sub

  • rustyscrapper
    rustyscrapper 12 hours ago

    If you can create an AI that can screen job applicants and decide who to hire with no human recruiter you will be a billionaire. I had this idea. A corporation goes over to AI recruiting. No resume required, no qualifications, just an AI recruiter that sends you an application package and you fill it out and send it back. The AI reads your responses and decides if you are a qualified candidate based on your answers. It continues to send you tests and surveys, IQ tests, personality tests, you keep filling it all out and the AI continues to learn about you through your responses. As you move on in the application process it would quiz and test you more and more about the position you are trying to get. The AI could also point out that you look like a strong fit for a job you didn't even know about and send you a test package for that position as well. by time you become a finalist for the position it would send you very extensive exams to test if you really know the field of work, as well as personality and morality tests, test your critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Basically the AI tests would replace a university degree and test every candidate for the specific job skills and knowledge for the job they are applying to. You either know your shit or not. The most qualified candidate(s) get the job(s) Any corporation using this approach to hiring people would get the absolute crème de la crème employees with almost no human recruiter investment and weed out the dummies and fakers easily.

  • Eli Lewis
    Eli Lewis 12 hours ago

    Anyone else get the super easy barely an inconvenience reference

  • Adrian Ong
    Adrian Ong 13 hours ago

    May I know what's the song name at 20:05?

  • Wynaut Videos
    Wynaut Videos 13 hours ago

    I hate people of color

  • Victor0326
    Victor0326 14 hours ago

    Can't you just make it go in a pattern over and over again

  • Bálint Tóth
    Bálint Tóth 14 hours ago

    I have a certain desire to see some animation on your face. Not human emotions of course we are not damn hippies. Some matrix rain like code would be pretty amazing to be honest but some changing binary code would probably also suffice.

  • Isaiah Mouse
    Isaiah Mouse 14 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that the world's hardest game is not on scratch

  • BOB Fill
    BOB Fill 15 hours ago

    Category: E d u c a t i on Also hi Simon

  • Amogh RajeevSingh
    Amogh RajeevSingh 15 hours ago

    0% Gibberish 10% English 90% *BEEP*

  • 1kreature
    1kreature 16 hours ago

    Wouldn't the perfect snake round just move in a zigzag pattern accross entire screen, saving only a single square strip at top or bottom to move back and start over? This can run regardless of snake length until snake fills entire screen.

  • Linda mc guinness
    Linda mc guinness 16 hours ago

    1:22 - 3:25 Detroit become human

  • Linda mc guinness
    Linda mc guinness 16 hours ago

    I have my own auto clicker it’s called 1000 gunmen

  • Aleksandar Petrovic
    Aleksandar Petrovic 16 hours ago

    So, next video is coming through in 6 months. I mean please, Q learning takes less time to learn than your USclip upload schedule XD

  • Goroyo 9090
    Goroyo 9090 17 hours ago

    21:16 is me but always

  • Goroyo 9090
    Goroyo 9090 17 hours ago

    Me: taking a test My last braincell: 19:38

  • Mika Di Re
    Mika Di Re 17 hours ago

    What language does he program in?

  • Ezdin Rivera
    Ezdin Rivera 17 hours ago

    Good job, a dumb ai destroyed your computer... 🤖🤖🤖

  • Evan Deneault
    Evan Deneault 18 hours ago

    Make it rain boys. *BADASS MUSIC INTESIFIES*

  • Carter Hall
    Carter Hall 18 hours ago


  • Erin Hackett
    Erin Hackett 18 hours ago

    Wait, so who's going to win? Code bullets AI or not code bullets AI.

  • Fireflamereed
    Fireflamereed 18 hours ago

    anyone else watch this while solving a 3x3 and think to yourself damn i need an upgrade

  • Evan Deneault
    Evan Deneault 18 hours ago

    3:24 I laughed so hard

  • Christoffer Gommesen
    Christoffer Gommesen 18 hours ago

    Code bullet: **does all these advanced codes** Me: **trying to figure out how to use /setblock in minecraft**

  • Kenny Omg
    Kenny Omg 18 hours ago

    Now introduce multiple cars and have them racing, I'll make a betting site 😉

  • SpaceMan 6711
    SpaceMan 6711 18 hours ago

    he's a programmer, not an animator

    WOLDERIONER 19 hours ago

    This actually sounds good in 2x speed

  • Jelly bean
    Jelly bean 19 hours ago

    A.I learns to masturbate

  • Guardian Uwu
    Guardian Uwu 19 hours ago

    Speed is the best reward hehe

  • Chase Wilson
    Chase Wilson 20 hours ago

    How do you know?

  • Connor Girard
    Connor Girard 20 hours ago

    thats pretty neat

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones 21 hour ago

    This is why AI are better than humans

  • Jsid ?
    Jsid ? 21 hour ago

    You should try scratch

  • RCB
    RCB 21 hour ago

    you invented a game that simulates boiling raman noodles.

  • Linda mc guinness
    Linda mc guinness 22 hours ago

    18:44 it looks inverted

  • shazaddehazad 2244
    shazaddehazad 2244 22 hours ago

    When you do it so many times you get GEN: Z

  • preetham kanna
    preetham kanna 23 hours ago

    I checked almost 3 times to make sure i haven't set the playback speed to 1.5x 🤣

  • DaRealDavad S
    DaRealDavad S 23 hours ago

    I cant do it faster =0.001 seconds

  • Speed Striker
    Speed Striker 23 hours ago


  • Speed Striker
    Speed Striker 23 hours ago

    the ai became sentient,took over the mouse and prob started playing roblox

  • Giorgos Depolo
    Giorgos Depolo 23 hours ago

    You suck

  • IDR_Clawking
    IDR_Clawking Day ago

    You should have definitely won

  • Amean Abdelfattah

    Did you make the program speed up forward or is that from you video editing? Bc if sometimes programing that and running can cause glitches.

  • HunterAdam
    HunterAdam Day ago

    When he speeds it up at 5:31 it looks like it’s rewinding

  • No Limits
    No Limits Day ago

    Hey guys. Subscribe my channel or u will have bad luck for 1 month.

  • Alan Wolkır
    Alan Wolkır Day ago

    1,222222eg X 1,222222 .

  • CashCop
    CashCop Day ago

    I actually care about 101x101x101 100x100x100. It’s a lot easier to solve odd numbered cubes, you don’t have to factor in paritys.

  • Wolf Shadowcaster

    I saw this when it came out, and I still don’t know how you managed to frick up the coding that badly when all you had to do was change the pixel art.

  • E1Edra af
    E1Edra af Day ago

    Haha your AI cant even beat me

  • Aaron McCracken

    That photoshop at 3:00 was epic

  • commanding chief of the Cheese ape armed forces

    One time my dad made it to 5000

    KIM P CHANNEL Day ago

    It that's In real life it cant be solve by week only

  • Zachary Calina

    Stop swearing or else... #stopswearing

  • Igness Rilians

    Can you please make the laser to start slow but get more speed as the time goes? So they can't out run the laser with weak walking method nor die so fast , PLEASE! I really wanna see if they evolve a better walking method for surviving BTW REALL Awesome videos man!!

  • seb tank
    seb tank Day ago

    You sound like jarradhd

  • Christian Williams

    I tried to beat 2048 by reaching the absolute highest tile possible, but I only made it past the 32768 tile with a score of 605,904

  • God and jeffy bros

    That's not even the hardest the hardest is 1×1 because the scramble is already solved which means it's always scrambled

  • Luf0u VR
    Luf0u VR Day ago

    What coding language do you use?

  • No One
    No One Day ago

    1:43 R i p ears...

  • Molly Monkey
    Molly Monkey Day ago

    Do an ai learns to play geometry dash!

  • Jordan Willis
    Jordan Willis Day ago

    what if your a fuckin mad man and want to do more than make a box?

  • peace anderson

    8:15 lmao

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord Day ago

    10:30 And also if you “flip” to the left...

  • theme theme
    theme theme Day ago

    nice breaking benjiman

  • Imroz Towhid
    Imroz Towhid Day ago

    Nokia is proud of you!

  • Crazy Crud
    Crazy Crud Day ago

    I did a really big rectangle do the 70 small rectangles were shorter

  • Vincent Roireau-Minville

    BRO get AlphaZero outta here with that weak shit we have a new champ

  • Galactics_04
    Galactics_04 Day ago

    Post more please

  • sciencemind
    sciencemind Day ago

    This is oddly satisfying

  • Chris808
    Chris808 Day ago

    So no one is gonna talk about that “Dem Franchize Boyz” remake type beat?

  • JellyDonut505
    JellyDonut505 Day ago

    5:59 128 x 70

  • cageless Yeti
    cageless Yeti Day ago

    Doesn’t he know when u get to 500 piranha plants start coming out of the pipes and at 999 Mario attacks u before u end the game

  • K. A. G.
    K. A. G. Day ago

    can you make AI for online game?

  • Chaotic Kitten

    In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ ) is a finite sequence of well-defined, computer-implementable instructions, typically to solve a class of problems or to perform a computation. Algorithms are unambiguous specifications for performing calculation, data processing, automated reasoning, and other tasks.

  • Chaos Canine
    Chaos Canine Day ago

    Am I the only one who thought of Monika from ddlc when the ai opened the command promt?

  • Thiago Santos
    Thiago Santos Day ago

    oi, qual programa você usa? para criar isso?

  • Asc Speedy walker

    Ahem were was the weekend video last week?

  • Kevin Alg
    Kevin Alg Day ago

    Ha get rekt Stephen

  • Paradoxian_ RBLX

    Wow, that kinda pretty neat not just kinda, it’s full on neat

  • Kevin Alg
    Kevin Alg Day ago

    "Everyone has a right to an opinion, but not every opinion is right. (Like yours)" I absolutely lost it that was great

  • PanZars Gaming

    Bruh this is the easiest chess ai ever